It’s the last look for me 🍷 @alexcosta |

Robbi Jan

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    1. Yahiri J

      She’s adorable

    2. Artistic


    3. yas pepino


    4. Johana Albornoz


    5. Jacqueline Felder

      Hey y'all y'all looking slick I like that yeah that's what's up

    6. S H

      Wow 😍

    7. Melanie Colon

      ❤️u guys FASHIONISTA!!!!!!

    8. революция


    9. ella Rodriguez

      that’s cute couple goals

    10. Stéphanie Michèle Hochsprung

      Yes- first and last!

    11. Wite_flamigo


    12. Anna Ann

      Reeeeeeaaaally cool!

    13. Vanessa Bany Huthail

      So cool. Best one Ive seen yet

    14. Helô Helô


    15. sandra valenzuela

      Wwwowww!!!! Que fashion

    16. Maedeh Samii


    17. thierry roy

      It's very good

    18. Teba teba Baghdad

      هذول الصاكين صدقه 🤝😂😂

    19. Teba teba Baghdad

      Love you 😘❣️

    20. Zinc Of Poo

      She looked good in everything she wore but I think she looked real sexy in the white dress, and the little business outfit.. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd one after she pulled him out

    21. Joulia Lemaire EL MIRI


    22. MalaQ Fetha

      Wow 😍😍😘😘🤩❤❤💖💕💕

    23. Tiffany L

      Aw he standing on his tippy toes to look taller than he is, why ppl so mad about their looks. Climate change💙

    24. Yaris Sanchez Rojas

      Loveeee thisssss

    25. roblox donut love

      is so cute♡♡

    26. The magnolia show

      That is the prettiest wedding dress I have ever seen love love love queen

      1. Amita Patel

        Um.. seriously?? It’s nice but soo much classier and nicer to wear a classic long dress than a crop top and skirt to your own wedding

    27. Lourdes

      Wow! Lindo 💕💕💕

    28. Manon Manon

      This is THE couple

    29. Juan ramón Marín


    30. Simplyy Nee

      This was so freaking dope. I’ve been loving fashion videos like this lately. Very well executed!

    31. Patrick Rousseau

      No sister , sad I'm 🤣🤣🤣👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😔😔😔😔

    32. Giovanna Podadera

      Que casal lindo🤩🥰❤❤❤

    33. Canale Chiuso

      El mato xe col mocazino. Ela meio de quella fazo tutto mi con el mari’ tatuado che canta e parla cagade

    34. Jared


    35. Park Nogy

      الولا فورتيكه♥️😂

    36. 📎🦋𝐒𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫🦋📎

      Best transition in 2021

    37. الینا حقی

      چقد بهم میان😍🥺

    38. Marius Christiano


    39. Khimmika Wuttisarn

      Perfect 👍

    40. Alphonse Malapati


    41. اجمل صدفة


    42. Denis Kuzykovo

      Nice ❤️❤️

    43. Kazimierz K

      Very beautiful 😍

    44. Shakeel Rahman

      Couple GOOOAAALS 🤣

    45. Michał

      when you recording the same shit for a one milion time...

    46. Lawrence Mayer

      He is a tool lmao I'll make your legs shake

    47. Sara Eckerman

      Cool cool cool! 😎😎

    48. Diane Baker

      Lovely 👍😊

    49. Tayana Lourenço

      Apaixonada por este vídeo...

    50. happy life

      I just love da music....

    51. sam

      Awwwsome ... im sure alot of hard work paid off! Cz looks stunning

    52. Atta ange Emmanuelle Kouadio


    53. Geeta Bhavya


    54. Rabiya Afreen

      Can't get off my eyes frm u guys.u r so bold

    55. Sh4unity

      I hate tiktok stuff but this was on point.

    56. Mohammed Ismaeel Said

      Love xxx xxx moh house today xxx to come time house moh home time house today time pasta Get please today time tomorrow morning time please today evannig please ph After coming cooking sait Tomorrow ❤

    57. Ezy Beatrice 700

      Omg so i like this short video Ps:whats tge name at the song?

      1. Ezy Beatrice 700

        Whats the name at the song

    58. Dale Babcock

      These two are so classy and then they use this song. Wtf.

    59. mini

      In the third look I thought he looked like Arturo from money heist 😂

    60. Mina Atrah


    61. Beauty tips & tricks

      Nice couple 👫

    62. 71 déménagement

      j'ai poney 😘

    63. Cuong Vu


    64. Εφή Μπασσα


    65. عشقي لا ينتهي

      الولد صاك

    66. nabeel ghnime

      Omg wow wow wow amazing 😍

    67. Carmen Dalila

      Oooh I'm loving all the looks.

    68. Destiny Woodside

      He looks like that one guy from Spider-Man far from home, Mysterio AKA Quentin Beck AKA Jake Gyllenhaal.

    69. Mister bean


    70. Archana Irfan

      He hook to hot

    71. eva valles

      kinda looks like Hilary duff tbh

    72. NPG MF

      Regardez nous on est beau... Ça montre à quelle point vous êtes con 😂

    73. ed ed

      Now that is a nice couple

    74. Mayra Sandoval

      Where is the white dress from? Is exquisite

    75. maria moussa

      U look pretty cute together 😍🥰

    76. hacker24

      I like you did that dance is nice

    77. hacker24

      I Love it 😚😚😚🤩

    78. Гульнар Примжанова

      Красивая пара!

    79. Candelaria Garcia

      I love 💅

    80. Will Draws & What Not

      That’s a handsome couple✨

    81. Kl Ml

      You husband is looking very cute and smart

    82. jorge bizzotto


    83. Zainab 16

      حبيت الستايل

    84. Rican Bee


    85. Drenusha Hoxhaj

      Song name please

    86. Shy Tae

      Sanki gelirmisin lütfen dedi xncjvj

    87. جوهرة المحبه


    88. It's your girl Maddie

      I can't stop watching this again and again

    89. неуловимый Джо


    90. Samsung Galaxy


    91. Галина Юдина


    92. Annasuzie Danho


    93. Dany Oreve

      So sad

    94. Shri Chand

      He looks very innocent in the beggining 🤣🤣😂😂😝

    95. Vonnie Villa

      ❤️‍🔥 HOT COUPLE

    96. Sugar Gunz

      Which one requires more maintenance

    97. Zouzou Fatale


    98. Genesis Torres

      You guys did it soooo smooth

    99. bacar darkaoui