Intel - From Inventors of the CPU to Laughing Stock [Part 1]


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    1. Philip Rhoades P

      Good work Dagogo! - a really interesting episode! Having lived through all that you talk about and being involved with a lot of it, it was great to see you consolidate the histroy into a digestible couple of episodes!

      1. Vimbainashe Mushayikwa

        @jkirk1626 where did race come into the picture? Like where's the relevance?

      2. Carlos Kipija

        Yea I resonate with this too. Thanks for taking us through.

      3. scott ross

        Intel Salesman: We have the hottest Chips on the market. (Quite Literally).

      4. Philip Rhoades P

        @jkirk1626 LIke Bugs Bunny would say: "What a maroon!".

      5. jkirk1626

        Like most things of the modern world, a white invention that would never have been invented without whites.

    2. John Sanchez

      advanced micro machines?

    3. HiiBillyMaysHere

      Cringe, imagine jumping on the circle jerk bandwagon. Lmao. Intel's still god tier. Your vid's full of misinformation.

      1. ColdFusion

        Did you even watch it?

    4. Brian Case

      Ken Oslon? Please, his name was Ken Olson. Ok, that's my last complainant. I give up.

      1. ColdFusion


    5. Brian Case

      No. The 4004 was *not* a complete computer on a chip. It was a chip *set.* The main part of the CPU, and not a very capable one, fit on the single chip. It was a huge accomplishment, but it wasn't a *computer.*

    6. Brian Case

      Federico Fagin is pronounced "fah-gene" like in "magazine." Jesus, do you know much about this stuff you claim to be reporting on? AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. Sheesh.

    7. Brian Case

      Wrong. Integrated circuit memory was to compete with, and replace, core memory.

    8. Liokardo

      4:45 DO I HEARD *_APHEX TWIN????!!!!_* Stone in Focus (Selected Ambient Works II) 17:15 Lazerhawk - So Far Away

    9. mike jones

      I enjoyed your book, I got the audio version from Audible

    10. Vivek Kumar Anchalia

      Im amazed by your content. Really good learning for us. Thanks a ton

    11. Tes Akun

      Intel cpu is not good for gaming

    12. go vegan

      "Intel invented the CPU" Ever heard of von Neumann??

    13. M2W

      Small www, I just picked up your book on Audible and now even more excited and looking forward to the listen!

    14. SFB

      Soon even Doritos will be a more valuable chip maker than intel

    15. 8 bit Romania

      i like your name Dagogo later i will start presenting romanian manufactured computers from the 70s and 80s, using intel 8080 and Z80 processors, good documentary

    16. Jordan Lawson

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    17. Hugo Boyce

      15:44 "tHeRe iS nO ReaSOn aNyOnE WoULd wANT a CoMpUtER iN ThEIr HoMe"

    18. Gerard Ligonde

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    20. Klaus Fleishacker

      Moore's law doesn't hold true today.

    21. erty dfgh

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    22. Super Hiro

      Fuck Shockley for creating Silicon Valley.

    23. Yannik

      Does anbody know the background music at 5:00 (starting at 4:47)?

    24. P Chris21

      1:27 What else was happened in 1947? Roswell and the creation of the US Air Force. Lot of money poured into a product with no end purpose unless it was reverse engineering something with terrestrial materials.

    25. Michael Beckett

      I was team AMD since about 9/11. I switched to intel just before they dropped the ball in spectacular fashion. Yarble Garble.

    26. Nufosmatic

      Not quite right - AMD was building "bit-slice" devices which enabled the "super-minicomputer" industry - a computer halfway between a mainframe and a microcomputer build with larger scale electronics. AMD developed the "2901" - a four-bit "slice" of register set and scalable ALU. And failed to meet their published spec - I worked for the company that sued AMD over their failure to deliver and thus the "2901A" was born which would enable that company's products for the next decade...

    27. Itech Iwizard

      I like this non bs to the point videos. The whole video is full of very interesting content. Simple speech. Love it.

    28. Dr.Groove

      You need to do more reading on the origin of the first transistor. Shockely did in-fact invent the first Transistor on his own during a month period of solitude. Though it was not the field affect transistor that he had been working on with his team for many years. The process he went through to make this breakthrough is unknown and the discovery is very strange. In fact in the mid 90's the American Computer company accused AT&T of illegal undisclosed technology trade from the US military which was said to be the basis of Shockley's design.

    29. ChePennyDK

      IBM invented the X86 CPU...

    30. Henry Fernando

      AMD: From the Underdog to the Top Dog

    31. Njuru Mwangi

      Thank you Dagogo for the quality content.

    32. lootster

      This channel deserved 28 million subscribers

    33. Coldheartz

      Overpriced with mediocre performance

    34. Joseph Kimogele

      I like everything about cold fusion,❤️

    35. Piece by Piece English Learning - Lucas Raulino

      A tweet by Elon Musk shall decide Intel's future

    36. Pre Malone

      I'm so glad Intel is in the shit now, they basically had no competition for the past decade and they milked the consumers hard, and now AMD is back and they are stomping all over Intel, that's karma.

    37. Zaptosis

      This is correct, I'm using a high qualify AMD FX 8350 processor & it blows anything intel out of the water. IT HAS 8 CORES!!! Like holy poop thats insanity, duo & quad core are good BUT OCTA-CORE!!! AMD FX FOR THE WIN!!!

    38. Charles Blythe

      An interesting footnote is that early filings for the company that would become Intel were under the name "Moore Noyce Electronics" but the name was ditched because of the negative conotation of the name sounding like "More Noise Electronics"

    39. Eddie Bleasdale

      Correction: The first microprocessor developed by Intel was the 8008 for Computer Terminal Corporation. Intel was late producing it so wasn't used by CTC. Intel did nothing with it until after the launch of the 4004. The 4004 was the first single-chip microprocessor that was marketed.

    40. Aurahm Bayat

      0:40 “Can’t be overstated”*

    41. maartenboy37

      You guys remember the Phenom II? That must have given Intel a heart attack at the time. Unfortunately FX wasn't competitive and Intel went into price gouging mode, zero innovation. All the cutting edge stuff was in mobile chips for most of the 2.000s.

    42. cgirl111

      Long story short - An engineering company founded by and run by engineers morphs into a company run by MBAs and fails. See also Boeing.

    43. Omer Mowaffaque Jaigirder

      Is coldfusion the best DEcameras channel ever?

    44. Fahri Can

      good one!

    45. Veselin Hristov

      great content as always

    46. killbot86

      These are the kind of videos people should be watching on the internet...Not stupid TikTok videos with equally stupid video....

    47. Anthony Jake


    48. Jason

      He means microprocessor when he says CPU. CPU is just a generic term in computing for where the processing happens. It could mean a microprocessor, the computer system its self (remember the days when at elementary school they told you the Computer Tower was the CPU), or a computer system at a factory.

    49. Charlike Mike Reagent

      Ha, I catched something interesting. It all started with 8, now we 're nearing 8 billion people on this planet.

    50. porcupinecone

      Good history lesson. But at 7:42 you talk of Noyce inventing the IC while showing a photo of TI's Kilby who is regarded by many to have invented it.

    51. Jason John

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    52. chilli Dog

      how did you not mention Jim Keller

    53. Martin Frøland


    54. Rodrigo Lucena

      Nowadays, AMD name should be "AND" Advanced Nano Devices :-)

    55. Ole Jacobsen

      Ken Olson, not Oslon!

    56. Frogmella Slob

      00:37 "The impact of the invention of the CPU can't be understated". Anyone that uses the word "understated" when they should say "overstated", without realising that it totally changes the meaning of what they are trying to say is the real "laughing stock" here. That was enough for me.

    57. ZEE IBIT

      Great video... thanks... ?Why the name: "Fairchild"?? AMD (~7:18) -> Advanced Micro Devices Intel 40(0)4 at ~13:38

    58. Samudra Saha

      Is it me or most of the ideas come from Japanese? Though executed by others.

    59. but bunwin

      First they stole the idea from steve job. Now it is out date so they can't create anything new.

    60. Seita Goto

      Did anyone get tripped out by random old footage of Toronto at 10:12?

    61. Naruto Uzumaki

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    62. Surfer Dude

      You skipped over the 486. This was the first time that Intel included the math co-processor in the main processor. Previously, the 387 in a separate socket provided that if the buyer was willing to pay for it. The 486 was also the last time that AMD had a socket compatible processor substitute for the Intel processor. Finally, the 486 was the first time that heat sinks were required when they introduced the clock-doubled DX2 and DX4 processors.

    63. Alan Ho

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    64. W B

      Look guys I am unable to open this ColdFusion main channel, when I click on it, it says error. I enjoy the content, I wanted to look up the one about the Htc.

    65. Mark Mulvenna

      2:17, I see it everywhere, make it stop

    66. Roy Trembath

      Awesome! Thanks.

    67. Uncle Za

      Your channel always amazes me, keep up the good content coming

    68. Seef Kröy

      Am I hallucinating or am I hearing Selected Ambient Works in the background!

    69. Rajkumar Mishra

      Thanks Coldfusion. This was like watching a great movie. Loved it ❤️❤️

    70. Pool Bal


    71. John Burns

      Intel did not invent the cpu. A Scottish company were first.

    72. Infiniti Bottle

      What an unfortunate last name "Faggin"

    73. Frederick Castillo

      One of the best tech documentary I've ever watched!!!!!

    74. Ranom Acc

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    75. JimA Anders

      At 7:52 you showed a picture of Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments with the very first integrated circuit. He is credited with inventing the IC and he always gave credit to Robert Noyce of Fairchild for important contributions to making the IC practical.

    76. SevenDeMagnus

      Shockley is a name in the Jetsons:-) It must be related.

    77. SevenDeMagnus

      Intel like Atari must rise and be great again. Make Intel Great Again.

    78. D Faulk

      I liked the story, but not the click-baiting of the title.

    79. marvin makwarimba

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    80. F TP

      god just another important thing that happened in 1969....

    81. General Obi Wan Kenobi

      Really? You had NOTHING to do with the transistor breakthrough, but you wanted ALL the credit? Not the way it works. What a twat.

    82. Zoltán Nagy

      Well, this is my first comment on this, but you know it mentions a hungarian one Gróf András and a sidenote about Commodore (Amiga) which was the company better or larger than Apple!

    83. greatbalance

      Fun fact: Intel founders wanted to call it "Moore Noyce", but for obvious reasons decided against it.

    84. Malik baldwin

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    85. Gumba 54

      You forgot the part where intel bribed PC manufacturers and PC part vendors to not use/sell amds superior products between 2001 and 2005.

    86. Bravo 1969

      I stopped building PCs by the end of the 90s. I since then, buy used PCs that I can upgrade for cheap. I have always liked AMD because, unlike INTEL, they have always been affordable.

    87. Priest Guardian

      Intel in my computer or nothing

    88. Bryan Villanueva

      Your voice makes me sleepy but the topic does not.

    89. Rahul Chanderkanth

      This video is made to defame intel.

    90. James Goacher

      I know there is a size limit to these films but I miss the BIG gap between the 8080 and the 80386. The 8080, in my case the Z80 was the last time I understood a Microprocessor.

    91. Clint Judd

      I was hoping to draw a conclusion after living though this magnificent era that the notorious 8 had created or had a connection to 8 bit architecture... that would of made sense lol. Nice video, appreciate your work.

    92. owlmostdead

      That's what happens when engineers get replaced by bean counters and marketing people

    93. Omar Valentini

      "Intel (...) inventors of the CPU" Every computer according to Von Neumann up to 1968: "Guess I'll die."

    94. SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

      N O I C E indeed 😂

    95. Souvik Mukherjee

      Physics has made all these great things possible!

    96. Kayl Maryjane

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    97. Jody Mitoma's Videos

      Thank you very much for this series. :)

    98. Fixedgeardisciple

      8 WHITE MEN developing the micro processor. Is there any way we can fit this in to black history month? Just wondering. Oh let's not forget everything else ( cars, airplanes, space travel, modern medicine, formal education, architecture, electricity, running water, etc). Oh excuse me. I got this month mixed up with the month displayed on the side of a city bus. Silly me:(

    99. foggy9900

      intel needs to survive apple and amd are shit

    100. 吉川則子

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