Prosecutor Sends Innocent Black Man To Jail, Lives To Regret It | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann

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    00:00 Prosecutor Sends Innocent Black Man To Jail
    09:53 Dhars Outro
    10:16 Recommended Video To Watch Next

    Writer: Dhar Mann, Kat Davila
    Idea: Michelle Do, Dhar Mann
    Director: Ruben Ortiz
    Editor: Grant Swanson
    Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
    Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller
    Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Byrrh Bryant
    Sound: Noel Palacios
    Judge - Sherwin Arae
    Prosectutor - Marc Nally
    Assistant - Colin Borden
    Robert - Melvin Ward
    Defense Attorney - James Troup
    Attorney - Anthony Soto
    Mom - Riki Westmoreland
    Daughter - Kiarra Beasley
    Bailiff - Jonathan Wesley Booker
    Court Spectator 1 - Recca Morgan
    Court Spectator 2 - Kenn Schmidt
    Court Spectator 3 - Sonja Inge
    Court Spectator 4 - Will Dunbar
    News Reporter - Shana May Jackson
    Bystander 1 - Maggie Gagliardi
    Bystander 2 - Joshua Harley Mcknight

    #LiveYourBestLife #Inspirational

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    1. Dhar Mann

      Hello #DharMannFam, did you know you can text me at 213-212-4550 or click this link and I’ll add you to my texting fam for daily inspirational messages! Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here:

      1. Alexander Mucha

        WASNT this real and wasn’t this on Netflix

      2. Shilpa Gupta


      3. SuperGabe


      4. Carley Murphy

        Hi dear Mann

      5. Sniperz Play YT

        When he said "people like him are just the same just a bunch of criminals" it was kinda racist

    2. Snobby Bros

      I know this is acting but frick him man to the Electric chair he goes for messing with crime

    3. vic bandejo

      i cried :(

    4. Viktor Ivanov

      the guy that tried to get him out but that karen man won't let him is like in every video

    5. Yau Chou

      They’re acting like if he rips the pieces of paper he can’t just print it again.

    6. Max TheDinoChild

      This is how you go to jail sir

    7. Rodson Atus

      that made me cry

    8. Muna adel princess


    9. Chase Allen

      That man 100% got what he deserved

    10. Edschel Chang

      Plot twist: Mr. Graham was the murderer and wanted to frame Robert

    11. Tiny Cacodemon

      I saw racial discrimination Or something else Forgot Is it racial profiling Or are they the same

    12. Deltha Blankenship

      U shoud never jige a book bu is cover

    13. Rameen Ahmad

      Done ✓✓

    14. Yessenia Rodriguez


    15. Dominador Jacinto

      So sad 😞

    16. Kristen Delver

      Why is that guy even working there like come on why him

    17. Moonlight Saver


    18. Fire boy Gg


    19. Anna Vielee

      I cried so much when the kid was crying because I know what this feels like when I was 7 my dad got framed

    20. Tiffany Carroll

      Racist people like this make me so mad because he black just because he's black mhmm😤😤😤

    21. alan 2uva

      This made me cry but at the end I was happy

    22. Colt Poston

      Maybe he’s racist

    23. Jason Doherty

      This is a true story that were able to find his tickets and saw him on the dodger cam I watched the documentary on this story

    24. Gloria Coon

      It's never to late to do the right thing its not just going to help others in our world we need to spread happiness and joy and love to others and compassion

    25. Gloria Coon

      Stand up hes not guilty

    26. Khaled Is

      Indeed poop stain

    27. Mr. H

      white folk act as if there are no white people in jail .

    28. lego productions

      Wow i know this is one of my best watch story and lives good job dharman

    29. Reza Amiri

      yeyeyeyeyeye happy ending

    30. Sniper Monkey

      First time I almost cried to a DEcameras vid

    31. Cordelia Campbell-Dennis

      See, this is everything that’s wrong with the world today, we are so quick to assume that someone is a criminal because to the color of their skin and someone always ends up getting hurt, and it’s not us. I loved this video, and I’m glad to see that Dhar Mann is making videos like this, and hopefully enough people will see it that this prejudice and unacceptable act stops, because it has been around for WAY too long. Thank you Dhar Mann!!

    32. Joe Bell

      Every white person is not racist thank god

    33. Jeannie Russo

      I was trying so hard to this story this is so sad

    34. Carmen Tyson

      The young attorney had me in tears when he was talking to the gentleman's mother!

    35. Johan Echevarria

      Dhar Mann and the other actors you guys made me learn a important lesson today it’s never too late to do the right thing thank you I will use this in my life to do the right thing:)

    36. Greg Rodi

      POOR GIRLS! And I'm glad that is that man did the right decision! 🙏🙏🙏💗💗💗

    37. sasabing YT

      This made me cry so much 😭😭

    38. ꧁Lonley Donut ꧂

      People can’t do this, it’s not right BLM ✊🏿 ✊🏾 ✊🏽 People have to know this

    39. Tylenol ?

      This is based off a true story

    40. Ranger Walker

      This is exactly why we have NO FAITH In the justice system and we black Americans need more black prosecutors in the D.A.’s office. And I like to point out that he tells his assistant D.A. that black people are criminals and yet the bailiff is a black man.

    41. XE Joshyy

      1:32 as loud as theyre talking no one in the court can here this?

    42. jerrygrady65

      He probably deserves it anyway

    43. A_bizarreboiz

      the old guy reminds me of the bear from toy story 2 or 3 (i cant remember witch one)

    44. Gaminghunter 2000

      Lol the chef who said to janitor you be nothing is now a. Judge woooow

    45. Robert Thor

      Edit: I wrote this before finishing the video. How about a credit card receipt from the Dodgers game? Flight ticket to LA? Uber receipt? The justice system is rough haha

    46. GAMING BOI

      don't be racist



    48. Danielle Fitzpatrick

      black lives matter

    49. FireBear Gaming

      This actually brought tears to my eyes

    50. Samad Mirza

      Whatever the guy with all that proof is MY HOMIE

    51. SPONGGY

      Dhar Mann is gonna end racism

    52. Shameeka McEntyre

      Integrity will get you everywhere 🥰

    53. Ben Shichenga

      Wow job well done

    54. Monika Gupta

      Racism is a curse on humanity 🙂. Please never judge anyone by their color.

    55. best demon

      this is why when someone is doing the wrong thing and you find proof that their wrong YOU DON'T SHOW THEM

    56. Eruptify

      my man just wanted to have a good time watching a dodgers game while eating a hotdog...then this happens😣

    57. family adam

      sometimes it is to late to do the right thing because what if the judge already hit the hammmer

    58. Kayla Garrett

      Boss since you did'nt say anything we taking you to jail in 10 yrs Mr William you are the best man so much people love you out there and Boss i need you to come with me in a safe place so i can whoop you >:)

    59. Boi

      when uno reverse reaches Dhar Mann

    60. Victoria Lopez

      This makes me cry because my dad and my mom are the same way. They always judge someone before they get to know them. And I don’t care about someone’s race or thier clothing, to me what matters if thier kind, and is a good friend,

    61. M Kazim Riza N-10

      we love it great job !!!

    62. JolexGamerTv

      You see..

    63. Temope Arts


    64. hammer Craft

      i thing this story isen`t real they made it. cuz these poeple are was befor the vido

    65. Lucas Gaming506

      This is by far the most interesting of all his stories

    66. Jeremiah Ali

      I Heate White People With A E Yeah A E!!

    67. iSabEl caca bird


    68. Yua

      These people good at acting because I just wanted to punch the boss dude

    69. adm1n

      sup up

    70. Craig Waters

      Never judge someone by the skin of their color

    71. Labrodoor 26

      “Never judge a person by their color of there skin but by the content of there character”. Martin Luther King Jr

    72. Dr. Eric Coleman

      That dudes lawyer is trash if the state could find out so fast.

    73. Coco Plays

      The dad was like how does this guy all of that evidence and I have nothing

    74. Viruja Kalalpitiye Gedara

      why does the bad guy make me think of michael jackson

    75. Jordyn Dickey

      i cried in like to first 5 seconds :(((((

    76. Sooraj

      And this is my 15th video, now i m addicted

    77. J1 PandaBear

      amazing !!!

    78. Xavier

      6:25 look at the guys eye

    79. Jane Warren

      My fiancé is biracial. I’m terrfied of this for him or pour children in the future. The world scares me so much for them.... this video made me bawl thank you got touching on this Dhar

    80. Farhan Sulaiman


    81. Bryant Vang

      Me in my mind thinking of rdr2

    82. Lucy Tyler

      the fact that I want to hit the old straight white man is a good thing. props to the actors for some brilliant work. every life matters. 3 cm of skin isn't a prison sentence. ♥️

    83. Sprinkles Piper

      Just acting just acting

    84. Wisam Alsaidi

      Bro the person that’s next to the judge he looks scary I would not fight that guy do you have the rock he looks like him

    85. ⲃⲟⲟL𐌵vⲍLⲉⲭⲓ

      Robert Williams

    86. chill

      "its never to late to do the wrong thing" what do you do if you dont do school at all and at the end of the year you have to turn in your work

    87. Colt

      why did you put black man instead of man in the title?

    88. Touik Lau

      That easy to convict someone in america .

    89. Pablo Diablo


    90. Shadowdev

      bruh even the honorary saying person guy fuhuuhuh igrehers aOdAas

    91. Eric Surgenor

      I have a feeling that he doesn’t know how the legal system works, I’m not even American and I know that’s wrong

    92. Aranlex

      never too late...

    93. Kenzie Kenaz Situmorang

      True story, it cam from Netflix documentary Long shot

    94. John Chen

      Dhar mann, makes videos on important lessons, sometimes their cringy but still it teaches u a lesson (and u can watch some karma taking action) and he doesn’t only do videos on how black ppl are being mistreated, he’s inbetween, sometimes black are the bad, sometimes they’re the gud/neutral, and so we would know he isn’t those kinda ppl who thinks only black are mistreated, but everybody

    95. Sofi Suer

      Never 😌 judge 😌 someone 😌 by 😌 there 😌 skin 😌 color 😌

    96. Zach Martin

      Ok but this is not how the courtroom works at a sentencing hearing you can't prove innocence

    97. Sonic Heroes Bro’s

      He did not do it

    98. Luffy-Above All


    99. Damian Steve

      I’ve never gudged obout skin in my life

    100. Alejandra Huynh