Intel - From Inventors of the CPU to Laughing Stock [Part 2]


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    1. Navtej Singh

      I have the Ryzen 7 5800x in my gaming pc, but when I looked for laptops I had to go intel because i couldn't find any non gaming laptops that use amd.

    2. Tartrazine

      Intel did not ‘invent’ the CPU. CPUs already exited in the form if discrete components. Thousands had been made and used by this point.

    3. Larkinchance

      I've got an idea, ... Let's put an account executive in charge!

    4. The Mamosians

      wow they make 90's microsoft look like angels

    5. tryTrum 2ice

      just seems that most of headlines for this video Part-2 are not correct in foundations !? lol as if the narrator had a person vandetta against Intel & lost fortune in its sticks. i.e. mobile cpu that iphone needed .. the year for dates seems way off too .

    6. tryTrum 2ice

      no mention of AMD cpu's longest lasting constant incompatibility with few critical programs & the Win's...that's what keot them at a fraction to intel... which most all were willing to pay extra 80-100. to have intel cpu & a motherboard for it when buying a new custom configured PC (or a clone)! only the Nerds wanted AMD cpu !!

    7. tryTrum 2ice

      how about all the recent acquisitions they been making to change sales into other markets & not justDT/Server pc's. i.e. AI & Driverless cars... MobileEye & few more Co's

    8. Kevin Rouse

      It's still a 259 billion dollar "laughing stock." The criticisms leveled here are valid and significant, but they should be kept in perspective.

    9. keith smith

      Always believed Intel was a better chip, silly me

    10. Sagara Sousuke

      In every business the same, specially on the gaming industry, every time a company becomes too successful, business men take over the company and start developing shit games. How can you be sure games aren't also sabotaged to run worse on AMD?

    11. A V


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        No one cares

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    13. Rumah Pita

      give marketing-mind individual to lead technology company is one hell of the mistake

    14. Justinian Byzantium

      That’s an IQ 144 documentary :).

    15. Chuck Peck

      They are putting in billions into their future. It wont pan out until a couple of years from now. AMD will lead. In a couple of years, Intel will be up against AMD's 3nm node. So they got their work cut up for them!

    16. Ed Koetsier

      Intel HAS to counter EPYK. That's where the plaudits and big bucks are. Once there everything else will fall into place. They just have to keep up with AMD in the consumer CPU space. They have to regain their Engineering prowess. I think they are trying.

    17. g h

      Linus has no problem with chewing out Intel. And he could not have picked a more deserving company.

    18. john Last

      intel share price seem to be doing well though

    19. Deep F. Value

      Won't miss this sinking ship.

    20. das asda

      INTEL should marry Microsoft and go bankrupt together

    21. Bv Kronenberg

      Airplane and chip companies run by the accounting department will always crash.

    22. xele fonte

      Intel, the weasel and the chicken. Clearly, the free market needs to end this anti-trust-driven company!

    23. Bongo Cat

      AMD user forever 🔥

    24. Kappa123

      Im up like 40% on intel since i bought it mid 2020. Fuck off lmao

    25. PiG0

      It's the same they didn't try that now. We seem to encourage monopolies.

    26. Paul Shipley

      Bob Swan would be in jail in a ideal world. So evil and incompetent.

    27. C Y R U Z

      Its Intel's fault They are faking Benchmark for money

    28. Yaw Manuel

      Tech companies should be CEO by Engineers, not MBAs fellows.

    29. Land Voyagers

      I was listening to the part with bribes with mouth wide open, well I always saw them as monopolists until threadrippers showed up, it explains why server system processors were so expensive, on the other hand I remember years when AMD wasn't doing so well (i7 decade), so I just hope Intel doesn't die and release a decent 7nm, because without decent competition AMD will become new Intel

    30. Prod. S.A

      Honestly what happend to IBM again? I remember them being a chip maker back in the 80s and having a computer systems for Nasa

    31. LW

      Intel: Things can’t possibly get any worse 11900K: Hold my beer

    32. Corz Illa

      Intel got caught slippin.

    33. One Eternal Ash

      WTF!? After all the years of scummy practices from Intel. I’m never buying their CPU’s ever again.... Thanks for the video, ColdFusion!!

    34. Shannon McIntyre

      Who would you speak to regarding this project

    35. Mimik Pesimo

      If Apple would be the next Nokia.. Intel would be the next IBM.

    36. Framingham 508

      Dagogo can you do stuff on the stock market and day trading and options,,, your breakdown and in depth perspective on the stock market can be life changing for a lot of your viewers...

    37. Professor Zoom

      Incredible video as always. And that clip of Linus made me chuckle.

    38. arun chauhan

      I really like your story telling. Keep up the good work.

    39. TOB CyxoB

      AMD didn't catch-up to Intel. Instead, AMD sold its soul for 30 pieces of silver and shipped its teach secrets and jobs overseas. If US is ever to go to war with China, they better buy bullets from China first. All integrated circuits are made overseas. In 2020 USA was at the mercy of China for PPE. Somehow Americans don't find it humiliating. Intel is the only one trying to keep trade secrets in house. Or do you want pentagon computers to be shipped from China too? Don't bother waking-up America, it is already too late.

    40. Nainar Sethuchidambaram

      Rename u r self as " cool fusion " u r really cool with ur research..... Excellent 🌐 dude

    41. Consuelo Gonzalez

      Your content is great, I think it's worth investing in! You should create your own coin at mintme

    42. Andrew Ngo

      Intel is like the US and AMD is like the China.

    43. morgan ghetti

      Intel has spent the past decade gouging customers. I understand charging a premium for your chip since it was so much faster and efficient. However, things like changing your socket every two years and locking all of your parts just so you can get an extra 20 percent out of enthusiast was just anti-consmer behavior. I'm happy they are getting their ass kicked for now.

    44. Drigror

      The sad part is despite intel's dirty tactics their cpus is still far more reliable than amd cpus in terms of bug free or overheating issues.I'm not an intel fanboy but i'm using an intel chip since 2013,yup same chip till now 2021.

    45. Scopin Evan

      Update for intel 11th gen, 11900k has 2 less cores and 4 less threads than the 10900k, is slightly slower in most situations, and is 50 more than the 10900k at $550usd. What a joke

    46. ms p

      All this from a guy who thinks Apple's M1 chip (and 7%-8% computer market share) is a

    47. DaRyteJuan

      Finding out that Intel sold America down the river with H1-B visas has DONE IT for me! Being outsourced programmers to India for $11/hour and their planes started dropping out of the sky.

    48. Carlo B

      never knew how much corruption Intel did to try and stay relevant and leading until watching this , its sad that many American companies forget that making the right products is better than paying bribes Ohhh but wait its the American way right Hmm just look at the Governmental Bribers err i mean Lobbyists , Once again an awesome story told by Dogogo thnx your the GOAT man in Docos

      1. Scopin Evan

        lobbying should be banned as it is basically bribery imo. The only difference is it is called a "donation".

    49. Satnero

      Anyone know the outro song?

    50. anayman7

      Intel 11 gen launched today, and it was not faster than AMD, they failed

    51. 33arpitarpit33

      It's freaky stuff with Theranos-like vibes

    52. Jack Whitehead

      The lewd trigonometry medicinally beg because software regrettably note plus a graceful passenger. red, female fertile juice

    53. Kode Korp

      Only goes to show, the old saying of competition is a good thing.

    54. MarvelExtra

      I will never ever buy an Intel product after watching this video. AMD products are more upgradable anyway. They don't change their slots every year or so.

    55. Anukool Karvir

      Do one on AMD

    56. Mateusz Wojtkiewicz

      Their manufacturing is both the reason for their recent failures AND the only reason they're still relevant. They have so much manufacturing capacity it's impossible for TMSC to beat them. That's the only reason they're still making enormous ammounts of money. AMD couldn't possible sell that many CPUs hence they are constantly out of stock while Intel can actually supply the market.

    57. mike216ism

      A big ego always gets in the way preventing growth

    58. Ron Villejo

      Intel needs its own Satya Nadella. It remains to be seen whether Patrick Gelsinger is up to snuff. If not, Intel may be the next Motorola or worse yet BlackBerry, taken down by its own arrogance, complacency or corruption.

    59. Jarrett Fayer

      what if i told you intel was told by the feds to stop releasing because home computers were outpreforming military secured network systems and they were afraid of a elementary school student launching nukes over the phone lines (war games anyone?)

    60. Louis Duran

      10nm Intel process isn't comparable to 7nm TSMC process. You also need to look at transistor density. Intel is still a leader in transistor density.

      1. Piotr D.

        @Louis Duran - there are also other factors: isulation leakage, paraistic capacities, yield etc. In any case, once Intel sorts out 10nm en masse, they'll be far cry from loosing.

    61. TheKrambambuli

      It's a good thing for technology in general if there is competition. So it is probably a good for technology that Intel got stuck developing their 10nm process and AMD took over the crown. What I don't like is the way these nanometer numbers are used in the media. TSMC's 7nm process is not the same as the one from Samsung. It's not a very good metric to compare two processes if they come from different foundaries.

    62. Robin Pettit

      We could see this coming. AMD was hungry and Intel was sitting on it laurels, i.e., technology and switched to worrying about money rather than maximizing technological advances in their product.

    63. nap163020

      I had NO idea Intel was and is so shady!

    64. Learn with Dr. Nawaz

      Next IBM

    65. Campbell Baylee

      The incompetent aries postoperatively book because market oddly depend among a volatile bottle. needy, various tank

    66. Joy N

      Proud Ryzen user

    67. Pansak Chantara

      Intel will be back one day but not the next 3-5 years. If they stuck with 14+++++++ they're doom

    68. Jules Smith

      Self-inflicted decline which will turn out to be unrecoverable. Quickest way to lose leadership is over-sell and under-deliver to your major Customers. No wonder Microsoft and Apple weren't prepared to be held-up by 10 years on 'a still undelivered promise'. Sell your Intel Shares now before the general public are sold devices 'Intel Left Outside'

    69. Sang Kang

      Still waiting for skynet to take over here. intel gonna f it up.

    70. Rishabh Ranjan

      Intel will always be in my heart but not my pc👽❤️

    71. Rafael Gallardo

      I guess AMD is duplicating Apple's marketing strategy dubiously clamming PR success stories, as Apple did in the late 90's - early 2000's with the Power PC 128 bit processor (which even nowadays doesn't exist), while they were actually using 64 bit dual Intel Xeon processors in their machines.

    72. John Olooney

      Greed ends up spoilt it everything - but intel have an engineer in charge now and I have high hopes for alder lake

    73. Mohamad Syazwan

      on the bright side thanks to amd some intel chips is cheap than normal. glad i could have both system.

    74. puneet rathore


    75. Naruto Uzumaki

      The eminent bubble amazingly drown because correspondent generically stay from a opposite teaching. dependent, lamentable lyric

    76. Vodkarage

      Considering all the dirty handed tactics they have used, and mostly due to all the lying to their consumers, we can only hope they fail and disappear.

    77. The Papa

      Man hats off to your balls. So much truth about the gods gets you banned real bad

    78. archie andrews

      I prefer amd over intel period

    79. Boomerino Kripperino

      That's what happens when MBAs become the CEO of companies.

    80. WittyRoark

      Really feel guilty of buying those sluggish Dell & HP laptops with underperforming Intel chips last 2 decades.. 😒 Like many others I too got suckered into their marketing & distribution.

    81. funbucket09

      Intel isn't going anywhere. They are lucky to be in a position where they have enough capital to make a tonne of mistakes. If they get desperate they will probably sell CPUs below cost just to choke the competition out for a while. Don't forget, Intel supply loads of other products for example networking. Every motherboard I have owned in the past 15 years has had an integrated Intel Ethernet and/or wifi NIC even my AMD boards. And they have been using the same chip (intel I210/1 NIC) in most cases since 2011/12! They will bounce back eventually.

    82. Anne

      Now I understand that Intel CPU trying to set itself on fire.. Just couldn't take it anymore lol

    83. Manav Lakhani

      The issue with cold fusion is that every video topic is so damn amazing, I waste most of my time deciding which one to watch 1st

      1. Young And Investing

        Are you interested in getting info for better crypto gains?

    84. Skeptical Narratives

      Intel were trying to outdo Microsoft in the unethical and anti-trust department.

    85. Patthayos Polsongkram

      Kinda story of Rabbit and Turtle

    86. Joy Dunlap

      The bent chalk mostly list because line neuroanatomically grip besides a five marble. makeshift, imperfect quit

    87. Shan Dantanarayana

      This article is about 2 years too late. intels fab problem getting resolved and they're even gaining market share from AMD.

    88. Philippe Vaessen

      Leadership is Key: Lisa Sue brought AMD Back, Steve Jobs returned woke up Apple. Jensen Huang is the driving force behind Nvidia's success. Intel is (was) managed by an accountant... Accountants don't innovate, it involves risk. They will only eat up the future of the company to reward the shareholders. From a production perspective the real competitor to Intel is not AMD, but TSMC. TSMC can spread their R&D and Capex over a much larger production than Intel. AMD is fabless, they rely on TSMC to produce while their R&D is focussed on design and innovation.

    89. Ex Ow

      What a phonies, I guess no point to believe any of intel GPU news/benchmarks either.. those business practises make me puke..

    90. The Real GodFather

      Intel is Done AMD is working now on 3nano Chip

    91. Peter Anderson

      The lesson of this story is karma is a bitch

    92. andri kurniawan

      Amd perjuangan hadir ❤️

      1. Young And Investing

        Do you want a step by step guilde to get better crypto gains?

    93. Lex Lim

      Interesting. Tks.

    94. Malith Perera

      Intel has a Boeing problem. Tech companies run by accountants instead of engineers.

    95. Muhammad Mubashirullah Durrani

      Cheat inside


      being an intel user myself, i'm glad to say this will be my last intel processor i'm ever using. it's going to be amd all the way from now.

      1. محمد

        Same with me

    97. Kelly Armantrading

      @coldfusiontv could you do a video on 'how big is LG please'

      1. Young And Investing

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    98. au jack

      Global foundry was AMDs own in-house Fab production until its tech fall behind and they split. It allow AMD to concentrate as design and marketing company only

    99. Gg Gigiga

      Make me feel so good of my new Asus ZenBook flip with AMD inside 😎