Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)


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    Samsung Galaxy sound effect (acapella)
    Music arranged by Maytree
    Video directed by Napkins music

    #samsung​ #galaxy​ #humaneffect

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    1. Beepo

      PPitch perfect 9

    2. medic student

      Samsung galaxy S 6 sound effect for some reason reminded me the old korean " The Winter Sonata" tv-series.

    3. asianalex

      I am a apple user what do these sounds mean

    4. Shivalee Abiraj

      The fact that they are using an ipad

    5. Mingmar Lama

      How dare they skip the S7.. Its my daily driver since its launch

    6. Nguyen Quang Hiếu

      Ringtones Samsung S2 they sing very cool, maybe better than on phone

    7. Extinction Rex


    8. Ganesh Prem

      S9 should actually use this version.

    9. SkullRhino

      See you in 10 years lol

    10. space is cool

      When youtube recommendations don't disappoint

    11. Um estudante

      A menina do tablet tá morrendo por dentro, a vontade dela é rir até explodir

    12. Mystery !

      Just wow

    13. Laura

      the girl with the tab is also singing

    14. Swechchha Sabnis

      This was speechless

    15. Julie_ Playz123

      Not me repeating the s9 sound

    16. Ayesha Baig

      listen to this 0:40

    17. Praveen naidu Naidu

      One of the my favourite brand Samsung ❤️🔥😍

    18. jean François binouse

      Il y a trop de montage

    19. Mackenzie Marion


    20. Joan Anarkitia Putri 7D

      Nobody talking about the Galaxy S2? I think it's really good in my opinion :D 0:12

    21. konoha anime

      Where is galaxy j5 2016??

    22. UwU23OwO _hehe

      Not me feeling like the main character

    23. Emilio alejandro Solar


    24. Audrey Lipa

      Who suddenly found them and now can't stoo watching them

    25. Emilio alejandro Solar


    26. Supercell gamer

      Maybe Im wrong, you can see lip syncing or however is that spelled on Samsung S10, but still you have respect from me

    27. Zubair Ahmad

      I bet there is background music.


      Where is guitar sound is coming from

    29. Wilson Kasunga

      Can't forget the S2

    30. 2stroke ski-doo

      Do more videos

    31. Brothers King

      The magical tune in s9 ringtone...

    32. QuizziF

      I NEED THE EXTENDED PART OF S10!!11!!!!1!

    33. SAN

      Not searched at all..

    34. X-gamer Pro-HD

      The cringeeeeeeeee

    35. mết cỡ êm pả

      Oh my god 😭

    36. Quang Trần

      As they are korean, they always do best for the SAMSUNG homeland. They are patriot🤣

    37. Patrick Ng

      I replaced my phone ringtone with their vocals.

    38. Ahmet Bayraktar

      where is the s7

    39. MuffyLantis

      love the blue accents on all of them. especially the girl's blue hair streaks!

    40. Marco Goseco

      Thank goodness this was in my recommendation.

    41. Hey, Stob it!

      I like the galaxy S6 one

    42. Гнев Чубаки

      Как классно!

    43. Kira God

      in 2021 we will have flying cars 2021:

    44. Renee Aeisha Marithe Barcia

      Samsung better pack up

    45. Keneth Lor

      I love S6 and S10! Full version please?

    46. Kinza Mohsin

      Did u all wish u had these voices in your phone ringtone

    47. no buddy

      Fake sound effect 😁

    48. Nela Revaj

      Do huawei pleaseee

    49. Me Alisa

      The girl holding tablet sing very good

    50. Asphalt 4545

      Did anybody noticed the girl on left

    51. ImpaledBerrys

      S9 superior

    52. Jerry Chris Bertone

      The Galaxy S6 is now my favourite ringtone...

    53. Bauzon, Jeffrey J.

      Me while watching🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. 진주홍까마귀

      충전기 연결음 ㅋㅋㅋ

    55. MrDoggyPlays

      Am I the only person that has watched this 20 times..

    56. Reeve Khaseng


    57. Miloud Benbrahim

      Hi, just a suggestion, do some playstation sounds and you will get millions of views. Sure

    58. Khairul Anuar Zack


    59. 버니엘

      갤럭시 몇년째 썼지만 테마음이 이렇게 좋은지 처음 알았넹

    60. Jerry Chris Bertone

      S9 ringtone is now my mom's Samsung Galaxy M30's ringtone...

    61. Robin Hary

      This is cringe

    62. eunice Lois

      Galaxy 6

    63. Hồng Phúc Đặng

      S20, S21, NOTE: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    64. Shivansh Nigam

      Setting as my caller tune for my s21

    65. Kamila Pasiecznik

      Galaxy S9 Is Like My Tablet

    66. Matheesha Fernando

      Galaxy S6 acapella was awesome 💖💯

    67. Ari Nurul Hidayah

      this is so satisfaying

    68. Edu Study Club

      Galaxy S10 😱😱😱👌👌👌👌👌✌✌

    69. Aki Pelaa

      0:53 Who can guess what came in my mind of this

    70. 백작선생

      0:12 ~ 0:22 까지 갤럭시 S2 알람음 진짜 계속 들을 정도로 미치겠습니다......... 진짜 너무너무 좋습니다...ㅠ

    71. Ngon Mam

      100000000 satrs

    72. Ngon Mam

      I like it

    73. BluXx


    74. VTH Med


    75. Al John Balaba

      Next is Nokia ringtones hahahaha

    76. Bloxy_star 1103 :з

      Galaxy s6 is..... ANGEL SONG! ALL OF THE SONGS ARE AMAZING 😻

    77. Chris Ahn

      외국 분들이 많아졌넹

    78. sketches and Drawings

      Fun fact : WE CANT DO THIS

    79. sketches and Drawings

      ONLY ONE WORD : INdefinable

    80. Syifa•Rivelda

      Oppo and Realme please..

    81. PKTV

      never heard of any of those sounds maybe because samsung phones are not popular in Australia lol

    82. Melisha Dmello

      I appreciate😊🙏❤ their work 😃

    83. Army x BTS

      Please I want there ringtone versions ....they sound way more pleasing to wake up to 😭😭

    84. Muhammad Haziq Hakim Bin Rahizad Ali

      I promise youtube recommend me this

    85. Shaska Maria Garde

      can you do samsung galaxy j5 to j7

    86. solo zohir

      Thank you algorithme of DEcameras

    87. Rajeev Shakya

      Next is ANGRY BIRDS 😄

    88. Sharjeel Ur Rehman

      OK wow... That was too good

    89. Abhishek Bhardwaj


    90. Телеканал Воскресенье!

      0:23 ı love thıs

    91. Supri channel


    92. ATIK TUBE

      Love you guys

    93. KingPlayz

      s21 ultra

    94. Hắc Thiên Sứ

      Rất hay

    95. Roman Thapa


    96. Chris Joseph

      Hope samsung gives them a chance

    97. Samantha Banac

      So this is recommended 😄😄

    98. dharshan


    99. アレクサ吉田

      *Simply epic*

    100. 6104 Avneet Kaur

      samsung galaxy fold?