Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Billie Eilish & JLo’s 2021 Met Gala Style


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    The 2021 Met Gala was packed with incredible fashion moments! Access Hollywood breaks down some of the standout style stars of the night, including Billie Eilish, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Natalia Bryant, Simone Biles, Ciara and Naomi Osaka.

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    Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Billie Eilish & JLo’s 2021 Met Gala Style

    Am Vor 10 Tage



      satanic ritual.

    2. Camilla Dube

      Billie looked amazing🥀🤥😍 I don't know wats wrong with Kim😂

    3. Panda Pie

      Disturbing Celebrity worship Many people suffered this year...

    4. wnnalis cioov

      Buddy living his best life got a billionaire as a girlfriend I wish I was billionaire have money make stuff a lot easier

    5. Anthony Bourdain

      On behalf of the children...... PAIN IS COMING 👌

    6. gioyu comi

      Billie was the princess of the night ❤️ she's so beautiful

    7. Carlos Davila

      Sometimes you have it n sometimes you don't

    8. Us Usa

      J. Lo's body is STUNNING and so was her outfit.

      1. Us Usa

        @wnnalis cioov I'm with you on that nightmarish hijab, body gluing condom that Kim K wore!!! And all black😝😝😝. But, JLo, we can give her usual stunning body credit👍. I'm willing to give some props for making an effort to be stylishly 'American', considering the off trend of other entertainers. Just me I guess.

      2. wnnalis cioov

        Kim kardadhian what the hell was she wearing jlo nope awful

    9. Anna-Maria Lopez

      They did Billie wrong with that hairdo

    10. Old Salt

      J-Lo stole the show.

      1. gioyu comi


    11. Old Salt

      A single shoelace outfit would be all the rage. A true fashion statement to the rich.

    12. Lew Paul

      Kim: it’s all about the a$$

    13. Ruth " the truth , tell it like it is", a RN

      GIGI Hadid gave pure GLAMOUR of old Hollywood which is WHAT WE ALL WANT TO SEE from now on. Its CLASS and Style.

    14. Ruth " the truth , tell it like it is", a RN

      Bille E nailed it with the Marilyn monroe look.

    15. Ruth " the truth , tell it like it is", a RN

      KK outfit was a NO. What was the message to represent?

    16. Maria L Martinez

      Las brujas a la vista 🧹

    17. hfvkhnml

      Kim is indeed epic!

    18. Truly Capricorn

      Kim got everyone talking . Negative or positive, they are talking . 👏👏👏

    19. Justin G


    20. Susan Carty

      Most of the fashion was just awful .only a few were nice

    21. Susan Carty

      Kim kardadhian what the hell was she wearing jlo nope awful

    22. Susan Carty

      Billie best dress hands down .

    23. Cristiam Astudillo


    24. Winnipeg Chick

      Billie and #QuannahChasinghorse win, kim was the loser.

    25. Weallstanroseofficial

      Imagine covering head to toe and people still knowing who you are the power she holds

    26. Cynthia Kendrick

      JLo Killed it !!! Kim ? What was that about really ???

    27. Tila Le

      I bet kim didn’t even bothered to do the makeup it’s the easiest when face covered 😂 it will be a wonderful fashion for lazy girls spend way too much time do their makeup. Btw where’s lady gaga? Megan fox looking very elegant

    28. seiom jvony

      as a big Marilyn fan Billie is taking my breath away every time I see these clips. she looks AMAZING

    29. Volcy Peter Dody

      JLO 👌🏾


      Lol is this a Halloween thing

    31. yuoop noke

      Jlo looks so good!

    32. Anne Bourbonnais


      1. seiom jvony

        Party at Marina spirit cooking!!!!

    33. Mary Sneed

      I've been trying to figure out why Kim Kardashian has taken to wear these completely covered outfits that look like something from the Party City sports fan collection.

    34. The Queen

      Shawn mandes N Camilo❤️🤩🤏

    35. Darren Petchey

      Whos to even say that is kim k. Its the hollywood world of ilumanti every person sold there soul to the devil .

    36. Sincerely Shira


    37. Jane's zone

      What the f**k was Kim wearing??

    38. Gloria Henry

      Then kissing with a mask on come on 👎 so dub

    39. Gloria Henry

      These rich people so weird in their creations yuck 🤮

    40. Gloria Henry

      That’s creepy ugly weird kardashian no thanks

    41. Queen Mgalula

      Woooow ciara look amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    42. Anisha Gunasekera

      Billie was so unrecognisable

    43. je suis Informaticien

      satanic gala

    44. Martha J Garcia

      Kim looks like a joke seriously she's in a deep depression I guess. Everyone looks like a s*** I don't know what's going on with these dress codes they do not look nothing good it's an alien world.

    45. Ikra Abdi

      I don't know why they don't wear beautiful clothes like normal people

    46. Southern Charm

      Party at Marina spirit cooking!!!!

    47. Southern Charm

      All the adrenochrome devil worshippers at one place the satantists ball. Hope they all burn in HELL!!!

    48. Shinnea Mc

      Please everyone look at me...look at me. Yawn.

    49. Tobiasburinagaensiojr Tobiasburinagaensiojr

      For what's better Hollywood celebrities 2021 bullying me

    50. Tvoje Mama

      JLO was killing this

    51. Rman Nayr

      KIM WAS LIKE YOU CAN'T SEE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Rman Nayr

      WTF WAS KIM WEARING!!!!!!!!!!

    53. GeoRge Roblox

      Riri So Amaizing! But What is the relationship between Rihanna and Kardashian / Jenners? who know?

    54. Marcel George

    55. Chill Chilli

      If they catch the corona virus, they dnt hv to wear anything in the ventilator....😃

    56. Anwar Mckenney

      Kobe's Daughter into this Bullshit

    57. Ankit Pant

      Jennifer Lopez actually understood the assignment and followed the theme. Absolutely loved her look and outfit. 👍



    59. jiminy

      no but lil nas wasn't pregnant during the met gala

    60. Melinda Mullins

      we don't know how much we appreciate fashion when we don't have it everyone looked so amazing wow beautiful we love all there fashions marvelous.

    61. jrbland18


    62. Brenda McCoy

      Rihanna’s dress was the best with the beanie and silver

    63. Merina Singh

      Anything Rihanna wears is stunning

    64. Christel May Cueto

      J-Lo looked stunning!!!!

    65. Andrés C.


    66. Yasmina Khurana

      Kim the worst idea …

    67. J A Y Channel

      Gigi Hadid So Beautiful ♥️

    68. Abbie C.

      What a freak show and Lil Nas X .....🤢🤢🤢🤢.

    69. JacekMMA

      Kim, I thought you hated blackface?

    70. PEPE❎


    71. Luis Figueiredo

      Cadê a Anita?

    72. Patrice Star

      Drugs are everywhere! A Real Circus of the Rich!!!

    73. Alternate Universe

      Sooooooo stupid! Why would a sane person give a shit!

    74. Brown Liquor

      This is the best outfit, Kim has ever worn.

    75. M K

      The theme was America,yet none of the American fashion icons Ralph, Calvin, Donna,Marc (who's the regular of Met gala)attended this year's eye sore gathering of mostly nobodys+ the leading embarrassments of America like De Blasio family, AOC, Huma Abedin, Olympic & Tennis quitters,Megan Rapione, Whoopi Goldberg etc.

    76. Yoncey de la Torre

      Ghetto…..everyone of them…

    77. maria isabel jamillo roldan

      What was the theme?

    78. Adul Ali

      Amazing how y’all are praising these people who are maskless and not social distancing and telling you that you shouldn’t travel to see your family you can’t make this stuff up lol.

    79. Counsil of Light

      Kim was actually representing Kanye when he wore that for his album release party.

    80. Magda 22


    81. Shannon Hennessy

      MBS and att general William Barr eat babies with black boxes in Afghanistan

    82. Saleha khan

      An interesting theory it's not kim it's a replacement 😱😱

    83. Alex Jabot


    84. Nenuhar Costa


    85. Michelle PalmaAsencio

      Billie and Rihana my favorites 🥰so 🥰 cute👏🏼

    86. Jennifer Weeks

      The one night to look like a star and what do they do….. some just look absolutely ridiculous!!!!

    87. Aida Brothers

      That is not Kim K.....skinny legs and no hips😱 #notkim

    88. 👻Richard 🤑

      Kim was my favorite!!

    89. john2000l

      This is so funny......the "Met Gala" is nothing but a huge dumpster fire of want to be elite morons.....nice part is that Old Mental Lame Joe is going to take all your money away from you with his new tax plans, then you are going to be as poor as the rest of us folks who do have a balanced life, without all the money.......and might I say a bunch of these so called women wore the most hideous outfits, but they were certainly better than what their faces looked like !!

    90. kenza doan

      illuminatie 👿


      Idiots with mony and no empaty for hungry children.

    92. Natalia M

      Omg wtf is all with the ugliness. These people don't know how to dress

    93. maria maragakis

      What about rose?

    94. Antonio Alvarez

      Another " Eyes wide Shut " moment .........

    95. Reese

      Who and why someone talk Kim into this dreadful outfit on the night of Academy awards of fashion?

    96. Themson Saka

      Kim was the best. Unique and new. All r boring. Mainly Rihanna.... Meh

    97. D. W.

      Some wore the skinniest dresses n here comes KimK covered fron head to toe and still got more media coverage ,twitter hate

    98. Sheeba Varughese

      Loved Kim, very unique, never seen such styling

    99. jeraz yume

      Halloween for the rich.

    100. Redemption Kaws

      Why kiss with mask 🤣🤣🤣