Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever!

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    Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! DEEP CLEANING The Nastiest Car Ever! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 19 of a Hyundai Elantra that is beyond description of how filthy and nasty it was on the inside! It has never been cleaned on the inside and is caked in dirt and grease! Cleaning a car and detailing a car is one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences. Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe \u0026 Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos! Follow Me On Instagram @StaufferGarage

    Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe \u0026 Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos! Follow Me On Instagram @StaufferGarage

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    1. Spoodar TV

      i would die for i can do it myself

    2. nancy6100

      Anyone else get anxiety when it looks like they missed some dirt/stains?

    3. Shidereon

      The fact that people let this happen in the first place is beyond me.

    4. Richard Legg

      Heck I've detailed way worse than this hundreds of times But still interested in seeing another detailers approach.

    5. NiqNiq Nicole

      And.... a day later this car is back to its original state lmao 🤣

    6. só minha opinião...

      Isso não é apenas um carro sujo... é porquice mesmo!!!!🤦🏽‍♂️☹️😳

    7. MIND BLOCK 2.0 🤯

      Omg 33m view

    8. Sergio Cota

      Que es lo que le echas al tablero y al hule para limpiarlo

    9. Keli Warrior

      I enjoyed this way too much!! Amazing job dude!

    10. jennifer berry

      u probably already know it but u can use alcahol wipes on the rubber on the wipers and it will make them like new

    11. Dudu Mmeti

      I’ll never look at cold brew coffee the same way🤢🤢🤢

    12. Dudu Mmeti

      I’d ask to sit on the roof of this car if offered a lift🤢🤢🤢🤢

    13. Haimerl Herta

      Der Mann istsuper,vorbesitzer oje

    14. Cierra Zeko

      Any suggestions for getting smushed gummies outve the seats? 🥲🥲

    15. Ahmed Ali

      2:39 eem where is my money

    16. Lia Dababy

      They don't miss a crevice😦

    17. Camila Gouveia Silva

      Não sei como cheguei aqui, mas preciso comentar. Como alguém deixa o carro ficar nessa situação? Sem condições pra higiene dessa pessoa.

    18. Joker Jones

      lol was that an air freshener!! lol

    19. denexode der dreckige dan

      Are you from geramy


      It like a cold brew with too little creamer


      What was the one thing that made you say ahhh NOW THAT'S SATISFYING 😌

    22. 5iFTY


    23. Bruce W

      Enjoy your car dirtbags

    24. 210 Santiago

      What do you use to clean the windows?? Never seen that before ever

    25. Hugo Freitas

      You deserve the like because insane job. I wold give up for sure

    26. MyPablo39

      How come the electronics does not get destroyed with such an amount of liquid on the dashboard??

    27. Sorin

      What a filthy persons. I can't believe they are live among us!

    28. Brooklyn Ctr

      This is gross bro. Owner probably smells like cigarettes and mud butt

    29. Chloey A.M.

      If they were ok to sit in that, it makes you wonder what their house looks like 😬

    30. n

      that drink is most definitely a coca cola

    31. Nari_ Kiri

      I’m sad about the coins! 😞😞😞 I want it if he doesn’t want it.. I need money

    32. Sakamoto Desuga

      I thought patrick star was the owner of the car 😂

    33. Deon Flowers

      What do you recommend for cleaning the roof fabric of the car?

    34. Shota Aizawa

      Hear me out doing seats show the difference between just using hit water rhem show it against with cleaner

    35. Ita Ita

      If only it was this fast to do this kind of detail

    36. X 1

      Probably a real expensive detail

    37. wesley macedo

      maldito casemiro!

    38. Epic Knight

      How long does it usually take to detail a car?

    39. Jaclyn Van Meter

      Coca cola

    40. chrissthuggin

      get sum awesome cleaning from the dollar store and put water in it it works amazingly

    41. chrissthuggin

      i used to work detailing i did a car just like this it was terrible

    42. Nokstags

      Woaw this car, oh my god

    43. Valdemir Júnior

      Só quem veio pelo caze

    44. BlackBlue37

      How much is it to get it detailed from you

    45. furt

      das böse Auto aller Zeiten

    46. Lucas Silva

      Que dó. Depois de um belo trabalho saber que ele vai voltar pros mesmos donos . Relaxados

    47. Miranda Armendariz

      Forbidden Choccy milk

    48. Gustavo Reis

      simplesmente a familia que usa o carro como banheiro do entreterimento

    49. Paulão

      Simplesmente um deus da limpeza


      I agree the drained water looks like coffee


      Anyone know how much it would cost to get a car detailed like this?


      So much work

    53. Dede P.

      I love their reaction, they were so thankful and excited. Great job!

    54. Sheila Maureen Norman

      I live in my van and own 3 large dogs a saint Bernard, pitbull and a boxer pit. After all the dog food being spilled and water being spilled to the mold underneath the seats from the two mixed together with the dog hair! I've definitely got a van in worse condition than that! (Not that I'm proud of it! Quite the opposite in fact!) I'm in Tucson az can you help me?

    55. Iam Han

      This is why I never buy the used cars

    56. Axel Vegas

      You are watching this video in 2 am laying on your bed and trying to sleep

    57. Shorouq Melhem

      Wooow .. satisfying

    58. Ali S

      Why is no one talking about the shere amount of weed in that car😂

    59. ЖОРЖЕВНА Life

      Никогда никто не опускает стекла и не протирает верхушку до конца!! Никто не моет ремни безопасности! 🤦🏼‍♀️

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      Bean juice.

    61. Paul Ostavitz

      Hmmm .. Looks like someone ate too much enchiladas and had nuclear warfare in the car.... 😂 that looks worse than coffee

    62. safiye gezer

      Ben bir salağım gecenin 05.11 inde bunu izliyorum ya uyusana işte mal

      1. Veysel Ulaş

        Gecenin 3ü cok iyi gidiyo bnce :D

    63. Jamie Martinello

      There were SEVERAL farts trapped in that drivers seat.

    64. susan hawkes

      I heard myself groan with satisfaction when he extracted the seat in slow motion.

    65. Anthony Benjamin

      he rlly should start using griots

    66. antonio padilla


    67. Payton Anderson

      I wish I could clean a car as well as him🤘😂🤘

    68. OKSistah1

      I expected a stronger reaction from the owners. That car was disgusting. LOL. He made it look new again.

    69. Jessica

      The extractor was my favorite part

    70. Tekesha Jackson

      It’s fart juice

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      Minker 👎🏻

    72. Silent Autumn

      You vacum cleaner gonna need some anti biotics after all that shit 🤣

    73. Orcoman

      The coins bro... Pick up the coins 😂

    74. Dave Ellis

      Recorded horizontally:)

    75. Alexis

      the user is so fat..... as we would expect from americans...

    76. Taylor Stanton

      This should be an everyday chore growing up!

    77. Les Grossman

      This job would take a week

    78. IMDOC78

      Wow. This was so satisfying to watch. Amazing job!

    79. Роман Горелов

      Оч круто

    80. Lyndsey Rock

      Almost thought this was my car 😂 mine was not this bad.

    81. Abby Marie

      Can you imagine though getting the car back all clean and then getting food after and spilling the food right after your car just got like extreme cleaned

    82. Tommy tai

      WOW.. Extraordinary and impressive. The car went from a shit hole to brand new. 1. How long did this take you in its entirety? 2. How much would you charge for this? Thanks

    83. Jenn Kemp

      Soooo satisfying.

    84. Mike Neal

      I get why this video got so many dislikes; this could be easily cut down with out all the fluff. It gets really boring towards the end but like in an interesting way

    85. Stephanie W

      This reminds me of the tartar removal videos in car form

    86. Brenda Mitchiner

      I stumbled on it. Wow you are amazing!! You did a awesome job. Excellent work. I took my car to John L Sullivan in Roseville, Ca and they did not do half as good as you. They call themselves professionals. You could teach them a whole lot.

    87. Chelsea

      It's giving me anxiety hoping he puts the seats back in right

    88. Jay C

      The only thing that sucks. Is that car will be a mess again within a month

    89. Utilizator Necunoscut

      You're amazing, what about the music? What mixez are these?

    90. Ashe

      Ppls who’s cars look like this gross me out, don’t pick me up if your car looks like this 🤢

    91. Tomasz Skrzydłowski

      W takim syfie to każda odmiana Covid nie miała by szans na przetrwanie. Boże jak można jeździć w takim chlewie.

    92. amphetameme

      Legalize Ranch

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    94. marcotronkills69

      She smashed her feet into the carpet as soon as she hopped in

    95. Steven bonetti

      incredible!! how much did this job cost? and how long did it take?

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    97. patito Benitez


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