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    MICC or mineral insulated copper cable is one of the robust cables in the electrical industry. MICC lasts for years, is fireproof and has a small diameter. It's great for fire alarms and discreet electrical installations in churches and museums.

    It's not used as often as it used to be because it's a little more time consuming when it comes to terminating the conductors.

    Here's how to terminate a MICC cable gland and pot in 60 seconds.

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    1. DaSavageCabage

      You can do anything with the right tools

    2. Herc.K

      Ahh M.I.M.S. NOT used in house bashin....takes ages to fit off a switchboard in a dangerous environment

    3. Nicaprince89

      I must be super high because I watched this 3 times and still don't know what just happened, yet so satisfying.

    4. Адис Омуров

      Домашний детонатр

    5. ErickC

      Can't concentrate because of his breathing🤣

    6. ShikuKID

      Was ziterst du denn so

    7. Spray Monkey

      That wasn't done in 60 seco ds.....fucking click bait garbage as usual

    8. Назарій Беркут

      Я уснул под это

    9. Alxrez

      Too much bullshit

    10. xltsalad

      Man i have no idea whats happening but it looks sick

    11. ThAmER .S


    12. Cyber Dragon


    13. Berk Atias

      im just like: 👁👄👁

    14. Josh Kelly

      This guys shakes was giving me the shakes

    15. 2play 4win

      What's is this for?? Youtoube..

    16. Hakim Bouraki

      I haven't touched the pyro for years now, all most forgot about it.

    17. 79palace

      So much easier to wire in FP…pyro is a pain in the arse

    18. Андрей Етумян

      Блять а что это???🤨🧐

    19. Alihan H

      Это для чего ???

    20. Aurora07

      And that's why no one uses mineral insulated cable anymore.

    21. MegaEdouble1

      The video is 60 seconds, but the actual process is much longer🤨

    22. Zack Harding

      Beautiful to watch, trash to work with

    23. Joseph Izzo

      What fit I just watch?

    24. Matthew Latham

      Kids don't even do it in their AM2 now. A lost art

    25. Жанат Елеусинов

      Ничего не понял, что он сделал?

    26. Mike5

      Glands are fun!

    27. Say Wut

      Pretty sure that wasn’t real-life 60 seconds…. but still cool

      1. eFIXX

        😀 Thats the limit youtube give us - would you have watched the 3 minute version?

    28. hipersonreadingthis 576

      It’s like he’s grating cheese…except it’s metal

    29. Thivi Nesh

      👀 I though it was mechanical pencil

    30. Pb69xi

      Bro he's hands shakes too much

    31. Squooshy

      i have no fucking clue what hes doing but i know hes doing it right

    32. Hacklin

      Thought he was building a lightsaber for a sec

    33. Charming nowhere to hide

      Can’t believe you can do all of this during an earthquake.

    34. Mitchell Bailey

      all that work just to watch Jersey Shore.

    35. ingSight 잉싸

      What are U doing?

    36. Richard Lund

      Is it just me or does this look ready for some kind of disposable product that would save decades of labor?

    37. President Skroob

      Like the scene in love actually when he is wrapping the present in the shop

    38. Murat Zhampeisov

      А я думал он арбалет делает))0)

    39. miria


      1. Charming nowhere to hide

        You're so beautiful! Great video?

    40. Jamie Ridenour

      My favorite part was when he put the white stuff around and it make that mac n cheese noise

    41. Marcus Wright

      I got half way through then realised he’s not making a bow and arrow and I don’t care

    42. アルティメット珍棒


    43. Gabai Maliti

      Расскажите ему про изоленту 🤣🤣🤣

    44. ferkeap

      The amount of copper needed in USA low voltage systems is Gigantic!

    45. neo7864

      his hand are shaking

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    47. Corey Irwin

      Michael j fox?

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    49. Joseph Woolford

      There it is

    50. DukeCyrus

      I have no idea what's going on, but its interesting!

    51. Messy Gs

      I like to act like I know what he’s doing

    52. Lord SpoiKATE

      Now do all that again and explain what you actually did

    53. DeadlyDre

      So, That's how the Antikythera Mechanism was made!

    54. Med-Linki Mz

      That was satisfying

    55. Jaime Luna

      Y eso para k sirve ?

    56. sadbino

      What in the fuck are you doing

    57. Mashiur Rahman

      Showing criminals how to strip the XS BS off the copper LOL Smfh

    58. Владимир Косма

      Что за чудо враждебной техники?

    59. Mười Đôla VlOG

      Clip hay thật sự 😲

    60. Jlu747 Jlu

      Jesus Christ is coming! Believe in the lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved! Check latest YT short for better understand if u want!🙂

    61. Yesss Tfffyesss

      What is that clearish substance 😳

    62. BierSykes

      I didn't understand anything but it's a great engineering.

    63. Andrew Nettleton

      That's satisfying, but doing it in the freezing British weather,it sucks

    64. cardboardorigami

      And then what?

    65. Sean McGuire

      So cool. But I have no idea what I just watched

    66. bloodlos

      I have no clue what I just watched, but it was interesting. So umm. Good job?

    67. Allen Anderson

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    68. Ezil_Assassin69


    69. DAZelioni

      Why is nobody mentioning this guys shaky hands? Made It hard to watch for me

    70. Edmund Dobry

      So what is that wire used for?

    71. Thiago Ferreira

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    72. Chase Leonard

      But it didn’t take u 60 seconds

    73. Mike Litoris

      I have no idea what's going on, but I have a feeling if I like this video... my recommendations will be ruined forever

    74. David Eraclas

      C'est une petite surprise que je découvre sans savoir à quoi ça sert

    75. Gerald Morgan

      Dude why are you using 1000 vac rated knipex insulated tools on something and not even using insulated gloves, if you’re not working energized, don’t use insulated tools, fucking amateur

    76. Tech Park


    77. Brother Tran

      Why was that so satisfy to watch

    78. Kewenon


    79. Hunter Nelson

      Bro we can hear every breath you're taking

    80. Un sane

      I have no clue what you just did but you did it well

    81. Ihugfemales

      So this is why crackheads steal copper, so they can go through this amazingly soothing process.

    82. Erre Stothley

      Nobody knows what is he doing but we can all agree that it makes sense

    83. Alik

      what the fuck am I watching

    84. FieryRockBalls.

      My eyes: **clank clank** My ears: *hmm haah... HM... Hah*

    85. Obama Bin Laden

      No entendí una mrda

    86. NomiRock

      This video won’t end🥴

    87. MR M

      Fuckin tweakers !!!

    88. Fabito Fer

      It disturbs me how much red its on the video

    89. Gucci Manecubus

      Why did he put a chili pepper on the wire?

      1. eFIXX


    90. Dipesh Padwal


    91. Bhima Novrang

      Waterpruf cable😟

    92. Hard flipper Abhi


    93. jack martin

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