Rick's Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

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    Morty injects himself with Rick’s downloaded brain and learns Rick’s tragic backstory.
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    Rick's Crybaby Backstory | Rick and Morty | adult swim

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    1. Chris Pinto

      All those Rick's that died were for nothing

    2. Quintara

      How could killer rick created portal gun before every other rick? I think that guy is not that stupid, he could have escaped the curve

    3. Jake Rogers

      How is Beth still alive there but the bomb detonated when it came through the portal? I don’t understand?

    4. Brian Carter

      Many Rick & Morty fans are Jerrys pretending to be Mortys. I believe fully this is Ricks Backstory many still believe that idiotic theory that Morty is Rick.

    5. Leoax67 y sus dibujos :P

      😭nooo rick😭

    6. First Last

      bruh why do i get R&M vids recommended from yesterday

    7. Samuel Oliveira de Aguiar

      Quando ele se aventura com o morty Parece que ele fica mais feliz

    8. giugiambuss

      1:07 Niko bellic rick

    9. Đức Dũng Lê

      atleast his mind is strong enough to not become joker

    10. Kory

      2:06 Wtf 🤨 why does that Rick have Morty’s clothes palette??

    11. Daniel Chicherin

      When you revisit this part just because of the music.

    12. fish fishsticks

      rigor mortis

      1. LlamaLad


    13. Leo Michelin

      Now with the CFC destroyed, there is an universe where rick isnt the most powerfull being and instead is still with his wife and daughter living a peacefull life.

    14. nicolas fernandes

      Il fait carnage de Rick Rick xD

    15. Vlad Muzychenko

      robert miles :)

    16. Mike Ferrando

      We'll probably see alternate versions of Diane that are still alive. Maybe her and Rick will meet?

    17. The Unranked Player

      Man ricks old house is from breaking bad

    18. MageBurger

      Whoever wrote Rick to say "I can't cure death" in early Season 1 sure knew what the heck they were doing. Otherwise this whole story would've been undercut quickly.

    19. Lucaso47

      Umm the prototype portal gun from the portal bros episode is the same as evil Ricks, not the scrap one from rickest Rick.

    20. Peach Pie

      Ok but 1:47 what was that cube he destroyed???? It seems significant yet no one has mentioned it that I've seen

    21. David Nelson

      So where is that one Rick that bombed his garage??

    22. mr lord popo

      What if the rick that killed c137 ricks family wasnt a rick cause the cfc wasnt made yet

    23. JaxeDoval 1

      This scene is hands down my favorite 10/10

    24. Silou

      Because Ricks hate themselves the most

    25. W.A

      Just realize that the Rick that we know doesn't have any family after the explosion

    26. Hoobrocks27

      This makes a plot hole How did Rick alter his memory to make a virus when it is impossible to do that

    27. FZone96

      2:06 Morty-colored Rick

    28. Jake M

      Anyone know the name of the song?

    29. Shuizid

      2:29 the house already has the crack from the time it got teleported away... Meaning this scene isn't actually showing Rick "returning" to Beth OR it's a visual inconsistency OR a hint that the backstory is made up as well.

    30. Dang Duy

      golden portal fluid

    31. Thuran

      Now think of the scene where Rick realises he is actually a terrible father....and don't forget, the Beth we see in this flashback is the beth that still lives in the cronenberg universe, not our current Beth, so he failed 3 times.

    32. Master Eman

      How does rick even have memory of morty when he was little if he came from a different world where beth is dead and he's talk to beth about her childhood?

    33. toca shiney

      What ep

    34. James Klark

      So c137-Rick lost both his wife and his Beth, but then why do so many universes not have their own Rick's wife but clearly have a Beth?

      1. Arthur Morgan

        Diane will be alive in many of them (unless she died of natural causes in every universe but that seems unlikely). Rick simply picked a universe where that universes Rick had abandoned Beth and Without Diane being alive to easily just slip into the previous Ricks place without much explaining to do.

    35. Ace Sparks

      Squidward's father... Never Hugged him.

    36. All Things Scary

      Is it true that there's going to be a Rick and Morty movie??? 😮

    37. Nhymph

      Does that mean 2 Beths were abandoned then? "Our" original Beth wouldn't be the one who transformed into the hunger games Beth along with Summer and Jerry? Since Rick screwed that planet, he had to live in another dimension that another Beth had also been abandoned? I'm confused.

    38. Idaho Johnson

      Rick c137, made evil morty. Part of his plan to kill Beth killing rick.

    39. Lander Broeckx


    40. manoffayth

      I loved Rick and Morty at the start but it's starting to suck. It's even getting stupidly political. Just had to say. Am I alone? 😕

      1. Arthur Morgan

        yeah you are alone pal.

    41. Michael Davis

      I love my wife said I'm this numb

    42. Ricardo Navarro Flores

      Those who accept the portal gun, abandon Beth. Those who doesn't, get to see Diane and Beth die, so they go live with the abandoned ones. But..what happens to Diane?

    43. Camelotsmoon

      Makes me wonder if C-137 helped create the central finite curve to keep all the smart ricks from hoping dimensions into the ones where he wasn't the smartest, and hurting them like they did to him... otherwise it doesn't make a ton of sense, just because he didn't care about them in the first place.

    44. Corbin Lew

      2:00 "Smartest Man in the Universe"

    45. Omar Garcia

      The fantastic mirror proximally launch because felony relatively explain till a embarrassed flock. barbarous, historical greece

    46. GodSpeed

      we just need a side series of rick going through the years leading up to the first episode of season 1 ep 1 of R and M

    47. Will Rhoden

      So did Rick met Stanford Pines or no?

    48. Pilu

      too much bladerunner/ cyberpunk, best shit ever

    49. Jason Mefistopheles

      The song remember me, the end title from blade runner by vangelis 🤟🏼

    50. Screwdriver Kelly

      I bet Rick has a contingency for evil Morty.

    51. davegoertzen

      Beleive it or not I thought the Rick and Morty season 5 finale would include one of these two things: ricks backstory or something to do with evil morty. Turns out it was both.

    52. Nudedragon

      Why was he always grey haired???

    53. TowableWarrior 2

      Keep in mind that Rick was probably mid-twenties to early thirties at the start, and he's been confirmed to now be in his seventies which implies this revenge quest took 40+ years and could've gone on forever, he never got the right one

    54. Sas1kex

      Is it me or its saddest shit i have ever seen?

    55. Peace Unreal

      I don't think that rick realizes that him killing the other Ricks could've orphaned alot of beths he's got a noble goal, but a what cost though?

      1. yara

        the ricks he killed were ones who had abandoned their beths on purpose, i don’t think it’d make much of a difference for beth. our rick never wanted any of this, he never wanted any of this sci fi shit but the ricks he killed did, which means they abandoned their beths

    56. AimlessWanderer

      The person who chose this music for this montage... never let them go, R&M.

    57. natanbratan 350

      Rick rely just wanted revenge

    58. CALVIN l0l96

      Rick never walked out on beth... he died

    59. Bladekill1298


    60. Chuck W

      Science playthroughs of Fallout 4 b like this.

    61. The Retro Rooster

      I have a theory: The Rick who killed Diane and Beth was the Rick who abandoned Beth 20 years before the show. The reason he killed the alternate versions of his family is to show our Rick that lives, not even his own, doesn’t matter because of how there’s billions of them in infinite realities. Your thoughts?

      1. Dave Keyser

        My question is: Even though Rick doesn't respect time travel, why doesn't he just go back in time and stop that Rick?

    62. Corn Pop

      1:16 So Time Travel was involved with 35 year old rick?

    63. Rick Sanchez

      I think this is the best episode in this season

    64. Joshua Navarro

      Halo warthog at 1:14

    65. Bubzr Boi

      I liked the finale but did no one else find Morty off? And low key wasted potential? He’s given literal godhood by Rick and what he does is become a reliant wimp with no individualism after we’ve seen him be anything but that for the entire season having multiple solo adventure episodes where Rick doesn’t help at all even if he tries

    66. Eduard Gologan

      The only rick who cares about Morty.

    67. Jesus rios Rios Quintero

      Hey en le minuto 2:05 hayn un Rick con la camisa de morty.

    68. Siva 47

      Sorry for ruining .... It's not actual Rick backstory Rick just made it up ... Jus like he did it before with those bugs ... But some of it was true like the wall against infinity .... But his backstory was entirely made up ... Just to shut us for asking it ... They said it themselves in season finale

    69. Rick

      When are we gonna see season 6?

    70. Melonoire


    71. EzZONEify

      That's why he's the rickest rick in existence

    72. Nicholas Nolan

      Deaf people: 😧 Blind people: 🕺

    73. Isaiah Kajoba

      This scene feels so much longer than it actually is and I love every second of it

    74. Bradley Gilmore

      Prediction: The ‘Rick’ that killed Diane and ‘Beth’ is Our Mortys actual grandfather.

    75. Rein

      He never had any original morty......

    76. Multiverse133

      Shi this got deep really deep. I bet the next season's going to get interesting.

    77. Aron Jacobs

      In the end, it was Rick all along.

    78. Darwin

      1:17 who's house is this ? and morty's wearing a dress ?

    79. Jacob S.

      Why do I feel like the Rick, Rick c-137 is after is the reason evil Morty dislikes every Rick?.. so in future episodes evil Morty & Rick c-137 might share a common enemy. 🤯

    80. TenTop10

      What season and episode is this?

    81. albert .davila

      I wanna know the backstory of black rick

    82. Salil

      2:29, the floor cracked after season 1. So when Rick re-enters Beth's life, the floor shouldn't be cracked.

    83. Evil Morty

      So this is it, huh. Explains a lot if you ask me.

    84. A.M. Noon

      goes straight up Blade Runner

    85. Such Investment

      I take it all back, this was fucking incredible. Best episode you've ever done For godsake just make a whole season of episodes like this. The whole season was absolute shit up to this incredible episode that single handily saved it

      1. Typical lJ

        S3 flashbacks

    86. Hououin Kyouma

      The last 3 episodes carried season 5 so freaking hard I'm worried about it's back

      1. Typical lJ

        I mean i liked all of s5(exept insest baby). Its fun sometimes to just have episodic adventures. We dont rlky need a serealized season. I mean s3 did it and was the worst so far

    87. Leonardo Hiraga

      2:30 The house had the cracks on the floor around it when Rick comes back and crashes the garage… Weren’t The cracks caused by the house being teleported, once Rick was already back?

    88. LegacyGamer 4500

      I never know why Rick has to Kill the other Rick's.....

    89. iiiiiiiiiiiii

      It's sad because Rick doesn't have anyone. If Beth died that means Summer and Morty aren't around, and jerry is somewhere else. None of his family is his own, it must be really hard knowing that.

    90. Badr eddine EL FEJER

      @1:38 alex grey ?

    91. Alexey Botushan


    92. poisoned_mercury

      All Rick had to say to morty was “oh yeah my wife died and I want revenge now let’s get outta here before the whole place explodes” lmao

    93. Kevin Medina

      Last season was lame but this one was pretty good.

    94. J

      Any link or name for this music?

    95. Amon Stepanovitch

      The Morty in the garage is a she...

    96. Kieran Fo

      So all the time he was drinking it's been a coping mechanism, he didn't start until he realised his hunt for the Rick who murdered his wife was futile and that he no longer even had revenge to keep the trauma away.

    97. Fountainhead

      Hey, can someone explain to me some inconsistencies in the backstory? The two problems I have with it is that we saw Rick see young baby Morty in a flashback but he crashed in with beth after Morty was born then how would that flashback be explained? I also don't understand how it would explain the stuff he made for baby Beth since she died in his dimension young so the whole space Beth and Tommy and froopy land doesn't line up? Also, I thought the reason the citadel was built was for Ricks to hide from the galactic government and that they used Morty's as camouflage. But here now it says the citadel was built by Rick C137 as a mercy act when they surrendered to him and Mortys are now produced through joinings of Beth and Jerrys for slave labor instead of countering Rick's brain waves? Also how come Rick hates Jerry so much if he never met him in his own timeline and just went on a Rick manhunt? He never really interacted with him till he moved so he doesn't really have the full context to Beth's past? Lots of questions but it was stuff I was thinking about when I saw and I couldn't find info on, if anyone has inconsistencies they would point out too would be cool to talk about :)

      1. Shuizid

        Honestly, there is a chance this backstory is fabricated as well. We know Rick can cut out, manipulate and alter memories. So even a brainscan might not reveal the truth because the truth is not in there anymore. Also when he "returns" to Beth at 2:29, the driveway already has the crack that actually happened during the show when the house got teleported away. I mean, in theory we can assume that Rick does hate Jerry and knows about the stuff made for Beth, because those are happening within all dimension in the central-finite curve - even if he specifically didn't expirience it, he knows they are happening everywhere. But not only would it be weird, in his backstory he is visited by an older Rick, yet all Ricks we saw in the show had his exact same age.

      2. Michael Gomez

        Rick hates jerry cause he never had the chance of watching who beth dates Truly you never know what rick and morty we are watching, its obvious in other episodes that it is not the same pair everytime Building the citadel was convenient for ricks to be safe from the government but also this is jus showing the backstory of why it was truly made And rick can just steal memories from other ricks who did get to experience life with their families

    98. Sebastian

      The sound in this and the battle of bloodridge is just too awesome.

    99. MrPooPooJohn

      It's nice when they let the story just happen instead of cramming every single second of screen time with dialog.

    100. Rando on Yt

      Could the Rick that killed C-137’s family be the Rick that left the Beth that we see in the pilot and the reason he came to offer C-137 the portal technology is so that he could build his own citadel before the citadel that we see on show was created?