They are not noodles!!! Bacon wrapped Enoki mushrooms 培根金针菇

CookingBomb 袁倩祎

1,2 Mio. aufrufe230

    Enoki mushrooms are one of my favorite mushrooms, many people mistaken them with noodles, even my kids, when I first time show them the mushrooms, they asked me if they are noodles. I guess that we could considering they are low carb noodles lol
    Bacon really brings more rich flavor in the mushrooms, this is a prefect combo! A must try!

    #shorts #chinesefood

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    Am Vor 7 Tage


    1. Xxmoa TxtxX

      I can’t eat pork because I am Muslim

    2. AbzGH

      Her: will you marry me? Her husband: yep, she is cooking bacon and mushrooms again.

    3. dqIiIah plays

      When you hate mushroom then you know this exists

    4. lol no

      Lol I like her * hello hello *

    5. AchaGacha

      My mom cooked that for me sometimes. 😋😋😋

    6. Ashley b

      Looks so good, but my bacon has to be cooked way more than that

    7. Cm07

      for americans try that but replace the mushrooms with peppercini and throw it on the grill

    8. Natural’bae 80

      That bacon is not done 🤢

    9. Big Pepe gang

      Pls marry me

    10. 716Beast

      I love asian women

    11. Billy Herrington

      “You hate mushrooms?” then just don’t eat mushrooms

    12. A Palmtree

      Any one else wondering were the toothpicks went-

    13. Sicsemperevellomortemtyrannis 7th time deleted.

      You had me at sushi.

    14. Paddy K

      Is there some sort of filter on this video??? Her head is huge!!

    15. Dorian Payne

      Where can I get these mushrooms?

    16. Logan hogan

      You can wrap bacon around grass and it will still taste good

    17. Federico Volpi

      Omg what next?

    18. Røsé

      Wait your already married then why ಠ_ಠ

    19. Master playZ Asian

      I have a question why is beef so expensive is china

    20. Yalie fun crafts and makeup

      How did they do it before they had toothpicks ??

    21. E E

      “No oil” -America has left the chat

    22. slurp


    23. Khayra tries to animate

      "Will you marry me?" Me:oOoOooH wait a minute-

    24. Jasmin Tea

      I don't eat meat tho o-o


      Sasti neha kakkar

    26. LilManChamp

      Add some asparagus and the dish will be perfectum!

    27. felix zr

      You look like my mom

    28. Robert Mcdonald

      Yes I will, but I live in America you need to use the whole slice of bacon

    29. Doralexi Padilla

      Uh oh sesame seeds. Don’t sink into my pores please. If yknow yknow.

    30. dolita windo

      I'm never really a fan of Mushrooms, but this, I've GOTTA try. Looks yummy .o.

    31. Fueled by Milktea

      I almost always choke on those mushrooms

    32. Furret Congregation

      I just saw bacon wrapped ramen earlier, what the actual fuck is wrong with yall

      1. MrMCC_

        Nothing, it's good though lol

    33. Howard TB

      So this is where my mom got her dinner idea.


      Everyone gangsta till she says hello hello!


        What do you mean lol

      2. dolita windo

        This is the tiniest human I've ever seen

    35. Jeanette Reynolds

      Your quite frightening with eyes glaring saying hello grandaughter yelled

    36. Kaala

      literally my favorite dish ever, enoki is so hard to get ever since i moved away from home!

    37. fun ji

      Hlo hlo Aunty ❤️❤️

    38. kelsey cute

      I like when say hello hello

    39. i_like_truck

      Straight up thought those were zip ties

    40. howlingcommandose

      "will you marry me", YES um er wait I already got one. So uhhh dang no. Pesky anti bigamy laws.

    41. hcneymoon

      “Will you marry me” Husband: and I took that personally

    42. Human of Earth

      Wrapping noodles in bacon..Wild!

    43. white tiger

      Nothing like a mouthful of raw pork

    44. Kekelel Keklel

      Is this dog meat? Since chinese eat everything even bats i just wanted to make sure if this is dog meat or not.

      1. howlingcommandose

        Only some do that believe you me most don't.

    45. shubham mishra

      Me: scrolling through shorts then she randomly comes with "hello hello" so fuckin'irritating!

    46. Hilary Lo

      lmao shes cute ngl

    47. Jan Smetana

      toos pik

    48. Haley Elizabeth

      This is the tiniest human I've ever seen

    49. Sir Fat PS2

      Omg that's a good idea

    50. Lulu Interrupted

      Why yes of course, I will marry you! Lol.

    51. Cupcakes 7 Musketeers

      Enoki mushroom if not cooked Right . They can poison u

    52. Jason Spades

      Everyone calm down. She was asking ME to marry her. And, the answer is yes.

      1. Jason Spades

        @Legend__GlitchLovesAnime It's probably not appropriate or anything. So, I hope she doesn't get she is very attractive.

      2. Jason Spades

        @Legend__GlitchLovesAnime We were just joking around the girl in this video is extremely attractive for some reason.

      3. White Steve

        @Legend__GlitchLovesAnime if I was you I'd get to steppin in case shots pop off .

      4. Legend__GlitchLovesAnime

        I'm confused

      5. Legend__GlitchLovesAnime

        Hello anybody

    53. Bensonhurst_Games

      Make sure you do this under the range hood for ventilation lol

    54. Yahel Israel

      She's cute

    55. Luvinna Lim

      This is a lil bit harem

    56. Nachman Elkabetz

      Hello Hello Hello Hello.. Very nice and ‏interested

    57. Stefhanie Insinga-Ash

      If only liked Bacon!! I love mushrooms ❤️😍❤️

    58. Marlena G

      I love her...

    59. Srishti Makkar

      She look like neha Kakkar 🤔?

    60. andsprite

      Omg I love enoki mushrooms

    61. The simp of simps

      Now I want ramen-

    62. Leilani Ordinante

      I will try this, thanks for sharing, keep safe

    63. Ewa Bogacz - Michalska

      Pigs after shrooms in a blankets

    64. 《 Mirasi 》

      I actually ate these before theyre suprisingly good even tho i dont like mushrooms

    65. lαяяιє Вαву

      “Be gentle with the bacon” *stabs it*

    66. Asmr Potato


    67. Ché

      Is this keto y’all?

    68. Sherry Holbrook

      Hello hello

    69. Nezuko Chan

      I used to eat that when i was in cambodia I miss the food😢

    70. Julie M.R

      Yes il marry you 😌

    71. Vivek Bardhan

      She:- Eat the whole thing Me:- Wanna eat 'she' whole... 😋❤️

    72. ilana ran

      I like her dress

    73. Galaxy Wolf

      I luv her accent

    74. TIME

      she says render the fat, then proceeds not to render the fat.🙄

    75. iixcamrone 2

      We have the same plate lol-

    76. Sagi's Doodleverse

      I’m a big fan of bacon

    77. Maggie

      Idk why but I love her voice

    78. Victor Welkin

      Yeah, I had a bad experience eating those mushrooms. I saw a plate of them and mistook them for noodles. They are not noodles!

    79. INTJ, EdD

      I’m gonna try this, but where can I find enoki mushrooms?

    80. Daily Dose

      Bruh poke sru 😤don’t mess wit her accent 😂🤙

    81. Śéñør PéPè

      Yeah eat the bacon raw on one side, Good way to get worms

    82. Oppai

      Shitty pepper xd sorry

    83. M MartinezMataValadez

      Yes I will and make the exception just for you🤤🥓🥓🥓

    84. A Louie

      Those are the only mushrooms I like😅

    85. B

      A SIMP: I've finally found her, she has a sense of humor! ME: Impossible 😦

    86. P C

      Anyone who hates mushrooms doesn't deserve bacon

    87. btrsy nrzm

      this reminded me of spicy enoki in a jar i used to eat 😔💔 i cant find it anywhere now

    88. Joseph Martinez

      Ma’m we need to talk about that bacon for a sec

    89. Brayan Anaya

      Yes she can cook! Id marry her😹

    90. Chocolate Lushie

      Everyone is accepting your marriage proposal. Let's the tournament begin! The looks delicious 😋

    91. Google Mail

      What if you can’t eat bacon?

    92. Elvis Presley

      Looks delicious! The woman that is

    93. Bud Weiser99

      I do.

    94. Erin Jatzlau


    95. Mia Miller

      That bacon is not fully cooked mam!

    96. Mark’s life

      Am I the only one who thought those was zap straps

    97. Nan Vee


    98. Barchtic

      People who think this will make you healthier, think again 😂

    99. Toxic

      It's not cooked