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    In this video I’m showing the pre-recorded music I’ve received over the last couple of months. There’s also a story about how I helped give a name to an album.
    For transparency I have tagged this video as a Paid Promotion as I have received most of these things for free. The Camera of Sound Cassette & LP was purchased via Bandcamp. No money has changed hands and the links shown below are not affiliated.
    Dead Media Tapes (R2R,8-Track)
    (It transpires that not all the music I showed is available to buy or stream at present)
    Camera Of Sound Hip-Hop Album
    Stream On DEcameras:
    Buy on Bandcamp:
    Coloured Vinyl at HHV.DE
    Red Manor Records (HQ Vinyl, Cassette, MD)
    Candy Apple Blue (New CD)
    00:00 Why?
    00:46 Dead Media Tapes
    06:33 Camera of Sound
    09:33 Red Manor Records
    13:38 Candy Apple Blue
    16:06 Credits
    Pioneer RT-707 7” Reel to Reel
    Panasonic RQ-830S TNT 8-Track
    Sanyo Micro Pack 35
    Victor RC M90 Boombox
    Sony WM-D6C Pro Walkman
    Victor XM-D1 MD Recorder
    Sony PS-F9 Vertical Turntable
    Sony LAM-1 MD/CD Recorder
    Panasonic SA-PM50MD Mini System
    Sony ICF-CD2000S travel CD player
    Superscope PSD300 CD player
    Yes the tape counter on the RT-707 needs a new belt. One day I’ll get around to it.
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    A) Patrons usually have early access to videos. I'll show the first version of a video on Patreon and often the feedback I get results in a video going through further revisions to improve it. e.g. Fix audio issues, clarify points, add extra footage or cut extraneous things out. The video that goes live on youtube is the final version.
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    Am Vor 25 Tage


    1. The steve standard anthing goes

      I want links to the bands

    2. Matt

      Poor guy, sends Techmoan a box of Mark Ronson and probably a gushing letter about how much Mark Ronson means to him. Makes me appreciate my own life more.

    3. Chris de Wolf

      Mark Ronson is an evil genius, dragging people down into drug abuse while making great music.

    4. Taxi Rob

      I honestly never knew Automatic was a Pointer Sisters song. Ruth has a pretty deep voice I guess.

    5. Nic Thomas

      I did like the Candy Apple Blue Intro and ordered a copy, which was delivered today, thank you. Really surprised when I opened, they had enclosed Second Sight, plus their last studio album Powers Activate and some stickers, thank you very much.

      1. Candy Apple Blue

        You are very welcome. Thank you, Nic, for supporting our band's music. Techmoan did use our last album, Powers Activate, to demonstrate the features of the Superscope PSD300 here on his DEcameras channel. We thought you might like to have that one as well. If you haven't seen his review of the portable pro CD recorder yet, do check it out, it's a fun watch. Have a great day. :)

    6. trabantfreak2

      do anyone what song is playing at 12:18 it actuelly sounds really great.

    7. Trainzguy2472

      I would like to thank you for teaching us about all these different "vintage" formats and showing yourself tinkering with broken players. As a matter of fact, I learned from the techniques you used to fix broken cassette players and successfully fixed my grandma's Walkman (yes, she still uses cassettes and we prefer it that way because digital devices are confusing for her and she gets stressed easily)! As per your videos, of course the belt had turned into sticky paste, so I replaced it with a rubber band (not everyone has spare Walkman belts on hand and my grandma was leaving for vacation the next day). Unfortunately the motor doesn't have as much torque as it used to so it sometimes gets stuck on really old tapes, but for the most part it works brilliantly!

    8. Migraine Gainn

      That Panasonic PM-50 😍

    9. jack 196

      Hi I am planning on building a sony hifi on a budget I bought the Cdp 313 for 20 pound of Facebook but it doesn't want to read my disks anymore do u have any advise to fix or cd deck you would recommend

    10. HotBeverages

      I've got that Galaxy Electric album on Cassette Tape, its very good. their first album, Everything is Light and Sound is good too. I think that one is fully on their youtube channel

    11. The System

      How come you ain't done a puppet show in a while?

    12. ninjazhu

      how about an episode on self-made or very small run records with your own recordings? as an example of a company in Melbourne, Australia but I am sure you can find similar in UK

    13. Prizm

      3:24 dang, I thought he was gonna play it in reverse for shits n giggles 😅

    14. Aaron P.

      Picked up that Synthwave double LP!

    15. Thomas

      7:07 did you just call scratch&sniff "smellbums"?

    16. CaptainDangeax

      Great to see Tony from cassette comeback still in the business. He gave me a lot of good advices and now I'm playing music from a good Denon cassette player, and also listening to tapes from my 21 years old Peugeot 406

    17. Bob Bobson

      Thanks TechMoan! Your video was my highlight of the week!!! You are so honest, spontaneous and natural. Much appreciated!

    18. James Dore

      Camera Of Sound on the proper boombox. 👍

    19. Pete

      Back in the dim dark ages of the 80's when I first started working, there was a gentleman in the office who'd, every payday, make his way of to his favorite record store. About an hour later he'd return with several bags each containing a couple of LP records. I once asked him how many records he had, his reply has stayed with me all these years. It was "I don't know. What I do know is I've got several lifetimes worth of music and memories here. I'm going to continue to buy and listen to all this beautiful music until I die." That was very true back then and even more so today.

    20. Dizz2K7

      I wasn't sure where to say this, but I recently bought a personal cd player by a company called ARAFUNA and it's really nifty. Thought you might ve interested in giving it a quick research.

    21. THTSound

      I was surprised, to hear how good this music is :) better than music from radio for sure

    22. mjg263

      @5:04 the tape counter on your RT-707 isn’t working. Neat to see these great old formats in use, I still use open reel on a regular basis.

    23. d vibe (swe)

      The tapes aren't recorded with Dolby nr are they?

      1. d vibe (swe)

        @Techmoan Ok. Would be a fun idea to release versions with Dolby Nr :)

      2. Techmoan


    24. Mark James Meli

      Thank you Professor Tech.

    25. amojak

      Metal tape was an excellent medium, i have some TDK MA and MAR 90's from the 80's that still sound the same now as they did then.

    26. amojak

      Heh you missed your vocation in life as the new John Peel, you only needed to play that 7" reel at the wrong speed for at least half a track to qualify :)

    27. Nic Thomas

      Enjoyed the samples @5:08 detect a Todd Rundgren influence

    28. melskunk

      Ooo, I like some of these! I'll have to see if they have any in disgusting digital formats

    29. Richard Morgan

      You have the coolest damn players in the universe. I also enjoy your wit! More puppets!

    30. Owen Smith

      That 8 track looks better than brand new ones did back in the day. And the joy of hearing a cassette without tons of tape hiss, I'd almost forgotten it could sound that good with decent tape. I still have two unused TDK MA-90s and two unused MA-XG 90s, and one of each is in the shrink wrap. I bought them just as I stopped using cassette, what a master stroke of planning.

    31. skidexa

      Jazz Spastiks, some of my favourite producers, big influence on my own music! Great work guys

    32. D M

      Techmoan has un obtainable hi fi stuff.

    33. D M

      Matt, you probably won’t see this but a vid of the very first VCRs would be great. I’ve seen an open reel VCR and another that seems to predate Sony’s U Matic which I swear was the first. Ampex beat Sony.

    34. D M

      Do 8 track sound better than metal 4 cassettes? Too bad DBX or Dolby S was too late, Dolby B is horrible I always turn it off. It seems like the open reel wide and fast speed can hang with possible SACD

    35. margaretsville

      Are those tapes from Tony (cassette comeback) Dolby encoded?

      1. Techmoan


    36. Victoria Evelyn

      6:10 had me like wait a minute where i have i heard this before?.....Vice City thats where

    37. Glip Klopsyiop

      What's the machine at 14:36 called?

    38. CableWrestler

      Some of this music is straight up shit

    39. Dj Enter

      Found something (vinyl record player) that you may want to check out it’s called The Songbird

    40. Ben V

      I am finally ditching DEcameras because of censorship and manipulation. I will have a look for your channel on other platforms.

    41. Nick Danger

      This place is kinda like the modern version of Tim Hunkins, the Secret Life of Machines. love em both ! watchin from the US

    42. Seemore Butts

      Flippin' 'eck, you're an influencer!

    43. D. Stuart

      Those metal cassettes sounded nice! I remember recording my own albums on chrome tape using either three-head AKAIs or Nakamichi. Usually from half-speed vinyl. Came out great, but then Mobile Fidelity came out with their half-speed mastered BASF chrome cassettes on Nakamichi recorders. Fantastic sound! Loved those things while driving in the 80's... Cool batch of media there.. Thanks for sharing! Stu

    44. Ryan

      Hi, I have some Motorola home recording disks dating back to the late 1930s and 40s. These records were cut on a home record lathe! I’d never heard of such a thing, they’re yours for the price of shipping. About 20 records some recorded some blank, I haven’t tried to play them. Let me know. Love the videos by the way

    45. Vin Crafter

      4:54 A M O G U S

    46. Gábor Tősér

      Hi Mat, there is something that I missed always from your channel, the B&O hifi stuffs. Whats your oppinion about them?

    47. speedmannde

      I'm supprised by the mastering with this is synthwave 2. I really love it. Finally something where the voice is not as loud or even quieter than the music. Not my kind of music though but still really great to listen to

    48. Erico monteiro

      By Crom that cd/mini disk recorder....

    49. Paul Brown

      Personally I don’t like the quiet ones, especially if there is noise where you are listening, you can’t even hear the quiet parts. I’d prefer all the sound the same volume. In rock music the sound of the electric guitar coming in is heavy enough, it doesn’t have to be louder.

    50. Geoff Gero

      Dead Media Tapes is great, I ordered a Begotten 8 track from him and it looks and sounds fantastic. That synthwave on type 4 tape is so cool, I want one.

    51. FutureAlien

      Thank you very much for another excellent video and particular thanks for introducing me to the amazing sound of Jazz Spastiks! I also loved the short clip of Vogue Machine, though unfortunately (as you also mention in your description) that particular album appears not to be available elsewhere. Still, I'll say I heard it here first!

    52. AL X

      Thats so maaad! Props on the name credit with the spastiks. Thats mind blowing

    53. Simon Quarry

      Hi thanks, been enjoying all the videos! Is that really the best 8-Track player you own?! Didn't you review an Akai CR8x or similar?

      1. Techmoan

        No it’s not the best or the worst.

    54. Daniel Ramos

      Red Manor Records all out of minidiscs, looks like this format has still some kick in it. (Biased comment while listening to Anders Enger Jensen on my Sony JE520)

    55. fire surfer

      I have seen double cassettes in the '80s, ...but not on metal tape.

    56. Spuds McCat

      I remember metal tapes, and having to throw a switch to tell the player it was metal, but what was the functional differece between a normal cassette and a metal one?

    57. Rizki Pratama

      Never interested in music by I loves machines that is making it.

    58. siskokidd

      Classic synth sounds never get old.

    59. Andrew Barnum

      Every time I buy pre recorded audio tape, usually from ebay, I have the misfortune of the tape coming in contact with a magnet somewhere along the route to my house. I am amazed you got one that sounds so good.

    60. Andro Boxx

      Please review the ‘sound of India’ 5core multiband radio portable receiver’

    61. asn413

      i have a MD player and i think sony may have tried to get into the whole mp3 thing. they used their own proprietary format though. i think that killed it. that and you had to schlep a bunch of disks with youm

    62. Kinnay999

      wtf is that panasonic cd player ! :oooo

    63. theduckisok

      My, you are getting world famous! I love this channel. Tom in Calif.

    64. brianartillery

      Thanks. That made me really happy. I shall definitely be checking some of those items out.

    65. TeamBadCompany

      Techmoan, the hub on the take up reel is off center, you can watch the hub spin off center a 5:08 it might have got knocked or bent a little, might want to align it.

    66. du315h0k

      Discovering that Techmoan enjoys classic hip hop has made my day. Stay tuned for my upcoming album Cheese Sandwich ;)

    67. Scott Poerschke

      Whats the deal with digital copyright on youtube? That album from pointer sisters is all over youtube. Why would it cause problems for techmoan?

      1. Techmoan

        If you look in the video descriptions of any videos that play copyrighted music you’ll see the track name and artist and record label mentioned - usually along with a load of other management names. That means it’s been content matched and the record label is taking any revenue the video earns. So yes you can upload an album to youtube and you’ll either get a copyright strike against your account or Columbia or whoever will put adverts on it and collect the money. At best you get banned at worse all the money made on your video goes to someone else.

    68. MrGridStrom

      I get the feeling music industry executives approve of your channel, well done.

    69. StukaUK

      Bit of a whistle stop tour of all that music, which I was grateful for when your favourite, the scratching rubbish came on. I enjoyed all the other snippets though.

    70. emkkahn

      The videos from Techmoan are like comfort food for my Geekiness... Love them!

    71. wellfuckyoumr

      Dr. Octagon > Kool Kieth

    72. vladsinger

      The Vogue Machine track sound reminds me of New Order - Blue Monday.

      1. Clayton Norris

        That was my full intension when I wrote that beat 😅

    73. duncan rmi

      tony v's a top bloke.

    74. DashCamAndy

      Can we all take a moment to appreciate the amount of time and effort Mat put in to present all of these albums on assorted players?

      1. Candy Apple Blue

        100% agreed!

    75. prismstudios001

      That blue,plunger box tape player is the coolest I have ever seen👍👍

    76. Havering Pish

      Excellent video Matt, I enjoyed every track snippet played, cheers.

    77. Garth Macdonald

      Nice Recommendation of Camera of Sound

    78. Pacific Nature TV

      These formats are cool but the poor graphic design work on most of these things is really disappointing.. spending all that time and money on the audio and "rare" format to put it in bland boxes with free fonts and stock images :(

    79. london19657

      How can I purchase the Synthwave album? (great video)

    80. Sándor Dániel Molnár

      Some dope tunez mm

    81. Terry's random videos.

      You ever going to bring the puppets back?

      1. Terry's random videos.

        @Techmoan well that all kinda sucks.

      2. Techmoan

        Here’s the current stock answer regarding the absence of The Moans puppets/muppets: The puppets went on hiatus during the current situation because their ‘set’ has been commandeered as an office while the Mrs is working from home for her employer due to The Event. Prior to that ideas for their segments weren’t flowing thick and fast any more. Mostly down to the fact that joking around on the record has become a hazardous thing - with jokes often deliberately taken out of context in order to fuel the latest crowd-sourced uproar or cancellation. Then along came COPPA - a Californian law that means DEcameras videos can’t be monetised if they appeal to children. I know children watch the puppet segments as I’ve been told many times that ‘My kids love the puppets’. So if the puppets were to feature in a video and I don’t tick the box to confirm that ‘this content appeals to children’ I could lose a channel I’ve worked years on. However if I do tick that box then the associated video isn’t eligible to earn any money at all. All because I chose to stick a puppet sketch at the end of the video. So pretty much everything is counting against them appearing again unless a lot of things that are out of my hands change - and that seems unlikely.

    82. michael miller

      Love it!

    83. Juan Rial

      Hahah, that CD player at 14:27 is seriously over the top! Love it! :D

    84. Sadiq Mohamed

      Interesting demo. The metal tape of Synthwave 2 from Red Manor Records was impressive. Full width stereo, masses of dynamic range and very low noise. I have a ChromeCast plugged into my tv, and the output via a separate power amp to a pair of full range bookshelf speakers. The quality was exceptional.

    85. Mark Persad

      The wonderful thing about your channel's loved by so many. It gives me a vicarious thrill to watch the subs number rise and rise. Brilliant!

    86. quornflake

      8.50 just let me grab my MPC...

    87. Merijn Vogel

      15:08 I was looking up 'this is synthwave 2' in another tab yet immediately recognized the sound of Espen Kraft! I apparently get to know his style a bit by now :)

    88. Merijn Vogel

      12:25 Ow yeah! Tape could really be THAT good (and I happen to love synthwave)

      1. Elias Schmid

        Do you know which song this is? The release is already sold out unfortunately.

    89. Seegal Galguntijak

      Until this video, I always thought that you're all about the recording/playback devices and technology, but here I learnt that you're also about the music!

    90. michael heil

      where do i can get the album from vogue machine ? Cassette / cd / etc ? sonds very interesting.

      1. Clayton Norris

        That album is available at

    91. Amr Koptan

      14:26 is it only me or is that Panasonic player designed to look like an Apollo Guidance Computer ?

    92. Mac Swanton

      Missing your muppet pals

    93. KimSE4

      You've become an A&R man haven't you? Seriously though, like or don't like isn't important - great to see people making music and sharing it in these formats, it's really entertaining and interesting. GOOD LUCK!

    94. Jan Rademan

      Why does just pulling the 8-track out @6:18 without stopping it first seem wrong to my modern sensibilities?

    95. Kurt Pedersen

      Some of the synth music is actually quite cool. Better take a look at those links soon

    96. Elliott Evans

      I just recently got camera of sound on cd. I heard C Rayz Wallz was on a track, had to get it. Its a great album.

    97. GHILLIE7566


    98. Douglas Cummings

      Really loving seeing all the odd players you have but haven't yet featured in other videos.

    99. Peg Asus

      Please make Vogue Machine available on CD. Thank you

      1. Clayton Norris

        You can buy it digitally from and throw it on a CD if you like! But the album was essentially made for a home stereo tape system.