Family Transforms Rare School Bus into STUNNING Tiny House: 2 Year Timelapse!

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    This is the complete school bus (skoolie) to tiny house conversion timelapse showing our transformation of a rare 1987 Gillig Phantom school bus only made on the West Coast from 1986 to 1992 and most have been crushed/scrapped. We bought it in November of 2017. We had no idea what we were doing but we figured it out and pushed through and finished it in late 2019. Building this Skoolie and documenting it on DEcameras has lead us to leave our jobs and pursue an alternative American Dream, for better or worse!! Thanks for watching and thanks for your support.

    If you're wondering about our dear friend Andrew you can read about him here: . RIP Andrew Lee 05/26/2019. I never would have made it home with our bus without the help of Andrew, and it was one of many gifts he gave me in life and death. Miss you buddy.

    Here is our tour:

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    Watch us build this Skoolie from start to finish!

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    For advice about how to build your own Skoolie check out our website:

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    For business inquiries:

    The Lion Energy Lithium Battery: ... (price will change to $850 at checkout)

    This is my new favorite minisplit, grateful that it's cheaper:

    The couch:
    Daybed Cover: (Be sure to contact this company with your exact mattress dimensions.
    Here are the Wedge Bolsters:
    Here is the Mattress:

    Other build items:

    Water Tanks:
    Water Heater:
    Water Pump:
    AC to DC Power Converter:
    AC Distribution Panel:
    Shore Power Cable:
    50 Amp Shore Inlet:
    Marine Grade Wire: 350 feet of Marine 12/2:
    100 feet of Marine 14/2:
    100 feet of Marine 12/3:
    150 feet of Marine 14/3:

    My new camera setup. Finally happy with my camera!

    Main Lens:
    Wide Angle Lens:
    Camera Mic:
    Rode Wireless Mic: ...
    Lavalier Mic:

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    1. Mobile Dwellings / Gilligan Phantom

      Our channel just got comments back after 3 years. Hooray!!! Many of you would like to know how much this bus conversion cost and here is an in depth cost breakdown for you:

      1. Cass Cat

        Hey guys, great job... just a safety thing here- in an accident, those knives on the magnetic strip could be propelled forward... the magnets won't hold with force- otherwise you wouldn't be able to take them off and use them. Anyhow, i can't think of a more dangerous projectile than that...

    2. 『NOT』FιαɳαƈɾαϝƚOɯOGod〗

      I was like : WHATTT 😱 !? When you say "30 Years Later" 😂✋🏽

    3. Fernando LM

      What is the title of the background song????😅

    4. Thami Frama

      Soo beautiful and wholesome. God bless and keep your family. Do you have a Spotify playlist for the music you used in this video?

    5. Way Bob

      As someone who can't even build a flat-pack wardrobe, I salute you. Fantastic achievement. stay safe.

    6. Al Abadilla

      This is real inspirational!

    7. ZOE

      Wonderful innovations.

    8. B Eppard

      Forwarding this to my sister and brother-in-law...they are both elementary school teachers and soon to retire. They have talked about doing this too...hopefully some inspiration for them. I think it's a GREAT idea.

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    11. Edwin Torres

      Wow beautiful video. Nope I bought a used 2002 fleetwood mobile home 30’ footer for $20k Too lazy for all that mumbo jumbo

      1. Mobile Dwellings / Gilligan Phantom

        Haha good call.

    12. Sshivam Sshivam

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    14. Jay Ocean

      got me with the 30 years on....great job! All the best and have safe travels, from one traveler to another. Been almost around Australia in a Caravan with Mum & Dad didn't quite get to Tasmania then but i have been just lately, was going to Darwin to complete my trip around this month but borders were closed ...a real bummer

    15. 100catinthehat

      You have a wonderful family and great work on the bus! Thank you for sharing.


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    19. Wickwire 9

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    20. Theonlyonestanding

      Wow I noticed that there's a lot of layers in building this project. I didnt know it would take this much work...Cool bus tho 😎👍 cute baby he got big in 2 years 👶👱‍♀️

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    22. Pocket’s Life

      Hands down the best one I've seen n prayers up for u guys on the loss of your friend 🙏

    23. Alexandru Soare

      wow i was speechless

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      Definitely LOVE this time lapse build version

    25. Ricker’s Homestead A Hobby Farm

      That’s a lot of years all in one video.

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    27. Some Guy

      If you're considering doing this, first take a look at what a bus engine costs. Then reconsider.

    28. CSK CSK

      Please show the plan and detail for construction the projection.

    29. navyreviewer

      Fun project and cool. Enjoy it. That being said... realistically for most people the time/cost of refitting a bus into an RV is probably more than just buying an RV. I dont want to sound like donny downer so good job and hope the family has many good memories.

      1. Mobile Dwellings / Gilligan Phantom

        Totally agree. This was way too much work haha. An RV will be cheaper and smarter, but don't expect to be able to live off grid with it like we do. They're not built like this bus I can tell you that much.

    30. Dual Face

      This has to be (with the music) one of THE MOST FEEL GOOD random YT videos I've seen in all of 2021. The bus being completed. The baby playing & growing alongside..😮🥺♥️ Thankyou Gilligan & family. 😎👍🏽💜💜

      1. Mobile Dwellings / Gilligan Phantom

        Thanks for the kind words and I'm pumped that it made you so happy. It took me 2 years to finish this bus and probably a month to edit the video!

    31. Wolfgang Rütt

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      May God bless you beautiful work and so sorry to hear about your friend and he rest in peace I don't understand why the thumbs down are up for but it's sad that people do that it's so so sad when people always have negative things to say when they don't even know what's really behind anybody's heart God bless you and your family always

      1. G. G.

        Amen God continue blessing you all

    56. vine divine sevial

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    57. MOVIE TV

      That is my dream I hope someday ..god will provide

    58. Uriel Hernandez

      This bus got retired before you got it

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      Man this soundtrack is amazing!! Does anyone know the names of any of them?

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        First two songs are by "Smokehouse"

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