Nu Venture Campervan - Nu Venture Surf Motorhome For Sale

The Motorhome Man

509 Tsd. aufrufe419

    Nu Venture Surf Motorhome a two berth compact small Micro Campervan perfect for all your Camper needs at 5.3 metres long with an end Hob and Fridge.
    We have a look at the Nu Venture Citroen and show you around the Motorcaravan.

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    1. The Motorhome Man

      Check out this Motorhome and others on Don't forget to hit the LIKE BUTTON 👍 And SUBSCRIBE to our channel for MORE Motorhomes 😀

      1. Gregory Perkins

        Looks like it would be easy to drive

      2. Du Bar

        U will sleep only once on such a shitty bad! You come from holidays with your beck and neck more fucked up as from your work as ! 💩💩

      3. Terry Ward

        How much is it up for sale?

      4. Monita

        Beautiful little thing, love at first sight with this! I am sure it will be a hit if it becomes available in North American. Wonder why we don't have cute little thing like this

      5. Oxygen Lover

        It’s a problem that you had to hold up the upper storage door with one hand, while taking the cushions & table out. It should stay open on its own, with a latch or something.

    2. ASMR Xi Zui

      When will electric motorhomes be made?

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Have not got a clue

    3. Hadassah

      love your accent lol keep on talking,, hi from USA lol

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank you Hadassah 👍 Hello from the UK

    4. Carol Warren

      The one thing he doesn't say is how much considering it was suppose to be for sale or have I missed something lol

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It is sold now

    5. Gaviscon

      That didn’t have air con?

      1. The Motorhome Man

        no Gaviscon

    6. Saurabh

      A great camper I love it

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It sure is Saurabh 👍

    7. Gregory Perkins

      Im not a fan of the fabric on those cabin seats

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Each to their own Gregory

    8. Jim bob Diamond

      I always feel small motor homes sit low on the suspension

      1. The Motorhome Man

        I have never noticed Jim

    9. dexter Haddad

      Very good video I can see that you did a great work on it congratulations ☺️

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank you so much 😁 Dexter

    10. christian saltos

      Love everything but the cushions color 😀

      1. The Motorhome Man

        A few people have said that Christian

    11. Bell1819 Bell

      I don't like that snitch to put the bed, I would sleep on the sofa

    12. Peter Silo

      Brits allways have the same complicated setup. I would build a fullsize shower in the entrance and a lift up queensbed under the roof, with no hassle to build everyday.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Good idea

    13. prettyBrown Eyez

      was there a shower in the loo? this is so cute

      1. The Motorhome Man

        No shower 👍

    14. steve ford

      It would suck to have to set up the bed in the pouring rain..... I like it and if there was one a little larger in the US that could tow a boat I would be all in

      1. The Motorhome Man

        👍 Steve

    15. Danny Shipp

      that top cupboard needs a hydrolic arm or a catch to hold it up .. also a hinged high low flip table which goes from small to bigger table and goes down to infill the bed would make it much easier like boats have 😎

      1. The Motorhome Man

        👍 Danny

    16. Dro5n

      it does not have a AC, doing a review and not knowing if it has one or not. okay.

      1. The Motorhome Man


    17. mohd izani abdul majid

      Wow.....your accent...😄. Btw what's the price of this mini camper in UK? Hope there is grey importer could bring this Malaysia. But for sure it would be pricey then .....due to tax...🤭

      1. The Motorhome Man

        No idea

    18. Vince A

      Lmao, by the time you finish putting the bed together it’s already morning

      1. The Motorhome Man


    19. nom chowski

      I was looking for something small and got recommended different kind of vids about kei campers from Japan. However I'm 6.5 ft tall so that was no option 😂. Those are definitely not for people taller than say 2 ft. This is much better 😃. This looks really great, and it's almost impossible to really match with something self built. Not available in the Netherlands though. But thanks for the inspiration ☺️

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank you for watching Nom 👍

    20. Ronnie Williams

      The bed would require a bit of practice, but everything you would need to see everything. 1.6 liter, omg Car size, compact car size. I would so LOVE one in the USA! Just flip flop the steering wheel. That could be your everyday driver, too. Perfect vehicle, to tell the boss or landlord, or wife, or husband or whoever, back off or I am leaving! I am like a turtle and I am taking my house with me! Don’t be a hoarder, and keep it simple, and practice minimalism!

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thanks for sharing! Ronnie 👍

    21. Ronnie Williams

      AWESOME! I would see everything in America, if we had such an option!

      1. The Motorhome Man


    22. burnzy3210

      it's small but no way the smallest in the world

      1. The Motorhome Man


    23. 04dram04

      I absolutely love these mini rv's

      1. The Motorhome Man

        So do I 👍

    24. Kim Husbands

      Needs a murphy bed. Full sized. Table is unstable. Maybe a barefoot camper trailer instead?

      1. The Motorhome Man

        What is a Murphy Bed ? Kim

    25. James DeLap

      Like the porn music

    26. G Muns

      Beautiful! Do you sell these beauties in United States? I love it! 💙💙

      1. G Muns

        @The Motorhome Man thanks for your response 😊

      2. The Motorhome Man

        No, sorry G

    27. BraanFlakes08

      Lol most disorganized van tour I’ve ever seen

      1. The Motorhome Man

        I liked it Braan

    28. Casey Ge

      This would be perfect for us. We don't even need to push down the front seats.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Perfect 👍

    29. Eric Scarburry

      I would need a shower after I made the bed

      1. The Motorhome Man


    30. Maxx

      Flying table...

      1. The Motorhome Man


    31. KittyKAT666Meow

      Dude could have gone with a bit more space for the toilet no way you can wipe in there lol.

      1. The Motorhome Man


    32. Joe Morrow

      The states might not let that engine into this country

      1. The Motorhome Man

        How come Joe ?

    33. LurkerDood

      This Camper Van would be perfect if it had a dry bath! I would get rid of the bed from the right side or just make it a shorter bed so you can add in a stand alone shower! 👏 😁 🤙

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Great idea!

    34. Dave kent

      The barn door is great if you have a dog

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Yes it is a good idea Dave 👍

    35. devendra singh Dalal

      Price ??????

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It is sold now

    36. Gordon Warlow

      Bed system seems a bit wonky, but the rest is awesome.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thanks Gordon 👍

    37. John Reubens

      amazing camper.. perfect size

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It sure is! John 👍

    38. yeeisme

      Having to disassemble seats to make the beds is poor design. Also I’ve slept in dirt piles that were less lumpy than that bed. If I got a camper like that it would be for the shell and then I’d gut it and only keep the kitchenette and rest room.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Go for it 👍

    39. jentai red

      Και ντουζ που κάνεις τελικά ;

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Δεν υπάρχει ντους Jentai

    40. John

      Cool yes ..but I'm sure the price would be the same as a regular RV. Wouldn't make much sense, especially when the buyers remorse kicks in and you don't even have enough room to kick yourself.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Each camper is designed fordifferent useage John

    41. Zack Vance

      Nice RV, but horrible functionality lol. How are you going use the divider curtain with the bed in place? I guess you're going to have to be on full display when sleeping.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Not sure yet Zack 😂

    42. Zack Vance

      You find these in the US and if you did they'd be over $100k

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Do not think they would be that much Zack

    43. Monica Wilson

      Please slow down the camera work. That was dizzying.

      1. The Motorhome Man


    44. Brenda Marion

      Cute but a lot of work

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Not when you get the hang of it Brenda

    45. Michele Volz

      Need in the states

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Wish I could get them to you Michele

    46. James Lee

      Really. Get rid of the sink in the bathroom and to make the bed is such a pain.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It is not that bad James

    47. Kev Wells

      I’m 6’4 so assume it might be a little challenging in this nifty camper.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Could well be Kev 😂

    48. Mari G

      No shower 😔

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Sorry Mari

    49. Sam Sung

      If you don't open the fridge to show the capacity what's the purpose of even mentioning it.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Will do Sam

    50. Catherine Moore

      Having to make the bed is a real bother

      1. Catherine Moore

        @The Motorhome Man Because you think it takes a genius to know how to make a bed? 😑 My point is that making a bed is a bother in the first place and gets boring after a while. I should know: I lived in a motorhome with a bed to make every night.

      2. The Motorhome Man

        Not when you know how

    51. L8erdayz

      Do away with the kitchen. Give me a wet bath, microwave, and bigger fridge/freezer. And 4x4. And it’s the perfect getaway vehicle

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Lot's of ways to change it

    52. Jon Blondell

      What a great ride!!

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It is Jon 👍

    53. Carlene Griffith

      Good Evening Dee. Great video, think I will buy some Cookie dough. They looked so good. Stay safe and cool, desert has got to cool down a bit pretty soon.

      1. The Motorhome Man


    54. John Doe

      These need to be in the USA!

      1. The Motorhome Man

        They should be John 👍

    55. jill springthorpe

      Yes please

      1. The Motorhome Man


    56. Jeremy S

      If they ever sold this in Australia they would want 100,000 with the Australia tax

      1. The Motorhome Man

        That would be a expensive van Jeremy

    57. Ledicarus Media Paranormal

      They should have made the one bed pull out to be at least 1.5 or 2 wide. Cut the other bench down to half and added a shower inside the bathroom, the cassette toilet isn't a great feature but we are talking scaled down too. They don't need a seating capacity for 4-6 people in a van that barely holds 2. But seriously who wants to sleep with their head exposed in the cab of the camper? The too long to set up head exposed into the cab bed and manual transmission were losing points in my book.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        I see what you are saying there Ledicarus

    58. snowy river

      I'm about to retire and I would love that little gem! Perfect for one lone wanderer.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It sure is Snowy 👍

    59. Holy Atheist

      That, my friend, is called a van.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Glad you like Holy 😀

    60. Matthias Baumann

      No nie so einen Schrott gesehen!

      1. The Motorhome Man

        jeder hat seinen eigenen

    61. mary marmande

      No wet bath 🚿 that's a must have now with covid-19 bummer because it would have been perfect but no definitely NO also vents with no fans to move air and condensations aw

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Ok for the UK Mary

    62. mary marmande

      ❤️ it's perfect I wish they had these in USA ❤️ ☮️ thanks for sharing 😊💕 ☮️

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank you for watching Mary 👍

    63. Mary Barratt

      That’s natty. Should imagine there would be a good market for this micro camper, if the price was right. Enjoyed the video. Tku

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank's Mary 👍

    64. Viggo Hanssen

      Same procedure evrery night James 😱

      1. The Motorhome Man

        You will get the hang of it Viggo 👍

    65. Victor Gomes

      No easy?! When I saw the toilet/shower combo in the into i almost spit out my coffee! Correction: toilet only. Not bad for short holidays.

      1. The Motorhome Man


    66. TheFastestSrbin

      Lovely micro motorhome! Good video!

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank's for watching 👍

    67. Somebody’s grandma

      As many others have expressed, I wish this was available in the US. My only problem is that I’m 6 ft. 2 inches, and it’s mostly legs. I tried driving one of those small delivery trucks that was imported from China and I couldn’t fit to shift the gears. Everything is so expensive here currently, owning an RV is a luxury for most. So, car camping it is.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Have to start somewhere 👍

    68. المهند

      ممكن بكم السعر مع تكاليف الشحن للسعوديه

      1. The Motorhome Man

        لن يكون لدي أدنى فكرة عن تكاليف الشحن

    69. GorGob

      This would be perfect for little trips!

      1. GorGob

        @William Branham so true!

      2. The Motorhome Man


      3. The Motorhome Man


      4. William Branham

        If you took a little trip each day and you started in NY, you would soon be in Calif.

    70. Libra Leo


      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank you 👍

    71. Teh Theam Min

      Everything is ok except the making of bed. Very tired to repeating everyday. It will be better without changing the position of driver seat in case of emergency.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        You will soonmake it up quick Teh

    72. Jan de Ville

      I had a Berlingo Romahome & have to say it was a lot easier than this to make the bed up!! So when you pull the curtains at night are your feet sticking out beyond into the cab?!!

      1. The Motorhome Man

        To true 👍

      2. The Motorhome Man


      3. William Branham

        Only if your head is on the other end.

    73. desihaha

      What about cup of tea on front seat?🤔 Ah there, you have a folding table.😊

      1. The Motorhome Man

        All ways need a cup of tea Desihaha 😀

    74. desihaha

      Lots of efforts to put bed together.🤔

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It's me making it look hard 👍

    75. fra setch

      Steering wheel is on the wrong side.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        I hope not Fra 😂

    76. fra setch

      That is adorable.

      1. The Motorhome Man


    77. Jim Crawford

      It’s a little beauty! Australia.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank you for watching Jim in Australia 👍

    78. Jocelyne David

      Like everything of it except the table which look fairly unstable and no exterior shower! Thank you !

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thanks for watching! Jocelyne

    79. 168 TW


      1. The Motorhome Man

        我不認為你可以在中國買到它們 168 TW👍

    80. paul barnett

      Lovely little van BUT ridiculous price.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It is the going rate Paul

    81. Barry Gasgarth

      Great little camper ruined by the last 2 foot of the bed.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank you for watching Barry

    82. N. A.

      Just setting the bed is a full day's exercise. You have to dis/assemble it every.single.time! 😅 If there's an emergency and you need to get away quickly, you'd have to say, "Not yet! Let me remove my bed first so I could drive away!"

      1. The Motorhome Man


    83. Cinthia 9

      If only the bathroom had a shower...

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Compromise Cinthia

    84. Anne Thomson


      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thank you Anne 👍

    85. Timothy Simpson

      This is cool but how do you buy one in the USA it’s great

      1. The Motorhome Man

        I do not think you can Timothy

    86. Sprits Fal

      imho I'd prefer a shower instead of a toilet. I can go to the bathroom anywhere, literally if camping, but a shower is harder to come by. Fantastic little vehicle though. Imagine the weekend getaways u could have in this.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It would be great Sprits 👍

    87. S J

      It's not smaller than the bedford bambi ;) (I can tell coz you can stand in that one) Also the bed setup seems a bit weird.. how do you use the curtain if the beds in the way.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Tahnks Sj 👍

    88. Deb Priest

      WOW!! That little baby packs a lot of punch!!!

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It does Deb 👍

    89. uwie sachrum

      Wow wow wow cool❤️❤️❤️want to have a camper like this😍😍❤️Thanks for uploading 👍👍❤️

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Thanks for watching! Uwie 👍

    90. Debbie Eames

      How much does this style of motor home cost? Deb from Oz

      1. The Motorhome Man

        About £35k Debbie

    91. Debbie Eames

      Love it. This van was made for me. Deb from Oz

      1. The Motorhome Man

        It's all yours Debbie 👍

    92. Christine McMillan

      Why can't we have cool stuff like this in the US?

      1. The Motorhome Man

        I bet you have somewhere Christine

    93. Manuel Ester

      We have some lazy ass people in here. You don't want blood clots. 😏 Setting up the Bed is probably the only exercise you'll ever get, living in a motor home. Better take advantage of it.

    94. Manuel Ester

      Bed setup burns 1000 calories.😍😍😍

      1. The Motorhome Man

        A good work out Manuel 😂

    95. Manuel Ester

      If you're the type who has trouble sleeping, you should be tired by the time you finish setting up the bed.😂

      1. The Motorhome Man


    96. habibi9200

      What is the price ?

    97. Lynell Jansen

      I am worn out. Lol.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Me too 😂 Lynell

    98. Indra saputra Jogorogo

      Verry good....I love Citroen camper van...

      1. The Motorhome Man


    99. Sa r

      Super cute, love all the open spaces.

      1. The Motorhome Man

        Me too!!

    100. scott downie

      What a faff

      1. scott downie

        @The Motorhome Man might have to eat my words as hoping to go from my fixed bed caravan to a vw transporter in april

      2. The Motorhome Man

        not with practice Scott