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    woodworking carpenter tips

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    1. brooks who

      If your just now learning this I hope your 12

    2. Seymore yo

      They sell an awesome jig now

      1. Novica Mitić


      2. Novica Mitić


    3. Rany Travis

      Really cool

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    6. Hewert scott

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    7. Kookoo Kachu

      Brilliant. Thank you 👍👍

    8. Darmaji 123

      Kok Yo Pinter Sampean Dul

    9. งาสี เงิน

      ตัดแผ่นเดียวก็ได้ เสียเวลาเปล่าๆ

    10. april godel

      Blew my mind

    11. Janos T

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    12. Сергей Кузьменко

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    13. Jeff Niemiste

      Common sense 🐱😜

    14. Ghulam Murtaza

      Very grateful 🙏

    15. Michael Fischer

      Kid videos

    16. robert4you

      Videos like these are so good for my OCD....

    17. Canale Chiuso

      Roba de sega e gepeto

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    19. Jon Orech

      And you thought HS geometry was a waste of time!

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    25. Misha

      Holy crap that music is bad.

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    27. Margaret Thompson

      Grate thank you for shareing

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    29. Divaldo Bernardo

      Divaldo Bernardo

    30. Donna Himpler

      That a Pro awesome 👍😎😎😎😎😎

    31. Mario Aguilar

      Ver y good ..!!!

    32. Ronie Rongcal

      Verry nice

    33. Vincenzo Weazer

      Just dont cut it flat on the floor

    34. Roberson Francisco


    35. Race Bannon

      Everybody gets a trophy

    36. Shane Ziegler

      Now that’s what YT shorts should be all about

    37. Brissia Leo

      😳 Gracias

    38. alfred Angeles

      Lo marca para no tirar el otro lado!waawww..

    39. Mannie Fresh

      I still don't see it

    40. Ella Moral Alonzo


    41. num su

      Wtf I've seen this type of trick tons of times, why does everyone likes to copy each others?????

    42. JORGE Arturo

      The video was good but how he cut the wood with the saw backward???

    43. Latreall Higgs

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    44. Greg Keenan

      Is there another way your not telling?

    45. Cry More

      It's like power tools don't exist in shithole countries

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    50. Tuyến Luân

      Verry good

    51. Miras elizabeth

      Wow nice

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    53. hank hardon / BLKFACE

      Gravy day

    54. Antarctic Vortex

      Wow a useful short.

    55. Владимир Якуненко

      Спасибо не знал про этот способ

    56. Danny Gallegos

      no concuerda nada

    57. Epic Enderman

      Wood workers tip: DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN CUT WOOD

      1. Luis Araujo

        @Epic Enderman good for you! LOL

      2. Epic Enderman

        @Luis Araujo you know what I'm just not going to look at these answers anymore because I'm sick of listening to your grammar correcting sarcasm useing grass. Now then I'm very thirsty I'm going to get some milk and or o.j

      3. Luis Araujo

        @Epic Enderman, really? You don’t like having your sense of humour complemented? Please accept my condolences then. Good night!

      4. Epic Enderman

        @Luis Araujo wow you really want to start a fight grumpy

      5. Luis Araujo

        @Epic Endermanit’s a joke. I surprised with your sense of humour that you haven’t realized that yet. See yah!

    58. Luis Santos

      Aí sabe trabalhar!!!👍👍👍

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    60. D W

      Perfectly satisfying

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    62. Kleane reis mattos Kleanereismattos


    63. Lowner

      Ich Säge auch immer auf meinem Laminatboden 😂💆🏼‍♂️

    64. JetJet Idlas

      nice idea

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    66. william molfetto

      Literally ever flooring guy right know. 😄📝

    67. Hamid Hamada

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    68. Edwin Ubod

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    69. Dan Bedard

      But the cuts are still off...

    70. Daniel Bruce

      😎 you're very cool

    71. leonardo Campoverde

      Good job

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    73. Scs Bdd

      A pesar está errando.por que ? Faça aperguta ao fábrica tem

    74. Kevo

      Thought it was gonna be cool until I saw a black hand and realized, yep he stole everything in this video

    75. B Glock

      Damn people still use hand saws???

    76. joel martins de oliveira oliveira

      Sensacional parabéns

    77. Super saiyan Senturion

      Dang bro. U did basic common sense. Im proud of u

    78. Ramadan Mohammed

      فكره جميله

    79. Ch Zulfiqar


    80. KB MILLER

      Thank you.

    81. Hung Tran


    82. alun morgan

      I like the way you marked the waste piece , you wouldn’t want to throw the wrong piece away

    83. Arif Fahriza


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    85. Jaime García


    86. 妍楨 李

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    89. sanjay kumar

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    90. Ubiratan Ferreira

      Muito importante para quem gosta de aprender gostei!...

    91. Every-ist And-ophobe

      It's not a "tip" it's called just being a F-ing carpenter and it's what you learn on your first F-ing day!

    92. Lost

      Glad you put an x on the piece that was trash. Almost threw away the wrong piece

    93. jackson lima


    94. Terry Muhammad

      I will use this technique. THANK YOU

    95. Acrylic Art Alchemy

      Thanks for this tip. This is going to help me heaps on my off grid property

      1. Andre Graves

        If you're serious about that, It's a great idea.

    96. Trà đá Love