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    Our Brabus documentary accompanies the complex tuning process of a Mercedes G and Mercedes S class. In the Brabus main plant in Bottrop Germany, all Daimler vehicles have been spruced up according to customer requirements for more than 50 years. Around 450 employees tune current Mercedes models and breathe new life into iconic classic cars from the 1960s and 1970s. The business with individual cars is international - around 90 percent of the vehicles that are produced here are exported.
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    1. WELT Documentary

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      1. Maryorie Rios

        @Kentin B De x's

      2. Sundar C-G

        Those classics 😍

      3. maya sato

        sorry but brabus cars are now shit 4:58 "the look and sound is nicer" but it not faster ..... brabus of this year is shiet.. poserssssss. AMG is better

      4. Amanpal Singh

        @Kentin B =rèee=erèère÷è

      5. Amanpal Singh

        @Kentin B e

    2. its_topguN twitchtv

      Look VolksWagen. Thats how you make a car

    3. Sara Silva

      gibt das Video auch auf Deutsch?

    4. Fred Ronquillo

      I want human leather cover for my car seat

    5. Buzzardmusic

      Немцы точно чекнутые

    6. Gnzlz

      I wonder what brabus paid for this

    7. Daniel Deschamps

      Attention to detail yet we use a "Soft Brush" to clean, LOL Nice!

    8. Jay Frank

      The documentary I longed for found it way to me...DEcameras's Algorithm is the real MVP

    9. Pman D

      I took a tour here and I bought one cash 💰

    10. Yanis Hommet

      11:57 isn’t this the G class that John Olson had for a while?!


      This video sponsored by the Russian mafia

    12. ghost rider

      How many customers are from the former soviet union ?

    13. Liam Smith

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    14. GabyKatut Plays

      You imagine that girl ruin the weight writing on piston? 🤣😂🤣

    15. KVEEZY

      I love how the narrator says the upgrades double the value of the vehicle lol no such thing

    16. KVEEZY

      Wow can’t believe they washed the cars with the rollers lol

    17. Sky music

      Most of these expensive car owners are assholes

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      5:20 no , thats not how it works unless you mean you will get extra 7 k from a stupid guy 😁


      new base vehicles are brought here everyday (maybach) 🤣🤣🤣

    21. 刺向黑暗的微光

      Great Video! An Australian Benz’ owner!

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    26. Manly Black

      Did they just wash 200k+ cars with an automatic swirl machine?

    27. Karim Mohamed


    28. Powerful Cornelius

      This was so wonderful to watch. To get a behind-the-scenes look at Brabus and the process they take to customize each vehicle is amazing. I have always been a fan of their cars, but now I love them even more.

    29. W Sefardicus

      Superb craftsmanship!

    30. Vlad Lagun

      Hi, Los Angeles

    31. H DHIL

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      5. Ryan Barnnett

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    37. Mohammad Azhar

      I feel instead they of bore out the cylinder block, Brabus should make its own version of billet Block with thicker walls. These engines would even wear out over time if you bore out the cylinder walls, risks of removing silicone crystals is high, the piston rings would wear out rubbing against exposed aluminum surface of the block, thus getting jammed in the cylinder walls. Other than that, well done job 👌

    38. Michael Koo

      So fucking dramatic lol. Like any mechanic couldn't mount or replace brake calipers. Life and death! Gimme a break

    39. J Rio

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    40. Nasta Papina

      Лучший в мире

    41. sonof amun

      spend half a mil on tunes up just to go 55 miles per hour in New york or get chased down by your local patrol

    42. Sum Lyna

      dear sir oh my good ! it looks so nice of your inspection system, and it would be great if you could come to invest in Cambodia , Cambodia the king dome of your way to set up these . thks

    43. Hi

      The Brabus G class might as well be called the Mafia class

    44. Fit Potato

      I can't even pay attention to this video, let alone spending thousands on a custom car.

    45. vishesh patel

      Why not ask Merc to send the 3D model of new car ? ( surely they would have made one ) Why u have to scan it ?

    46. jean jean

      mafia car

    47. Andrew Mack

      he didn't bother lining up the valve mark on that tyre?

      1. oilhaze

        That technician DGAF, not to mention that was a Japanese Yokohama tire so it’s trash anyway. 🗑 😂

    48. Jrbr 549

      Anyone who asks for that color interior doesn't deserve that car.

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      This fuckin outfit is havin a fuckin laugh. A fool and his money is easily parted.

    51. Kubatbek Muktarbek uulu

      useless and shameful expensive cars

    52. ThinkingBetter

      Some day in a not so far future..."Dad, what is a gas engine?"..."Son, when I was younger we drove cars using gasoline as fuel and the engine was called a gas engine".

    53. Na Eb

      İn Germany there is no limit

    54. Jorge Pontes

      Where's brabus factory in Germany? I'm going to shop for a toy like this ones here ...

    55. joeboygo

      I believe the same pace applied in the manufacture of panzers in ww2.

    56. GenRock!

      The only upgrade i want for that car is a reliability upgrade, they suppose to take your car for a couple of hours and return with a honda accord .

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    59. 50LOT

      That's an insane and unrealistic process. How they take OEM brand new car from MB and take it off as it wasn't even built. Why they don't get a car with no exhaust, no wheels, no brake, block engine only not full eng, no bumpers, no logo, no accessories. This will reduce 35% or more of how much Brabus pays for MB to get the car and this will reduce how much Brabus sell their car aftermath. SMH 50 years and they have been doing the same mistakes.

    60. michael fox

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    61. Addo Thomas

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    62. Danny Boy

      The employees turkis and the sheef German 😃.Normal !

    63. Kanna Sai

      Lessons learnt: I am poor...!!

    64. Clint S


    65. Najim begum

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    66. Najim begum

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    67. Olly Bonhomme

      So your telling me 1 tyre is almost worth the same amount as the v12 engine block 😂

    68. Olly Bonhomme

      How does these mods make it worth millions cuz it’s brabus fuck off ay

    69. Aebal Christy

      Absolutely amazing💥

    70. Nash

      Why not super chargers instead of turbo chargers ? .... You are already charging mammoth amount in customization :-)

    71. Tranquility Base

      I want to do a tuning upgrade to my 2016 Sprinter, but I live in California. Maybe if I move and register in Nevada? :) Need more horsepower and need to ignore the stupid diesel lawsuit.

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    73. Javi Calzada

      Watching this makes want a Mercedes brabus

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    75. kristo

      This documentary also makes you wonder why AMG doesn't make the same engine refinements to their own cars?!? I would love to see a follow-up episode, with performance tweaks to the Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 (BEV)!

    76. Trubshaw2

      Something must be lost in the translation here. Loads of silly comments. For instance a tolerance of 0.0 makes no sense whatsoever. The guy fitting the brake calipers saying that things must be accurate - even and area of one or 2 mm is too much! With breaks a few microns error is too much! The casting of the plastic components in silicon moulds seems overly complicated why bother making them in black when you’re going to spray them anyway. I presume when they talk about under pressure they’re talking about a vacuum which would be an easier way of explaining it to people . The GOM scanning description was not good. With regards to machining the V 12 block they say the machining centre is measuring it within 1000th of a millimetre. Really??The assembly and sorting of the conrods and pistons seems archaic. In aerospace each component would be weighed and The data should be entered into a computer which would then work out which piston would go with which conrod and which position on the crankshaft would be best. I was surprised that this did not happen. I would also expect for this amount of money to have had the whole assembly dynamically balanced prior to putting the assembly into the block! There is no mention here about the handling on the G 63 anyone who has driven a standard G 63 will notice that they are absolutely bloody awful and almost on driveable compared with a range Rover the torque steer is ridiculous. My son used to run the Mercedes dealership and one guy brought his G wagon back after two weeks and just said it was ridiculously undrivable. What do Brabus do about that no mention in this video? Also Mercedes must spend hours upon hours of aerodynamic testing of the original bodywork get brothers seem to just add on pieces to (improve? ) The aesthetic’s of the vehicle.There doesn’t seem to be any tunnel testing down to see how the different geometries affect stability. This company wouldn’t last five minutes in aerospace but I guess it’s good enough for footballers cars!

    77. carlos c

      I bet a Toyota lc70 will last longer and still looks better


      I'm still not reliable like lexus

    79. Wesley

      Hmm, wonder what they do with the swapped out parts

    80. hgfds hgds


    81. Berfs1

      Yeah uh, just commenting on the details. NEVER USE A CURVED MONITOR FOR THIS KIND OF WORK, BRABUS!!!!

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    84. Ahmed Adel Sorour

      Seeing a maybach in a car wash hurts me 😫

    85. Simon Assouline

      All these modifications and upgrades in performance, are so minimal! The costs outweighs the function, in input and output! I was a Master ASE Certified Technician for Toyota for 13 years, plus 12 years independent! I should know, people with more money than brains fit the scenario 100 percent!

      1. Pat Haskell

        I think you’re just envious that this isn’t your business.

    86. Focon Atlas

      Wassimus Brabus hhh

    87. Cheat Chan BoTh Cheat Chan BoTh

      Good Germany 🇩🇪 👍💪

    88. carlo huerta

      no no no These cars should be washed by hand omg nononono nooooooooooooo

    89. Joe Rocket1979

      Overpriced, overrated junk.give me a l.s and turbo over that unreliable crap any day.

    90. ambitionsskyyyy

      Whoever reads this comment I hope you’re healthy and happy. Lockdown is driving me mad

    91. Damian 126p

      A ten i tego ja od ka kameralnie xD

    92. Wesley Bundy

      I love watching this video/ BRABUS is an amazing Company

    93. Dominik Lehocký


    94. Farewell_ To_Normalcy

      44:58 homeboy shining up the wheels for dirt, grime, and you know.....fingerprints Then proceeds to touch the wheel like a savage 2 year old

    95. Dim Kopte

      Washing a maybach in a washing machine?

    96. MBG-TECH

      So car companies making cars that go 300 km/h are awasome and cool ? The cars MUST go so fast ? Thousands of people die in car accidents becausr of these speeds.Dear car companies,think about this.

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    99. teniba hasni

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    100. Ozan Karatas

      what a waste of time, effort and money