you can't "accidentally” break the law 8 times, James

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    1. Alexandra Tsinia

      Well I want to state that this is my opinion So in 2019 it was his fault but I think that those teenagers had too much time on their hands to say that they were 18 and thus deceiving him . When in reality they were 16 Why would someone have to search everything that can find for someone just to verify their age? Why can't we trust someone when they say things about their self let alone when they talk about their age. I don't think that james is to blame here when the teenagers that were placed in this predicament lied and put themselves in this situation

    2. OfficialKatsuki Bakugou

      I didn't know this happened- wow james-.

    3. itsjuly

      he has over 50 times your audience size, it's even worse :(

    4. Chicken Nuggets UwU

      So James can do these things without getting hate but Lentotally gets more hate even though the child that he so-called "groomed" even accepted Len's apology when James has groomed more children and teens, and he's even blaming it on the children. I totally get it. Len is more mature than James.

      1. MissIMakeSense

        Oh actually shut up. Lentotally 100% groomed a child. It doesnt matter if "oh but this person did worse!!1!!" They still need to get held accountable. Also len has a significantly smaller platform than James, its only natural that in a smaller community hate spreads faster. And so im not defending james i just hate this whole "this person did worse!!", mentality

    5. Neon Pencil


    6. Pretzel Stick

      Thank you so much for looking after your viewers mental health ❤️🙏🥰

    7. Storytime With Angel

      The fact that he kept saying it was an "accident" purely annoys the shit out of me. You decided to send the pictures, not anyone else. YOU clicked the button. YOU knew there ages, but yet YOU decided as a person to send them? That is disgusting behavior. I used to look up to him and thought he was amazing about 2 maybe 3 years ago; but once I heard what happened I was disgusted.

    8. Blaise Mellifont

      The amount of comments I get from people asking "aRE YOu JAMes CHaRLes?" or anything relating me to him is just ridiculous. The fact that most people who aren't as knowledgeable of the gay community think that he of all people is the "most important" or relevant gay person in the whole world is so inconceivable. In my experience when most people picture or hear the word gay they're minds go directly to James Charles, when he does things that could incriminate himself, his absolute ignorance to the fact that these people will see that is so disturbing and twisted. He's seen as the "Queen" of England, or the President of the United States but for the gay community. Whatever he does will impact most of the worlds view on gay people. Sorry, that was a lot of bottled up hate for James I had to get out... However, I don't take back anything I've said.

    9. Touya Forges

      he needs jail time because there is no way that he keeps repeating this. The fact that people are defending James and there is nothing that is happening to him to absolutely disgusting. He needs consequences point blank period!!!

    10. Aveline Soquet

      Best title in DEcameras history

    11. Radiant Carefree Dreamy

      (ALMOST GOT CAUGHT) (EMOTIONAL) Sneaking makeup into my jail-cell 😲😲😲😲😲

    12. Extra Strength Advil

      I originally didn’t want to watch this video when it came out because I thought it was just cancel culture and I didn’t want to be a part of it again. However in the past few days I’ve been watching the James situation over again and watching Gullia go over this, and I’ve come to the conclusion that “Bye Sister” has a huge impact on this situation and had a huge impact on me not wanting to recognize this as genuine predatory actions on James’ part. I’ve unsubbed from him and unfollowed all his socials because I can’t stand to support him in any capacity. I feel like I’m not alone in saying that Dramagedon and Karmagedon, respectively, have a huge impact on this and a huge impact on how it is taken. I’m not sure of much. But I am damn sure that hitting on, and presuming relationships with 16 minors ranging from ages 17 to 14 is, indeed, not just him being “Desperate” But that’s just my two cents.

    13. Jane Wagoner

      I usd to look too James but how do u brake the law 8 times and call it an accident

    14. AmeliaDrawz

      they were the ones who said they were 18 and James was the one who didnt do his reashearch so its both their fault

    15. Courtney Peet

      Not to mention his video is word for word what every pedophile on to catch a predator has ever said to Chris Hansen

    16. Niko Zguri

      there's no accident here. he knew EXACTLY what he was doing

    17. Jennie Vickers

      I didn't know what happened then saw James' video and forgave him for what he did but didn't know the story, I only thought it was twice not the eighth time and still I thought it was "on accident" Now I've listened to the victims and minors he groomed and realized it was pattern and it wasn't on accident at all.

    18. -Itzcloudyyum-

      i mean- i dont know if thats breaking the law?is it?i dont know- im dum-

      1. Sarah Aufderheide

        yes it’s illegal. they’re minors. once is an accident, 2 could be a coincidence, but he’s done this with MULTIPLE minors.

    19. Grayson White

      people like jared the subway guy went to jail for LIFE because of this

    20. Mary Kay

      He is a predator and, like a predator, he will not actually change; he will just get sneakier about it

    21. Leah Thorp

      I definitely feel like James fucked up pretty bad, he should have done his research and confirmed with absolutely everyone he talks to that they are at least 18. That said, I hope he has had that "come to jesus" moment where he knows in no uncertain terms that he's fucked up and will take this opportunity to finally learn how to follow through on a promise to change.

    22. RENØIR

      Ok DEcameras, what’s with all these illegal people in my recommendations? I literally got LenTotally, Pablo Picasso and NOW James Charles

    23. Sanne

      I think it's really cool how you put the disclaimer before the video, thank you for looking after our mental health

    24. soggybiscuitt

      Not related, but please do a sofiaasamara one (if u need evidence I know an acct w everything u need to know about her on)

    25. iiaqtxss

      8th, haha. no. 11th child called him out this week😝

    26. 울고 -c u d a s a i !

      right, but of course people have faith in him! this is the same as the shane dawson situation, people don’t realize it tho.

    27. Crocodile Bite

      If he’s really wants to take “accountability,” he’d turn his ass in for his crimes. I work as a therapist for sex offenders, and have seen a few truly repentant predators turn themselves in. By not taking responsibility, his victims aren’t getting their justice, he’s still at risk of reoffending, and he’s damaging the reputation of those who are truly repentant. The only reason he’s apologizing is because he’s sorry he got caught.

    28. Fuyumi Todoroki

      I've known for a while (that he did illegal things) but I didn't know what

    29. meguri

      2020: Hi, sisters! 2021: Hi, inmates! 😍😍

    30. • S a d i i e •

      "Hey sisters" doesn't seem too innocent now...

    31. My PorkChop Is the cutest hamster

      video starts at 2:21 :)

    32. i am a fan of many things

      ad free!

    33. SushiSalad

      No receipts?

    34. woosthetic


    35. I_hate _Governments

      It scares me that he has played (among us) games with popular minors like Tommyinit, Tubbo_ and others.

      1. I_hate _Governments

        @Sarah Arndt i’m pretty sure the only time he’s played among us was when he was really small so I don’t think James would be there

      2. Sarah Arndt

        hmmm maybe, i dunno, i can’t really remember

      3. I_hate _Governments

        @Sarah Arndt I don’t think he has play with James

      4. Sarah Arndt

        oh jeez, thats scary (and Ranboo as well)

      5. Emma

        Oh yeah I didn’t even think about that

    36. jer

      oh hell no. i delete tiktok for a week and this shit happens. bye

    37. Firekeko

      "I commit a crime 8 times, but it's ok cuz my minor fans said so"

    38. Killua Zoldyck

      i always disliked James and here's even more reasons so dislike him

    39. No Name Yet

      The title. 💀

    40. Haunted Sisters

      he is a disgusting boy.

    41. Aerographer

      he's not sorry for doing it, he's sorry because he got caught. people like this, especially if they have money, don't care about the repercussions of their actions. he'll apologize and pretend everything is hunky-dory but just go back and keep doing it.

    42. Nick Simp

      the eye of the drawing tho

    43. RainyDay 2723

      It makes me sad

    44. Sydney Nelson

      sure is takin him a bit to say april fools...

    45. I like dogs

      lmao the title is amazing you got a new sub

    46. ChLoe Scott

      Wait a dann second.I thought u were a different channel before seeing you change ur profile

    47. Fnaf Mojo

      Reasons why I’m a happy potato: Your channel generally helps my anxiety lol - Yes I’m a potato-

    48. MoreExpressoLessDepresso

      I noticed a bit of a pattern with infamous influencers, streamers, etc. A lot of them get so deep in their role that they litteraly change, little by little. I think there was a study about this? Idk but it sounds scary how some people completely change just because they have this role as an "influencer" and a "streamer."

    49. slurpee. aep

      Police: James, did you shoot 8+ people? James: Yes... but I hold myself accountable so I'm innocent :D

    50. Ginger Dawson

      he's not sorry, he's sorry he got caught.

    51. Aluvelin

      I'm sorry but how is James not in jail yet?

    52. GotInterest

      I'm a bit uncomfortable with framing this situation as James "breaking the law" 8 times. This shit would be wrong even if it wasn't against the law. We shouldn't define whether something is morally good or bad by if their is a law against it cause laws can be made by some pretty fucked up people. Especially with cases like this. Framing it in legal terms only opens the doors for creeps to say "well in x place the law says that 16/17 years olds can...". He preyed on children 8 times. That's what's wrong here.

    53. Dalia

      James Charles should've been cancelled a very long time ago and that's it. notice the pattern of how it's always the predators who have the biggest audiences on this platform. he's not innocent and people who still support him are disgusting.

    54. Hugegamer800

      LOL they didn't introduce that polocy yet, if there are ads its you and if not then not. They only said they make it a thing in the future

    55. Ariyah Tangborn

      Jesus oml

    56. Lena Pauline

      where there's smoke there's fire. also, i can't support morphe. it shouldn't have taken them this long to drop him... it's disgusting. they only care about money. their stuff was average at best anyway...

    57. RoastingOnionRickle

      This may sound wrong but there are always two sides of the story and with the minors they did have the choice to respond to James, They had to the choice if they would send said photos.Minors can make choices for themselves. Sorry if you disagree and hope you have a good day. (I do apologize for spelling as mine is not the greatest)

      1. Dalia

        him initiating with sending these typa pics is already considered a form of child abuse.

    58. Oval Chris was high so he became horror Eren

      I spent more time looking at her doing the lineart than listening to the story 🤡

    59. Super Luc Mario

      The title!😆

    60. Kate Palma

      Even if they weren't minors..he is so focused on last more than love.

      1. Kate Palma


    61. Kai Crowell

      this is exactly why i stopped watching him during the tati drama. that's not something you just make up about a person. especially when it is so damaging to someone's career.

    62. Flynn’s Commentary

      If you @#$% a minor once, it was an accident If you @#$% a minor twice, that’s damn suspicious If you @#$% a minor 3+ times, *THAT’S @#$&*%# JAIL, BRO*

    63. Wait Is This A Choco

      He's an influencer, what did yall expect?

    64. saturn

      He committed a felony and his excuse was "I'm desperate" 😐

    65. Sam Guild

      tl:dr: james has knowingly been in explicit contact with people who are under the age of 18, instead of on accident like he's claiming. james wanted to get off and make money, and that value was much larger than his value of conventional societal morals. James having this much social media presence is why you even care enough to make this video. What do the things he's doing wrong or would benefit both himself and others to fix come down to? Lying and engaging in explicit interactions with like 16 or 17 year olds (which is only arguably even wrong. Objectively, this is entirely a legal issue). He probably likes making this much money enough to continue doing this and getting the engagement he gets

    66. TatInnit

      Yeah it’s like saying destroying a child’s childhood 8 times is a accident. The minor shouldn’t have talked to James but James knew what he was doing and this was purposely. I may be young and too young for stuff like this but I know this isn’t good and he has done this too many times. People do this all the time and half of DEcameras’s influencers have been cancelled for grooming minors. Age isn’t just a number it’s a limit for sexual activity. There’s two out comes to this, the minor would be scared for life from this and the person who did this to them would be cancelled.

    67. Xo.Wolfie Xo

      I don’t really care about the drama that why I’m so confused 💀💀💀💀

    68. andrea mitchem

      U might have gotten away with it once,but that one time you got AWAY from it why do you think the 7+ other times you’re just going to just get away like that one time? Not the mention with your HUGE PLATFORMS!

    69. Vinny Lindsey

      bruh i literally h8 james charles stg :l hey also what art program do you use?

    70. Izzy S.

      It absolutely disgusts me how he did this not only once but almost ten times is unacceptable. I cant believe I bought his pallet.

    71. sam f.

      james shouldnt be cancelled, he should be locked up

    72. Spiderboyspiderboy Islit

      This isn't drama. This is a crime.

    73. Cloudy

      I have premium

    74. Dustin Duong

      he deserves to be 6ft under

    75. Teha


    76. Chewy

      i do not believe without proof. But this i will make a exception for. this is absolutely DISGUSTING he is a 21 year old man and he's gathering people who are the ages 12-15 and asking for sexual pictures of LITERAL CHILDREN calling them things like "men "daddy" i've also have heard some rumors of him asking them personal, sexualized questions. this is fucking disgusting, the poor kids he's done this too. its traumatizing, the sad thing is we dont know how many more kids hes done these actions to. if you do it once, yeah. it could be a accident but 8(+) times?!? its not "tea, or drama, ITS ILLEGAL

    77. Damn that’s Emman

      for someone who have apologize multiple times for being in drama and other crazy shits idk why people still supports them I mean its like normal for them to apologize every day and in a sense that apology looses its worth and value. Its like “okay I will apologize for the sake of not being cancelled or what” If you really am sorry and want to change you avoid these things.

    78. TV Productions

      If he was sorry this wouldn't have happened again...


      I would've wanted to see the drawing completed

    80. 【K】【e】【n】【z】【i】【e】 -2020

      “I was desperate” but when was THAT ever a good excuse for anyone to say and for anyone to accept as a good excuse to apologise for your mistakes, mistakes that were made over FIVE times now. He got in front of a camera, said the WORST excuse yet, and he got away with it, he’s rich yes, he’s got a great famous platform now yes, he’s got other well known friends too yes but when was it ever okay?

    81. Megan Fietsam

      Jesus Christ....... I love her so much. Thank you for actually discussing this situation as an adult unlike other channels that are talking about it like it’s no big deal. This is disgusting and ridicules that the police are not getting involved at all. He needs to go to jail for a looooong time.

    82. Crusader Toast

      I think there’s a point where you fucked up so much that lying about it and trying to hide it is like eating a cookie when your not supposed to. You already ate it, you can’t un-eat it. Dude should just stop trying and accept the consequences.

    83. Mags Av

      Bruh I wasted my money for his merch 😩👎😭

    84. Raducanu Marina Luana

      Omg you just explained it perfectly

    85. Margaret Perez

      He made a "promise" how can you break a promise 8 times? How embarrassing, another thing is how are the cops not doing anything about this?

    86. karolin

      Me, a German being like 👁👄👁

    87. aiMs

      U can put ads in the video, if u put effort in u can cash in a little in my opinion.

    88. Skully

      How you gonna do something on accident *8 TIMES???*

    89. J 0 i

      He needs another hobby

    90. Glynn Williams

      How has he not learned 🤣

    91. Darklyme

      What bothers me the most is that people that are defending him will turn around and preach that we should believe women when they come out with accusations. Like the kids in this situation don’t matter because they’re men? Or just bite your tongue because Stan!

    92. F L O W P

      when I was on my way to my dads on the radio it said James was texting dirty messages to boys younger than his age, even if they were the same age as him, he still shouldn't of done it.

    93. Tobio Kageyama

      James is like Corona. It wasn't that bad at first, but now it's terrible.

    94. zee272

      wuts the teeee ses

      1. zee272


    95. ಠ_ಠ M.S

      For me, he's absolutely at fault. Him sending those messages is just plain disturbing, no matter the age. But the kids are a little at fault. The ones that reached out to him, obviously shouldn't have. But he's too trusting. He needs to do his research on who messages him. And he blames him being unlucky with love, but we know why he's so unlucky. He does this. No matter the age, they do not have to send pictures back. And atleast wait till he gets to meet them irl, and ACTUALLY starts dating them, THEN THEY can start the discussion of risky photos.

    96. Bear Dog

      Can we just take a sec to appreciate the awareness this creator has, the first 2 minutes alone made me sub, much respect

    97. unsure of life decisions

      I watched the newest apology video and I thought it was the first time that it happened so I was like "oh he said sorry he didn't mean too so its ok." but now that I know he has done this before I was so up set because that is just creepy that someone would do that so many times it is just weird and I thought James wouldn't be in the middle of something like that I'm just mad

    98. Dream Catcher

      that title was a 11 over 10