$20,000 Gold Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra


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    Unboxing two new Caviar luxury smartphones: Apple iPhone 12 Pro "Stealth" Caviar custom no camera phone and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Caviar golden OX design. Flappy Bird, Minecraft, Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile gameplay. Review samples sent by Caviar. This video is not sponsored. These samples will be returned after review period.
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    00:00 Intro
    00:24 No Cameras iPhone 12 Pro
    03:14 Golden "OX" Galaxy S21 Ultra
    06:58 Outside...
    07:59 Power [ON]
    08:17 Videogames (S21 Ultra)
    08:39 Call of Duty Mobile
    09:20 PUBG
    10:22 Minecraft
    10:45 Genshin Impact
    11:28 iPhone 12 Pro Stealth
    12:05 Flappy Bird
    12:34 Call of Duty Mobile
    13:04 PUBG
    13:46 Outro
    #TheRelaxingEnd #Unboxing #Smartphone

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    1. TheRelaxingEnd

      Good value smartphones or "a bit" overpriced?

      1. Flossybro Bolt

        why do you play games 🎮 😒 🙄 😑 😐 😕

      2. Mat_25

        раньше я задумывался что ты русский и теперь узнал что ты русский

      3. Hugo Molina

        Hello i am argentina i love u

      4. sarvesh Dabholkar

        Please unbox one plus 9 series Please please please

      5. dumb absurd

        A bit overpriced


      13:56 your avatar fitted perfectly

    3. Wxther

      atleast caviar put the charger apple couldnt even do it themselves

    4. Dushyant Thakur

      Bro u have so many unlimited gaming consoles and things...... Please gift me one....😁👍

    5. jamal khan

      Bro you have a bunch of the phone give me one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    6. Mr. Zombie

      7:35 عادي ولله العظيم انتي مب زعلانة🤣🤣

    7. Coco Jones

      Believe it's so cheap and affordable#godrive_hacker on I.G is a genius DM him 🇺🇸🇬🇧 legit and trusted for yours

    8. مثقال العنزي

      7:33 فيه واحد عربي يتحدث ف الجوال يقول اية عادي والله العظيم اني زعلانة يعني انتا الي سمعه يدق لايك 😂

    9. Mubassir Hossain Taj

      When thieves came to his house for robbery THIVES:is a thief or Butcher

    10. Deniz Metin T.

      Can't believe this costs 4 times more than my first car.

    11. Jesus tech

      why did he just drop a 20k Samsung phone on the ground!!!!!???

    12. Mini Black Crewmate

      thought this was MrWhoseTheBoss for a sec

    13. Rehan Pacha

      Rich life of the relaxing end

    14. Davit Gogiberashvili

      IMEI: 358625331927386 :D

    15. ODST 78

      Does he own all the knives he's using?

    16. Bilal Edd

      😂😂😂your iphone from caviar haven't camera

    17. Bilal Edd

      But because you bought sea ultra gold😂😂 if we're you I bought s21 ultra normal


      Therelaxingend money $4760 gold 🏆

    19. P0ntyc

      No cameras? I think u are joking

    20. Hopsketch Comedy

      Who would even need this... it’s cool but definitely too expensive for most people. It’s sort of unecessary

    21. Abi Bradford

      So a very overpriced phone don’t even have a camera

    22. Wrath Aloss

      "bitch I have too many phones.. if I have to return one of them; I'm fcking returning both

    23. d2gamergr

      This is not official

    24. Yağız Eren

      Видео это здорово

    25. Mohammad Parsa Mirloo

      FunFact : Relaxing End is even more rich than Bill Gates

    26. BRO BN4K Gaming

      Wow iol❤❤❤

    27. Asif Mulla

      Kaha se laato Hai ye SAB ye Bhi Bata do

    28. Asif Mulla

      Bro tell me plz how do you download Minecraft ☹️

    29. Asif Mulla

      Aur Bhai Minecraft Kase download kiya ye Bhi to Bata de likes zyada padenge bro

    30. Asif Mulla

      Doctor ho Bhai AAP to😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    31. Asif Mulla

      Bhai wo saaf hi Hai aur tu usko assa saaf karra Hai Jase usko corona ho😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    32. Asif Mulla

      Baar bar hato se saaf Karna zaruri hota Hai Kya Bhai Tughe😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    33. Jerrysyaffiee Zusni

      Knife is expensive than a gaming phone

    34. scotty thompson

      Cool video tech talk lol yes

    35. Amukta Malyada


    36. Ema _UFC

      3 años para mostrar un celular 🤦

    37. damiano marchesini

      Trash phones

    38. metalhead

      cam we talk about how he didn't keep either phone even the 21k phone. when the company said he could keep one phone if he wanted. respect to you man

    39. 2k2o hacker

      Alhamdulillah ♥️ for ever

    40. yehor


    41. Mobile Legends Bang•Bang Romand

      Lmao is metal no gold dog

    42. kiwiii 93

      Este men debe ser dueño de algun cartel, porque como saca tanto dinero wtf

    43. Leon Bennett

      Do do phone .

    44. sOuRo DaS

      সোনার হোল থাকলে যা হয় হোল বেচে প্রচুর টাকা পাওয়া যায়

    45. Yunus karacayir

      Can you gift me a device plase

    46. kidii Aschenbrenner

      relaxing at 5:20 you can still see the serial number

    47. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

      It shouts luxury 😮

    48. Фернандо Соарес

      Here in Brazil this cell phone would come out by: R$109.528,00

    49. Muhd Daisam

      he trow it😂

    50. I MAN Gaming

      I Like This Phone But I thinks it's not a very good phone for Gaming??

    51. Timut Nasyrov

      Наверное, этот телефон сделал левша-тульский мастер, что бодковал блоху

    52. FrenzY ClawZ

      No camera is better as it doesn't irritate fingers while gaming

    53. Óscar

      Now I realized how better is s21 ultra camera against latest iPhone's

    54. Apai Jenang

      That bull just like Lamborghini bull and now you got a Lamborghini phone

    55. Warscope


    56. King Of Scorpions

      The 16GB ram for a mobile phone that really fails to play heavy games

    57. Xenia

      prıme phantom

    58. Alpha RexX

      look at the ping of pubg

    59. Sevki Parlakkilic

      Me: NANI !

    60. MeMster Show


    61. IK GAMING

      Why dont you try free fiee

    62. AMIR AM KING

      Very expensive

    63. RESPEKT

      You from Russia?

      1. Vaja Rakesh!

        He is Indian

    64. Ibrahim Hawlery


    65. Nemzii Gaming

      4:50 16gb ram... my laptop has got 4 gb and my computer has got 16...

    66. Ziad ETC

      How Much Money Do You Have Man O_o

    67. RobinWrath16

      Imagine you buy this $21,000 phone, and then Rog 5 came out for only $999

      1. Laminado


    68. RobinWrath16

      Only dumb people will buy this.. Hahah

    69. Azmain Tausif

      Can you do critical ops gameplay in your every gaming phone video

    70. Rohan D

      Ouick drop test🤣

    71. Mustafa Sarıkaya

      Phone: 1,000$ Caviar Box Edition: 21,000$

    72. Flester Game


    73. Obama's last name

      The one without cameras looks more like a wallet

    74. PhotoToy

      This guy should do a collab with Man At Arms

    75. Niral Vassantilal

      how to get flappy bird now

    76. DEVIL YT

      RelaxingEnd : buys 21,000 phone Me watching with a Nokia 🤠

      1. Vaja Rakesh!


    77. Sahil Suryawanshi

      Iphone without camera is like an apple a day doesn't keeps the doctor away 😂😂

    78. Jojo Wrld

      Wtf id dat

    79. Sonu Gupta.

      With camera

    80. CHITUS➊⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      Can we talk about the fact that this guy has more knives than full medieval armies

    81. fuk専門家

      I need it

    82. Minr Creative

      those are kind of pointless to me LOL, especially the iPhone 12 pro looks really dumb, no camera, and both of them are really not aesthetic

    83. OurStupid Life


    84. KAZAI

      We can all agree that TheRelaxingEnd most favorite game is Pubg Mobile

    85. L3xus

      Soon...Apple will seperate iPhone and cameras

    86. Noxious EightyFive

      f*ck cameras who cares about others lifes no social bullshits I hate

    87. Suryansh Sharma

      i think he was trying to insult the i phone 12 by showing its back again and again (cameras are worthless📷)🤣🤣

    88. Remix.f.n

      Did they just throw a 21,000 dollar phone

    89. Yuraygzg I

      Does anyone else think that his openings are so satisfying?

    90. Михаил Коган

      There is a golden ps5 for 370.000 dollars

    91. M. Bair.

      So dirty gloves

    92. Auto Fan

      Its now samsung or iphone ?

    93. Saswati Chakrabarti

      Ok now how will someone put case on the back to protect it??🤣🤣

    94. yo pues quien mas2ಠ_ʖಠ

      Ese celular no dura ni 10 segundos en latinoamerica

    95. Stone De la légion de fer

      Your are sponsored

    96. Ch Shahbaz

      most expensive pubg i have ever played that was epic

    97. O Pai Tá On

      Imagine if apple sees this supposed luxury Caviar Iphone, a no camera iphone costing more then a regular one, Genius😂😂😂 And then a regular S21 with an amazing bull on the back costing 20k. These Caviar guys must be friends of the Escobar mobile creators😂😂😂😂

    98. Midoriya Izuku

      better hide the imei number next time its still readable

    99. Abednagih 03 Mohammed

      The Gloves are dirty

    100. MikeShotta

      Crazy to think a 600$ phone has better specs than this. This is just a fancy brushed aluminium 50$ case with a 500$ gold piece. Why is this 20k ?