What Killed MySpace? (It Wasn't Facebook)


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    A lot of people think that Facebook ended MySpace but in reality, this isn't the case. In this video we'll go back to the 2000's to find out what really ended MySpace.
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    1. ColdFusion

      My equally interesting video about Facebook: decameras.info/block/pWx7jZOJhLazaZM/video.html

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      2. pastichka

        @Chuck Hubris I disagree. MySpace's chaos is pretty much comparable to today's meme culture in terms of aesthetics. MySpace grew despite customisation options and I'm sure if things were different, there would have been ready to use html skins somewhere along the way, with people just implementing a designer solution. It's all just an unfortunate line of events, the MySpace story.

      3. pastichka

        And what about xanga?

      4. Random

        I like how videos about fraud are from channel ColdFusion

      5. Sid Leonard

        Hi CF, my name is Sid. I like your videos. I'm interested in doing my own content of similar style. I've studied your work and others like you. If you have any advice you could share I'd greatly and humbly appreciate it. Thanks for your content and keep up the dope work. 🤙🏾

    2. Juan Garcia

      MySpace I loved it because it got me so much play and it was customizing my page after MySpace I never really bounced back on the social media game

    3. Lungshenli

      F in the chat for Myspace for taking the NSFW bullet for the rest of the platforms. No F for Tumblr who decided to shoot themselves in the foot anyways.

    4. Chris C

      Those were the good days. I miss myspace...

    5. Miral Abualjadail

      It needs a come back!

    6. Shawn Faust

      Yeah, actually, it was Facebook.

    7. Rusty Pickup

      What happened to bebo?

    8. Julius Thompson

      Who else was just super content with the AIM days logging on / off / putting up an away message

    9. shintot

      Facebook rise becouse of the farmville ahahah i make my acount fb becouse of farmville

    10. shintot

      Friendster it makes u lag

    11. shintot

      Face book kelling itself t0

    12. Kaiser

      Myspace sealed their own coffin when they got rid of the old customizable page layout. I find the new layout confusing and it is missing the aesthetics of the old customized profiles. I know I am not the only one who stopped using it since the new layout. I still have my account but every now an then when I visit It just is not the same as it one was.

    13. Chilly

      Holy shit that is my high school !! BIRMINGHAM CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL!!!!

    14. Chris Capehart

      Myspace was soooo much better then facebook especially back when facebook was first out Myspace you could totally customize yer profile page just about how ever you wanted

    15. ray adorno

      MySpace is still up its just not an app and it looks different

    16. Neferi Waenre

      The thing about Myspace was, it was the single social media platform that allowed absolute html customisation so that you could truly make your profile *yours.* To this day, twitter or facebook, or even insta won't give you this freedom of self expression. Your just one of those blue boxes or egg pics and all you can do it add a header+dp like that's ALL? Miss Myspace.

    17. Ken Royall

      A guy who wrote his site in Cold Fusion trashing .Net is like shit criticizing piss.

    18. Ben Keysor

      No mention of MyYearbook? How Rude.. lol I was on there between MySpace and Facebook as were many of my friends but we all eventually ended up on Facebook & I've had my account there since 2008. The crazy thing is FB is having all the same problems now and many more that MySpace was starting to have simply because they can't control spam and fake accounts plus you have the problem of people sending photos to women of things they don't want to see. Then you also have the worst problem with ads now which are extremely annoying.

    19. Sabrina Rosario

      “Facebook was seen as safer” LOL.

    20. Jayesh Tambe

      Ohh.. years later, Rupert Murdoch tried to pass a law to get paid for content generation by Facebook and google in Australia. News from Feb 2021. While at the same time, they bought MySpace for the same idea that someone else would generate content and invite viewers through MySpace. What kind of cyclic perverseness are we humans living?

    21. Aden Hassan

      add me too your myspace 8lista plz

    22. Thommy Sides

      Myspace had more freedom for the users. Facebook is fast becoming a very controlled place and it's not fun anymore. I hope they come up with something else, that put's free speech as it's number one concern!

    23. Graceology

      You can put Muisc, On your page and pictures

    24. John Smith

      Emos still sucks!

    25. jeevil

      Just use myspace.windows93.net idiot 🙄

    26. Bryan Pascual

      Technology is good for job automation and long distance communication. But nothing will replace F2F interaction.

    27. The MEYTI

      5:12 hey look it's Big head from pied piper

    28. bald guy

      Bebo was king

    29. Crimson Pride

      Can't wait until Fakebook meets the same fate!

    30. Gerard Ligonde

      The wrathful cancer grossly rush because meeting comprehensively gaze beyond a careless rutabaga. psychotic, defiant gander

    31. Patrick Madla

      I grew up using Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Right now I'm using Reddit and visiting 4 Chan. I'm here to learn about the recent things that came before us.

    32. Video Blend

      FACEBOOK ARE FOR LOSERS! #facebookis4losers

    33. Video Blend

      Those people switching to Facebook from myspace, are now living with regret!

    34. dick stab

      murdoc started to restrict information and we said fake news now facebook does the same. by by face book. hell telegram gab and parler.

    35. Wrighteous

      I think of Tumblr as being pretty similar to MySpace. You could customize your page (right down to the HTML code) and lots of people also had music on their pages. Yes it was more focused on blogging than social networking, but still similar. Also similar in that it was huge for a few years and then died. Not much left of it now, as people shifted to the (terrible) app and off of their laptops and desktops, there was no need to create your own page anymore.

    36. Bismillah Wesley

      My play list on there use to ppl on page for hours

    37. K S

      Holy shit I forgot about Friendster

    38. Lorena Jaimes

      8:43 Talk about being creepy 😳

    39. WI-FI NEŞESİ

      So technically what killed myspace?

    40. Ben Wong

      Didn't have mySpace. And probably the worst decision of the decade, join FB in 2011.

    41. Mario Villegas

      Myspace was way better, but the issues with copyrights F them up, same is happening with Facebook.

    42. Green Envy

      This has the 2000's feeling like the 90's.

    43. Mit Yelsob

      I had a myspace account and thought it was kind of stupid but I also thought the same thing of facebook.

    44. Duane Locsin

      Communications and social/political discourse is literally owned by corporations and their platforms - CNN, Fox News, Twitter, Facebook etc... Support a proposal for a News Media Public and public forums - tv, print, radio and IoT that is a public utility. Funded by tax dollars therefore accountable to the people and freedom > profit$

    45. Mike D

      MySpace's downfall was that some people started leaving, which in turn caused more people to leave, and so on creating a chain reaction. All it takes is a small percentage of people to leave and the whole thing starts to unravel. Think about it, the main reason why use social media is because everybody else uses it; if people stop using it more people will stop using it. All social media companies will likely fall in the same way as new ones take their place.

    46. Leandro Salazar

      Facebook more like dumbbook oh my gosh because you need to explain this it's all because they don't want me to post comments and want me to idiots are doing that to me you know why Facebook or dumb I hope Myspace was back

    47. Leandro Salazar

      I miss my space i hate Facebook

    48. REACH

      I just realized Tom has the same name as Neo from the matrix.

    49. usa kira

      Really surprise Company Man hasn't done this topic

    50. Khaled Soliman

      The blushing boat demographically chop because peace advisably allow midst a average probation. berserk, romantic india

    51. Marshmallow Cello

      I wonder what these people who were interviewed are doing now. At least one has to be a heroine addict by now.

    52. Davinia

      We are still in the 2000s, for at least 989 more years. And Napster was long dead before MySpace.

    53. lazzer408

      It wasn't Facebook.... Ok it was Facebook.

    54. Aoitori365

      If they had bought facebook and run it into the ground then we wouldn't have boomers and karens on the internet

    55. NJ Hawksworth

      Rupert Murdoch destroys everything. Everything he is associated with is filthy, fake and awful.

    56. Side Quest: YEET

      my 16kbps dialup stopped being able to load Myspace, as they would do more and more updates. that's why I switched to Facebook. It had a much simpler design. I now, with 100mbps fiber, use neither. Facebook actually has trouble loading, it's gotten too heavy. 1080p videos load faster than the homepage of FB.

    57. Welcome Solutions

      Amazing material! Answers the question I've had for years. Anyone who would get ColdFusion on the Advisory Board, would succeed in business :)

    58. Jeff Davis

      I LOVED how MySpace didn't censor content and pre-rig elections..

    59. Shinobu Tezuka

      Tom never spied on us.

    60. tony shumway

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    61. Jonathan Gonzales

      They need to bring it back Facebook sucks lol

    62. John Smith

      It didn't help that bored parents decided to be afraid of the internet.

    63. Jago Ag

      Myspace was designed for lowlife teenagers! pure garbage people in there!

    64. Babayega

      MYSPACE was awesome when it first started. I loved the fact that you could personalize your page to exactly how you wanted and make everything custom. However that feature that made it so awesome was also it's downfall to me as to why I stopped using it. See, the pages started getting so over the top over designed that the pages would take forever to load because of all the flash bits and parts. I hated Facebook well it first came out because it was so boring compared to MYSPACE. I remember my company signed up Facebook as a customer both in The Bay Area, as well as their Los Angeles office located just on the border of Venice on Abbott Kinney. Scs I remember our contact at Facebook was begging us to have all our staff to join Facebook so they could raise their membership numbers. And if course we did have all our staff sign up for Facebook because our contact to do facilities work for them red a very lucrative contract and we definitely wanted to keep our customer happy. But as mentioned earlier, at First Myspace was way cooler than Facebook because of it's visual superiority. However over time Myspace became so slow and hard to lost because of the offer engineered pages that I just deleted my account and such only with Facebook. With simplicity being the next important reason for myself to choose a single social networking site, of course later on Facebook became what Myspace had become. So many ads and ad-ons that now Facebook never incredibly hard to load so that's when I made my full transition to Instagram and after some time off inactivity on Facebook I just ended up deleting my entire Facebook Account. And NOW lately I've noticed that Instagram is also beginning a shitty social networking site. Too many unnecessary sponsored posts and ads. It was nice when it was just pictures and at most a 15 second video. But with the addition of "Stories", "IGTV", "Reels" (which is hitting different than the normal 15 to 30 second videos to be BTW. The only didn't thing I see is it cuts off the videos on the borders forcing you to open them post in yet either window and then closing it again.) With all that said in a comment so long that no one will probably end up reading in its entirety, now I'm searching again for a simple, easy to use networking site that is not as loaded as IG, and not as boring as Linkedin. Any suggestions??? 😂😂

    65. Johnny Pants

      Social media is gay

    66. Dr Sauce

      I miss it bruh and the old Facebook where it was just people posting pics and status updates,..... Now it's just mfs sharing bullshit quotes and videos and news stories its bout lame af

    67. no

      I miss myspace mobsters.

    68. SanraS Uzumaki

      It's not about making it first or last, it's about making it at all.

    69. Christian Cee

      Wait what? Zuckerberg was going to sell Facebook to MySpace for 75 million?? Only 75 million? That's insane.

    70. Mind Power Hub

      Cold Fusion Tv on youtube 2020: "The Rise and fall of myspace.." Cold Fusion Tv on Myspace 2022: "How Myspace Ass Whooped Facebook and youtube?"

    71. vincentnnyc

      i can't wait for the new video: 2031 - the downfall of facebook.

    72. vincentnnyc

      before myspace, there was friendster...anyone remember that?

    73. Rosetta J. Padilla

      If someone brought old myspace back, it would still beat Facebook. People love to be able to customize, you really cant do anything but post on Facebook.

    74. Sahil Bawa

      10:15: loss? No no… negative profits

    75. Dumm Myth

      For me it was the ads, so much ads I couldn’t even see where to log in anymore...

    76. Sarod Johnson

      I’ll tell you what killed MySpace! And I don’t care what no one else has to say, Because I was on MYSPACE AS an Artist. What killed it was RACIST THEY WERE MAD ABOUT THE HIP HOP COMMUNITY, They WOULD COME INTO THE HIP HOP ROOMS SPAMMING THEM, THEY WOULD HACK PEOPLES ACCOUNTS, THEY WERE OPENLY RACIST ON MYSPACE. I EVEN BECAME SOMEWHAT OF A FRIEND TO A RACIST, WHO WAS OPEN WITH ME ABOUT WHAT HE WAS DOING, SO ID TRY TO WARN BLACKS/SPECIFICALLY FEMALES NOT TO GIVE HIM THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS, THEY DIDNT BELIEVE ME WHEN I TOLD THEM HES RACIST, All I WOULD SAY IS -ASK HIM, THEY WERE HACKED! So THE HIP HOP COMIMUNITY- Some of us, Gave them a taste of their own medicine, we went in their rooms and spammed them, we talked shot to them, make anyone of them the victim of verbal assault, because all it took for them to be insulting was BLACK SKIN, All you had to do was scroll and see the Racism . SO MYSPACE ENDED THE CHATS/CHATROOMS AND WHEN THEY DID THAT! THEY ENDED MYSPACE.

    77. Jose Reyes

      I met my wife on MySpace 😂

    78. Maxyshadow

      What a brilliant video thanks. I always wanted to know what happened and why. I'm old so missed MySpace and landed on FB.

    79. secureteam10 TV

      This hits hard 😪

    80. msmuniz23

      I used to like always changing my background and my music playlist that automatically played when someone clicked on my account

    81. Matt Coombes

      my myspace page slapped. im glad my old friend Tom made enough money to retire.

    82. little timmy

      I iust signed up to myspace today. 🤣 It's filled with scammers and links of girls.

    83. Lardo Williamson

      5:27 Seems like a "mirror pic holding up the peace sign with the duck lips" scene girl. LMFAO

    84. TokenBlkGuy

      I am thinking about bringing it back. Just with a new name. I wonder will people even use it now that we have Facebook and Instagram

    85. George James

      Uhhhh, DotNet is great, I do not believe the underlying programming language matters when it comes to developing applications. How much technical debt your company has on their codebase is what really determines how quickly and easily products get shipped, and this is not a function of the programming language

    86. STP STP

      MySpace was definitely better. face book is gay always has been

      1. Willowdustie

        @STP STP i accept your apology :]

      2. STP STP

        @Willowdustie i apologize

      3. Willowdustie

        Please don't use gay as an insult

    87. Gary Stillwell

      Myspace was way better back then than facebook is today.

    88. Akim Tu

      MySpace was soooo nice...I realy like it

    89. Ethan Montgomery

      Hi I’m bored I’m gonna move onto another site

    90. Michael Holland

      MySpace was hard to use vs facebook. Just chatting and sharing with friends was a hassle compared to FB or Bebo. Plus all the spam it wasnt great.

    91. LK S

      *No social media site is worth our time. Better spend time with family and real friends. Stop chasing nanoseconds shelf life.*

    92. LK S

      *Facebook created thousands of fake ids to spam myspace users. Rest is history.*

    93. Paul Romero

      Still looking for a FB replacement!! Meanwhile I will be deleting FB!!!!!

    94. J B

      Wetspot is quickly becoming bigger than Tinder

    95. trapxsoul

      I remember being in middle school and 9th grade on MySpace and when I logged in, I saw that cute girl from school is online and I got that jolt of hype like hell yeah gotta message that shorty real quick!

    96. Local Critic

      When I was incarcerated there was MySpace. When I got released there was Facebook, iPhones and Obama.

    97. Zachery James

      MySpace was so much better than Facebook. Screw Facebook man. I spent wayyyy more time on MySpace than I ever did on Facebook. talk about nostalgia..

    98. Robert Ramirez

      Well having Facebook pre loaded on all of the first smartphones didn't hurt Zucks chances at growing his brand now did it?

    99. Copy Right

      Myspace killed myspace. As an ex user I got so tired of their update that were getting more and more confusing.

    100. B.M.

      I just visited myspace and on the front page there were some articles with 10-20 views. And they had around 10 comments each...and all of them were from the scam bots. I doubt that even 10 real people visit this website nowadays. That's really sad... Facebook, however, also became huge lagging mess, with broken features and lots of advertisement. And sadly I have to use it because of pages I follow. The cycle repeats - so I hope there will be another social network with clean and fast interfece...and which will be eventually claimed by a giant and become another pile of advertisement junk. Until next time :D