the smartest person ever


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    hey it's me gabe (@gabesweats) from tiktok! in this video, i go over the smartest person ever.
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    1. BmnGameBoy

      To base someone of a number is kinda barebones init

    2. Discomunal Distribuidor

      This video talking about the smarter person in the earth, and I say Leonardo DiCaprio when I hear davinci

    3. JuJu

      His name is Young Sheldon

    4. FlakeTillman

      Aren’t High IQ scores relative to whatever the average score (100) is at the time?

    5. EVISCER8

      IQ scale stops at 200 and is an ever changing scale based on the people that have been tested within the history of the tests. You can't have an IQ over 200. Nice try...

    6. cunt

      Iq is bullshit

    7. Saanvika Shetty


    8. planet zeno

      I have an iq of 310

    9. goldie


    10. Prod.Messii Essie

      Pierre-Joseph Proudhon is the smartest people ever

    11. Lord of stuff

      IQ doesn't really matter what depends is someones accomplishments

    12. W. M.

      Ten dollars says there's monkeys and elephants and whales that can match any human

    13. Ordus Rosae

      IQ is a Nazi man made idea. To today’s standards is quite of a retarded form of measurement.

    14. Charles Cespedes

      My IQ 175

    15. :_MoonBright_1o1_:


    16. paramvir singh

      Source - trust me bro

    17. hvnnii_beez

      my grandma thought my grandpa was developing amnesia or something, so they went to the doctor and I forget why but he got an IQ test.. he has a really high IQ it turns out and my grandma is mad he didn't try harder in school lmao

    18. Hydro Aegis

      Bro if you get into Harvard at 11 then your IQ is whatever you say it is.

    19. A Bowl of Cereal

      Him: *Says Nikola TESLA* Me: So he created Tesla?

      1. goldie

        my god, no. tesla, as in the car company, is simply named after him. tesla didn’t create tesla.

    20. DerpyPannycake


    21. Oh Hale YEAH!

      People wil IQs that high know not to Read the NY times

    22. Raw Oyster

      IQ doesn't mean much

    23. Wiktorius 121

      But women with bigger iq than Einstein dont do nothin in her live

      1. Wiktorius 121

        @Aisling Disley yes

      2. Aisling Disley

        @Wiktorius 121 like why’d he mention her?

      3. Wiktorius 121

        @Aisling Disley but the Point is why the hell is there woman. Its uselles informacion.

      4. Aisling Disley

        I mean I’ve never heard of the guy with the highest iq ever so it doesn’t mean much lol

    24. ريان سامر صالح

      Gamers: oh my God 1 kill 2000 iq 😂

    25. Eleph0x

      I have tested once because I needed to for A school, but the test didnt go higher than 145+ so i dont know my iq

    26. Gabriel

      I’m surprise to see this video in 120fps on my iPhone

    27. Maddy Lynn

      Everyone in the comments is talking about serious stuff while I’m just like DAMN THIS KID IS SMORT

    28. Idk

      Me who literally is an failure : :)

    29. Its_me _

      The quiet anime mc: "275 IQ? Not bad"

    30. Kurapika

      So... My IQ is -275?

    31. clairebear

      Not me thinking he was gonna say Spongebob…

    32. Abegail Crochet

      We don't need school we just need this guy

    33. The best kurokos basketball character

      I like how im the best kurokos basketball character.

    34. PMT

      There are lot of people's more intelligent in the world but problem is they're not Americans 🤣

    35. Konoharmu

      For a minute I thought it was a joke and he was about to say lil Tay lol

    36. Kai

      Am the smartest person ever

    37. leappy

      Einstein's IQ Has never been tested...

    38. عبد الرحمان gamingplus

      Me no 🧢

    39. Sphotic Duck

      Omg ur mic so clean it’s cleansing

    40. 西方男人哭了

      He was a socialist who was mentally tortured by his father to save him from prison for being a socialist. After he was tortured, he only really did boring/repetitive work.

    41. DragonBeast Gaming

      "Source?" *"None, I made it."*

    42. vatexx

      I’ve hears about this Sidis, he also read old greek books when he was 6

    43. Xaecre

      No. This is all bullshit

    44. Waste Man

      Rick Sanchez

    45. V D

      Never heard of him he didn't inveny anything so what's the use of high IQ if you're not creative?

    46. nyapism

      IQ is made to classify social class system.

    47. YourLocalSpinachLeaf

      Honestly I think the IQ is shit. I hope you understand that having knowledge over certain things and being a thoughtful person are very different. For instance I’m fairly knowledgable over certain subjects but when it comes to making logical decisions I’m not your person.

    48. Jiří Štefka

      Another comments say what IQ is for, I'd just, like to point out that average IQ is always 100. Always. That's the point, that average is 100 and you measure yourself against the average.

    49. Daniella Polgári

      I knew about this but still good to know🌸

    50. Shamitha Sharma

      I hav 0 iq

    51. jaswingnut


    52. serry ciok

      Helping people solve their problems is a billion times better than being able to speak 25 languages. See you next week

    53. Nadiya Naseem

      What about stefen hawkings

    54. abdrex 213•

      Nice looooop

    55. Toraaay

      Love that dying light soundtrack tho

    56. Anonymous Anonymous

      I have a 9 years old brother who's smarter than that person.

      1. serry ciok

        Konstantinos Papakonstantinou. I mean just try to learn my name to a pre school junior!!:)

    57. Jasper Stocks

      Yeah but IQ tests are absolutely terrible

    58. Vidushi Saxena

      My mom: why can't you be like the neighbour's kid? The neighbour's kid:

    59. Sai Janani

      Namjoon’s IQ is 145

    60. Aka Sungam

      Title:- Who is the smartest person in the world Leads to IQ and doesnt differentiate intelligence with smartness, IQ is the capacity to learn and speed, while smartness is the capacity to adapt and thrive,

    61. RG19 GAMING4955

      Rick Astley Has The Highest IQ, He Made A Random Song And It Blew The Internet Up 🙂🙂🙂

    62. Katieee Lin

      Everyone is a genius by the things they are capable to do

    63. Jp

      No hate from me but doesn’t matter how much your IQ, what matters is how much you contributed to our world and make people lives easier here on earth.

    64. mouad taha

      I don't believe in IQ.

    65. itsJNDO

      "people" -Stephen hawking

    66. PriestessEYE

      Its just a number they died already

    67. AlphaLupy

      And then there's Drean with 10.000 IQ XD

    68. LSMusic

      Dang it I'm 139

    69. Konstantinos Papakonstantinou

      Konstantinos Papakonstantinou. I mean just try to learn my name to a pre school junior!!:)

    70. nobody ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      I have 0 iq in case of math :)

    71. MR.Pikachu 32

      100% not me,im dumb.

    72. Loneliluna

      Me thinking the persons name is gonna be Sheldon Cooper-

    73. Anupam anupam

      What you do with your intelligence is what matters.

    74. Shamal Rifan

      L,light,senku,lelouch,aizen are all above this😁😁😁 . . . . . . . . . . . Just a joke,dont go bitin on me.....😐

    75. Shraddha Andhare

      Pls dont forget abt L

    76. Freya H-H

      Wow I thought 150 was a genius. Guess my 142.8 is good enough then 🤣

    77. FaZe_SNIPES Z

      He would be a great teacher

    78. It's Jordan bih

      Meine iq is above 300hundat 😁

    79. ripr blu

      Should have made the cut at a zero crossing region. You could have made a perfect loop.

    80. Zyang’s Life

      This video makes me feel dumb but then I realise it depends on how u define smart so yeah

    81. dI9ESTIVES

      Da Vinci is probably the most brilliant human being ever. The guy was ahead of his time and the next.

    82. Alfie Jack

      sheldon cooper lol

    83. Chanam  Sangeeta

      U don't know tesla invented electric cars at the time where people don't know what oil even is

    84. 𝐤.𝔢.𝔫.𝔞

      Bruuuh i want to be a genius but mine is 139 :(

    85. Jazztine Saldua

      I bet he can play among us

    86. ĶHĐ

      say mashallah 😯

    87. Dug the First

      Me having a 210 iq I did the test Me - oh ma gawdddd

    88. Abigail Varghese

      Us no one talking about rap monster 🤣🤣🤣💜💜

    89. kira

      Those people who don't get Rick roll


      Swami Vivekananda had infinite IQ and everyone failed to measure it

    91. Pikachu


    92. Cameron Aitchison

      You should take an IQ test... You seem really smart

    93. Kirtanuum

      The photo of Sidis is of him as a senior at Harvard, aged 16. (Harvard Yearbook: Harvard Magazine) William James Sidis (1898-1944 [died of a stroke]) genius; a remarkable child prodigy, whose IQ was said to be between 250 & 300 (the highest ever recorded). Sidis was born to Russian immigrants (his father; a gifted psychologist) who settled in Boston. When only three years of age, he learned Latin; to surprise his father. At 11; he was lecturing professors on mathematics at Harvard. He knew all the languages (approximately 200) of the world, and could translate among them instantly. When Sidis was a teenager, he announced that he would refuse to have anything to do with sex for the rest of his life. He lead a life of celibacy. (Doug Renselle, review of Amy Wallace's 'The Prodigy' [1986, Dutton 1st edition hardbound, 297 pages])

    94. JD RNS

      I still believe that intelligence is measured on how good and fast you adapt to changing environments and eq is more important than iq.

    95. Victoria Dougherty

      A drive for comprehension and the capability to do so is not necessarily a drive for creation and the ability to do so.

    96. StevenDaSeagull

      AYO PIN ME PLSSSSS k so Nikola Tesla Is ACTUALLY from the most hated country SERBIA! RIGHT HIS IQ WAS Atleast,139


      It is a good loop



    99. Pie Con