Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

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    You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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    1. EvanTubeGaming

      guess im the crying child guys

      1. Top Knotch

        I mean Evan made my childhood

      2. Train guy 1 A

        EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT

      3. Bettina Sherwood

        if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british

      4. Bettina Sherwood

        @Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story

      5. Sleepy Eliza

        who u?

    2. Aaron Cheung

      Do a video on PUBG/PUBG Mobile.

    3. Aron Ceung

      Do a video on PUBG/PUBG Mobile.

    4. a a rong cheung

      Do a video on PUBG/PUBG Mobile.

    5. J.W.

      Hi I haven’t watched the video yet but what in the world was that intro

    6. G3Neration•XVII YT

      Do a video on PUBG/PUBG Mobile.

    7. LilRedPandaY


    8. Kaela Hinson

      :( i just want it over but im in too deep

    9. hxda mxhamed

      in 6:28 it kinda looks like footofafarit

    10. Dayton Berkhimer

      I am going to be completely honest, I lost track of the fnaf lore ever since, too long ago to remember \_( 'v' )_/

    11. Juan Carlos Boi

      When they heard the name they felt so surprised 🧐🧐🧐

    12. Chris Martinez

      When fnaf finally ends, we're gonna get a compilation of all the lore videos that ended up being true right? Its tough to follow after so many years

    13. Gabi_GG

      The next theory channel is life theory! But hey! It's just a theory! A life theory!

    14. Bruno Bucciarati

      i absolutely love the fact that one creative son of a gun created this. He must be seeing some of these theories and just go like "Damn, people are theorizing about MY fantasy." pretty epic imo

    15. Alena .B

      Sorry but no I don’t believe it’s Evan

    16. Carsten Prenger

      us watching thinking this is a good theory Scott Cawthon: Ha no

    17. Rhett SC

      If you look on the page with the foxy number box thing, you see A, B, and C. A, B and C backwards is "CBA." Therefore, crying child's name is "CBA."

    18. Meerkat More

      I really want to know what futuristic world Jake lives in where a walkie talkie, a short range radio, is capable of transmitting all the way from what is most likely the middle east back to the US

    19. Kaktus


    20. Cayleigh Green

      This is me waiting for Scott to come and comment this is all wrong...

    21. Eloite07

      Everyone asking “who is the crying child?” But no one asking “how is the crying child?”

    22. mēlīssä

      Hey mr matpat.. there's new game calls "little nightmares" i hope you can solve it..and there is 2 games ya know..

    23. MariCake

      I don’t think it’s Evan.. well- I do- But we will see soon :>

    24. JCB Tv&RandomPlayer

      The crying child is named chris

    25. Sonder


    26. The Minecrafter

      i actually worked out crying childs name ages ago- but i wasnt sure if it might of been true 😞

    27. Yasmine Singh

      Mike is the crying child real name

    28. jxh jxh

      I saw that Reddit post. It seems pretty real. Like I really thought Evan could be his name. It seemed pretty likely to me but this explanation makes even more sense. I just hope this might be the end of Chris Afton... Because like seriously why Chris Afton? There was nowhere even a hint to that name. I've never beaten a fnaf game except for sister location but I love these theory's and the lore of the games.

    29. JustAnotherArtChannel

      This has been said before but what if the crying childs name is jeremy. Idk

    30. Marshmallo_gatcha

      Matpat:makes this video Everyone knowing his name is Chris: Your late bud

    31. Kayla B0182

      could the tally's possibly be him counting people he's murdered?

    32. Amy Lilo11

      Why did sans go back to the underground at the end of the true pacifist ending. What Do you think mat pat?

    33. Kerem Şentürk

      I understand but Hollow knight theory was debunked

    34. Pepper Cat Gaming

      2014: who murdered the 5 kids? 2020: and this is why I think the phone guy is a time traveler

    35. Will Timmerman

      I don’t know why but I feel like micheal afton is phone man since he seemed to know everything about the animatronics and we never saw him after afton died

    36. Phillip Mayes

      Chris is crying child's name

    37. S.A.N Animes

      little nightmares theory soon ?? 🙂

    38. Dae C Object Cosmos

      0:22 Plot Twist: Thats Pizza Sauce On The Cabinet

    39. crunch bar


    40. John Woods

      Is golden Freddy part of Bernard?

    41. Normal_Chu

      Well the fandom though it was Chris So I thought that was the real name But I never saw the evidence of this name.

    42. Fulltramites Tramites

      Wow this makes the gacha community look like idiots for calling him chris or Christopher hahahaha

    43. Henry Stickmin

      If this next book truly confirms the Evan theory, then we will finally have Crying Kid's true name. I am excited. Also, you really need to do a Fazbear Frights reading thing on this channel MatPat. Reading the books for those who can't read them for themselves.

    44. Kyle Abosch

      14:22 “He’s here he’s there he’s everywhere, who you gonna call? Psychic friend Fred bear!

    45. Alex Barn

      As a Jake I hated this intro

    46. Noah N

      Game Theory: FNAF, The Clue that SOLVES Five Nights at Freddy's! please go over that one

    47. Brian VHMS

      So vanossgaming is the crying child

    48. ItzXtheXonlyX Alpha

      I know the name

      1. ItzXtheXonlyX Alpha

        I think

    49. vinny melrose

      You missed the last book when the video on that

    50. gacha afton

      Crying child is chris afton

    51. Santiago Fonseca

      Am i the only one who only saw 3 letters? 😂 E V A, but where's the "N"

    52. Jake :[

      i don't want to open the cabinet

    53. BlaixenU

      Black Birds' cover art terrifies me, it just stares into my soul with those tiny dots of eyes

    54. Aguinaldo Ferrer

      I haven't watched this channel in years and the first time i decide to check back in it's STILL MatPat going schizophrenic over FNAF lol

    55. •ChaiofConcrete •

      *When the equation never had an equals sign to begin with*😂

    56. Alex Playz

      isn't the bite of 83 victim called chris as in chris afton

    57. Matt from wii sports

      as soon as i saw the first matpat fnaf video..i never expected to be in the fnaf fandom until now..crazy.

    58. Sophie Griffiths

      Can you please do a updated version of timeline of Fnaf when Vannys game comes out pls there’s so much new information from 2020 and new books. Love you videos


      finally another fnaf video

    60. Tcggamer Channel

      How did it William Afton became the killer maybe because he was abused by his father or his mother or he just got so crazy that his wife got divorced or he got so crazy because Sons and his daughter were dead but that doesn’t make sense because I because Michael Afton died after William Afton so it just have to be his son crying crying child and his daughter Elizabeth Afton so those are like three things or four things that could happen when he became a killer. Hope you like this comment this is a big theory for me because I need to know why will are you kills the kids

      1. Tcggamer Channel

        Evan is the crying child wow what a theory

    61. 360FNAFSpider

      im guessing scot letting all of us choose and i think its christopther or "chris" cause everyone just calls him chris

    62. Killer Of Milk

      after looking at your videos i have the games in a row here have a look: - SL 4 2 1 3 - Also have you ever seen how mike changes his eyes to normal to white in SL look at FNAF 4 when EVAN gets scared by his "older brother" turns out that's not a person that's a corpse when you see in SL the room of EVAN on the mini screen thats a empty room but you might ask how does he see the nightmares well Afton filled the room with gas. When the bite of 83 was happening the machine in the "older brother" it took a mind of its own and put EVAN in freadbears mouth and ending his life. Back to his "older brother" when you get scared form time to time as you notice his eyes are WHITE just like in SL. but why does EVAN fear the robots well after Afton's daughter died to the claw of baby he feared to lose his 2nd kid so he told him that they are killer robots. Afton's wife is...ballora but how after she found out that William was murdering kids she was going to call the police but William wasnot taking any of that so he ends up killing her. Also ballora stands for "Balor". A Balor is a demont hat keeps its eye shut, but when opened it wreaks destruction.

    63. Christopher Lowe

      It didn't matter what he's named. They're all burning in Hell.

      1. Aneres Aileth


    64. Yummy Ostrich YT

      My brain dies every time i watch one of these.............

    65. Tcggamer Channel

      People say that the crying child is named Chris Afton and I don’t know how they got that name

    66. Lululove Lucy20

      Hey Matt Pat I have a Recommendation for your Movie Theories Its Rated R but its super cool! Its called Willys Wonderland. Its like Irl FNAF But instead of him being trapped in there with the animatronics the animatronics are trapped in there with HIM.

    67. JbBeats

      1:43 Damn, I feel old now

    68. Cool Ghost12

      lets just call crying child billybob

    69. Krosis Kroniid

      If Michael was foxy back in fnaf four then the correlation between the tallies and the foxy grid make sense. But what's weird is that the book metions Michael at all...for no reason. But having a child with a turmor cant be that...expensive.

    70. None of Your Business

      Play Omori!!!

    71. James Rettig

      yo mat pat, youtube be scaring me right now... like. susan wojanski is ruining u tube man, and she lies durring that interview with her, watch the videos... we all need to fix youtube

    72. Super Mech Sonic

      In fnaf hidden lore crying child name is Chris but that may not be true cuz the hidden lore is not cannon

    73. Holly Franks

      The crying child's name is chris/Christopher afton

    74. Tino Chaumont


    75. Nemesis

      did anyone ever Tried to use an UV light on the Logbook ?

    76. Memeboi21

      Ladies and gentlemen we got the name

    77. Alex Jajou

      why do i feel like somethings weird with the bite of 87 because it was on friday the 13

    78. Jacob Mudd

      guys named jake : 😮

    79. Skyfox dartner

      When the internet doesn't give you answers, hit up Reddit...wait...

    80. GadGetBits 05

      It’s impressive how a game made in 2014 gets to have a lore so deep that even 6 years later isn’t even complete yet

    81. Saroney

      Can you do a game theory about little nightmares?

    82. NUGGET

      Have You tried putting it in the Word search?

    83. Eastern LLama

      Matpat I just rewatched your stitch wraith theory and I like how you said it might be Henry’s murder bot but what if Scott wants you to think that then just does something entirely different but makes sende

    84. Just a person .__.Downtown

      Yo, could you make a theory on Little nightmares 2? I have a bunch of ideas myself if you’re interested

    85. Logan Barnes

      And here's the link to the channel where I got it &

    86. Owen Baker

      My Brother, hang on a minute

    87. yxzly

      Redditor moment

    88. Javier Aleman

      I think scott is just trying to confuse us because for something bigger he has planed he usually does and wondered if he's hiding something we haven't notice something we've read over and have yet to spot it to what I have no Idea but I know that crying child can't be evan because think about it every character in the book has said that the crying child DIED therefore he can't be alive if he the solider evan therefore the crying child isn't named evan.

    89. yxzly

      Reddit moment

    90. Funtimefoxy

      But Chris Afton!

    91. YoungOrisha 1080

      Still think it’s Chris Afton...... Buuuuut, Evan Afton....hmmm....

    92. Owen Baker

      I’m still waiting for a Godzilla Theory on Film Theory, or the Godzilla Creepypasta

    93. IIIll IIIll


    94. springtrap want help

      Evan afton hmm that is just disgusting to me i have always liked chris afton

    95. itsBrandonBarber

      can you do a little nightmares 2 theory that games crrraaaaazy

    96. Angelyn Miranda

      Mom get the car started I need to go to the dentist!! I took a bite out of the subscribe button and it broke my teeth!!

    97. Fred stout

      Weather or not the crying child is or isn't Evan only serves to fill in old lore. He isn't a part of the story anymore, his spirit was released during the happiest day mini-game, leaving Andrew with a suit that can't move, so he learns the teleport thingy and exacts his revenge on William Aften. (I'm not sure about the fact he can't move, but I don't think the crying child would be okay with torturing his dad for all eternity in a hospital bed, giving him horrid nightmares until Andrew is satisfied.)

    98. James Arcara

      I was rewatching the one where you talk about the bite and I realized something. If it wasn’t haunted, then what did Chris/Evan/Crying Child see? Didn’t you say that some kid got stuffed in the suit, and that’s what the Crying Child saw and why he’s traumatized? Maybe the suit WAS haunted, and that’s why he’s scared. If Crying Child is in Golden Freddy, then was it Cassidy? Was Cassidy the one Crying Child saw die and stuffed into the suit? Is Crying Child the first victim, or Cassidy. Crying Child MUST have seen something to be so scared like that as you pointed out, but if he was the first victim, then why would he be so scared? (NOTHING ELSE UNDER HERE REALLY MATTERS SO-) Or, was there ANOTHER child before Cassidy, and Cassidy and that child haunt the suit together? And Crying Child is just a spirit romping around the animatronics. (I’m just pulling stuff together at this point-.) But that probably isn’t true because there is no other gravestone. The last one is Charlies. Also, why is everyone calling him “Chris” if we never knew his name? (Edit 2: I commented before this and asked, the question, apparently “Chris” is a fan name, thank you for whoever told me that!) Another thing, Simon reminds me of Ennard because of its stitching and it looks put together (I just realized that it’s just a picture you found I think so-)

    99. foxdrake

      Crying child is called Chris afton

    100. AusAreMyFantasy

      Honestly, I’m sold- The effort put in is enough for me.

      1. AusAreMyFantasy

        @Druzer no.

      2. Druzer

        hey im on the road to 1.7k can you help?