Olivia Rodrigo Performs "good 4 u" | 2021 VMAs | MTV


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    Olivia Rodrigo performs "good 4 u" at the 2021 VMAs.

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    1. Manuel David

      1:11 I love it his voice

    2. thata evangelista


    3. Daniel Felipe Agudelo

      she's really good

    4. Kevin L

      So many people finding excuses for her is just embarrassing for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it’s ok to admit that she’s terrible and can’t survive without auto tune 💀💀💀

    5. Benja_115z

      Cringe afk

    6. lombar

      Taylor+Katy'voice😂 Ariana's face 😂😂😂

    7. Efrayim Sener

      What’s up with al the masks on everyone??? #why #ditchthemasks

    8. Luis Enrique Rojas Gomez

      Cuando la veo, siento que veo a Lina Morgana, alguien mas le pasa?

    9. Sérgio Prescovia

      at the beginning it was bad, then at the end it seemed to be at the beginning.

    10. jane hakim

      The drummer 😍😍😍😍

    11. Oscar Armando González Rodriguez

      So powerfull! ✨😻

    12. Iris Meza

      Se le fue un poquito la voz

    13. Cassie Mccord Mccord

      She sing good live

    14. Alondra Mayorga

      Mames que si rompió la cámara?😩

    15. Valerie C

      This my first Olivia performance I’ve seen and somehow I feel so proud of her. You can tell she has fun and gave it her all.

    16. ayko _kkkj

      Sinceramente, não acho que a Olívia tenha capacidade o suficiente de estar no vma tipo...ela literalmente não sabe controlar sua respiração, eu canto melhor.

    17. Duckelly

      Good 4 u

    18. ItsRoyaleButterfly

      Even in the chorus…. NO VOCALS, AUTOTUNE, OR EVEN IN ECHOS

    19. duma


      1. lara

        o que aconteceu ?

    20. Adriana

      It wasn't even too bad WTF why she gets so much hate

    21. le le

      Olivia needs a better vocal coach.

    22. Venus Trap


    23. VDMR

      Like a damn sociopath!!

    24. Jacquelyn Kay

      Paramore vibes

    25. someasiankid

      bruh it wasn't even that bad

    26. Bella Evangelista de Oliveira

      I don't know why people are hating her because of this show, that was amazing.

    27. Pam Miranda

      What’s the intro song? I don’t recognize.

    28. Cristiane dos Santos

      Voz feia mss

    29. Thiên Hy

      Omg I like her voice and her oufit

    30. bofooit gojo

      her voice went really shaky at the end with her breathing being stuttered but the amount of movement she was doing it was bound to happen. she did really well though for su

    31. Hyperspace

      is her actually hit the camera ?

    32. mih⁷

      sem or, perdi até o ar vendo essa apresentação

    33. The Music Council

      Ok the last part she literally had no more voice, very pitchy and off key, to do a rock performance you have to train how to jump run and walk the stage and still sing. Anyways she is massive and she has a huge career ahead, but this one was a mid-level/low performance for me

      1. bofooit gojo

        Watching this again, I can appreciate the efforts put into this and also the drummer kinda stole the show for me! Incredible.

    34. Charissa Mae Lampitoc


    35. Elian Vasconez

      De verdad rompió la cámara al final? Xd

      1. Elian Vasconez

        @Kirito UwU JSKSJSKAJA

      2. Kirito UwU

        Si xD la querían demandar por que la cámara es profesional y cuesta un montón de dinero xD

    36. bea

      me deixou sem fôlego🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    37. bea

      da ate falta de ar ver isso🤪🤪🤪🤪

    38. bea

      drip de brancao

    39. 🎀Lilyana 🎀


    40. Cua Dung

      21k dislikes?

    41. babymocheese

      Why does the drummer look so much like Halsey?? 😳🤭

    42. ChellPlays

      i got chills as soon as i saw her

    43. David0

      Oh no, her live voice is so annoying 😅🤷🏼‍♂️

    44. Haadiya K

      So awesome!

    45. Samantha Espiña

      Is there no COVID? wow I-

    46. Jesus Burgos

      Her breaking a camera on this show was epic.

    47. Sakurajima Mai

      Ridícula odiei

    48. Mei Designs

      Watching this again, I can appreciate the efforts put into this and also the drummer kinda stole the show for me! Incredible.

    49. memer

      Olivia's mind when she broke the cam: This one's for your face, Joshua

    50. Samantha Toledo

      can she just properly stand? LOL shes so energetic but i love it-

    51. John Rey

      Olivia + The dancers + The drummer ✨✨✨

    52. ryanw

      wait did she actually break the camera

    53. Eduardo Lazaro

      What a nerve!! But I didn't like it. She needs to prepare herself for live performances.

    54. Cami L


    55. Leo Manoban

      This is without backing track...amazing most singers nowadays just sing over their songs🙃

    56. Owl's Mood

      Bro did she actually break the camera?? I need to know!!! 😫

    57. ng v Thạo P to D


    58. ng v Thạo P to D

      Olivia Rodrigo

    59. ng v Thạo P to D


    60. ng v Thạo P to D


    61. ng v Thạo P to D


    62. Charlotte Lascuráin

      Ni a #selenagomez sele va tanto la respiración 😇

    63. Adi Adly

      Olivia gives us everything. She just started her career but she had no chill she just start a war. She's a beast, we love you girl

    64. Erika Chirino

      Whoa. p.s I tried to turn on closed captions and still got nothing :/

    65. BTS LOVER

      Covid ?

    66. Simulation One

      NYE WHEN? she lit

    67. nikolas

      ig some singers like olivia is more puts the soul of the song (?) vibing into the song, in my opinion, it's really fine.

    68. hi.

      performance aside, but the dancers get to wear masks while the audience squealed so freely?

      1. Thoms Wright

        The got vaccinated already maybe.

    69. Zylrene MV

      So many people here in the comments and replies favoring their FAVES' vocals and hating Olivia. Honestly, I sing and I perform and singing in a crowded place without back tracks, with a live band, and without echo is sooo hardddd I can barely breathe when the performance is lengthy. Olivia here did incredible! That song is so hard to sing and she doesn't have any back tracks plus the fact that she had to adjust to the loudness of the live band and the crowd. Y'all hating her vocals u can't even sing this song in your bathroom HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    70. Clark Gray

      Omg!! She smashed the camera 📸😂

    71. Mizukage

      I liked how she laughed when she had to skip the curse word

    72. 1. Alarcón borrayo Ana Belén


    73. Risa Febriany


    74. Destiny Gabriella

      I truly admire that she actually sang live. It's so rare for artists to actually sing live on award shows.

    75. Thalia Bowen

      She looks beautiful in that outfit

    76. Kidcalledjesus

      Wow she couldn’t even sing her own song. Wtf did I just hear

    77. LeiAnne Heffernan

      Olivia is one of the youngest singers ever and she literally killed it so idk why Olivia gets hate like what did she do lone, she only 17 (I think) let her be

    78. Catalina Villablanca

      Creo que debería practicar más su canto. La cantante de Paramore es genial porque mantenía muy bien su voz

    79. Francia vs

      Esta es la cancion que plagio una cancion de paramore? Me daria verguenza si fuera Olivia presentarla en una premiacion y cantar tan mal , prefiero el cocer de camila cabello que la canto mil veces mejor

    80. Green Eyes

      WE DON'T WANT PERFECT!!! Her singing live was so refreshing and amazing 😍.

    81. ItsMe Malaiya

      It’s not even bad she just ran out of breath at the end-why were people overreacting 💀😭?she did well👏🏾💕

    82. sara villalba

      perdi o fôlego nessa apresentação em

    83. Whatever

      Rock and poo rock need to come back, this generation is soooo boring with all hip hop and pop performances

    84. Esmael Whesper

      perece que correu 2 km.... respira direito garota

    85. K LEE

      I really hope she doesn’t start messing with her face like Ariana Grande did!

    86. Alyssa Waker-Gurnell

      She sounds EXACTLY like the recorded song and THAT. IS. RARE. I love it!

    87. Olivia Weeks

      i thought she did awesome why are people so judgemental...

    88. i334anna

      I just came to see her losing her breath

    89. Isabella Michael

      bien furiosa la olivia no

    90. Ilif Arzman

      A star was born

    91. ♡ sweetie ฅ

      wtf, cómo q le ganó a Dynamite, si esta piba canta re mal

      1. Meow Shira

        Verdad bro, las canciones ya de por si son súper básicas de mierda y no puede cantar ni su propia canción en live

      2. 에일렌 에이프릴

        Una cosa es que cante mal y otra es que la canción sea mala (aclaro soy ARMY). Realmente no canto mal, solo le falta mejorar su respiración, pero es entendible, recién está empezando y es joven tiene tiempo para mejorar esa parte.

      3. Esperanza abril

        Y siempre robándole premios a BTS

      4. ݀  𖥻 h᥆ᥒᥱᥡbᥱᥱ᮫࣭ ⌕˒

        Army para de fazer o nosso fandom passar vergonha, temos que apoiar ambos os lados, pessoas que fazem esse tipo de comentário ofendendo um artista para enaltecer o outro, não passam de crianças mimadas.

      5. aren :]

        no canta mal

    92. eduardo cardoso

      descupa gente mas ela foi pessima, principalmente quando tentou dançar, perdeu o folego.

      1. eduardo cardoso

        Mas vei ela é muito linda to apaixonado kkkkkkk

      2. eduardo cardoso

        @vitta• nem no começo ela foi incrivel, foi muito impresisa, nao estou tirando o merito dela nem sou esses hates que fala que ela nao merecia isso, ate porque ela tem potencial, vi ela so no piano é bem top, mas ca entre nós essa musica é igualzinha da paramore, business desires algo do tipo nao lembro kkkkk.

      3. vitta•

        @݀ 𖥻 h᥆ᥒᥱᥡbᥱᥱ᮫࣭ ⌕˒ eu sei mor, no começo ela foi incrível, a voz estava boa, até quase o final estava indo muito bem! até que ela começou a ficar sem fôlego oq foi ruim demais:((

      4. ݀  𖥻 h᥆ᥒᥱᥡbᥱᥱ᮫࣭ ⌕˒

        Ela está aprendendo, tudo tem a primeira vez, infelizmente a primeira vez dela foi ruim mas ela fez muito comparado as circunstâncias

      5. vitta•


    93. Platform 9 3/4


    94. Mariana Vásquez

      This is so bad

    95. Natalia

      She didn't did it well

    96. miilky mango


    97. Timonay Hendricks

      I seriously don't understand what all the hype is about regarding her songs ,ect .It's just not that great, anyone can put a song like this together , there's much better deserving artist's out there that don't get as much recognition as she does and they actually put some thought and work, emotions into their songs that we as the audience can relate to . This just sounds like a over dramatic teen something...But hey there's always room for improvement and learning .

    98. BlitzMan83

      3:10 this is where she shows she's exhausted but I dont blame her. Hard song to sing while moving

    99. Kaweny Hoffmann

      Eai MTV cadê a performance da Anitta ?

    100. mad21a

      Someone called this performance bad? Fuvk it's the realest and I love it