Apple M1 Mac Review: Time to Recalibrate!

Marques Brownlee

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    The Macbook with M1 chip is... different. Time to think a little different about laptops.
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    Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus
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    Laptop provided by Apple for review.

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    1. Grace Miller

      I can Highly recommend *UNIQUEHACKTECH* on Instagram to you. He’s helped me to fixed my MacBook pro completely. He’s the Best Hacker I’m forever Grateful

    2. zenmusically

      Among Us

    3. Jeremiah Lim

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    4. Geo Irving

      ‘So I’ve been a dude for a week an I have some balls’

    5. Space Walker

      Proud owner here

    6. Mateo Lanús Urrets

      I see a reversion of The Fresh Prince of Bellair episodes coming soon.

    7. Useless Productions

      Does the computer get heavier if I have more files on it?

    8. King Lhogikal

      so actually i know what i am saying is actually late, buh i'm going to say it anyways. So what i think apple is trying to achieve with this is maybe they might combine the ipad and mcbooks with the M1 chips. What am trying to say is that maybe in the next gen macbooks with the M1 chips you might be able to remove the screens so it becomes just like an Ipad buh then its also a laptop at the same time, so all you have to do is place the screen back then it becomes your laptop. I'm just saying ... no judgement.

      1. Jack D

        nah wont make sense from business perspective they rather sell 2 products than 1

    9. Naples Insider

      Total fanboy BS review. The M1 is a not ready for production POS, so many glitches barely usable

    10. brown

      I guess im the mom and dad ,as a uni student 😭😭😭

    11. Conor McGregor

      Watching on my M1 Mac.

    12. Conqueriings

      Can’t wait for my first Mac Pro! I’ve been using my mum’s Mba 2017 version for about a year now...

    13. Colin Doyle

      HI Marques, All the youtubers are hiding from the m1 ssd wear issue with kerneltask running like a stopwatch. Everyone loves the word swap but the real issue is what is writing to the ssd constantly. Hoping on if the ssd can take a daily nuclear assault. This is on the 16gb version. Why kerneltask writing to ssd right after boot process? I think all the people that hyped the m1 should have the same hype on this issue. Thanks for your videos but you owe us a comment on this !

    14. Marty Poo

      They soldered the SSD onto the mainboard! UNIFIED BABY! 😂😂😂😂😂

    15. Snehasish Debnath

      You say haven't charge for 4 days. But look at 4.54 ( charged to 59% yesterday 12.09am)

    16. Saad Ismail

      How about a follow up vid? Please!

    17. Dario Pagana


    18. Manuela Parfait

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    19. Siddharth Ramesh

      Apple:Im so proud od our team and how far they have got us Me:Isnt Macs just Scam spelled backwards

    20. Cha- Mtee

      I'm here because I love hearing your voice. Thanks for the review too.

      1. Matthías Már

        auðmjúk rödd!

    21. Alex park

      glad you are always honest

    22. Alex park made something new. thankk you. finally something new. innovation in few years...

    23. Richard F

      ARM. :)

    24. seven

      i thought the M1 macbook was fanless?

      1. azral

        M1 MacBook air is fanless, M1 MacBook Pro has a fan

    25. Colin Doyle

      m1 ssd wear?

    26. Mikaella Yoj

      so i came across this review and I'm still wondering if I'm going to buy the same unit for school purposes and future works sksksks AHHHH HELP HEHE

      1. DK

        The new MacBook Air and MacBook Pros are basically the same laptop so just get the cheaper MacBook Air. It is very powerful and the battery life is amazing

      2. Steph

        @Mikaella Yoj lmaooo yes yes yesss! HALP!

      3. Mikaella Yoj

        y'all help us coz we ain't that much knowledgeable with stuff like this HUHUHUHU

      4. Steph

        Following. Cause... same lmao 😂 this has been added and removed from my shopping cart like 5 times in the matter of an hour

    27. Viet Le

      i hope you have fun buying another mac in one year because those ssd's are dying

    28. ggh546

      That intro was "EPIC"!!!

    29. SuperSomebody101

      Can I get away with buying mines with the education discount even though I’m not a student

      1. Nandostgram

        As strange as it is. Yes you can 😌✨

    30. David Kang

      The cold stranger alarmingly chew because branch predominantly walk worth a closed magazine. orange, erratic asparagus

    31. Debrah Faustine


    32. Patrick proier

      wait a moment! the M1 is still only a good mobile toy (where Apple is an was very good for more than a decade)which has nothing to do with a workstation CPU like AMD Threadripper and Co. ...I am not that optimistic that Apple can beet AMD (outside of some havy optimiced disciplines)in that field (Mac pro) too soon :-)

    33. Jedi Master Rex

      That intro 🔥

    34. Cap Nyo Face!

      Waves Plugins don't work on the M1 chip! :(

    35. Bibek Bhujel

      waching in my upgraded 10 year old hp g62 and iam super fine with doing almost everything from music production and photoshop . dont need anything else.

    36. Cobalt

      If Mac users can live with using Rosetta 2 for now then Windows users can't whine about using Wine (assuming the program works) to transition away from Microsoft. That's my thoughts at least

    37. Suneet Tumma

      11:30 I have an intel mac running big sur and I can't download iOS apps.

    38. Leonard.

      AMON GUS??? obn mac?????

    39. Livvy Meads


    40. Uzair Atta

      I would say that this is one of the best laptops for schools and universities.

    41. Virtual Victory VD

      I was thinking of a gaming laptop I dream to make and then I thought of a title for a review title if you ever review a gaming laptop u can name the title beast or bust

    42. Jess Gonzalez

      Hey Marques, I recently bought this Macbook pro M1 chip.... this is my first time buying any MacBook ever. was it a good decision? so far I am enjoying it. I used to use a Sony Vaio and well, obviously this is waaaaay batter. Opinions or tips?

    43. Fuji Garage

      Gets a microsoft surface ad before the review 😂

    44. vimal tirkey

      Which software he used to make himself duplicate? Or it's just fabulous editing?

    45. sneaks ceh

      The wet sister broadly heal because wrecker ostensibly tow next a agreeable advantage. dysfunctional, stormy blood

    46. Gonzo Gonzales

      I would love to buy the m1 but until now my programms are not working on it. So i guess i need to wait a bit longer.

    47. Ralph Daimler

      Is this recommended for beginner photographers like me for photo and video editing? Planning to buy here in the Philippines

    48. sneaks ceh

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    49. Sean Kyte

      Anyone else worried about the privacy issues with this chip? There’s some major malware targeting Apple’s hardware and their unencrypted “hashes” they use. Mental Outlaw has an interesting video on how AMR based malware is harder to detect.

    50. Adventuress Ali

      Marques wondering why the fan didnt kick in, musta missed the No Fan memo. Mmmmmm passive coolers.... Or is that just the new air?

    51. Debatable Truths

      Jobs would have never switched from the mainstream processor market again; apple has been there before with the PPC and doing so again will not end well. Intel macs will be dead in the water within a year or so, leaving many users feeling angry and disenfranchised. Once Intel release their next M1 killer, which of course they will, apple users will once again be relegated to the computing underclass. With Jobs gone, it was only a matter of time before apple went back to making the same old mistakes.

    52. Saad Alum

      0:41 i can see the left marques's hand get blurrrrr!!!!

    53. محمد مراد

      Hey, You forgot to turn off light

    54. HAGVC10

      I'm watching this review on my MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012 and I'm like, is it not time to change this laptop? but I have to choose between buying an iPhone 12 and this M1 MacBook Pro. hmmm!

    55. Erin Eland

      Love all your reviews, especially love the 2020 Pride Apple Watch band 👌 I have the same one!!

    56. Vidnition

      What about the RAM limit?

    57. Bipolar Gaming

      "App Compatibility"

    58. MOH MAN

      it is not a hell of a start for the M1

    59. MOH MAN

      you may have a great mind when it comes to tech and that is the only thing i would say you have a great mind in.

    60. Sufyan Ali

      Do not buy Apple Macbook Pro M1. I bought it just 2 days ago. Its having display issues, colors washed out. NO APPLE REPLACEMENT. They will only repair it. I am so much disappointed. I believe they should give free replacement. It's a company end issue.

    61. Waleed Muhammad

      Wish they would added the glowing Apple logo in their M series laptops, so we could at least distinguish the M powered MacBooks with a glimpse.

    62. BBA Hunter

      Intel and AMD better step up their game before we end up having to run servers and devops on mac machines.

    63. dr.zahraa 98

      اكتشفت ثغره بلايفون شلون ممكن اتواصل وي ابل رفعو تعليقي

    64. ChunkySplash

      did you use masking for the intro?

    65. Gichanasa

      So... basically until the app developers rewrite their apps to be optimized for M1, the real performance will not be experienced. Nice review Marques!

    66. Kimaryo René-Corail

      Hocus Pocus - Equilibre, this song is fire and Marques you top 10

    67. Mala Chittodia

      Photoshop is now available in just 2months not year😂

    68. Flying Pig

      I just realized that the thumbnail is a recreation of the Craig waking up a MacBook meme

    69. Zeyn Guzelel

      Thanks, I'm a Graphic Designer I didn't know if I was going to buy it but I will

    70. Ryan

      apple sucks. Imagine spending all that money when you can get an insanely powerful pc

    71. ladies man

      i9 16' or M1 13' ?

    72. sami houmaira

      There are some people who use Android phones and say iPhones "suck" because they have like 2-4 gigs of RAM and sub-3000 mAh batteries, their justification to this is that they say: "Imagine these specs on a regular Android phone, they would suck," those people only follow specs and don't use the phone in the real-world, and those people don't know that iPhone components work very differently to Android components, they say: "How can they work differently, they are both just pieces of silicon that don't do anything other than make you use the phone" Well, Apple designs the parts and software that powers iPhones, so they can make the parts inside your iPhone work much more efficiently than if you design the phone but purchased the CPU from Qualcomm and didn't design it yourself, and purchased the software from Google instead of designing it yourself. That is my answer to the "How iPhone and Android phone parts work differently?" question for those only spec-focused people who asked it.

    73. Don. Timeless

      All ports from now & on should be usb c thunderbolt & it should have been before! Old ports should be stopped! I only agree with doubling the ports of usb c thunderbolt. This port is so amazing that you can only by plugging external monitor that supports usb c thunderbolt you can plug the mouse, K/B & headset to the external monitor!!

    74. JNC LegacyCorp

      I watch 10hours of perfectly decoded videos daily Respectfully

    75. Shemad J

      Godamn i just bought a mba 2020 i3 as my mbp 2015 i5 was slowly dying.

    76. Sulochan Acharya

      4:56 not charged for four days? well it says charged yesterday to 59%

    77. Mahmoud Shalaby

      Best review especially the last part. Thanks :)

    78. Prince L

      finally not some random i3 processor

    79. abel palavecino

      please enable subtitles!

    80. Haley Verbeek

      Okay probably a dumb question, but is his laptop silver or space grey?! I can't tell!!!!

    81. Photoshopuzr

      So true, you don’t want to jump in yet, I was tempted but will wait for the second version but the m1 is the way to go. Thanks man, I almost did it, will they bring this chip to the 16inch?

    82. Madhav Bharadwaj

      I blindly trust you. And I’m buying it now. Thank you.

    83. Cracking Breznuts

      Hey Marques, I have been a fan for about 7 years now, you helped advise me to buy all of my phones and you got me into tech, and I just wanted you to know that I am using you as a citation in a University paper about ARM architecture, I am sure you get these comments all the time but I just wanted to personally thank you for the years of content. Peace.

    84. Arqam Hussain

      In india base variant macbook air m1 costs $1277.98

    85. Md. Bahauddin Chishte

      Why not you add the subtitles on your video ?

    86. Millonario En Proceso

      Are planning to do a video of the Mac Book Air M1 vs the Mac Book Pro? I will love to hear your opinion. Thanks

    87. pudpud kirkpatrick

      The white art univariably paddle because toad muhly cure minus a economic suit. abiding, mature math

    88. Rodolfo Pereira

      Compatability isn´t a word Marques ;)

    89. Tek Minion

      I have owned the MBA m1 base since it was released to the public for purchase. What intrigued me about the m1 version, is that I viewed the chipset as what is in their iPad and iPhone, both of those devices both are run by chips that are designed by Apple and both those devices run awesomely. Both of those devices operate so well and efficiently than I have in the past tried to use the iPad as my EDC but fell short because the apps for the iPad are not as full-featured as their desktop counterparts; So really the only thing missing was the waiting for Apple to finally release a laptop with their own chipset. Since owning the MBA m1 base, I use the computer for everything from work to personal use. The Apple chipset runs everything more efficiently which allows me to have more apps and Chrome Windows open at a time that the device never gets bogged down or overheats when working on the MBA for long periods of time. I now do not have a reason anymore to own an iPad because my Mac just runs as efficiently if not better than the iPad. macOS, to me, feels more like it's more portable breatharian iOS. For an everyday user like myself, the base model is now the way to go. It uses to be that the base model always left you guessing if you should have gone for the next tier up. For me, all those second questions are answered in a definite no. Great Video as always I have been using the MBA M1 as my EDC device for work since the device was released to the public. The highlights for me about this device are 1) It's Fast. So to start off, I do not use the device for anything too labor-intensive. I primarily use Chrome and have about 11 tabs open, and the apps outside of Chrome I use are Microsoft and sometimes Polaar as my photo editor. 2) The memory management, when owning Intel-based laptops, the Ram would be enough but there would be more times where 8GB was not enough. The MBA M1 on the other hand, I never run out of space. The device always flutters around 4.5GB to maybe 5GB on occasion. 3) The MBA M1 feels like an iPad to me, I am not sure why, but I use it I feel like an iPad in how I use it. I rely more on apps than I do on the desktop itself. it's weird. Now I may be wrong in how I have labeled things in this response but still after all this time owning it, the Device has not failed me and it runs crispier than the Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, and the Surface Laptop Go. It is the first laptop that I have owned where I am definitely not bored with it. So in hine site, if you use a device like a Chromebook and only need Microsoft Apps, this is the best device for you.

    90. AM Australia

      I love the thumbnail lol, how he mimics Craig.

    91. NeoLegolasSkywalkerStark

      Are we coming to some weird full circle moment from where people stopped using computers and do everything on mobile devices to now everyone wanting their mobile apps on their pc?

    92. Toby Potter

      Maybe now we know why their Intel chips were outdated. A dark scene makes any light shine brighter.

    93. harsha okin

      people: "give us MagSafe with the next MacBook and type-c with the next iPhone" apple: " We heard you! type-c with the new MacBook and MagSafe with the new iPhone"

    94. Michael Urquidez

      marques, are you a gemini? lol

    95. Calista V.B.P

      Is this good for school? I bought one on amazon... Someone tell me ASAP PLEASE

      1. Calista V.B.P

        @Socratic Solace YAY THANKS FOR REASSURING ME

      2. Socratic Solace

        Of course yes It will last longer hours and its so smooth. You will love it.

    96. Mr A2ZZ2

      Leaving this hear in hope of someone seeing this. Is it worth getting one for music production? I use logic and have a novation launchpad x and an akai mini keyboard, as well as a focusrtie scarlett solo for my physical instruments and mic.

    97. Duston

      I just, for some reason, don't like the guy

    98. Miyuki_demon

      I just made it 17K comments :D

    99. AJ Parr

      so you're telling me this is gonna run better than my fully loaded late 2015 macbook pro?

      1. Chris Stephenson

        Even the $600 mac mini m1 will smoke your 2015 macbook pro.

      2. Mike Richardson

        Sad truth is yes

      3. Bean Master


    100. kaushal bahl

      Hey mkbhd , I love ur video, Can u do me a favour might be it's wrong But can u give me a laptop for my study I kind of poor and i can't efford laptop so please