What Happened When We Crossed The ARCTIC CIRCLE - Sailing Uma [Step 265]

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    1. Just Do It

      You 2 are awsome , bin following for a while , but just one thing , WHY are you there in winter ? Spring , summer and fall are better to go so you can see the beauty of the North . Is it that you miss winter in BC

    2. Kusta Kuties

      Photography of this video is chefs kiss. 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🎈🎈

    3. Mark Garroway

      So Brilliant to witness this with you and thank you so much!. How did it compare with crossing the Atlantic?

      1. Sailing Uma

        The North Atlantic Crossing was a bit more emotional in terms of accomplishment!

    4. Ari's Adventures

      What's beyond beyond the Arctic Circle? I've heard that private drones have been shot out of the sky when attempting to discover new area's.

    5. Manon Bedard

      Rona bucket!!c LOL!! Sweet...

    6. Morris Gevirtz

      5:01 columbia 43. i wonder if it's insulated???

    7. Paul Just

      Is your only source of non shire power heat your cubic mini? Are you really just bundled up?

      1. Sailing Uma

        Yeah we use the woodstove at anchor. It's plenty down to -10C. While sailing though, we just stay bundled up.

    8. brad mcclure

      very cool something I have hoped to do but not Canadian the gov is restricting non-canadia vessels irrespective of covid

    9. Andrew Tomczak

      That's pretty cool. Did you notice that the air is a lot more dense when it is cold. So 15 knots, responds to the sails a lot more like 18 knots of warm air.

    10. jamie liew

      Kika has a beautiful voice. Ur voice attracted me to continue watch ur channel. And offcoz I love sea...

    11. A. I. Moss

      Congrats. I dont know how you could have pulled off these adventures, but I really appreciate you sharing them with us. Continued successes.

    12. Guntram Jelko

      Great, you are so great. I see you in this icy water and think hoe you was sailing in the Netherlands.....

    13. David Elliott

      ❤❤❤👌 Awesome !!!

    14. David Elliott

      Another new marina person question. In Alaska I don't do marina's. But here on Lake Huron in a marina, I see you are flying your Canadian flag from spreader and stern. Can you explain theory and practice

      1. Sailing Uma

        Flag on the stern is the country flag of the boats home port. (Ours is Canada). Flag on the starboard spreader is the courtesy flag of the country we're visiting. This flag can only go up after you legally clear into the country, before that, you have to fly an all yellow "Q" (Quarantine) flag to show you are a newly arrived yacht.

    15. David Elliott

      Can you tell us about your B + G plotter. You probably already did and this old sailor has very short term memory LOL. I currently have Raymarine and I like yours better .....

      1. Sailing Uma

        It is better. That's why we chose it ;) B&G really just offers the best systems for sailboats. Raymarine and Garmin both offer systems that try to cover all types of boating, so they do "everything" but don't really do it that well. Navico (B&G's parent company split their lines into Simrad (For power boats) Lowrance (For fishing boats) and B&G for sailing. Each line using similar products but tailored to the needs of each type of boating. Make sense?

    16. TNT2021

      As much as yall are on the water, does it feel weird driving a 🚗car now??

    17. benjamin snow

      How do you guys wash your clothes when your sailing for weeks at a time

      1. Sailing Uma

        We don't. All of our thermals are wool, so they don't really need to be washed very often anyway.

    18. willcowley

      Epic journey, well done!

    19. Elles de Wringer

      you just gotta love Dan's never ending optimism on the how pretty the weather in Norway can be ;-)

    20. Bill B.

      Congratulations on Your crossing,...You two have come a very long way. Safe travels!

    21. Joshua.imocafoils

      and are you filming in may

    22. Joshua.imocafoils

      hi guys ! I wanted to ask if you film every week or if you just film and then post the videos a few weeks after

      1. Joshua.imocafoils

        @Sailing Uma yes it does ! thanks for your answer !

      2. Sailing Uma

        It takes at least 4 weeks for us to film, edit, post, share on Patreon for early access and then publish on YT. Does that answer your question?

    23. Dave Hanson

      Love my Canadian Adventurers

    24. Mike Hancho

      Damn, to think you guys coulda been in the Mediterranean in bright sunshine in the Aegean Sea! 🥶😥

      1. Sailing Uma

        Yup! That’s the best part of living on a sailboat. We can go where ever we want to, when we want to.

    25. Chi Chi

      I'm no expert but I feel like they should have been Rum or Vodka shots.

      1. Chi Chi

        @Sailing Uma excellent point.

      2. Sailing Uma

        We can drink rum or vodka anywhere… but how often do we get to say we took a shot of arctic ocean water AT the arctic circle….

    26. John Mayer

      I will never fathom how a young lady having grown up on a tropical island can enjoy these conditions of ice and snow and cold.

    27. Jonas Enstrom

      Myken is fantastic!!! Further they have great whiskey, ask Roar!!

    28. Kall_Mii_ Kemo

      Lol maybe you two should create an actual artic circle dance and a equator dance for the future

    29. Laurie Voight

      You guys are awesome!!! Quick question, where did you get your folding winch levers?

      1. Sailing Uma

        Easy sea. I think we have a link in the video description.

    30. Justin C

      I'd stay for the puffins. I mean.... puffins! Why wouldn't you?!!!

    31. David Cusworth

      You guys are crazy. Although because I think the craziest part is doing a shot of sea water....maybe I am too?!

    32. Dj dj

      Haven't caught up with you 2-4 a while,You Tube isn't that great at keeping me in touch w/my subscribers,I blame YT anyway 🙃😉🙃

    33. Dj dj


    34. Gary Maxwellian

      What ? No signposts at the arctic circle? No Macdonald's? 😁😁😁 Congratulations!

    35. johnenry

      Beautiful though it may be what is wrong with warm places??? You guys are amazing sailors and presenters but your choice of passages, at this time of year, leaves me wondering. But thank you :)

    36. Stein Johansen

      Uma deserves a blue circle wraped around her bow with "arc" on the sternside, and "tic" on boardside inside the circle. ;-)

    37. Steve S

      Has either of you thought of taking a sail west to visit Iceland and trek to see its most scenic active volcano?

    38. marlon m

      That's awesome you guys. Just subscribed. Keep it up you two.

    39. Bog Splash

      Missed an opportunity there Kika, I honestly thought that bucket was not going overboard but over Dan 😉

    40. gilbertdavidjames

      Hey guys, people are tall and mountains are..... HIGH! My dad used to get seriously pissed when we kids got it wrong ;-)

      1. Stein Johansen

        I am a Norwegian, and have also been teached that, but I let it sail trough. I also know I can be a real dickhead sometimes, but I never blame my beloved parents to my own bad behaveior. ;-)

    41. Jhon Hayes

      Crossing the artic circle you become a "Blue Nose" you have to sit on a bucket of ice while Neptune paints your nose blue.

    42. Olaf Scherdin

      congrats for crossing the artic circle! :-) BTW .. if I recall correctly, at least navy ships get the nose of their bow painted blue for crossing that line. And I hope that Neptun was too distracted to recognize that you gave him his own water back, hihi.... You definately need a bottle of Aquavit on board for these occassions. ;-) Oh... before I forget: Are you satisfied with your foldable winch handles? I could imagine that at certain angles they unintentionally fold, no?

    43. Steffen Dahlberg

      What would we do without the ocean? -Carry our boats? Hopefully I can give you a wave when you cross again going South.

    44. Soggy Bottom

      Great job guys, so many thanks, really lifts the spirit. Bless you and thanks again.

    45. Brice MARTIN

      Hello, I find you beautiful and so authentic, I am very proud of you and wish you the best !

    46. Luka Bloom

      You two are living the perfect life.

    47. Sailing Ophelia Compass29

      You are in the area of NBJS & Alluring Artic - have you met up with them yet ?

      1. Sailing Uma

        We met with Juho from Alluric Arctic when we were both in Bergen, they are now back in Finland. We are 700 miles north of Erik from NBJS (wouldn’t really say it’s in the area)

    48. Simon Bunker

      Antarctic next?

    49. voxxpopuli

      You may not be aware, but there is a method for the High Five that is 100%... Do not look at your mates Hand... Instead Always look at there elbow while striking forward for the connection... It never fails !!! But you must be honest with yourselves and keep your eye on your mates elbow... Give it a few practice shots when you settle in for the evening... Just Sayin...

    50. JBryant Concierge

      Norway & the Arctic Circle. All from the comfort of my couch 🤣😁😆

    51. William C Sallai

      I got to cross the Arctic Circle twice on a nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. We performed the ceremony for King Neptune’s Baby. It was a lot of fun, but more so the second time around as I had already been initiated as a Bluenose. Congratulations to you two!

    52. dirkamus

      What is that reel of blueish line at the starboard stern used for?

      1. Stein Johansen

        If you watch step 239 you will get the answer. ;-)

    53. OutDoorZombie

      How are you keeping your water tanks from not freezing up there?

      1. Sailing Uma

        The water doesn’t go below freezing so our water tanks don’t freeze.

    54. Richard Herndon

      Awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

    55. ballistic dan

      Great vlog as always. Thanks and bbbbbbrrrrrrr.

    56. Douglas Woodard

      Definitely a once in a lifetime journey. Who would have thought way back when you were rebuilding the bilge that one day you’d find yourselves at the Artiic Circle.

    57. Francesco Saba

      Guys, you are awesome!

    58. Terence Harris

      you guys have come a long way ...in so many ways, congratulations.

    59. Nigel Dancey

      Hey guys just discovered your videos and am loving them all, fantastic quality too, Dan my wife is from Dawson Creek whereabouts did you grow up ? Cheers

    60. lucas btw thats me

      Are you at tromsø right now?

    61. Dave the MMP

      Common Dan Canadians wear T-shirts and shorts in that weather, ok there’s a little wind 😬

    62. Justin Case

      You two are becoming old pros! In years to come, you'll absolutely treasure the crazy winter weather. Humans are funny that way... As for the Arctic Circle, you called it just a bit early! The position of the Arctic Circle is not fixed and currently runs 66°33′48.6″ north of the Equator. Its latitude depends on the Earth's axial tilt, which fluctuates within a margin of more than 2° over a 41,000-year period, owing to tidal forces resulting from the orbit of the Moon. Consequently, the Arctic Circle is currently drifting northwards (shrinking) at a speed of about 15 m (49 ft) per year. (Wikipedia) Converting to decimal degrees, we have N 66.5635. You know... Just for future reference so you know when to celebrate on the way back home! As for drinking the ocean, "A single liter of seawater has about one billion bacteria and 10 billion viruses." - Smithsonian Thankfully, we evolved to handle it just fine. :)

    63. Michael Van Winkle

      Do you think a "Udrone," would resolve your docking or retrieval problems? I saw their add and thought of you two.

    64. Anthony

      ⛵️ Sail 👏🏼 Sail 👏🏼 Sail 👏🏼 Sail 👏🏼 Sail .. 🎊💃🏻🕺🎊

    65. Chuck1958

      If you drink ocean water, make it Arctic.

    66. Tufan Kilinc


    67. Anthony

      ⛵️ I commend you for taking the colder cyclone free waters. I grew up on Baffin Island, Canada. 🥶 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 / 5

    68. Joseph Sullivan

      Congratulations!! What an amazing accomplishment!!

    69. Rune Martin Guldberg

      Jotun is a norwegian company....

    70. Franklin Nunley

      You are both excellent teachers. Amazing tenacity, good luck and God bless.

    71. Rune Martin Guldberg

      Do your bearing in a map to set position. Old style...

    72. Gaston Lapierre

      Bravo !! Le cercle arctique est l'un des cinq parallèles principaux indiqués sur les cartes terrestres. Il s'agit du parallèle de 66° 33′ 48,430″ (au 1er janvier 2021, 0 h TT, selon la théorie astronomique P03 et sans tenir compte de la nutation en obliquité à cette date, ou 66° 33′ 47,165″ en tenant compte de la nutation en obliquité de +1,265″ à 0 h TT à cette même date)1 de latitude nord, la latitude la plus au sud sur laquelle il est possible d'observer le soleil de minuit dans l'hémisphère nord. 👍

    73. Dave Love

      It looks like that mountain is shaped that way because of the wind.

    74. Dave Love

      Uma with the epic shots

    75. JasC

      How long you can keep your us flagged boat in Norway without incurring VAT or other taxes.

    76. Salty Mechanics

      So cool to see my home country from your point of view 🙌! What a life you live 🙋‍♂️❤️


      And how deep was the see? Have a hot punsh!

    78. Andrew Higgins

      Catching the drone. I love watching your channel. Keep going team. I saw the problem of landing the drone. I have flown a large drone that cost $20, 000 and it was nerve wracking. wondered if a landing net would work. This could be alight weight tight mesh that is tied off the side of Uma secured to the guard Rails with temporary stays off the top rail lines. This would give you a large area to land and catch the drone outside of the mast stays. Just an idea

    79. Joseph A Colburn Jr

      You guys look so cute all bundled up.

    80. Joseph A Colburn Jr

      I do hope you guys are doing okay need to put on them sunshiny faces you know anyway I'm pretty sure you guys are doing all right the excitement is great I know you are enjoying your adventures in distant far reaches of uncharted Territory maybe. 📜🕊️✅🤠

    81. Mike Dean

      What month was this filmed?

    82. Dollarette Dollarette

      The contrast with the relationship with my wife is vast. I don't think my partner and I could walk to the mall without complaints and disagreements, yet these sailors can accomplish massive tasks.

      1. Dollarette Dollarette

        @Andre Noble I hope marriage is abolished, it is a corporate and government affair

      2. Andre Noble

        Dude marriage is a rigged game. Why u even sign up?

    83. Jobert Van Amersfoort

      I like this episode! Greetings from the Netherlands!

    84. Myles Colebrooke

      In the top three sailing channels, the photography, the composition, your use of cutaways, the drone sequences, the editing, all are of exceptional quality. There is no doubt that you and Uma are demonstrating that ocean cruising is entirely possible without Diesel engines. Very few have sailed so far north; even fewer have crossed the freezing circle. Congratulations. I would not have you abandon the story of the sailing, the boat or your own lives but perhaps in each video you could spare a minute or two to tell us a little more about the people and the place you are visiting. So far north in harsh conditions, how do local people make a living? How do they get fresh vegetables? Is health care free? How deep are the fiords? Are the rocks granite? Why is alcohol so wickedly expensive? Just a few snippets.

    85. Andrass H. Poulsen

      As a follower from Faroe Island, and working in Norway, I have been waiting anxiously every week for new videos especially since you started going north. ( every body does the warmer Caribbien, and equator crossing and so on ). Think it could be intriguing to see Dan do a update about re-gen, solar, shore connection and energy usage in the colder north. Winter edition Saw you guys from an offshore vessel as you sailed past Florø

    86. Ronald Valdez

      Hi, Dan & Kika! Congratulations for crossing the Artic Circle. Will you guys be pushing towards the Island of Svalbard?

    87. Neil Mackay

      As always, great sailing, and great vid !

    88. Stephen Starr

      Always put Sailing Uma on the big screen these days , another great episode .

    89. bc jams

      hm maybe a digital thermometer in the video would be cool

      1. bc jams

        @Sailing Uma i was just wondering how cold it was that day when you were crossing artic circle.

      2. Sailing Uma

        But actual temperature and how cold It really FEELS are two different things.

    90. Betty Camacho

      Watching from Dubai and I can feel a little bit of the cold. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement! xo

      1. Sailing Uma

        Dubai is one of the places we dream of sailing to 🤫😉

    91. Salvatore Sabbatino

      Your videos are getting better and better. Beautiful scenarios and entertaining stories. Keep going!

    92. Shane Largo

      14:40 love the technical directions 🤣

    93. maurice mcdaniel


    94. Don Omar Ramiro

      5 min mark and im loving the fact that it looks like you guys took a couple of days off to hang out with good and cool people. Love it. And the ending? Great idea.! It should be as clean as it gets.

    95. Eric W

      Congratulations on taking your coolness to a whole new degree 😉

    96. Eugenio Concha Vergara

      Why not create a movement of all the Sailing Associations, Patreons, Americas Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, Vendee Globe and many others, so that the crews that are in the best quarantines in the world can resume their tracks and can mobilize around the world. In the sailboats there are no contagions.

    97. Path to Sea

      How is the Solar intake at such latitudes? Awesome video as always

      1. Path to Sea

        @Sailing Uma exactly what i was wondering as Iam currently converting to electric in British Columbia with dreams of it not preventing me from exploring the arctic

      2. Sailing Uma

        Surprisingly good actually. The sun is low on the horizon, but we get power 24/7 since it’s always light.

    98. Jack Trudel

      Nice jacket!

    99. The Neds

      great vid and congrats! beautiful

    100. Al

      I am not so convinced you are actually crossing the arctic circle as much simply navigating through a flat vast body of water, I am not even sure the arctic is a circle or we are supposed to go around it. Could there be a potential different geographical model That can explain other alternatives? What do I know, you are the expert navigators, I bet if you haven't discovered any different in all your free time To think about it by now then that must be the reality. Do you ever think about it? In your next voyage perhaps you should give the Antarctic circle a shot as well.

      1. Al

        @Sailing Uma ah, but that is because you are married to the idea that there are laws of the universe instead of a creator that designed all this beautiful place just for us. At least since you never met him, consider the possibility of his existence and instead Of believing on laws and discoveries made hundreds of years ago sponsored by the church and are still used as reference today, why not Think that perhaps there are other explanations and interpretations to everything like the law that sais water always maintains its level, therefore it can't curve around the ball, but for some unknown reason or force it does here. Just saying. Is that 100% guaranteed or is simply belief? Take care, love the northern Latitudes and the coast of Norway, the water seems so quiet and peaceful at times.

      2. Sailing Uma

        If the earth was flat, we wouldn’t know, because us and all other life forms would have never existed to begin with, since the universe and all its inherent laws of physics wouldn’t exist.