How Apple Just Changed the Entire Industry


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    A quick note - The A14 comparison vs Intel i9 was normalised for single core performance.
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    Interview with ARM founder:
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    1. Paras Arya

      I remember you saying like 2 years ago, that Apple should include ARM processor, and now here we are, it happened

      1. Ivan BB10

        @madridista sejati and that's one of the reasons why Qualcomm acquired the start up company Nuvia founded by ex Apple chip architect.

      2. Crazy Freak

        ARM chips by Apple is not that powerful against Intel and AMD chips basically Macs will then be unsuitable for beefy softwares like 3D rendering, gaming and etc... In short they'll become underpowered laptops which isn't a good idea they are better off to just stick with Intel chips

      3. Kazi Shakib Bin Rahim

        Just wow 😮 Btw pc user 😅

      4. TheCapitaineR

        @joseph dragojevich Apple has a perpetual license. NVidia could not prevent Apple from using the ARM instruction set.

      5. pw1nc3sz

        I had seen the M1 chip around 5-6yrs ago from ARM

    2. wils

      You don't seem to know there is only one company that can manufacture the chips Apple needs, and the name of that company is TSMC, not Samsung.

    3. Qusay Sultan

      I bought the Mac with M1 because of this video

    4. Klemen Škorjanc

      I have over 1 year old hp pavilio x360 with i3 core and battery life is still like 8 to 10 hours when browsing or watching movies

    5. Accutronitis The 2nd


    6. Alvira Rahman

      Intel is....done for. I don’t see them getting over this. They can’t even transition to 10nm, AMD alone are killing them.

    7. TotalRookie_LV

      Not impressed by the same power, if it comes with th esame power consumption as a desctop CPU, and that's to put it mildly. Phones *must be* autonomous for extended period of time. Look, I know it's a VERY unfair comparison, but my old 11 year old cel phone still runs on it's original battery for weeks without charging. No smartphone is able to do that. XD

    8. Klaus Neumann

      Everyone thinks Steve Jobs is responsible for the iPhone but just like others he didn't think it would succeed and dismissed it, if it wasn't for his engineers then the iPhone might not have been a thing.

    9. Chris Vaccaro

      0:54 .. lmao, is he serious? this youtuber must not really understand the history of computing. Apple has been disrupting industries for decades... the Apple 2 was the first mainstream PC that people actually bought.. the Macintosh was the first GPU computer people actually bought, the iPhone was the first smartphone (then android starting making phones), the iPad was the first real tablet (then android started making tablets, then microsoft)... if we're being honest every major piece of tech we use in our daily lives was set forth by apple.. the smartphone, the tablet, and the desktop. I mean that's besides the other more minor technologies Apple made ubiquitous... Voice Assants, mp3 players, THE MOUSE, Computer Animation (Pixar - Steve Jobs,) stores offering digital music rather than CDs, etc etc etc... "but what if Apple ACTUALLY did something to move the industry forward". This comment gives me a headache. Otherwise good video.

      1. Distendedmist58

        did they do anything with pcs in the last decade?

    10. Satisfying Whirlpools

      Guys... step back and look at what technology truly is. What it’s doing is INSANE!!!!! Don’t ever forget that. Remember that it all used to be dirt and rocks and spears. And now it’s freakin computers. What will it be in 100 years?

      1. Garr Trigger

        Genetic engineering will be the thing next. No more diseases.

    11. Intet Mane

      Yeah, arm is a lot older than 10 years tough

    12. Daniel Filippus

      I have to mention the elephant in the room tho. Mac OSX suxx Give me Apple Hardware with Windows.

      1. Distendedmist58

        mac os is optimized for mac cpus, windows with mac hardware is pointless

      2. Garr Trigger

        Tru dat

    13. Stephen Fazekas

      It's really about how intel sucks

    14. elitewolverine

      Can Apple do more than one thing at a time? During these tests I never see it doing more than one thing at a time... Currently on my old as hell pc, I am running a 3d printer that is printing for 3hrs at this time, watching youtube, running a 3d cad program, and have email up...and last more than a few hours on the battery?

      1. Akshay Desai

        Remember, this is just the M1 chip. More chips are on the way.

    15. Charlie Mingus

      God this video was pure joy. Thank you for your effort. Subscribed!

    16. Ashutosh

      " It's the kind that you have to plug into a wall. " LMAO

    17. Bassquake

      Hopefully a Windows optimised version of an M1 type chip will come soon for PCs.

    18. Daniel Eberechukwu

      Very good sound tracks... How do I get them?

    19. Zeck

      but can it run Crysis?

    20. Nova Noir

      We probably going to see ARM chip on desktop. AMD had spank Intel so hard this year and now ARM is on their trail

    21. Andrew Williams

      The quantum processor is the future . Then positronic .

    22. Jamespham

      How do you think they got to this point? The money they earn are used in R &D and not use to hack your private info like Chinese phone companies. LOL

    23. neomt2

      So basically every new crapple iphone is them getting "donations to r&d + revenge against intel"

    24. Nemenis

      Wait I thought apple suck :/

      1. Distendedmist58

        it's just expensive

      2. Satisfying Whirlpools

        Apple expensive, but apple good, and now apple is expensive but STRONGGG💪💪💪💪💪💪

    25. Crazy Freak

      To simplify ARM chips by Apple is not that powerful against Intel and AMD chips basically Macs will then be unsuitable for beefy softwares like 3D rendering, gaming and etc... In short they'll become underpowered laptops which isn't a good idea they are better off to just stick with Intel chips

    26. Mcglynn Kareem

      The ill-fated dirt neurologically post because fox pertinently wander during a quarrelsome cold. hissing, mundane laundry

    27. saron bon

      Can't wait to see ARM adjustments for quantum computing

    28. Crunchy Roll

      Surface Pro X does the same, runs windows on ARM so is this typical apple hype again before a product launch.

    29. Dott Winial

      Honestly the one thing I keep wondering in this video is how computer chip can work without electricity….

      1. Dott Winial

        @nocturnal1970 isn’t it like, extremely low? Like in this video, close to zero? And that worked on there?

      2. nocturnal1970

        He stated residual power in the circuit which means power contained within the electronics after disconnection. For example, capacitors store charge like a short term battery.

    30. LÆVIS

      Can't wait for 0.5nm

    31. leo leo

      Lot of apple proztitutes promoting overpriced with zero control of the consumer on the device as if they want you to keep a tracking machine on you. Most of the features most of the time are not useful for most of the users. So only a retard would buy this crap.

    32. leo leo

      These all were military/pentagon backed front men and projects...

    33. Rajesh Patgar

      19 Jan 2021 Some people say they are born late for space exploration beginning and too early for interplanetary and galaxy travel spaceage But right at some upcoming years for tech revolution..

    34. Mariano Cortes


    35. Ruben Rodriguez

      What about the MS Surface ?

    36. Sukamal Das

      These kinds of machines could be less expensive.. hmmm..

      1. Distendedmist58

        arm is less expensive probably

    37. pauljohn legaspi

      so M1 chip on Iphones? anyone?

      1. Distendedmist58

        arm chips are on iphone

    38. Voice of Reason

      My first computer was an Apple IIC

    39. Jim Sephton

      Using slave labor and soon comprimised the good old USA I for one say F Apple.

    40. Jepoy Aquino

      The chip is running without power supply that's hilarious

    41. Tutor Island

      This was So Enjoyable ✨

    42. Constantin SANDU

      Intel inside, slow outside.

    43. Mario D. Zmaj

      shills...shills everywhere. I remember when you shilled for hyperloop. You suck degogo

    44. Leatile MrT

      Im honoured too to experience this. Love it.

    45. Sagacious Apotheosis BLM

      20:35 👄 Notice the dude mimics the words of the other. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    46. madmotorcyclist

      What's funny is the M1 is running at 1/2 the frequencies of those 8086 architectures that it is compared to. Given the thermal efficiency if Apple increases the operating frequency of its ARM to match the 8086 it will double the 8086 performance and still be more efficient.

    47. Se Su

      It's good to be here as your videos are always interesting to watch and full of great stories.Keep up the good work.💻vs📱Cheers

    48. Abhi Patil

      Good one

    49. game play2312

      A kid eats less than an adult and can spells A to Z much faster than an adult. But an adult, who consumes more food and can't spell A to Z correctly, can go to work and make money. I think ARM and X86 are for different purposes....And eventually Quantum PC comes :)

      1. Distendedmist58

        intels losing tho,

      2. Satisfying Whirlpools

        One is for the purpose of heating your room, the other is for not heating your room.

    50. Ulf3000

      i hope some nvidia haters now understand why nvidia is aquiring arm. the future is upon us

    51. Richard Rivera

      The long-term cent controversly influence because open routinely grin modulo a yielding face. evasive, uppity donna

    52. XYZ

      Thanks so much, Dagogo. That was brilliant!

    53. Shreyas Aradhya

      I've been a windows user for like forever. And I never thought I'd switch to Mac. After the unveil of M1, I took the leap & just got a MacBook Air M1 & it's just mind-blowing! The performance to battery ratio is just insane! Feels like future is now after using it.

    54. Mike Lopez

      The fresh french conceivably lie because animal inadvertently multiply beyond a woebegone war. early, oafish quiver

    55. The Gorn

      Lol. Arm isn’t the design. RISC is.

    56. Tommy Lu

      Samsung can't keep up. The chip maker is someone else.

    57. Jason Leigh

      Love your content and quality. I wish you an awesome 2021.

    58. balldip

      I’m loving my m1 for software engineering. Once we get docker is gonna be good 😤 Edit: I’m running 16gb of ram now. (Returned laptop and ordered a new one)

    59. TJ Nanda

      AMD : add more coooooooorrreeee !!!!

    60. Marcel Sommer

      Apple : also rotten to the core

    61. Siss Derella

      You can't compare a 5nm chip to a 14nm desktop part! Intel is so busy milking the money cow with their (extremely cheaply produced) 14nm components, that they are a bit late now, that's all. Once they scale down their manufacturing, the architectural differences are going to show massively, after all the difference in structure density on these chips is as high as 8x !!!! And Intel is still keeping up :'D. Apple has ZERO knowledge in that field other than what it can buy externally. Their advantage, much like AMDs sadly, will be completely trampled in just a few years.

      1. Distendedmist58

        the point is ARM architecture

    62. Glitch Machine

      Comparing a surface pro to an m1 goes to show that this video is biased and based on no real research...... No mobile chip will compare to the top 50 cpus and gpu combo. Cell phones are highly optimized.

    63. St.Castle

      Welcome to the future

    64. Shravan Bhardwaj

      me on my m1 mac watching this

      1. nocturnal1970

        Me too, the Mini M1 is a game changer, x86 has had it's day

    65. ArgoBots

      What a joke

      1. Distendedmist58

        what a joke

    66. Geeknetic

      Qualcomm and Windows brought ARM to PCs 3 years ago already. 3rd gen Windows on Snapdragon is being sold by different brands like HP, ASUS, etc. The real difference is that Windows users get to choose, whilst Apple doesn't give you a choice.

      1. Distendedmist58

        windows arm sucked until very recently

    67. Genrix

      Meanwhile Intel is headding towards the gpu marked. What a crazy time to be alive. Since Nvidia bought ARM I am wondering about them producing CPU’s as well... IMAGINE 😂

    68. Dylan Moore

      But it's not the first laptop to use arm power technology. The Lenovo yoga 5g has it too and one of the surface computers too they use the Qualcomm chip and it's Windows based. And AMD also uses a different architecture bwhich is faster bthen Intel. Why does apple always get all the attention?

      1. Distendedmist58

        the iphone isn't the first smartphone either

    69. Sean C

      LMFAO Oh ok since it beat the desktop setup w/ 10900k and a AMD 5700XT in the 4K video editing let's see it run cyberpunk.. I'll tell you what I'll even make it easier if that phone can run cyberpunk at 1080p with better frame rates then the desktop running cyberpunk at 4k I'll bow down to apples amazing greatness... O it can't? I didn't think so.. This video just isn't factual besides the history lesson which was very good btw. Your leaving very important information out like a ARM processer is a SoC (system on a chip) so it has its gpu and cpu in one chip and is alot more comparable to a APU x86 so it will be a VERY long time before it can run anything like cyberpunk bc the shear volume of calculations would make the arm chip poop it's pants. Most importantly that chart there you showed where the M1 is beating intel is performance per watt lmao. I mean really... I mean don't get me wrong I applaud apple and their new power efficient arm chip it is light years above any other arm chip and it takes some big balls and deep pockets to just start manufacturing your own silicone I just don't like how it's twisting the power consumption to performance to make it seem like it's better performing in every other category too bc it's definitely not.. There will come a day that a arm chip beats a 10900k in all the categories that actually matter but it's not today and it won't be for awhile. Btw I'm a AMD guy and don't sleep on AMD and their chiplet cpu designs as it goes for the power consumption to performance.. they are bringing up the performance of x86 CPUs and bringing down power consumption at the same time and it's also translating into their graphics cards. All the while also dropping in manufacturing size so

    70. Jackson Walker

      How did they do it? They screw’d all the small guys along the way, re-created indentured servitude and squelched free speech and competition by paying off politicians.

    71. Jerry Westergaard

      How did Apple do it? Slave Labor.

    72. Fabian Christoper

      Dude get a mic filter im a bit annoyed of the ssss sound, great video tho

    73. thecommenter

      Has the architecture of the university run its course? How are we to create a new medium for knowledge distribution other than text?

    74. BassHunter S. Thompson

      How did they do it? Simple answer; Slave Labour

    75. Michael Clements

      Really great story telling, visuals, etc. Outstanding video!

    76. niikiyama

      cant believe i'd be potentially seeing a huge change in technology

      1. Terry Rodbourn

        Yep it’s a game changer that w I’ll change, Now even Other chip manufactures looking to Arm machines! Even Windows gave gone to Arm lately!

    77. habbis

      This is fine for the avrage user but for a poweruser it changes nothing really amd have been an game changer when they did come out with ryzen finally there where more than 4 core cpu where cheap . Apple dont make server cpus so it wont change my work as an virtualization consultant but there are interesting stuff from other manufactures like Wiwynn that make arm server cpu .People forge often that software will outlive us and faster cpu is nice but software is king . But Nvidia can make arm truly ubiquitous but here is rics V that is knocking on arm low power door. The apple chip is nice but i am never impressed with apple in one thing that is ease of repair if you look up old IBM thinkpads like t410 ,t420 x210, x220 you can see what humans can design that can be repaired and functional in many ways we have better performance today and shitty design. I think apple is one of the worst offenders when it comes to the environment since they hate repairing and other manufactures copy their design and help make the world worse so newer is not always better sometimes is just glorified turd called new tech

    78. Tony Buford

      This also should shut up those who spent the last 10 years saying that Tim Cook was failing as CEO of Apple. He just wasn't showing his plans, or his firm's hand in the giant gamble that is leadership in the tech industry.

      1. Bully Maguire

        Actually the apple watch and AirPods ,64 bit arm mobile SoC and Siri though not as significant were some under his leadership

    79. rets mej

      oh my ! fanless powerful laptop , very good !

    80. vanvan

      i feel changed ... M1 smells like the scam of the 2021 congrats apple slaves

    81. Lewis Cana

      ARM was first made in the UK still it was sold to Japan lol

    82. TheMrmoc7

      I'm happy for Apple and their fans, but I will never be an Apple fan. They are a morally bankrupt organization as far as I am concerned. I don't give a shit if they're the fastest, it's only temporary. PC will eventually win. It always does.

      1. Distendedmist58

        macs ARE pcs

    83. Sushanth Singh Thakur

      I am just blown away after watching this documentary, such a profound feeling!

    84. Esmeralda Khufra

      The alive pound unequivocally shock because authorisation fittingly choke apropos a nappy headline. skillful, cautious tax

    85. LiteStuff LLC

      It may be changing but not for the good. The M1 chip shared memory for the CPU and GPU; this highly constrains what you can do. Actual systems have come out and some unbiased reviews. The M1 doesn't perform well; even with a much faster SSD installed. WHICH ONE WINS? M1 MacBook Air vs. Intel MacBook Pro 16-inch in this DEcameras video; the M1 DID NOT do very well. Had those been matched; the M1 would have been worse yet. The M1 based unit couldn't stream, it did poorly in video intensive functions. There is no upgrade path. You should have pointed out the serious limitations of the M1 design. Being totally proprietary to Apple, repair can be major problem ,both expensive and slow. If you get your laptop wet or in a humid environment Apple is likely to not repair

    86. Zeydane Gaye

      Good job man I like the format

    87. Mong Ching Pru

      Apple just fooled the world to buy their substandard and overpriced product. M1 is only meant for a high school student for preparing their homework. If you buy one, you must buy another desktop PC too.

      1. Mong Ching Pru

        @nocturnal1970 Ha ha ha. Night M1, day 2600.

      2. nocturnal1970

        I sold my Ryzen 5 2600 GTX 1060 and bought the M1 and it is like night and day

    88. Rebel Rog

      No, I'm not excited about it. Computers are becoming more evil than good. Perhaps we should just turn them all off and get our Freedom's, Liberties and Privacy back? Imagine the government not knowing what you bought today, everywhere you went, everyone you talked to, as well as what you said. How liberating that would be! I ditched my cell phone. Still have the computer, it's good enough now and I'm already to reliant on it. Why would I want to be more reliant on anything, especially technology related?

      1. Distendedmist58

        well you should shut up and ditch your pc as well

    89. David Chavez

      Amd is doing pretty damn good right now. Honestly I think in 2025 everything will be arm. They just need to have arm in gpus

    90. Zultan

      Newer updates have slowed down my iPhone 10s max. They're doing the same shit again

      1. 640

        mmm, mine is working just fine...o.0?! You can always get an Android, that way you'll be sure not to be receiving more than 2-3 years of updates!

    91. Jess Queen

      No one: Absolutely no one: *Apple ruling the world*

    92. Nada Nada

      5:15 Wow, Americans with electronics assembly jobs making US made computers.

    93. Robert McQuiggan

      It's good not to plug a Mac in for days, though. It prevents the charger cable from fucking up and needing replacement every few months for $$$$$.

    94. Robert McQuiggan

      I wouldn't use Apple products even if they were gifted to me.

    95. : Clarence : Goode

      | : Sigh, unfortunate Apple has completely in bed with the Communist-Chinese-Party. : Oh well.|

      1. Distendedmist58

        wtf are you talking

    96. CampusGate app

      Can't wait to buy it in 10 years for a normal price from a pawnshop.

    97. xXTheBl4ckC4tXx

      when he showed how lol ran on that, i immedeatly got desinterested, every potatoe can run lol

    98. ruizzmaury

      should I wait for the Mac pro 16 with the m1x chip or just buy the latest mac pro 16? for mobile development