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    1. Makson Inside

      Лайк кто русский

    2. Wolpie

      Type the coordinates on this video to the google maps (38.527N 79.6129W), you'll see the road that looks like a VI

    3. Free For All The Galaxy

      2022.....plz dont block me!😁👍

    4. Free For All The Galaxy

      Lol the map of th island was in the intro,this island will be located in The South East! Its based on Caribbean's or Cuba,few month's ago I said on other DEcameras videos this new place will be located In between Los Santos and another 2 new cities in the future! Its just a test for the future planning for GTA World online. Sorry guys I had to tell them! 🤣👍

    5. Veon


    6. Geração Android

      GTA VI

    7. FULLMOON 235

      😪😭 this game is God

    8. FULLMOON 235

      Rockstar games please for more missions on gta v

    9. Ramon ϟ

      GTA VI

    10. Joseph Stalin

      Teaser: *exists* Mrboss: _it's free real estate_

    11. Gabriel Sousa


    12. drifterforlife


    13. Rayane_ Djr_officiel

    14. Necati Kayış

      What _ OMG

    15. JC LOKO

      Its gonna be so smooth to play on xbox series x & ps5, can't wait to play gta v again and livestream with my friends, Italio gto here I come, gonna test fps cause that car is too damn fast to keep up with, and thanks Rock☆ for being awesome, keep it up

    16. Davi Aidar

      GTA vi

    17. the grim reaper

      Can GTA online die please

    18. henry distracting you

      Maybe for the next gta use the song sleep walking for the credits idk how copy right works and it coudent be possible i think :/ but still hope ya read it

    19. TheNikeboy96

      Rockstar. Wie want GTA VI!!

    20. Davi Bressan Onofre

      Please tell me that I am not the only one who remembered John Doe from the roblox. 0:03

      1. Kristoffer Varas

        John Doe just means ''Unknown man''

    21. RainJustine PH

      Hey Rockstar please make GTA V for mobile Online And Offline Pleass

    22. Серый ютубер

      Есть русские а блять???

    23. Fire Games

      обесните чо это было

    24. MOPIL GAME

      GTA VI

    25. Harshdeep Singh

      Vice city 2

    26. Harshdeep Singh


    27. Zeeshhh

      recommended just now lmao

    28. Craig McBeth

      What happened to the cops and crooks ? 😡

    29. rizqihakeem

      MrBossFTW: My time to shine!

    30. Midhun ML

      Well..Less subjective tho

    31. salah nasr eldeen

      gta vi

    32. Andre_Prenda YT

      I have a request GTA SAMP on IOS please

    33. isaribi FF

      GTA VI

    34. huseyin

      Wow very scary

    35. SuOS


    36. Puppet Loko

      Gta vi

    37. Puppet Loko

      Gta VI

    38. jimin has no jams


    39. Игорь Игорев

      38.527 n, 79.6129 w VI ?

    40. ارثر مورغن الاسطورة الالعاب

      Listen don't bother rockstar do you want to be released to in bad way and you insult it so don't bother rockstar and it and let it work because rockstar the company is delicate with its game

    41. Were Wolf Gaming

      GTA 6 I played that game with the character name foliss shukaro

    42. pta nhi


    43. seiom jvony

      GTA VI

      1. ارثر مورغن الاسطورة الالعاب

        Don't bother rockstar do you want the game to be released in bad way and you insult it so don't bother rockstar it work because

    44. sunduk lee

      can you give 800million doller's? i need to buy acaide and office... pls!

    45. DS Games

      Hrs 6

    46. Mr. Mr.PoZiTiV4iK

      38°31'37.2"N 79°36'46.4"W, Google maps

    47. Dakshesh Chauhan


      1. seiom jvony

        *John Doe

    48. Wise83KWTY


    49. ЗЛОЙ ГЕРОЙ




    51. Hank Moody

      Why RDO very bad surpport???

    52. Rat King 8606

      One word Greed.

    53. ليالي الحربي

      هذا اكبر تخديث في قراند رح يسببون مدينه صغير علي يسار البحر

    54. Rat King 8606

      So May I ask do they even care about the future anymore or are they going to forever live in the past cause I’m about to give up on rockstar.

    55. ليالي الحربي

      قراند 6

    56. J X W

      GTA llllll?

    57. Yaroslav Chayka


    58. Rahmadani1906

      Tolong buatin"The warriors 2" untuk PS5👍🙏

    59. Bruno

      Gta IV

    60. Bruno

      Grand theft auto 6

    61. Something i know

      *John Doe

    62. Monkei

      I mean you have to survive 10 yr old kids on flying motorbikes

    63. maximus Constant

      I know rockstar is adding a new map

    64. Rent Cy

      Elraen doe hshehs

    65. jiyaan gaming


    66. m0n1ken 0

      Crysis is GTA?

    67. stanko slug

      for gods sake stop milking GTA V and make something better

      1. Kristoffer Varas

        ''ThIs IsNt GtA v ItS GtA OnLiNe''

    68. techno tips information


    69. ff aron np


    70. Manav Yadav


    71. WatchYT

      bring back gta iv online!!!!!!

    72. kendryw suel

      Grand theft auto 6

    73. Barsik Shadow

      Задолбали когда уже 6 часть гта


      Why does this looks like this is stolen from watch dogs 2 ?

    75. Mohobul Shaikh

      i need gta5

    76. Bot

      free fire

    77. Bot


    78. Bot

      GTA VI

    79. João Henrique

      Bta 6

    80. goudash

      Grand treft auto 6

    81. TONY_kennedy 10

      GTA vi

    82. Fernando Rodríguez O

      camara saquen en sanandres seis 👍

    83. Deejay Djini

      Gta VI

    84. Erick Nathan

      Grand Theft Auto 6

    85. Miguel GTA

      Me encanta como notifica YT, después de 4 días

    86. GM NewType

      Dam Mrbossftw is getting alot of free advertising

    87. Claci Stenger


    88. Elon Musk

      Michael moves into an island because of the weather

    89. Manusia Id

      John doe? Its roblox bot!

    90. joaovitor lima

      GTA VI

    91. one expert 2

      GTA 5

    92. alan cortes


    93. crazydonut

      GTA VI

    94. Shirrako

      Why did rockstar just recommend me this when I already watched it

    95. JhowFF

      Grand Theft Auto 6

    96. JhowFF

      Grand Theft Auto VI

    97. JhowFF

      Gta VI

    98. Wavin' Flag

      The coordinates lead to a weird road that looks like a VI

      1. jacob lollis

        Not for me for me its a dessert

      2. Wolpie

        @Krystian O. 2 just search the coordinates in your google maps, it looks like a road that make VI sign

      3. Krystian O. 2


      4. El Davo

        That could mean something, but I wouldnt get to hyped about it


      Upe Brasil

    100. Cortez:3 BR

      GTA VI