The War on Big Tech - Everything is About to Change


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    Antitrust, billion dollar fines, privacy violations and numerous federal investigations. Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon are feeling the pressure from a wave of government inquiries. Will they be broken up? Or will they survive? In this video we explore the issue.
    #ftc #doj #antitrust
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    1. A 1

      Computer nerds are computer nerds for a reason - because they're fu.king weirdos. We got the future the dorks were permitted to create. Mark Zuckerberg is full of shit 100% of the time.

    2. zorkpl

      It would be useful to have a refreshed look at the big tech / FB topic in relation to what has happened in the US and AU and some other world situations.

    3. Denis Vasiliev

      I wouldn't call it a government war on big tech. It sounds more like a cooperation of government with big tech.

    4. Marcel Robinson

      I always view people complaining about big tech the same way I've rappers that complain about getting robbed. These people willingly give their information out to them just like a rapper needlessly flaunts his riches by wearing a bunch of chains. As Mos Def said in one of my favorite songs by him "Like, come on now ock, what you expect, got a months paycheck dangling off your neck"

    5. The Truth Is The Truth

      They certainly earned it. Those spineless SCUMBAGS!


      I predict voting will be a thing of the past because our elected officials will become powerless against more powerful countries like Google, Facebook, etc. It's every man for himself.

    7. Chiefkyle

      I cannot read what is on my FB news feed because of all the ads. I see an ad before and after every post. FB makes money from advertisers each time their ads show up on someone's screen. The only reason FB can be so brazen and scummy, is because they are a monopoly. Just a few years ago you saw few ads. Now they spam you with them because well.. fk you pay us. Not to mention they sell everything you do on FB and across other platforms, because well, fk you pay us.

    8. Main Account

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    9. Sir Loin

      The united states government has too much power....

    10. Juan Hernandez

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    11. David Heller

      Big Tech because they are too big and your data is safe.

    12. Maria Hernandez

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    13. Nicole

      Yes, but they need my name, I am the Bitcoin whael, and they have nothing I want.

    14. Antonio Franco

      "Big Tech war on Humanity". That's how the title should read.

    15. Shahrzad Mirzaagha

      Big tec control goverments

    16. Shahrzad Mirzaagha

      Face book in each country is under that country sicret agencies control . If u wach Google hidden connection with CIA then u hear about it , sicretagencies control completly all your face book, norway face book donot let me share or wrote coment for 30 dayes because i share truth videoes from doctors and and other truths .. Today morning face book Norway donot even let me to watch face book and censor my acount and face book Norway wrote me i have to send a copy of ID of driving licencce or passport copy for to be allowed to vusit my face book page , it smell very fishy , never send copy of your ID to face book they gonno misuse it or sell it or put u in a trap Face book this way censor ppl and donot want ppl share truth info . It is a triks face book use to censur u that less info be shared . It is a digital war that some tec companies censor the truth . Tec companies like face book are doing crime against jumanity with their misuse of power and cendoring truth info . Many truth doctors be cendor . Use other platform with no censor like or Newtruth or is a digital war . And it is all about censur the truth from bublic with lock down , mask , distancing 6 geet or 1 meter distancing and extream face book censor ship do u get it it is all about hidding the truth from public and forcing ppl wear mask is for dividing ppl because they know always some ppl donot like it and get angry at orhers . They want to devide us for their depopulation agenda Pls watch on youtube Wistlerblower wiliam about NSA total population control This is happening in all countrieslike norway and ... since many years ppl just didnot know about it. Soon big tec and sentral banks ceo and elits and sicret agencies and CIA own every thing and ppl be just slave and used like batery.

    17. Paul

      They know nothing of Ethics there is no real definition of the word except for this The Scientology system of ethics is based wholly on reason. the old definition of moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity. Morals have not much to do with ethics. read: introduction to Scientology ethics. even ColdFusion is not aware of this Fact!

    18. DAGATHire

      why can i profit off my data? im taking offers google FB etc etc...

    19. Jules Verne

      Google LLC also controls Spy Satellite Systems and Geo--Stationary Television Satellite Systems. Google is INTERNATIONAL, and can leave the United States of America to other Countries or Nations on a moments notice. The Universe of Video Audio Libraries on is controlled by Software by Google LLC as well as ALL Internet Service Providers around the World ISP,s are ALL Controlled by Google LLC aroung the entire World. The Power that Google LLC has amassed since 1997 makes Google LLC the most Powerful of ALL the other Corporations as The Corporation called Google LLC is INTERNATIONAL with Super Computers of the CRAY 10,000, 9.000 and 8,000 Series Super Computers amassed to Control the Entire World Internent as Crazy as this might appear. Google LLC is by no doubt the Largest of the other 4 Giants, Google LLC has become ""THE EMPEROR OF THE INTERNET and Spy and GeoStationary Satellite Servaillance around The Global Google LLC Entire World, Google LLC has amassed that Hyper Power that the entire Power of the United States of America Judicial System CANNOT Stop Google LLC which is INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL in Dimension.!

    20. marykrismoss

      There are only losers in war.

    21. A. AA.

      🤥Fakebook🤥, 🤑SCAMAZON🤑, 💩CRAPPLE🍎, 😈SINstagram😈, these are tyrants of today, trying to rule tomorrow.

    22. Simone,

      nothing and noone should and can ne er have power over any human..

    23. Elena Benjamin

      The big tech already win the game! Or perhaps they joined With and he Biden government to control us , we the people!

    24. Mohammed Adib

      I don't know if breaking these companies is the solution. Let's not forget that thanks to Google for example thousands and thousands of people found new business models to improve their incomes and livelihood. It's up to politicians to be creative and passe laws that are fair for the consumers and the big tech. And from my perspective, politicians harmed me far more than Google or Facebook did.

    25. A Rabbit Hole Too Far

      The Beartaria Times app is the answer!!! Be fruitful and multiply!!! Don't be fruity and bl*w a guy!

    26. Ronald Rice

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    27. Patrice Lauverjon

      Will things go back to Evil normality?

    28. Matis

      Everyone talks about China big brother but Google Facebook are more dangerous!!

    29. Matis

      Politicians will break or heavily regulate this big tech companies because they understand that they are a real threat for them. Many politicians in many countries are now aware that they most do something before its to late!

    30. Dobry Czlowiek

      Who needs Facebook? For what? Maybe children....

    31. Kevin Budzisch

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    32. CJ

      The true war is the war on big tech, one we have been losing so far...

    33. Mr poxycat

      The government hates competition. And at the end of the day, regulations will only cement the big tech companies place in the market.

    34. Doctor Von Doom

      I hope they get broken up

    35. M Smith

      How about a follow up? This is no longer the case big tech is free to do as they please. With the new administration in the US, big tech is back in the data gathering game again and big scale censorship is back baby.

    36. Augusto Cordon

      The first option you stated is sadly the more probable: hundreds of lobbyists, some ridiculous fines, and ALL THE SAME.

    37. mxfern

      Ok, ok, break big tech, fine and jail CEO, torture them if you must, JUST DONT MESS WITH DEcameras😍😍😍

    38. Protecting my Rights

      LOL, this video didn't age well. Techno fascism is here and nothing has been done to stop them.

    39. Michael Wigley

      Snowden is a hero. Big tech companies, Davos,,Democrats can burn in hell

    40. ABHIJEET

      It sounds like CONFUSION TV it's funny to hear that way. Corporate will win as the Government officials are always prefer to stay in the comfort zone.

    41. Christine Morin

      These asshole are not FOR AMERICA

    42. EonTool

      Big tech companies will never do what's right for users, the economy or general public. Their only goal was and always will be to maximize profit, that's it.

    43. Jeroen Maurits

      with power comes corruption. from small to big amounts . those big companies should be there for us not the otherwayround . this is the big problem that comes from wealth and power . it does not serve the needs of the people but it makes us need them just because there is nearly no other good choice . "the lesser evil" ^^

    44. Dominique Medina

      we need a part 2 of this

    45. Aaron Biggs

      You offer two solutions as winners when there is a third and most powerful than government or Big tech. It is the consumer, and they soon to unite through decentralized blockchain the ability to replace these giants and redistribute the wealth of billions to local main street groups joined to offer every service from insurance, and stock trading to banking, shipping, and logistics to agriculture rewarded for sustainability and like-minded corps that are stewards to the planet and developing Humanity's potential while leaving behind those that are profit-centered only and earth taking and ravaging.

    46. Anthony

      Sooo, the US government is mad at tech for how they collect data, but the US government also demanded all the tech giants to hand over all their user information for their NSA monitoring systems? US government is also blatantly just collecting massive amounts of data without anyone's consent.

    47. Isla Games

      Man :"They know what I do?." Big Tech :"Who you are. And what you want." Psychiatrists : " They threatening our jobs."

    48. William the Grey

      The US is kleptocratic to the core. Big Tech has already won.

    49. Jean-Pierre Thiran

      ...already leaft I use an encrypetd email that I pay a small amount to use, but have nobody screening my messages...end of the sordid big tech practices...

    50. Ali Yasin

      It's just like george orwell described in his great book "1984". We are under surveillance 24/7

    51. YouTube troll

      Shit that's why I don't and won't purchase anything that is advertised too my feed

    52. Trad Pro

      To much power in the hand of a few bring automatic corruption and eventual failure

    53. Tournel Henry

      "War on Big tech" Google goes on to make it harder to use TOR. Reddit doesn't load on TOR either LOL

    54. Ana Carolina Bower

      Big techs will win unfortunately

    55. The Louster

      History on this matter has taught us that big business lawyers always win, usually coming to a compromise that’s mutually beneficial for the government and the company, but detrimental for the consumer.

    56. Robert Gauthier

      F Biden

    57. Nick Lombard

      Great news - long overdue!!!

    58. Little Tyger

      America is so hypocritical. Its all about politics. They will never go after banks, pharma, and cable companies. Because those industries pay both sides they're immune from anti trust.

    59. chris charpentier

      We don' t have a channce.

    60. Gerard Ligonde

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    61. carl gangl

      e.g. If more people want libertarian but the tech giants want greenpeace they can suppress one and boost the other giving a huge advantage to one, and several tech giants do it you can see where this is going. Making one look good and dumping the other. We need watch dogs checks and balances.

    62. Alexander Paideia

      And therefore, our noble people, for the sake of saving fast-dying Humanity and Immortality, according to the Ancient Secret Wisdom; What are the five kinds transcendent superior wisdom, the richness, most powerful knowledge and wisdom that every individual could and should possess? What could you contribute to the world? PaideiaEsotericSociety Twit. AbsoluteWisdom4

    63. Alexander Bush

      Checking in from 2021, did anything actually happen? If so I missed it.

    64. The jager bomber

      Looks like the James bond villains mite win this one

    65. Andrew

      It's Strange That A I And Google have in Common , Alpha 0 And Alphabet, Could This Be A Code For Big Brother Being At The Apex Of All World Governments Which May Have Already Taken Control Worldwide ? First 2019 Covid 19 Then 2020 LockDown Then Google Shutdown 2020 Then World Economic Forum Agenda 21 In 2021, You Will Own Nothing And You Will Be Happy ! This is Too Much To Be Coincedence ! Agenda 21 Starts Being Implemented Total Control Is Scheduled To Be In 2030 ! Get Me Out Of Here !

    66. Helen Toy

      Strange how Zuckerberg didn't want to give out his information, but will pass yours on to everyone else. Double standards

    67. Justin


    68. Kostas

      Literally nothing changed

    69. Liam Andreassen

      Great report. They sell our data, they block our freedom of speech and they steal our elections. The following report proves Biden isn't president. These are the US election

    70. Walo Chirhah

      Someday there will be a movie about this.

    71. Jake

      We need more people like MR. DUFFY

    72. Happy Aaron

      Maybe in 7Billion years can I trust Google but man will I ever trust that Mark Fuck.

    73. Mike McGomer


    74. Jose De Los Santos

      I’d say Trump should go after these Geeks. With his own social media and put them out of business.

    75. Milton Rivera

      Holy shit!! Just when we thought the fiat worthless U.S dollar was fucking us. Now we have zuckerburg introducing a u must obey and be a good good slave currency and congress just might back this shit up.

    76. you seen it all in the movies

      Shut them down they are clearly a national security threat... And a threat to all Americans

    77. Seratina

      I am late to answering, but my answer is that whoever wins, the people will lose.

    78. Tanmay Bhattacharya

      Destroy the FB.

    79. Jesse Garris

      This video has aged extremely well.

    80. SeppuKun

      Facebook, twatter, gaggle, Amazon and the fake stream media are in bed with the democrats. That’s how they managed to steal the election from Trump. If you even questioned the results you get “dispooted”, censored, dozed, cancelled or banned. Fucking piece of shit communists!

    81. C4k3 T0otz

      My wife keeps asking for an alexa or Google assistant for bday/Christmas present and I won't get it. She keeps pointing out our phones probably record us at all times to but it's no reason to add more listening/recording devices

    82. Smiley's Multimedia

      The caveat that needs to be added to the section 230 law is that while theses companies are privately owned and free to elevate a particular political view or another; elevate a particular religious view or another another via legal methods that give extra exposure to post they prefer(a form of preaching in effect); what they can not do is purposely, intentionally suppress differing political opinions, spiritual opinions or any form of reasonable discourse that they disagree with. No ghosting accounts, no suspending accounts, no eliminating a creators account on the basis of political and ideological disagreement. Reasonable adults and humans can agree about removing promotion of violence, death, death threats, overt and gross sexual content, ect. ect. But silencing, banning or restricting a current, former or potential U.S office holder because they don't represent the political beliefs of the platforms owner(s) is not reasonable nor should be tolerated. Platforms that ban, restrict, de-platform any such candidates, office holders, media outlets and other content creators; these platforms should absolutely be subject to and face legal consequences for trying to muzzle political &/or religious decent. Again, if on their websites and pages they give prominent placement promotion or some additional boost on top of the normal operation of the platform that's ok. But doing the opposite and suppressing and silencing the opposing thought via uncalled for bans, restriction and thus forth is not ok.

    83. Moist Cactus

      One year later- nothing has changed

    84. Patrice Lauverjon

      The added value to the raw materials supplied by the Western World as well as their Technology has been used by the CCP to try and rule the WORLD. Even BIGTECH is overruled by the amount of Chinese influence. BIGTECH is being clearly overruled by the CCP

    85. Raymond Babcock

      Ha ha ha yea right. Or as Biden would say. Com'on man you know the thing.

    86. Johnny Red

      Stop making such outlandish predictions. It hurts your credibility. It's now a year later and Big Tech is worse--and stronger than ever.

    87. Sam Urness

      Google should not be split off from DEcameras, but content creators should be able to use other, non-Google payment systems that protect their data and keep it secure.

    88. Dean Babcock

      This whole panicdemic started with Facebook and Twitter and people spreading FEAR! The COVID is a flu! BOYCOTT AMAZON, DELETE FACEBOOK, BOYCOTT TWITTER, SHOP LOCAL SHIP THRU FEDEX OR UPS

    89. Maggie Faragher

      This has been going on for years. They hide for awhile...distract the American people with this. Go Nikola

    90. Ronnie Delahoussaye Chauvin


    91. Michael

      Spoiler alert: the conglomerates remain untouched

    92. Jordan D


    93. Jon Port

      Can't they nationalise these companies? Keep them how they are but give the control to the people. Give the government and people the say over what happens within these companies. There should be a vote that determines what data these companies collect and how they use it. At least that way we can start to somewhat trust them and it wouldn't be so bad.

    94. Angie L

      Big Tech is more powerful than an elected american president ... isn't that scary?

    95. josephl. Carson

      with the democrats in charge the will protect big tec because big tec is in the dems back pocket. the dems and big tec have no ethics.

    96. Joseph


    97. Lance Cleary

      Big tech are our enemy

    98. David Wittman

      Nobody has to use FB but Google is a problem and needs to be broken up. They should never have been allowed to buy DEcameras.

    99. Harry Houdini

      Running to the Government for "help" is like a Sheep asking the Butcher to protect him from the Wolf.

    100. Sick Krakr

      i been a online marketing on n off since 2009 i’m Canadian