Megan Fox Tries To Stop Machine Gun Kelly & Conor McGregor’s Fight At MTV VMAs


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    When Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly crossed paths at the MTV Video Music Awards, things appeared to nearly get violent. The MMA fighter and the "Papercuts" singer appeared to have an altercation on the award show's red carpet. An eyewitness who was there when the apparent altercation happened tells Access Hollywood that McGregor threw a punch but Megan Fox stood in front of her beau in an attempt to stop the fight from escalating.

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    Megan Fox Tries To Stop Machine Gun Kelly & Conor McGregor’s Fight At MTV VMAs

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    1. John Lourence Javier


    2. doliio volay

      So ur telling me his girlfriend had to protect him when it should've been him? Lmaooo 😭😭

    3. Siddhesh Patwardhan

      Mctapper losing control over his brain

    4. bilinas mini

      Let's be honest here MGK would get "fooked up"

    5. Deto Qcney

      Conor would have slept them both with the same shot

    6. Genni Glassglow

      🌞🌟🌘🌗🌖🌪⛈⛅🧼🧽🧴🛏🚪🧳🌄🌅🌆🗾🗽🌉🏪🏬🏫🏣🏢🎃🎫❇ ❇ *Because of love. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Three days later rose him from the dead.* *Now. By Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He will give you the free gift of eternal life* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*

    7. Knappsta

      Mgk was so scared, he not a man, he a little boy.

      1. bilinas mini

        emotional dude.

    8. Nihilisticnordichome

      It's hard to swallow when someone says Conor asked for a picture.

      1. Deto Qcney

        Where ever corner goes there is always a fight 😏

    9. gtoss chddy

      Not to play into stereotypes and say it was because of the girl - but it probably was. I mean... Who wouldn't want a photo with Megan in that outfit

      1. doliio volay

        Where ever corner goes there is always a fight 😏

    10. ユユユユ

      Careful around Conor, he has a short temper. Doesn't take a lot to turn him into a temper tantrum raging bull. He has an ego he has to protect after all.

    11. General Khan

      McGregor even loses to singers now😭😭

    12. Quinn McDonald

      For a guy who got his leg snapped in the last fight. It's safe to say McGregor is the Jake Paul of Hollywood stars.

    13. James Creaney

      Probably the best thing about the VMA’s

    14. ljk ljk

      I like MGK better

    15. Cold Duck

      Word is Conor has been trying to get in Megan's panties for a while now. Just not his time.

      1. gtoss chddy

        I'm sorry . but I don't get where everyone thinks that he's so cute .. so hot... He's not.. OMG. NOOOO

    16. foopyu nooui

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates.🎈

    17. miler kos


    18. chding zuure

      emotional dude.

    19. Whgu ybnm

      You know you re tough when your girlfriend protects you from a fight 😂😂😭😭

    20. Yenjamo.tsopz Yen

      Where ever corner goes there is always a fight 😏

      1. foopyu nooui

        Kellet looked like he seen god..he looked shook!!..McGregor wanted that wimp..simp

    21. koiun dwrru

      emotional dude.

    22. Shawn Starks

      All of them are "trash" and that's what sells. No such thing as bad publicity except for your own obituary.

      1. chding zuure

        Kelly stopped her girlfriend from getting his feminine face crushed in. No accounting for taste.

    23. Yajum bagang

      Who is the pink suit boy??

      1. Yajum bagang

        @Whgu ybnm 😅😅y they were fighting 🙄

      2. Whgu ybnm

        McGregor only shoved Megan Fox so he could feel her up, guaranteed

    24. Alexander Castro

      Lol, that wouldnt have been a fight, that would have been a beat down

    25. Aubrey Shelton

      I'm sorry . but I don't get where everyone thinks that he's so cute .. so hot... He's not.. OMG. NOOOO

      1. koiun dwrru

        Hallo where you up too

    26. Aubrey Shelton

      So dumb it's all so dumb....

    27. Raul Konj

      Two useless soul... Get to ur grave not vma..

    28. Kikirestu Chanel

      Why Conor attend vma ?? Is Conor have the song or album now

    29. diego lucio

      mgk could die in just one punch thanks for the security

    30. Navneet Singh

      Megan fox saved Kelly. ..This shows lioness is not feared from any male

    31. CS Local

      Megan Fox: drags NGK from getting Knocked out… NGK Nerf gun Kelly 😂 better fits him

    32. Steve Roberts

      Kellet looked like he seen god..he looked shook!!..McGregor wanted that wimp..simp

    33. TD Riehm

      mck, Stop trying to be Kurt. (Cobain) for those who forgot.....................................

    34. Tae Lew

      Connor the Bully; Kelly the … well we know what Kelly is; I mean jus look a the name 🤷🏾‍♂️ My guess is it’s over a girl


      I’d fight Mike Tyson for a chance at Megan Fox. MGK, that’s cake.


      Kelly stopped her girlfriend from getting his feminine face crushed in. No accounting for taste.

    37. BriGuy

      McGregor only shoved Megan Fox so he could feel her up, guaranteed

    38. BriGuy

      I just hear someone yelling "WHERES MEGAN"

    39. Kliment Ohridsky

      Hallo where you up too

    40. 6969 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

      the fight was probably about who wore pink the best

    41. 6969 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

      Man you do not want to get into a fight with Connor

    42. Fawn Whisperer

      I am actually a little worried about Megan. I'm glad people are seeing her more clearly now and that she's broken free and found herself, but MGK is an overgrown child and she's hanging out with Kardashians... there's extremes. You don't have to be either a quiet housewife to an old man, or running with the wrong crowd. You can do neither.

    43. Stephen Evans

      New title : megan fox saves MGK from swallowing his teeth.

    44. AhmedAlshmmri

      call habib 😂

    45. Unpeace Officer

      McGregor is such a beta male

    46. Oscar Gomez

      Who da fuq came all overs MGKs face yo!!?

    47. Uniniversal Star

      Connor would have beat the culture vulture out of MGK

    48. Jerry Traveler

      Soy Boi Vs Chad.

    49. Eddie Rickenbacker

      what happened to megans face?

    50. Juan Solo

      Water Gun Kelly it’s picked fights with top dogs. Got kick out of Rap by Eminem and Mcgregor is going to knock out his teeth 😅.

    51. Carlos Flores

      The double champ does what the fook he wants! 😂


      Did anyone catch what the host of the video said about Machine Gun Kelly... She said it pretty quick... She called him a paper cut singer🤣🤣🤣

    53. XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder  VXXXVIII

      C'mon man that little malnourished Auschwitz victim would be on his ass in the inside of 3 seconds.

    54. Sherry Kendrick

      Who the hell cares. Let em fight it out. Whimps

    55. liverpoololdschool

      Mgk didn't want that smoke

    56. Melissa D

      I can't stand Conner McGregor. He's troublemaker everywhere he goes. I hope one day someone will give him a dose of his own medicine

    57. reallymagnolia

      Yikes!!! How embarrassing for all involved.

    58. Karma

      Megan Fox is on the downward slope of her hotness. And with that goes her relevance.

    59. Ruffdogg21

      Publicity stunt

    60. Gumshoe Stories

      I’m thinking Brian Austin Green engineered the whole thing.

    61. Abell Seyfu

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates.🎈

    62. Jerubim Ma

      MGk so handsome😎😎😎

    63. Hashem Khazdooz

      he's Wild

    64. Clobbersaurus

      Aka "Conor tries to revive his relevance with more attention seeking antics."

    65. Kathryn Allen

      Some celebs who showed up looking like trash and behaved like trash too 🤷‍♀️

    66. Matt F

      Connor woulda knocked those beads/pearls off MGK‘s face real quick 🤛🏻 why would that string bean think he’s tough 😂

    67. RetroJetro216

      Megan down for her man.

    68. Mr Gary Busey

      Look at all of these people *NOT* wearing masks. Putting people's lives in danger.

    69. Elijah Butterfield

      I'm surprised Connor is walking forwards now, more to the point, running into a fight.

    70. demon slayer

      1:15 what does the fox says.... tingning ning ning ning

    71. KamAkazE SOLID3R


    72. Kh Thomson

      "Men in Pink" trailer looks 🔥🔥

    73. Sarah Hoptry

      Three stupid useless people who need unlimited attention from the stupid masses of people to stay relevant. Are in this video intentionally doing planned stupid stuff in order to stay relevant to stupid people. Moving on.

    74. Christ Jesus IS the Son of God

      GOD LOVES YOU. REPENT. TRUST in The LORD. You must be born again to go to Heaven. BELIEVE the GOSPEL of JESUS the CHRIST the Son of God and God will forgive you of all of your sins that you have committed and God will give you everlasting LIFE as a free gift because GOD loves you.

    75. Corey Swan

      All that is missing is McGregor throwing a dolly at their limousine as it is pulling out of the garage.

    76. BambiOnYoutube

      Conner said he doesn’t fight Vanilla Ice looking rappers. 🤣

    77. laurien desler

      Why is Connor in the VMAs in the first place? 

    78. Omi

      Stunt publicity!

    79. O P

      Big Security guys couldve crushed tiny mcnugget.

    80. Lightswitch

      I have no doubt that Connor is unhinged and probably provoked this but I hope MGK wasn't trying the whole "tough guy because ppl are holding us back" routine. Everybody trying to keep them apart just saved MGK's life

    81. Akemiko

      Pretty sure this was a stunt planned. Good one

    82. Tom Bob

      It's staged and they will expo fight in the new year.

    83. Jikal

      You can take the person out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the person.

    84. Luke Bray

      Soft crowd

    85. F. Mazz.

      Both are them are losers

    86. Peniguais el Pitudo

      Hahaha nah Megan was protecting his girlfriend from Connor xD

    87. IM_ agine

      MGK should have gotten the sh!t beaten out of him

    88. Kurt Griffin

      GTFOH! She stopped MGK from getting his head shoved up his own ass 😂

    89. tall blonde girl

      My guess would be the fight started over MGK's (or whatever the fuck his name is) mouth! He is so annoying and he never shuts the F up

    90. Alcime Fernand


    91. Alcime Fernand

      Give Jesus to Save tu

    92. raphael felicissimo

      No one cares about MKG everyone in the crowd just yelling “WHERES MEGAN IS MEGAN OK”

    93. maher39 maher

      So Machine Gun meet a bigger tool the he is. McGregor is a disgrace to Ireland. Please keep him in America.

    94. Eighty-Six Socialism

      Who is Machine Gun Kelly? Never heard of her.

    95. Chengfu Saechao

      never heard of these 2 men before..but what's the altercation all about?! Who is the most Popular Person!? LOL..

    96. teffy Vargas

      Another example that money cant buy class, people idoliaze these idiots when they just tacky millionaries

    97. Space toast Jam

      I’m disappointed about there not being any spaghetti knees this time.

    98. Break Time Waste

      Can't help but fight

    99. True Crime Queen TV

      Entertaining 😂

    100. Leyla Brown

      i guess celebrities and the government are ANTI cvoid