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    Before F1® 2021’s release, we revealed that we would be adding three circuits: Portimao, Imola, and Jeddah as free post-launch updates. Today, we release the first of these and delve into the other exciting updates arriving in the months ahead.

    Here’s a quick glance at what you can play from today, after downloading the latest update:

    ✅ Portimao available for all players
    ✅ The Aston Martin Safety Car introduced
    ✅ Car performance updated, reflecting the real-life season more closely

    Explore everything you can play today: www.ea.com/games/f1/f1-2021/g...

    Read more about Portimao: www.ea.com/en-gb/games/f1/f1-...

    Read more about the Aston Martin Safety Car and car performance: www.ea.com/en-gb/games/f1/f1-...

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    1. F1® Games From Codemasters

      Patch 1.10, which includes Portimao, the Aston Martin Safety Car, performance update and more, is now live on #F12021game on ALL PLATFORMS! Read the notes: www.ea.com/games/f1/f1-2021/news/f1-2021-patch-110-notes Explore everything you can play today: www.ea.com/games/f1/f1-2021/game-updates

      1. jarell lutkeveldhuis

        Were are the classic cars i miss them in the 2021 game

      2. Ash R

        Both of which should have been in at release 🤣 Portimao was overlooked last year and the Aston was announced months ago irl. Lmao

      3. Tobi Clarence

        @EmilioSR29 Thanks I was worried I'm getting the game by weeks end

      4. Mathieu Meinguet

        How on earth are Ferrari performances better than Mclaren ?

      5. Myboy910

        Will that mean we can run 21-23 race career modes like IRL or will it stay at 20?

    2. Yumon

      Hi Codemasters, . I really enjoy that you are adding New updates with tracks, cars perfomance, but i have a question. When you will repair online Racing? There are so much bugs, league when i Racing cant end a 50% race, beacuse the online lobby crash. The multiplayer in This game is the worst i ever seen. Please first repair multiplayer and next add New tracks.

    3. Kenia Pieroni


    4. abbsnn cose

      they fixed it in the pefrormance part

      1. abbsnn cose

        Of all the tracks that are coming out I’m most excited to see Jeddah... Just because I want to know if it’s actually going to be as terrible as we say it is.

    5. Andy Aim

      The last two weeks I’ve spent around 80 hours practice on F1 2021. The last two league 50% races were bugged to hell, we had to restart for 25% races... and those were bugged to hell... 16 drivers x two weeks practice down the drain. The debacle of PSGL leagues being shown on social media are indeed the laughing stock of the sim world. GET IT FIXED!!! I WANT A DECENT GAME I paid DECENT MONEY FOR!!!

    6. Liam Smith

      Looks like I'm waiting until Christmas to get the game then!

    7. bilishu aliss

      i give this game a 9,5/10,great updates,incredible physics,new game modes and new tracks but it can have clasic´s cars

      1. bilishu aliss

        Where İstanbul park

    8. CatWearsFedora

      Shouldn't these of just been in the base game?

    9. Radek Szafran

      December: Istanbul Park January: Losail February: Nurburgring March: Mugello April: Hockenheim May: Sepang You may say Im a dreamer, but im not the only one...

    10. The Red Styrian

      It’s awesome that we’ll be able to race in Portimao & Imola because I doubt it will happen again next years. But it’d be nice if we could get Istanbul as well. Jeddah mwoah … it doesn’t look that exciting. Kinda like Hanoi last year but hopefully it’s better. I’m not complaining tho because I know Codies are doing their best. ✊

    11. AlphaBravo_17

      Turkish 🤔

    12. bilishu aliss

      Love it guys, please include in October livery update new Mercedes steering wheel because in game we still have 2020 wheel

      1. bilishu aliss

        But the historic car?

    13. Burak Keles

      Can anyone FPS drop issue with ps4?

    14. Anton Sundin

      It's good that it's free and i suppose it's also good that they are telling people when shits coming out... but i don't really like the angle that they are doing something awesome towards the customers by releasing these tracks. Having all the tracks of the official F1 calendar in an officially licensed F1 game like this is the BARE MINIMUM, and these tracks should have been in the game on launch. I really hope that by the next game in addition to having all of the official calendar tracks in the game at launch they also have additional tracks that have been on the F1 calendar in the past but are not anymore and alternate configurations of tracks that have them available in real life.

    15. Pedro

      What about Turkey?

    16. Jochem

      Please allow us to disable ghosting in coop career

    17. Pag Pag

      Some improvement but the graphics are still very poor, need improving a lot

    18. bilishu aliss

      Fix the AI in the high speed corners then..

      1. bilishu aliss


    19. Odin

      And the new Abhu Dhabi circuit?

      1. Morfeusz

        they said that they wouldnt do it

    20. Dinand Gorter

      Spain changed turn? Azerbeidzjan changed turn?

      1. Dinand Gorter

        @Morfeusz oh, thanks for the info! But we’ll sad

      2. Morfeusz

        they said that they wouldnt do it

    21. Free4554

      Of all the tracks that are coming out I’m most excited to see Jeddah... Just because I want to know if it’s actually going to be as terrible as we say it is.

    22. BoonDockSaints

      Hey codemasters I would like to see if you would take out the complete F2 and install the classic cars season with the original driver names, thank you in advance

    23. Naim D

      Where is the turkish GP istanbul?

      1. Morfeusz

        its not going to be added

    24. Emre

      Where İstanbul park

      1. Morfeusz

        its not going to be added

    25. Dutch Trucker

      Why the f#@!k cant i find the new track anywhere huh?? Explain this

      1. Jaden Cao

        go to grand prix mode

    26. MRicsi

      Alonso realistic helmet!!! Please!

    27. seiom jvony

      I hope Imola Portimao and Jeddah be in the game 🤞🤞🤞

      1. seiom jvony

        Wow free 2021 track in the 2021 F1 game amazing

    28. Mifield

      Codemasters, is it possible to give us legendary tracks like Hockenheim and the Nürburgring? 🙂

    29. Pier_23

      But the historic car?

    30. Birkan Durak

      Turkey circuit?

      1. Morfeusz

        not going to be added

    31. O'shea Jackson

      i hope they fixed the waiting for session glitch

    32. formulafan

      Formula video + listening to the music I like (Delta Parole, Metallica and other) make me feel the speed and excitement!

      1. chelian sundaram

        What is the name of this song?

    33. EREN TABAR

      Where is Turkey

    34. Raúl Matadore

      Vienen los esport y añaden todo en fin

    35. MendZ


    36. Magicsenna

      So what? Expected to have it right away. Didnt know the Game was for free...

      1. Morfeusz

        dude every game has ''dripfeed'' just bc they didnt have enough time to do them doesnt mean that when they do it later they deserve hate

    37. Arhan Güzel


    38. Hugo van der Meulen

      Can't wait for imola and jeddah!!

    39. I G

      Why can't we get the turkish grand prix? I would like to see it make it in the game

      1. Morfeusz

        not enough time

    40. Barış Gürel

      Are you guys gonna add Turkey as well or pretend like it never happened?

      1. Morfeusz

        they said they wouldnt add it

    41. kiskit

      Can you guys make the story mode longer?

    42. Tanisha and the stylist girls

      Is there gonna be classic f1 cars,

    43. BTW_Hyperr

      all of this is cool and all butttttt, classic cars dude, where are they

    44. MontyPythonChap

      Wow free 2021 track in the 2021 F1 game amazing

    45. AMAZ3DDD

      Hanggang tingin nalang talaga ako.

    46. Matúš Dedinský

      Please Codemasters add finally Red Flag !!! It´s 2021 for god´s sake...

    47. SPR: Single Player Racing

      Press F for all the gamers who paid the EA tax and shelled out £75.00 at launch...

    48. Jonas Meijer

      I have a great idea lets do that we edit classic f1 tracks like sepang hockenheim Jerez brands hatch nurburgring en estoril

    49. 病みつき

      Now bring back the damage model you promised and maybe I'll buy another f1 game in the future

    50. doire aintu

      You better Delivery Boys and Girls ! We want stable game and private servers, desync is unbearable

      1. doire aintu

        Mugello Pleaseee

    51. Stevie G

      Lucky to get these updates, be grateful people they could have just not bothered.

    52. Zéti Mr

      yeah, what about classic cars?

    53. MegaMaisei

      So where is Turkey and Mugello?

      1. Morfeusz

        they are not going to be added (mugello was a one off)

    54. Zahin Yusri

      can you guys put Sepang Circuit as a new track

    55. BoiWhatDaHellBoi


    56. Deniz Kaya

      Add Istanbul Park

      1. Morfeusz

        not enough time for them to do them

    57. Taci Akar

      we are wait the istanbul park

      1. Morfeusz

        not going to be added

    58. Eskiden Beri

      İstanbul park??

      1. Morfeusz

        not going to be added


      Classic Car please❗️senna Mcl

    60. Sait Can Özdamar

      Turkısh grand prix ?

    61. Iqbal Satrio Nindito

      Will the abu dhabi changes reflected in the game as well?

    62. Hillzy87

      What about Hamiltons roof addition at Monza?

    63. jarell lutkeveldhuis

      Were are the classic cars i miss them 😔😔🥺🥺

    64. FightingFalcon

      AHHAHAH "Free Updates" You thought about making it not free?

    65. Alexis

      I don't own the game but is Turn 10 in Spain updated?

    66. Andrey Ushakov

      Add Turkey

    67. Luiz Júnio

      Mugello Pleaseee

    68. F1 fiend #44

      I’m waiting for them to add turkey

    69. Kelvin Tsoi

      Man I hope Bahrain outer circuit will be added, really want to race that track

    70. Mitch Rips

      Let me turn of rain in story mode, 5 races in a row its a monsoon

    71. yuoop noke

      many times you could basically get a carreer end by no one willing to sign you anymore.

      1. yuoop noke

        I thinks everyone want Turkey!

    72. Young Boy

      New circuit Australia?🧐

    73. Nicolas Argyropoulos

      We’re is turkey 🇹🇷 it’s on the F1 calendar so it should be in the game same with the TBC track.

    74. Wade Mcginnis


    75. oxexe

      still waiting istanbul park

    76. Adrian Bartholomew

      Hell yeah going to play tomorrow

    77. 施聿铭

      understeering crazy, brakes are harder, even lower back downforce, i guess related better to the reality. good updates

    78. Nick K

      Can’t wait to ride that rollercoaster... I mean portimao

    79. Nick K

      Give us the Monaco mclaren livery

    80. #GamingFun

      MUGELLO 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    81. Matteo D'Eusanio

      Istanbul track? Could it be in the game?

    82. Chips Ahoy


    83. Mevlüt Tosun

      İstanbul Park Track please 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    84. Khôi Bảo Phạm

      should add drivers' tyres management and rain driving skills for AI drivers next year

    85. HB

      Where’s Turkey

    86. Sonny Burnett

      what about sprint races?

    87. relegation 11

      All thats left is to make the game enjoyable for the casual player again :D (aka. driving physics like, i dont wanna go pro Codies i dont need so much competetiveness when playing against bots lmao, i wanna ride kerbs pls ;-; ) P.S. I didnt mean make the bots weaker the bots are rly good how they are imo, i just wanna relax when i play this game, and dont have to watch every single mm of a kerb

    88. Antonio Pio De Stefano

      I thinks everyone want Turkey!

    89. stazz316

      cant wait for imola and jeddah! portimao is awesome

    90. ahmet ozturk

      Wher is turkey gp

    91. GhostFoxIOI


    92. HilezKorra

      About time...

    93. Marco Giamblanco


    94. Saurish Sarkar

      My Career mode with Aston Martin is stuck after the 4th race. It doesn't load. Anyone with similar issue ?

    95. Tucker Eck

      We need the Miami GP Circuit

      1. Tucker Eck

        @Jaden Cao ik I'm attending when tickets come on sale bc I live a hour away

      2. Jaden Cao

        thats next year

    96. Rox Strongo

      Glad I have this game!

    97. R SM

      Put Istambul too!!!!

    98. Micalyn Moodley

      Why is F1 2020 better? Hope this doesn't occur with F1 2022

    99. hector36papu

      But where's Turkey gp??

    100. Peppered

      I wonder if these tracks will be available to be selected in existing My Team saves/ Driver saves