Why are woodscrews only partially threaded?

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    1. C. B. Alan

      So the threaded section drilling into the wood allows the non-threaded section to pull the head down and turn the screw into an "internal clamp".

      1. D Vinko

        Most people still don't understand. The first screw is going to thread into both boards, and cut those threads into the board. Any tighter, and it'll unthread; both types of screw can unthread but one of them is closer to the receiving board so it's less likely to unthread; instead the force will pull the first board downward: remember, the screw applies mechanical force in both directions, so having no screw on the head of the screw is going to increase the pull of the head.

      2. Brian

        @Austin Kelley when both ends of a material are pulled opposite and equal forces they are in tension. Yes the screw is in tension.

      3. Austin Kelley

        @Brian Typically it's just the first 3 rings of thread. Until they break the wood, or whatever it may be anchored to. Thus not entirely under tension, and really acting simply as an internal clamp.

      4. rolls _879

        @Brian okay, yeah. I changed my mind. I'm not sure if it would have an effect but with a fully-threaded screw wouldn't the one "interval" between the two boards have to take all of the tension holding them together, but in a partial thread of the right size is it not spread across the whole top section? Again, not sure if it means anything anyway. A partial thread would make the top piece of wood less likely to rotate slightly in the final stages of being driven in as it cannot impart a rotational force on the top, but I guess the internal tension might care of that anyway Edit: forgot a word

      5. Brian

        @rolls _879 wrong. I'm an engineer, this is a simple concept..

    2. Cousin Strawberry

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    3. rabten

      if Gordon Ramsay did wooden work.

    4. Rick Pacopaco

      Strongly dislike the nasty pentagram Jesus rules not satan

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        Then there's nothing for you to worry about by seeing a Halloween woodworking project! 👍

    5. Joshua Mercer

      Hey Steve thanks for the videos! Jesus loves you!

    6. Will Vandermeer

      Drywall screws are fine for wood. Don't fool me

    7. Deric

      i see your pentagram. i pray you find christ

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        🙏 Happy Halloween! 🎃

    8. blanktester

      Finally a woodworking shorts channel that actually seems to have a fucking clue what they're talking about

    9. Dan C

      The word is Compression.

    10. Jacob M

      He's a looser

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        I think you mean he's a loser. 👍

    11. Up South

      A tight screw is a good screw, is what I always say.

    12. Armondo Mazzucchi

      Excellent visual, nailed it 👌

    13. Riley Vance

      Honestly didn't know that thanks for the video!

    14. Shannon Nalls

      If you want to make that believable to people and actually screw the fucking screw down. When y’all make these videos you do not even lead by example. People are idiots

    15. Tino Rivas

      This guy needs to read the red letters in the Bible.

    16. Chri AAtor

      How are people ignoring pentagram. The video should be taken down or at least age restricted.

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        For a Halloween project? A little sensitive are ya?

    17. Common Sense Realist

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    18. hudsontoo1212

      What’s the deal with the pentagram and skull?? I was NOT expecting that 😳

    19. Unkownable LLC

      I’m happy getting tips from non satanic people, thanks anyways bud

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        You're welcome. Thanks for watching! 🙏🎃

    20. joseph jackson

      We can report this video and say it promotes terrorism

    21. OneGod 777

      What's with the satanic crap in the background

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        I'm not sure...what are you seeing? It's just a plain white background with some tools.

    22. Jose Rodriguez

      So I take it you don't believe in God that's too bad God is love

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        It's a Halloween 🎃 project lol. But preach on! Hallelujah. 😈🙏

    23. Mathy Don

      Wow Bill Nye has really dumbed down his science curriculum. I guess this is to help win over some low IQ anti-Vaxxer cockroaches

      1. Mathy Don

        @Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals you remind me of Bill Nye, that’s the joke. I showed this video to someone and told them it was Bill Nye the Science guy and they believed me for like 25 seconds and they were like “what is Bill Nye doing? … … … wait a minute! That’s not Bill Nye “

      2. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        You win! The most incomprehensible comment of the day!

    24. Cameron Rocco

      You’re the reason I bought micro jigs, they should sponsor you

    25. Miz Fanek

      How did you lay them right on the edge of the wood. Very impressive

    26. bahhaziz

      I don't see no difference. If you keep tightening the full threaded screw you'll get same result

    27. Ricardo Hoffmann

      The pictures/posters in the background are highly disturbing.

    28. Ederd Stark

      I thought his channel was cool until I saw the pedophile pentagram in the backround

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        Lol wut? It's a silly Halloween project lol. 🤣

    29. simosmaximos

      This pulling thing he mention.... Thats like how every screw works

    30. rapolas S

      I tried explaining to my grandad that you should enlarge the hole in the piece that will be mounted to another piece if the screw is fully thereaded, but he doesnt care and gets angry at me

    31. Bill Else

      I love the skull on the wall, did u make that?

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        Yes... Halloween 2019 video.

    32. John Q Law

      Disliked due to the devil worship.

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        You just made baby Satan cry. 😔

    33. The Penster

      Uh what’s with the satanic shit in the background?

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        I'm not sure. What are you seeing?

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    35. Ed

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    36. TheMelbournelad

      So basically a mechanical clamp forever

    37. Edward White


    38. Seagle Ohio Fishing

      Any one else notice the satanic worshipping

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        You're the only one.

    39. Steve Capo

      dry wall screws are best and as an experienced shows you learn when to have slack! on different joints and frame work!

    40. Claire M

      Fantastic how you provided the cross sectional view. It makes things clear in a jiffy!

    41. jgranahan

      well done

    42. Craftsman's corner

      Alternatively if you have a board you need to just stay there you pre drill the first board so the threads don't engage that way no matter what screw you use it will only thread into the second board/beam pulling the two tight no matter the screw this is especially useful if you can't find the exact length of partially threaded screw

    43. Dr. Killjoy

      I like the picture in the background 😎💯❤️

    44. England Rasmussen

      I mean wouldn’t the extra threads pull the board as well if you kept tightening the screw?

      1. rolls _879

        it would pull the board, but it can't pull the boards *against* each other because the thread would be pulling through the first piece at the same time as the second (and would usually create an annoying gap)

    45. Tim Green

      Saw your artwork in background & had to unsubscribe

    46. Peter M

      I would never tought of that! Thx Steve!

    47. Terry Herrera

      Steve da “devil worshipper” Won’t watch you anymore !! satin !!

    48. Phillip Saywell

      But the first screw looks tighter Than the second why

    49. Cerus98

      Only some wood screws have a smooth shank. This video implies they all do. This is incorrect. Typically only longer wood screws or decking screws have this feature.

    50. Kevin

      Oh my god, a DEcameras shorts guy who _knows what the fuck he's talking about!_ I didn't think you existed.

    51. Ye Old Geezer

      Steve- The Bill Nye of woodworking

    52. Jeffery Hall

      To prove his point Shows close up of second screw NOT pulling pieces together.

    53. Habner Costa

      You know that gif where the guy makes a gesture of his head exploding 🤯? That's me now. Very good to know that

    54. Boris Kalashnikov

      So a threaded screw would just lock each board in place, whereas a partial thread would only grab the second board and would pull in the firstl

    55. doncorleon9

      This is why.. Have a project with some gaps since i used fully threaded screws.

    56. Let Freedom Ring

      Wow that display of screws was perfect

    57. M5A JR

      Good n4👍 thanks...✌️

    58. Marc Selman

      But if you want to join two boards and clamp them first, a full threaded screw will be more secure.

    59. megan walker

      Aaahhhh! 💡

    60. Brial

      Looks the same damn thing to me 🤷‍♂️😂

    61. BadRonald1

      You obviously wanted to show a pentagram in the background

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        Yeah...it generates tons of comments. DEcameras loves that kind of engagement! 👍👍

    62. Hardus Helm


    63. DrunkenBass

      I don't understand the pentagram in the background and why people follow that crap

      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        Spooky Halloween woodworking project from two years ago. Scary huh? 🎃👻

    64. FidoTheClown

      Good to know.

    65. alida flus

      I’ve never thought about this and I think about everything like this lol. Thanks for the weird but useful information

    66. Menesh Daya

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    67. nuberiffic

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    68. Idealyoulose

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    69. Baiji

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    70. Petair23

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    71. Leek Le

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    72. assid a

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    73. steven lang

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    74. Artax Sinking

      Is he telling us how to build an alter for worshipping the devil??

    75. bilishu aliss

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    76. Darin


    77. Eastwood

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    78. Darrell Weaver

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    79. JP S

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    80. Chris Parker

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      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        Lol...you know what satan looks like? 👻🎃 Boo!

    81. Loso Da MainMan

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    82. Petersen Salas

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      1. Steve Ramsey - Woodworking for Mere Mortals

        That's weird. There's nothing on the wall. Hmm.. 🤔

    83. C I


    84. EyyBoss

      The pentagram got me mest up 😵‍💫

    85. Absentimental 1

      What's the little section above the normal threads that appear to be left handed threads with a really long pitch. Between the threads and the smooth shaft. I've seen this on certain screws, especially within the last year or so.

      1. Gnarly mtb Skillz

        @Absentimental 1 anytime homie

      2. Absentimental 1

        @Gnarly mtb Skillz that makes sense. thank you, youtube good samaritan

      3. Gnarly mtb Skillz

        It’s a reamer to smoothen/enlarge the hole so that the smooth shank had more room. Creates less friction and allows more clamping force I think. Basically just makes the hole the screw made bigger.

    86. aola wili

      this is great. now i can show my dad that i actually know something about this kind of things! thanks

    87. V8Marc

      Wtf is in the background did this guy use screws to sacrifice children!

    88. salmon taco

      So to clarify I'm going to use a screw with two different threads and not mention it in my demonstration.

      1. salmon taco

        @aola wili my dad is 75% home depot lesbian.

      2. aola wili

        Hmmmm interesting......quick question tho, why am I being recommended this tho?? Lmao I'm a 14 year old enby, not a dad or a home depot lesbian

    89. Davis Guite

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    90. Alexander25i

      Isn't that why you normally drill through the first board?

    91. I’m paranoid

      I don't get it But I'll buy the partial one

    92. Sora

      we doing some door installation sometime we throw that screw because later it easy to break if we need to remove it again

    93. Hawk

      Not shown in this demonstration.

    94. Jokerarjuna

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    95. Tá P0tente

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    96. Chris F

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    97. Joe Franklin

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    98. Maarten Keus

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    99. Archie Bunker

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    100. The Gay One

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