LILI's FILM [LiLi's World - '쁘의 세계'] - EP.1 JACKET MAKING

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    1. ‘anukijules

      literally obessed but we not gonna talk abt how they were playing megan- she got taste

    2. Mona Lisa

      She looks so different without bangs

    3. Shigetoshi

      Ella es un sol

    4. F A N S  B l a c B l a c k

      After your absence I've roamed you Much🥺🥺❤

    5. Paulina Navarro Garcia

      I love you queen


      Lalisaaaa in your area


      Blackpink in your Area

    8. Mary’s Channel

      Her looks are no joke

    9. todo de todo(L)

      Lisa es muy tirna e hermosa la mejor hailarina aaaa😍💖

    10. lasya srihitha

      That hair colourist looked handsome 🤩

    11. BLINK

      I want to stay forever Lili's world

    12. BLINK

      I want to stay forever Lili's world

    13. An Na


    14. Meem Meem


    15. Anthony Carmine

      Can someone please tell me the name of the camera and the stabilizer she uses (during the fourth outfit)

    16. Dərya🖤


    17. Rustina darma

      Lisaaaaaa ❤️❤️❤️

    18. Mihara K

      Wow lisaaaaa😘😍😍😍

    19. VI DINH


    20. R


    21. Liyonce Manoban

      We are waiting for you to post your POLISA and Princess Thai outfit in the next days Lili. Thankyou for keep on uploading beautiful photos this days. And we are also waiting for he next update of Lalala_Lfamily too. Love you!!!

    22. Nong Noey


    23. Ingasan Lyn


    24. Chaya Nan


    25. Lesyeuxdeni Official

      Say LALISA love me LALISA love me 🖤🖤

    26. Yessi Yun

      This is Lisa channel?

      1. Maselina Putri Maharani


      2. Maselina Putri Maharani


    27. Good Vibes

      My girl is so beautiful

    28. MICHIKO

      so after all this years, I’ve been pronouncing Lisa’s surname wrong?😭 It’s actually Manobal and not Manoban? Wth...I’m a fake fan- I’m truly ashamed.

    29. Eunice t pineda

      So it's L ahahahaahah Not N 🐱

    30. Minh Ngọc Phạm

      oh,LALISA so cute

    31. ธนัชชา กลีบทอง


    32. creative  world

      Hello Lisa

    33. mimachan

      I love this!! Thank you for this series!!!!

    34. Geannella Fergar

      su energia es tan positiva como no amarla

    35. ildemar Pascual

      Shesshh the nails always very elegant

    36. Adora 💜Blink_Army💜

      dear Lisa if u are reading my comment so I want you to know that we support you, we respect you and that we are very proud of you, if you see bad comments about you, it means that these bad people are just jealous of you, of your beauty and of your talents! Keep shining Queen 😘🥰💖

    37. pastashii

      7:13 so cute 🥰

    38. hellooooo💜

      I think if anybody ever want to see how angels laugh or smile just come and look at Lisa's face you'll know how it looks have a good day everyone

    39. ST

      The photos turn out really well, but it was so difficult photoshoot to endure yet lisa still so energetic !!

    40. hellooooo💜

      Even tho I've never really met Lisa in my life but I can say one thing for sure by looking the way she talks with people, her genuine smile , her bright personality that she's the sweetest and the cutest person everyone will love to meet

    41. Mark Lawrence Tamayo

      Ugh I'm obsessed with her personality. She is someone who I wanna work with.

    42. Dr. Arunchot

      so cute

    43. simone Sousa

      사랑해 매끄럽다

    44. Sami

      I love you Lisa

    45. Angela Gonzales

      Pretty 😭

    46. Ab Nguyễn văn

      Lili's Channel

    47. Laylah

      Unnie the MV looks so niceee

    48. Phalad TiGeR

      WHY WHy ,Why are you SO CUTE ?!? Princess LISA 🤗

    49. Silvia


    50. Pearly Ubaldo

      Is the video filtered? Why? Lisa is already perfect

    51. 530584 Boston

      She is proud of Thailand.

    52. Subbi Uniyal


    53. Lina Mohammed

      Why am I always the last person?

    54. Jane Avenido

      I heard is chaner lol

    55. Erica Isla

      I super love you😘😘😘😘

    56. Erica Isla

      I love you so much👑👑👑👑

    57. Saji

      bby 🥰

    58. Vivo Za


    59. BDLx SUGA


    60. BDLx SUGA


    61. Jnthan

      my MANOBAL.

    62. alya alyssa

      the fact that some blinks actually walk/drive past the blackpink's car made me questioning how they would actually react to that

    63. Nafath Channel

      Aaaa so cute .

    64. Bee Bee Chanel

      พี่ลิซ่าน่ารักจังง 🥺😍

    65. Sayang Wonu


    66. Lizard people

      My lovely liza

    67. Jam Ber

      Jisoo pranked me this whole time.. i thought ist's MANOBAN.. hehehe

    68. Ruther Yamomo

      I'm so proud of you honeyy

    69. Alisha Juan

      Queen Lalisa Manoban

    70. Galina Kaur

      She loke so cute without makeup

    71. Black Shadow

      Sorry I'm late :-(

    72. Zen Sabio

      Yass all Lilifilms trending. Lezzgooo

    73. Aurora🖤Emirhan

      I love you my lady. 🖤 LISA. 🖤 You are flawless.

    74. Lulu Dog


    75. Lulu Dog

      Lisa eres la mejor💖

    76. warin ramos

      awe, please take care of your hair lisa eonnie.

    77. Virginia Perez

      Thank you for your kindness humbleness and blessings of health wisdom love to you and your loved ones in Thailand 🇹🇭 Korea and everywhere 🎉🥰🥰

    78. Ana luiza Cardoso

      Lindaaaaaa LALISAAA❤

    79. Zanika Concepcion

      Your so beautiful lisaaaa🤗🤗🤗

    80. ❤Flaquita López Verdugo❤

      2:43 - 2:54: *That sounds familiar*😀🤔 Two or three years ago: Lisa: I'M SO HUNGRY😢😟❤ PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FOOD! 😢❤💛🖤 Yeah, somethings never changes 😍😍😍😗😗😗❤❤❤❤

    81. จิปาถะ jipatha channel

      ชอบชุดนี้(ใส่หมวกmanobal)ค่ะเท่ดีค่ะ ทรงผมยาวสีดำสวยมากค่ะ

    82. คนติสส์ ติดเลาะ


    83. Melek Elheloui

      Lalisa 💕😊

    84. Eden Mae Dooma

      Queen 👸

    85. Cresi Lopez

      Ya pero te amo lisa

    86. Bts Army


    87. Britney Mil

      Hermosa que es Lisa🥰

    88. Sujatha Lallu

      Lisa with no bangs is just omgggg.... 😭😭💜💜💜💜🖤💗

    89. Gucci Taehyung

      okay im confused rn, is it L or N.

      1. LisaLalisa

        She has said before that in Thai the last letter of Manoban can also be pronounced as L so that’s why when written in English it becomes ManobaL. ManobaN is the correct pronunciation.

    90. Black Pink


    91. sababa BTS army 💜


    92. 묵도토리

      쌩얼은 찐태국인느낌 난다 화장하면 미국 느낌이 강한데

    93. rabeha .99

      You are soOo cute 💘🥺

    94. FACT SHEET

      Darn, All this time I thought it's *MANOBAN* 🙈 my life's a mess

    95. Hikarie Da

      Lisa hair in thumbnail kinda reminds me of Nanno V:


      Lisa te amo

    97. Confusíon I am