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    No words...
    Here is the two first lap of KEVIN Estre during the start of the 24HRS race 2021.

    The team and Kevin decided to choose one AUDACIOUS strategy!
    It started to rain on few parts of the track but the track is mainly dry except few area, anyway all the other teams decided to wear the RAIN tires for extra safety WHEN....Manthey Racing and Kevin decided to start the race with slick but with one rain setup on the car!!! (mostly sway bar removed for extra rolling during wet condition)

    The result? P11 to P1 in one and a half lap!!
    Incredible driver, incredible team

    Am Vor Monat


    1. Chuck L

      BREAKING: Manthey-Racing penalized for too much weight in the car.. due to Estre's ginormous balls.

      1. Mohammed Farhad

        @sebastian vittel 0

      2. MAGIK

        theyd be on the verge of emptying driving that thing!

      3. F00king LasRsights

        @CS360 Cars Even the tone of him LOL

      4. CS360 Cars

        @F00king LasRsights haha! I can definitely hear the guy say that now 😂

      5. Sir William Withey Gull

        If Kevin is The King, Sabine was a corporal

    2. nicolas schramm gazoo_4_2


    3. Echter Deutscher

      Wow it looks so real !

    4. donE37100

      Holy Moly!! I'd give my left nut for those skills!

    5. Sniper 533

      Look at this, this is a camera in 2021, I can't believe it, but it's a great drive.

    6. UnimatrixOne

      Just WOW!

    7. Diego Hernández

      One of the reasons why Porsche was created it's for dominate endurance racing, also have the best drivers in their files.

    8. X Æ A-Xii

      21:41 @Misha Charoudin

    9. Gonguet Gilles

      Very nice

    10. 율무룩

      Saw this onboard again😍

    11. Wailer Mon

      Great driving!

    12. fcot1412

      the game seems a bit laggy, please consider changing your video card

    13. Michael Awesome

      5:19 Oh Dear God

    14. Hassein K

      as u said, no words... #Mastaaa

    15. 911s73targa

      This is our tamed racing driver, we got him in France. We don't really know much about him, but we suspect he likes gardening or golf, because he seems to be comfortable on the green stuff next to the track

    16. Olli

      Insane :D

    17. Koll Malme

      17:00 that is why the Porsche is the best race car ever

    18. HornBill Flanker

      Sounds like Porsche 911RSR GT3 got some new edition turbo sounds, and honestly better than their GTE RSR. But number 1 for me is RSR 2020 GTE with side exhaust spec edition, they sounds so smooth and deeper plus their chasis design look incredibly amazing.

    19. Leszek Bzdura

      2:19 Ja pi***Olę!! Co...?!?!

    20. Nerdyism

      Team director to Estre: Hey, Kevin. I'm afraid we just got some bad news from race director. They said it will be a 24 minute race. Last minute change. Kevin: haha, race car go brrrrrrr

    21. Ki42shiN001

      All the drivers don't make a mistake easily.

    22. 여행자ᅳ


      1. 율무룩

        오 한국인

    23. Dutch Motorsports

      That overtake at 12:52 dayummmmmmm

    24. firestarter

      Antonius Buche wird mir schlecht. BMW dampf aber.....

    25. firestarter

      Estre is son of this incredible

    26. Sidney Sheldon


    27. O.G.Moose

      What an absolute Legend.

    28. Gustavo Racing

      The A.I is on Easy baby... haha

    29. Nikos Katsikanis


    30. J Hart

      great drive in a really good car. i want one. thanks for posting 👌🏻

    31. The_ReinS_Tube

      top video

    32. Palanthis

      I can just imagine Kevin's wife when he is driving in traffic on the road. "You don't need to be that close, Kevin!" Great racing!

    33. Georgiy Miheyew

      Incredible grip, incredible track'n'car knowledge! Big cheers to the Kevin! Much love for such passionate riders. Thank you Nūrburgring and racing teams!

    34. FreshlySnipes

      Great driving.

    35. Vlad Mihai

      damn man. these cars are staying near each other at 250kph and they never touch and normal drivers crash at 30kph.

    36. Paul Schiele

      This guy, knows his Porsche

    37. Ric Lee

      3:33 sounds like a lot of wheelspin there

    38. JD

      Where does the whining sound come from, transmission? Supercharger?

    39. Beck

      2:57 why is the Porsche in front allover the place while exiting? is his rear grip so good that it moves the nose?

      1. Mani 1610

        It got really wet in that section, I would assume he was on dry tyres and Estre on inters so he wasn't effected by that.

    40. Topraktan yaratılmış akıllı canlı yani insan

      This guy is literally the embodiment of schnell.

    41. Thomas Rs

      What a talent ! Congrats Kévin !

    42. Dustin Moon

      12:55 no words... really

    43. SourBogBubble

      Damn if only that M8 that keep pulling away had a better driver eh?

    44. Tom Wawerzinek

      The blinking Dacia ❤️

    45. pikl2r

      05:20 I clenched SO hard. His balls kept the car going sideways though.

    46. Gibbon_X

      On it! 👌

    47. acalthu

      Wow, that was amazing! He was just waiting until that BMW made a mistake.

    48. Robbert Alblas

      What a complete joy to watch!!

    49. Kanu Kalle

      At 17:30 he was hitting the brakes so late that the car was sliding around. The fact that he even after this struggle managed to start an attack towards the ROWE BMW just before the AMG Arena is just awesome. This guy is really nuts. Well driven and a well deserved win.

    50. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

      4:04 "Get the f*** out of the way you pink Dildo" hahaha So much confidence in the wet wow

    51. 지하에서 웃는다!

      저놈의 폴쉐랑 람보를 잡았으면 좋으련만.. ^^ 시간이 필요하겠죠?

    52. Brandon

      2:16 I wouldn’t even do that on forza How did his big bawls not slow him down

    53. Juda Nanas44


    54. JULIEN VBZ

      Huge balls

    55. sean gray

      Damn....that was fucken awesome, so decisive & clever in tricking his opponents too!

    56. Ruud Heijlaerts

      This man is a genius, using the momentum of the car in corners👏

    57. Ian Lafky

      The amount of speed this guy can carry off line is like nothing I've seen. Really incredible.

    58. Ricardo Marques L.H44

      É o vídeo mais insano que você ja viu na sua vida!

    59. Juan p

      ayo this is the craxyest shit ive ever seen, the ring master

    60. Shatha Khalil


    61. gabriele Faragalli Zenobi

      Stefan Bellof style

    62. Thilo Manten

      It used to be "Neon-Gelb" in German, from here on it will be known as "Grello"!

    63. jonki leshi

      The enchanted trade unquestionably escape because iran rhetorically thaw apud a tame feeling. uncovered, boiling ukrainian

    64. Gavin XD

      Kevin Estre is just the best or in german "Kevin Estre er ist der beste"

    65. shazmeister2005

      Where’s the Dacia 😂

    66. Gianluca

      the famous P11 🤣

    67. fra leb

      is there any race more fun to watch than Kevin in a GT3 on green hell ? "no lewis, it's not you"

    68. Peter Schwarz

      It looks like driving in a videogame on easy mode. He is so much faster.

    69. dj wakeeta

      sheesh! the first passes wow:) and im not even at any of the other time stamps yet

    70. ef58jnr

      Wooooo !!! Amazing!

    71. mama reiga

      Ok this is sick, this guy shouldn't be allowed to drive there anymore

    72. Faisal Esa Arighi

      BMW: corner exit acceleration king Porsche : Top speed monster

    73. mama reiga

      Holly molly in 2:20, I have my guts shaking and I'm not even in the car. Any person that has been in the Nordschleife will understand me

    74. juanpolito


    75. Krisztián Vincze


    76. Daniel Portas

      Such beautiful driving.

    77. SoooFancier

      **passing joggers with a dacia**

    78. Mybones29

      pure balls

    79. Nellas / niko ニコ

      estre is a joy to watch esp in tough conditions, think spa 2019

    80. oussama dz dz

      Incredible driver

    81. oussama dz dz

      The sound of séquentiel gear ❤

    82. oussama dz dz

      The sound of séquentiel gear ❤

    83. Marc Herrmann

      Diese Kisten heulen gleich wie meine Kaffeemaschine

    84. Phil Fazer

      outstanding performance

    85. Johnny B

      Man this guy can drive. I mean it's mostly the, the good old 911!

    86. Pete vdG

      I would like to see Kevin in a F1 car, cause he is one of the best drivers in the world. I compare him with drivers like Andre Lotterer, who drove a few time in a F1 car and always destroyed the team mates. Anyway it's such a pleasure to see him in a Porsche. I hope, you'll get a chance to run against LH in GT3 race car and on a real track like Nuerburg Ring. Money isn't all and working in a team on a 24h endurance is the real challenge and a team game. The team is winning or loosing together, which is the real sportmanship... Go on Kevin

    87. george kurgansky

      Woah, I can't believe what I just watched! Madman!!

    88. Wasili Gorbacov

      He is like starting at 10th position for just a little bit fun

    89. Colin Kelleher

      Estre almost unbeatable on this track , could drive it in complete darkness

    90. Boosted Damo

      They cheated

    91. Alex Divov

      Recalibrates my definition of fast.

    92. Андрей Искрич

      Balls of steel he has... No! Titan!!!

    93. Doyle Staley

      If I didn’t know better, I would swear this was simulated with cheat codes! Lol

    94. MAKKI

      This dude is sick. He won this race practically by himself 🔥🔥🔥

    95. claudio corradi

      Amazing Kevin the King of ring

    96. Jordn

      17:25 Balls of Tungsten.

    97. Ashley Law

      21.41 Micha !

    98. zufa

      if you see kevin in your mirron move by the side before you get humiliated... 12:57

    99. Νίκος Βασάκης

      Takumi of the Nurburgring

    100. Myob 33

      Estre in GT3 MR at the ring who can beat that?