Xiaomi Smart Glasses | Showcase | A display in front of your eyes


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    Introducing Xiaomi Smart Glasses! Though at first glance these seem just ordinary glasses, MicroLED optical waveguide imaging technology puts a display in front of your eyes, for our smartest viewing experience yet.

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    1. airhead

      Bueno pero arreglen los bugs de MIUI 😔

    2. Wirxaw Tanev

      Is that a late April Fool's joke? What's up with the giggly characters, what's up with sarcastic narration?

    3. John Doe

      So I can watch a cat video while I drive?

    4. Afan Khan

      Is that you Mr Stark?

    5. Walter Galvis

      Why not start with the basics? Some lenses that make optical corrections automatically for people who already wear glasses, sometimes companies are so blind!

    6. j hercoles

      The ugliness IS OVER 9000!

    7. Javierpal Fordring

      The Google one was ban, and it had a much more smaller footprint...

    8. Vals9

      I guess photo preview will be green tinted as well.

    9. Carla Gabrielle

      E se eu quiser tirar uma selfie? Como faz?

    10. JR 127

      TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

    11. oscar guijosa

      I can't wait to see scam likely in front of my face 20 times a day

    12. SataPataKiouta

      Enjoy the unique Xiaomi Service Framework - running constantly in the background , recording and sending to China servers whatever you say , hear or see! Now you don't need your Xiaomi device that used to come with Xiaomi Service Framework, sending to China servers whatever you say, hear, or write by you and your contacts! Enjoy endless monitoring of real life individuals you bump every day on the street , your work , your gym , your home , even your bathroom! New revolutionary glasses technology for only 1999.99.

    13. Bruno Barreto

      Caralhooooo!!! (igor3k)

    14. Tenzin kunsel

      Hope education department won't find out 🥲

    15. anarchist tree

      I'm sure that one day this will actually be the norm. And I'm sure it won't have more dire consequences for humanity. /s

    16. Noname

      I'm the only one thinking that this glass look like fallout UI , LMAO

    17. Chaotic Crypto

      that moment when you in a room full of people tappin on they glasses....

    18. Falfool

      "Imagine every smartphone function integrated into what you wear" ayyyy can't wait to play Clash of Clans on my shoe

    19. Yuriy Putsan

      Cool, чекаємо в Україні 🔥🔥🔥❤️🇺🇦

    20. Ali Mahmoud

      Isn't this just google glass...

    21. LayerZlayer 2000


    22. Yahia Mohamed

      Benefits : Spying Cheating in exams

    23. Guys Matters

      Oh bhai.. Camera lens dikh raha... Under display camera lagao isme... Tabhi cool and stylish lagega

    24. Leͥgeͣnͫd

      "Phone will be thing in the past" but using the phone to view the photos. 🤦‍♂️

    25. Enilton Camilo

      O ki dele e mais de oito mil kkkkkkkkkk

    26. Esther SS


    27. Arsalan Shaikh

      Now realme has got one more thing to copy.

    28. Nathan ,s

      In 30 years where gonna say do u remember thoes silly xaomi glasses we have lenses now....

    29. Tesla Tesla

      Shut up.....and take my fkn money 👍🤗🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳✅💎♾

    30. Gustavo da Rosa

      Can it be used as corrective glasses for shortsighted people as well?

    31. Deadly Queen

      Sorry parents taught me not to stand too close to the TV

    32. Kislay Beri

      can't wait to wear them in exams

    33. João Pedro Gonçalves

      Is this for next minions movie?

    34. Anvardheen Jabarullah

      While driving car , who will see roads 🤔🤔🤔

    35. Bishakha Das

      Dedsho rupaiyah dega🤓

    36. H اعوان

      Imagine in the near future “no one will be looking down no more”. We will all be walking like empty souls. Can’t wait.

    37. I AM NODE

      wtf he translated English menu to Japanese by telling it in English mind blown moment 🤯

    38. Salim abdelrahman

      How it will cost?

    39. Ironicist

      0:37 Smaller than a grain of rice..."xiao mi"...come one guys...it's like poetry, it rhymes...no one caught it?

    40. xeuFps

      Chinese are the best. EVER

    41. Tropical Jupiter

      What's the appeal here? This looks useless.

    42. Gaspar Leite

      no thanks

    43. Mahasiddharthan Anandakumar

      great design great engineering great idea great architecture.... but only 1 for problem..... xiaomi pls try to make ur official launch videos better and more creative.... even though its 10 seconds make sure its the best and enjoyable 10 seconds..... ngl the idea is sooo damn innovative and great engineering

    44. Vish AMV

      Overstimulation will ruin humanity

    45. Janna Miller

      This concept of idea is from NOKIA but i am happy that you brought it into reality ☺️



    47. Suwandi Gameplay

      Wow CAMERA!! That's what I'm looking for.

    48. Trendy Products


    49. Mixed Pickle Entertainment


    50. Silent Killer

      So..... i can use this in my examinations.

    51. You Know Umed

      add a feature to peoples Social Media TAG , or instagram id by scanning

    52. Mr. Unknown

      Invention is fast in this world, but we are humans we have capability to live without technology. Am not telling don't invent anything, am just telling that the world is growing fast in terms of technology but day by day humans loosing their immunity. Just know how strong our older generation people were they were used to fight & live. But we doing nothing but living..! So how can our immunity & life span gets stronger?? If we conclude ourself that we are the wisest creature on earth then why can't we just appreciate inventors, instead using their wise ideas just for our day to day uses & coz weare becoming lazy..! Anyway none can live even a day without their smart phones nowadays, so I think i am too late to talk these..!

    53. roman schidt

      Damit die noch mehr sehen was andere machen

    54. ARTER Pendragon

      Imagine looking into nowhere and smiling Ur siblings:

    55. The illusion of time

      Just what already distracted drivers need.

    56. 33-Siddharth Nair

      Phew! Thank goodness it wasn't manufactured by Google. We would be just sending everything what we "see" to a Chinese tech giant

    57. Constantine Dokolas

      What is "display kerpabilities"?

    58. Prathmesh Gupta

      Do we really need this?

      1. Alex

        i do

    59. John Brix S. Arcala

      This is like google glasses which is failed Because it's trying to meet technology and the physical body

    60. Amir B-C

      This is so cool!!

    61. the chair

      Everything seems ok except for what they ordered. Isn't that just a bit?


      Not sure if it has speakers built in on the temple tips but if not they should do it like one of those bose eyeglass with the speakers next to your ears

    63. Galih Suseno

      Kacamata vegeta

    64. försakén

      Can't wait for ads being thrown at my face.

    65. Алексей Kiss

      Выглядят очки, полный отстой. Переделаю их на визор мотоцикла

    66. No Name

      I can't wait to watch p**n videos with this glasses.

    67. Habibur Rahman

      Please put some weird bugs..🥴

    68. kangroo 11

      does it comes with the adblocker ?

    69. Ani

      One more Chinese toy!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Alex


    70. てるたスタジオ

      If I get it, I'll never let it go!!😆 I want this soon!!

    71. Chase Austin

      It's a tracking device....its going to make you brainwashed....feast your eyes hahahaha

      1. Alex

        No, glasses cant brainwash you

    72. Kin

      It's like the folding phones. Engineers insisted that if they could do it then customers would want it. Well, now that they've done it, nobody wants it. 10/10 engineers trolled the suits

      1. OR RAVIV

        Probably just wanted something fun to work on lol

    73. MrHanh

      it's over 9000!

    74. MeianJū Naihatsu

      looking forward to this one

    75. sri kanth

      The one vegeta wears?

    76. TM SP

      Hats off !!!! to PRANAV MISTRY from INDIA for his innovation in 2009.

    77. say my name

      why are we turning into an ep of black mirror?

    78. John Dawson

      Y'all dreading the future but when Apple announces that they're gonna relaease AR glasses y'all be bending over and letting them shove their dicks up your arses.

    79. nadhira aulia

      Why no full display?

    80. Nixasor

      Finally i can write my exams

    81. Mohammad Rizky Alimansyah

      We're going closer to the Black Mirror era.


      Edith was real!😅😂

    83. Wolf Heathen ♪

      Google Glass was so ahead of its time that it failed.

    84. Somebody

      Everyone knows its gonna be expensive

    85. vasim inamdar

      Dajjali Fitnah 0 Allah 0 Allah Mercy ummah

    86. 1024Bytes

      Can't wait to see what Apple plans for their smart glass.

      1. Babar Hussain

        Introducing the iglass 👓 just for 2999$.

    87. Kelvin

      I like how this robotic sound of narrator trying so damn hard to make this low boring weird video to appear futuristic and cool, however this concept is too outdated

      1. Alex


    88. Royall

      I want mines. I love Xiaomi. I been using their phones for a good time now

    89. JOEL

      Some technologies help humanity which is at risk.

    90. JOEL

      Some technologies put humanity at risk.

    91. Gabriel Grünberg

      And as with all other smart-glasses that came before it, the battery lasts for around an hour because battery tech hasn't evolved in any way since the first google glass, and more or less neither has chips that can fint into a pair of glasses, sooo yea.. see you after someone invents a battery that fits glasses and lasts a day.


      hasil iklan ni bos

    93. Mwelwa Mwansa

      are they in the market

    94. promalko7

      No government will allow people to film freely around, administration, police, courts , protests etc.

    95. Keep learning by Advit Singh

      how can i buy it

    96. Chelyz Marx

      this is like spy stuff from james bond movie...

    97. qwertiedota

      Google made this 7 years ago.. not sure if this will be any much different.

    98. FreshlyPositive

      0:55 the bicycle was moved it seems like a video error.