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    This was so crazy, you will never guess who made the 'ultimate' couple! Don't forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE!!
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    If you see this comment who you think is the best couple, love you guys!

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    1. Lianhlupuii Pachuau




    3. Manika Goyal

      Look at Lexi's expression while eating the cake made by Brent

    4. Austin Robinson

      I ship lexi and andrew

    5. Gloria Frances

      Квадратный и желтый помчался к кусту.

    6. Jhoulys Poll

      When Pierson kissed Brent Brent was like 🙄

    7. Maddie Smith


    8. Yatharth Goyal


    9. Amna.B

      brent is the best couple

    10. Avah Connaughty

      No sorry Jeremy but Dofie rules! 🍉

    11. Jewlia Hall


    12. Léa Lemieux-Dubé

      Wait why did Ben and Lexi broke up???

    13. Nina's Room

      do you like chocolate?

    14. Mubeen Mushtaq

      Lexi please match up with ben

    15. Syeda Izdihar Amani

      I miss bexi!!!!

    16. Purple Wolf

      I thought it was Brent and Pierson for a second.

    17. Kaylee’s world The best

      Why dose Ben always where’s hats he might is well get a haircut

    18. FunPuppys

      omg i wanna kisss!!!!!😚

    19. Lylia Lavigna

      Am I the only person who realized that Pierson was spelled wrong when they were voting

    20. __Brøkēn_hëārts546 __

      Brent and peircon. Easy.

    21. Aastha Patnaik

      i feel like andrew an jermy should have won hahah :D but fr i think dom and sofie should be a couple

    22. Deleted AccountSosoos

      OMH can I get a hi please I love you!!!

    23. Zekhethelo Tshabalala

      Ben and Lexi

    24. Nevaeh Rivas


    25. Aliyah & ayse

      Idk about Americans lol no hate

    26. gao de

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    27. Bukurie Lloti

      I love you lexi

    28. tik tok videos

      I love you lexi



    30. Brea Kelley

      Love it♥️♥️



    32. Lucy Balubal

      Just please kiss

      1. Lucy Balubal

        Just kiss

    33. lethejay 20

      Eto ung sinabi nila na besfren ra daw tapos naging sila😭

    34. Amanda D


    35. Mats Håverstad

      To be honest, Sofie and Dom are the cutest couple 👫😍 greetings from Norway 🇳🇴

    36. Your Typical Youtuber

      I ship Brent and Pierson🥴

    37. Riley McMorran

      did any one notice how brent went all quiet

    38. Ej10_playz •Roblox• And ꧁•ʙLossoᴍ ᴛᴇᴀ•꧂

      Nobody: Lexi: **tastes the cake and groans like a Grandpa (not being rude)** Also Lexi: I’ll give you a 7/10 it’s not *THAT* bad....

    39. Dexter Lee

      I think that there is a new member in the squad named Pieson 1:06

    40. Monira Flora

      Ben and lexi are cute together

    41. Vaishali P

      Sofie and Dom look like Frank and Hazel ( you guys will understand only if you know Percy jackson)

    42. Luna Kolk

      I love Bexi

    43. Eni Supiyatun

      1.03 haha they spelled it peison and brent🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. Dark Evil

      Pause at 5:33 and look at BEN'S EYE'S. LOL HE DO BE LOOKING ;) BEXI FOREVER!

    45. hayley whittaker

      Is your name lexi or alexa ??

    46. Aadar

      1:04 it says Pieson not Pierson

    47. Spark

      Jeremy And Girl Jeremy! Who’s With Me!?

    48. Saransh Kappal

      Sofi and Dom is the best couple I've ever seen 🔥🔥❤️❤️

    49. julie 1


    50. Yena Ngobeni


    51. Belle Katlee June

      I wanted breirson to win :/ xD

    52. Safia Smith

      I ship dofieeeee

    53. Safia Smith

      I ship BRIERSON and BEXI

    54. Baku Deku

      me just noticed: whoa they match THEY LITERLY HAVE THE SAME I COLOR I AM SOO JEALOUS

    55. Gaming Life_

      Sofie and lexi looking like sisters when they standing near each other

    56. LA_LA_LONA

      Aaaaawwwww Dom said sofye look gOod on the hors lol😂😂 Dom and sofye the new Ben and Lexi lol

    57. LA_LA_LONA

      I mean dom

    58. LA_LA_LONA

      I new that Ben and Lexi will get the least portents and Don and dosy was sooo good I thinks thay should get a lot of portents

    59. Hlee Xiong


    60. Jasmine Ryder

      hay lexi should make murch right

    61. xRosyBear

      After they broke up anyone realize that Ben is trying to look like Andrew? 1. Necklace 2. Backwards cap

    62. MLBB


    63. Samaria Jackson

      i think dom and sofie should be married for 24 hours

    64. Raz Begum

      Finally u too are a cupple

    65. Juan Barragan

      yet when she says she will put all their youtube links below she doesn't 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but love the vid

    66. itz Gab

      But lexi and ben broke up can you get together agin

    67. Taekookie

      Who else noticed this video is kind of late??

    68. Unknown

      Plot twist: lexi is trying to get andrew jealous with ben😂

    69. jennifer pennington

      U mean who was

    70. Reyna McGregor

      Brent wanting to kiss Pierson be like “ no “ Him inside “ I’m in paaiiinn”

    71. Ben Castona

      None of you me and my gf (Aubrey) and I are the best couple

    72. Gina Knight

      dom and sofie are nasty

    73. Junky Hartung

      The look on her face when she saw the vote of Ben and Lexi was so funny😂

    74. Joselyne Icimpaye

      right jeremy

    75. Crash IT

      "What's your favorite app" Like: DEcameras Reply: Tiktok

      1. Cristina Lizarraga


      2. Sharona Ezung


      3. alia lia


    76. Memeuhcutie 4l

      why did they make like survivor all over again putting i votes ahahhahahahaa

    77. June Theisz

      Hey what about Jeremy and Andrew. #Jandrew

    78. Ansh & Mandy

      These guys are cute but we're the best, sorry.

    79. Ms.Fragile Handlewithcare

      Wait I thought Lexi and Ben broke up what happened and where have I been

    80. Srijita Mondal

      Dofie ♥️

    81. Judy Bedard

      I ship dophie

    82. vanlalthari khalthang tetei


    83. Nugget or eggs UwU

      I ship Ben and Lexi. am u the only one

    84. Jenella Min Juachon

      Jermy you and Katie are so cute

    85. Courtney Ryan

      Aaaaaaawwwwwwww Dom and Sophie are ment for each other

    86. Jede Bennett


    87. Jede Bennett

      Oh my god dom won

    88. Willow Games

      I just watched ur insta live. I know this vid will be awesome!

    89. ja. oshane

      Hi lexi I was on you it live

    90. Mariela martinez


    91. SophieHasJoined

      Don't be shy post some more

    92. Rachael Padua

      I think Andrew and Jeremy should have won dofie is cute but i think Andrew and Jeremy should have won

    93. Axel Miranda

      you are the best Jeremy

    94. Erica Schlemmer


    95. Betty Johnson

      Lexi and Ben.

    96. Horace Lewis

      Did you and Ben get back together

    97. CameraCartoonz !!


    98. Cool GAMER

      Hi Lexi!

    99. sarah

      am i the only one waiting for a new video