Should you Buy a PS5?


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    The first 4D-3K console. Put on your VR shoe to even see this graphics.
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    1. Charming nowhere to hide

      ok dunkey buy why didnt you mention bugsnax doe

    2. Colby Morris

      ......So what I'm hearing is all the new gen consoles are a garbage fire, get a computer. Don't even need to make a vid on Xbox. Their own product trailer turns you off of it. Me: Why do I need this console? Microsoft: You don't Me: any new games on the new Xbox? Microsoft: No Me: What's the difference between this and the Xbox one Microsoft: this one won't fit under your t.v. or literally anywhere else in your house that isn't awkward af. Me: How about some crazy updated controller? Microsoft: we've made the bumpers harder to press Me:😲 Me: VR? Microsoft: Kill yourself for even wanting that Me:Price? Microsoft: ....😈☻ $500 ftw. Oh ya and you won't even be able to pre order or buy once it is released unless you have a DEcameras channel or an Only Fans. We value our customers. Me: Fuck Area 51 we are raiding Microsoft. Microsoft: we sell a Xbox replica fridge tho...... Me: 😧 Lmao in all honesty tho with the new cloud server Microsoft is doing. I think a computer is the way to go now. You can play all your Xbox games, plus any new gen ones they may or may not ever release. Got your vr as well so no need to wait on Microsoft's behind the times looking ass. And if you want a ps5 you can wait till sony thinks your good enough to release them to the public. As far as I can tell it's the only one with even the tiniest incentive to buy, and that's only because of the absence of load screens, which should of been done with the 360/ps3 gen honestly lol. Idk wtf is going on with these companies but I am severely underwhelmed with both products. Maybe because I've been around since the n64 and have seen some astounding leaps with the tech. Now I just feel blue balled tbh. They kind of failed as salesmen to inform the consumers why they need this product. I still don't know what the selling points for either console are. Maybe I'm just dumb and havnt been paying attention. Maybe they have something in the works that will change my mind. Who knows. Only the future will tell.

    3. Adam

      Get the new Gamestation 256. It's slightly faster..... TO THE MAX!

    4. Omar Dersi

      mm crossing thoose hills? garnet song? Oh my gad Serious question dunkey you like ffix?

      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        Should you get a Console Short Answer: No you moron get a PC

    5. Grant Wishard

      If I love Dunkeys serious videos what else should I watch?

    6. Ashwin M

      Can you buy a ps5 is appropriate question for me

    7. Marc De La Rosa

      Yeah I would if I could

    8. jake Ryan

      "Is it possible to buy a ps5" There title fixed.....

    9. Samuel Shock

      1:30 Persona 5, MGSV: The Phantom Pain, Rayman Legends and Shovel Knight ARE on PS3.

    10. AquaticSolstice

      Big Wheel

    11. El Nieto PR

      1:37 Do you remember Dark Souls 1 for the 360/PS3? More specifically, do you remember Blighttown? There’s no way in hell any of the PS4 FromSoftware games could run on a PS3 without being heavily downgraded, or looking like Blighttown from start to finish. The rest of the games I could see running on a PS3.

    12. i-Be Me

      Better title would be: “Could you buy a PS5”

    13. Ryoshikari

      Dont sleep on Sackboi dunkey, the game is a treat even if its imprecise mechanics arent at times

    14. Debt286public

      1:29 you busted boy

    15. Flower Boy

      I can’t wait to wake up at 7am on another restock day just to barely miss the last console.

    16. faaskee

      ps5 is out Me that left since ps4 came out: I don't know you, And i don't care to know you

    17. Dan Lane

      Can the ps5 do mode 7 or blast processing or what nintendon't? Thought so. Don't get this piece of trash.

    18. Daniel Ivey

      Should you get a Console Short Answer: No you moron get a PC

    19. Zavorra 5000

      Real question is can you?

    20. October


    21. cliffbooth27

      The consoles need to die.

    22. Roberto

      "Should you buy a ps6, people have been asking me this question for years" come back to this comment after seven years and see what will happen

    23. Majid Habib Khan

      Dunkey...that FF9 music you used there dont ever change man

    24. Bibo8448

      I think you underestimate the power of the PS3... i’m pretty sure it can run ALL PS4 games.... except Knack, of course.

    25. Chris M

      Na I'm patient, I'm just waiting until the price drops, gets upgraded and for a limited edition PS5. I am in no rush to get one and I feel bad for the people who wasted a lot of money now smh...

    26. 3x3c0t3

      answer is: no

    27. Fatal Bert

      You should buy one. The real question is, "Can you?". I am convinced sony created like 20 Ps5s and scalpers bought all of them.

    28. daniel cardona

      Comparing 1080p and 4k.. Me: watching video in 144p

    29. Eric Cartman

      Ahh I’m I already bought it

    30. WulfCry

      Graphics , 4k , 8k meh , its about how much animation can be done still in those resolutions , How much dust , wind , npc , clouds, light, weather change and what not how much can it output . Graphics are fenomenal nuff said about that.

    31. SaltedCuredBovineSticks LLC

      I even looked at the channel name and I still clicked on this thinking it would be a completely serious review.

    32. googlewolly

      2:25 Pretty sure that the PlayStation 5's GPU does not have that many teraflops.

    33. gaming

      Persona 5 quite literally runs on a ps3

      1. xvc918x

        persona 5 even runs on a ps3 emulator better.

    34. Sir Dankleberry

      Let's be honest what idiot would buy a Xbox nowadays? You can just play their games on PC.

      1. Sir Dankleberry

        @Gubbins Yeah but I don't have to worry about backwards compatibility when I can just install an emulator.

      2. Gubbins

        @Sir Dankleberry ok? Still 1000 dollars, twice as much as next gen consoles

      3. Sir Dankleberry

        @Gubbins Dude keyboards aren't that expensive and you can get old, cheap mouse's. My keyboards only like $10.

      4. Gubbins

        @Sir Dankleberry well you need about 1000 dollars for a decent pc, and you still need a keyboard, mouse, mouse pad

      5. Sir Dankleberry

        @Gubbins You don't need to spend thousands for a decent gaming rig. When you're paying thousands you're expecting an absolute monster of a machine that shits over anything consoles can do and future proofing for the next 5+ years. Ah $3600 well spent.

    35. experience jimi hendrix

      Any 10 year old ps owner: eXclUsiVes ExClUsiVeS EXclUsiVes.

      1. Gubbins

        Very true, they act like exclusives are the only games that exist

    36. Joe Ford

      Lost my shit when I heard the Lunar theme. We need another Lunar!

    37. VRV

      I don't really have a choice

    38. J[anna]

      Finally, someone who just cuts the crap and gets straight to the point about how they honestly feel about something.

    39. Dingus the Bingus

      Yo I just gotta say, if Dunkey doesn't name his Cyberpunk review "Cyberdunk 2077" we riot.

    40. Orion

      Should you baaa, a PS faaaav?

    41. That Dude Senna

      Have a ps5, no problems at all best console ever dudes

    42. drewbabe

      the raw power isn't going to make games look better but it will improve framerates. 60fps should be a given at this point and the fact that nintendo's putting out games that struggle to hit even 24fps consistently is just pathetic. hopefully ps5 games will eventually all be 60fps minimum but we'll see.

    43. jarowskis

      Dude idk what are you talking about, leap from ps2 to ps3 is huge and so is leap from ps3 to ps4.

    44. 1389

      Of corse, best exclusives since PS1 and thats coming from a dude who is more PC than console

    45. L.B. Softy

      get it when it gets slim

    46. Phil Bray

      How am I supposed to see the difference between 1080p and 4k on my 1080p smartphone

    47. Xavier Tyack

      If only you could play as big wheel

    48. Metalllians86

      imagine mgs 3...ON PS5 !!!!!!

    49. didjargo

      I'll get a PS5 eventually, once that must have exclusive title comes out that is worth buying a console for. By then I could probably walk into Walmart and buy a PS5 off the shelf no problem.

    50. Neville Hirschfeld

      Can you buy a PS5? That is the question.

    51. Lyle McDermott

      Buy it so you can enjoy The last of us 2 in all its glory.

    52. Taz Bitter

      I really enjoyed this video it deserved all the success it had.

    53. back up doughboi

      Wow no joes diner i think im just gonna go back to the nintendo 64

    54. Jared Lane

      The jump between console graphics isn't what impresses me. It's the contrast between what's possible by the end of each console generation when game developers have maxed out the potential of the current hardware and need to move onto something more advanced. My man you can't tell me that the jump between Shadow of the Colossus and The Last of Us isn't crazy, or that the jump between GTA5 and red dead 2 isn't nuts.

    55. vanzyl 0x45

      1:35 just a reminder the ps3 had about 512 mb of ram and the equivalent of a nvidia g70

    56. Devin M. Luna W.

      I was actually getting really interested in the video, and then it ended..

    57. Action Jackson


    58. Look

      Dunkey your writing sucks now...WTF happened

    59. Nowhere Man

      I mean Persona 5 does have ps3 version XD

    60. okiedouk

      Astros playroom you ain't Ape Escape cuzz!

    61. Adraino

      So who are the 5 people he recommended it to?

    62. M E M E M E M E

      The title should be "Can you buy a PS5?

    63. Wrizzcoo

      Should you buy a PS5? ME:NO BECAUSE IM POOR LOL

    64. Torva

      ngl, this gens launch titles are really disappointing. Literally no new games launched and I completely forgot about the consoles existing. They launched and I only knew about them because 2 days later a coworker got one lol

    65. Carl

      1:29 LOL

    66. TheMadhatter2561

      Thank you for using FF iX soundtrack for this video. It means a lot.

    67. Joshua Daves

      Better question is "Can you buy a PS5?"

    68. N Marrs

      Not yet. I’m not buying this till it’s way cheaper

    69. Uncle Joe

      Nope get a Xbox

    70. Factorial 0

      Can you buy a ps5?

    71. John Friedrich

      fucking piece of shit exclusive games for like real, gaming cumminity getting mad at EA for a 10 dollars DLC but noone gives a shit about a 700 dollars game (ps5, +game+ tv if you dont have one) really gaming community? Some ppl even recommend buying a ps5 just for the Demon Souls, amazing xd

    72. Mr Guy

      You didn’t even mention that you can play knack

    73. simunator

      I'm still laughing in pc

    74. J W

      COULD you buy a PS5?

    75. Shaheer Khan

      FF9 music. Nice

    76. ProAssassin84

      Demon's Souls isn't running on PS4.

    77. Milk Chocolate

      Shouldve been called "Can you Buy a PS5"

    78. iRapplexD

      Change the title to: How can you Buy a PS5?

    79. Sahir

      Yeah I’d get it for the exaggerated swagger aspect

    80. Berke Can Bal

      I don't think i can buy while my government says ''buy two more for me''

    81. PhoenixTV

      The more important question is 'is it possible to buy the PS5?'

    82. Hendrik Steinhof

      So should i buy one or not? Didnt answer the question for me. Maybe i need to read between the lines. 1/5

    83. kilroy987

      CAN you buy a PS5. Fixed it for you.

    84. The King of Antarctica

      I was actually surprised by how genuine this video was. Like, I was expecting an ironic video with a bunch of jokes but this is like an actual review.

    85. KnightMareFuel1

      The dislikes are the xbox players that are upset that they cant play bugsnax

      1. Gubbins

        Haven’t heard that one before

    86. Trash Raccoon

      gonna say it here to annoy people Last of us 2 was a boree

    87. 515 Red Spark

      ps3 is good 2021

    88. shin paws

      FF IX chocobo soundtrac = insta sub

    89. Sidd Qlo

      6:26 just to say NO

    90. Jortiz

      I think the ps4 still has a lot left to give.

    91. ding dong

      Wiggler at 5:16

    92. LooTahoOta

      short answer: yes long answer: don't buy an xbox

    93. Thibault Delannay

      Demon's Souls Remake is the only game worth buying the PS5 for.

      1. Gubbins

        Yeah but why though because it’s on ps3

    94. Kuddy Jay

      I'm just here to scroll through the comments and eat popcorn at this point

    95. Fake Slim Shady

      Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a playstation 5, as sony actually only made 14 of them.

    96. Mardusflame

      If you could play every single Playstation's games on the PS5 then that would be the first Playstation console I would buy since the PS2.

    97. Sander

      Short answer: Yes, buy it if you can

    98. liora azran

      The question isn't if I should, it's if I can buy one.

    99. BoyurBee Gaming

      I never understood why people would buy these expensive consoles just to make a video of them destroying it. I’m like you idiot, you wasted your money not mine. Eating burgers and fries off your PS5 or running over your new Xbox with your car doesn’t bother me. It’s just funny seeing someone waste money for the views, nobody cares that you are rich and dumb.