Trial By Fire Trailer | Total War: WARHAMMER III

Total War

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    One side forged by the anvil of ice. The other rising from the raging fires. Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! Kislev.

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    1. Total War


      1. Jacob Stanley

        Skulls for The Skull Throne!

      2. Keyes Vaj

        What have I done to deserve discourse with someone so lowly.

      3. leo john


      4. Nurgle Nuggets


      5. Kazuhira Miller


    2. Finn Vellamurphy

      was anyone else throughout he entire thing just wondering if the bear was still alive

    3. 아무것도 아닌호드

      그러니까 드루로 디아블로 잡는 영상 맞죠?

    4. lloTReBLall

      Ursun is leading the motherland (Kislev) into the realm of chaos. Epic.

    5. Roger Piotr

      LET ME IN LET MEE INNNNNN ! Worst part is W3 will propably be out in middle of school semester :( And I propably fail school and go work for lowest salary

    6. Long Nguyễn

      Hopefully soon there is a version of total war made about ww2

    7. ShadowAlpha

      So Ice vs Fire theme

    8. Soap

      I wish my pc could handle this :(

    9. Joel Eisenhofer

      Aaaaaaand once again the game looks great but the voice-acting sounds terrible Edit: I certainly don't blame the voice actors. Often they're given terrible lines to read. I just desperately want an option in-game to turn lords/heros speech off

    10. Ricardo v. Duuren


    11. wannabeneko

      Humans being shown as being just as badass and competent as their enemy, especially in a trailer focused on their enemy, is a very unsettling sight indeed. *Real* humans die en masse pitifully and easily!

    12. Stumpy Bubbles

      We need a lord of the rings total war

    13. strykerfreedom

      You know? Now that i think about it, why isn't there a greek themed faction? Wouldn't the boarder princes be a good choice for it?

    14. Hitmantis


    15. Pop Khorne

      Are we ever going to actually see a single god of chaos ?

      1. Pop Khorne

        @TrueScottsmen more than just a silhouette tho, in that case we have already seen slaneesh too in age of sigmar. But i get that its good to keep them mysterious, not to mention their forms are not fixed, especially tzeentch.

      2. TrueScottsmen

        @Pop Khorne we did, the ending of this trailer shows Khorne

      3. Pop Khorne

        @joedatius no. In a cinematic or something.

      4. joedatius

        you mean as a playable? lol no they're literally gods

    16. Kojak0

      As soon as I know the release date, I know when my vacation will be - and I'm not even joking: I have said no to taking it out this summer so I can take a month off to just play this in the winter. I do hope it won't be that much delayed though - I need my rest...

    17. Ervin Victor


    18. Sound Wave

      it is not just to be the bulkwark against the darkness...but it is neccessary.

    19. Lance Hardwood


    20. cyllan anassan

      we get rendered porn, then the games play like crap, i am not falling for $60 preorders , for what ? warhammer 2 was a mod of WH1, and WH3 is a mod of WH2.....have you seen ANY gameplay improvements?????......ZERO......we have 8 kinds of sieges for ALL THE RACES......same layout , different rocks..... this is another race pack cash-cow with mobile game mechanics CA is spendingt the pre-order money on trailers, NOTHING-ELSE

    21. Darkboy2525

      Gotta love the end music at 2:37 Goshhhhh I look forward to this game.

    22. Wololo Man

      A symphony of frost and flame

    23. Jesse Webb

      I wonder if they'll put Gotrek Gurnissen and Felix Jaegar in the game as hero's, that would be awesome

      1. Henbird

        They already are!

    24. Lvcian Guardian

      Finally...true Respect for Khorne it would seem

    25. Ricky Vebian


    26. Michael Deming

      Chills and watery eyes. Epic trailer!

    27. Foreign Priest33

      Reselling the same game for the 3rd time and somehow people are only mad about 3 kingdoms.

    28. Дмитрий Шевчук

      Текст читает Борис "Бритва" (Борис "хрен попадёшь) ?

    29. Historicalgamer 2002

      I'm so happy Kislev and chaos get this kind of attention, in total war warhammer 2 chaos was usually just a small problem that can be fixed with relative ease and Kislev was just taken out early on

    30. klaymor73

      Hype, hype

    31. Сергей Дудник

      С одной стороны мне хочется кричать "За Родину!", хотя другая моя половина еще громче кричит "Кровь для Бога Крови". Я в замешательстве.

    32. KRIKS

      We need a EMPIRE TOTAL WAR 2! or just work on it, the game has great potential, don't just throw it away...😐

    33. Shivan “Shivan” Shivan

      Please more trailer like this!

    34. x0-Iopossum Mk I

      The more times I watch this trailer, the more AI realize it's genius. Well done CA.

    35. cococorino

      god i hope my fuckshit pc can run this game

    36. Knight Templar

      Make mediëval 3

    37. Richard Salnikov


    38. illuhe

      elsa ice queen joke massiv commin

    39. Meaghan Finney

      omg it looks incredible!

    40. Tommy Cool

      Can’t wait for the Kislev AI to conquer all the chaos tribes by turn 40

    41. Adrian Martinez

      The chaos demons are coming

    42. TeutonicOrder

      Medieval 3 tw not this crap...

      1. TeutonicOrder

        @Henbird Thx i will.

      2. Henbird

        Keep crying

    43. Voltigen

      I dunno about you but, literal chills when the screen fades to black and you hear “skulls for the skull throne” chanted quietly

    44. Luke Day

      2:31 WTF, Was that the blood god himself sitting his throne!??

      1. Morathi

        Think so too

    45. Fallout Guy

      People talking about bears but none talking about the ice tigers she had.

    46. Khorne, Chaos God of Blood and War

      Who's your favorite god ? BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

    47. Minnow

      Chaos corruption like the influence cause lord's to turn to chaos as a gameplay mechanic?

    48. James Wright

      They should include a bumper sticker in the deluxe version that says "Bearback is the only way to ride."

    49. Bursalı Hacı Geralt

      Don't mind me i am just here for daily dose

    50. Raven Oregon


    51. Memento Mori


    52. Филин Тёмный

      Will there be an increase in players in the online-multiplayer campaign in the future?

    53. Artjom

      i still think vampire coast was by far the best trailer. this one is fine too.

    54. James

      Two words: KEES LEV

    55. basilis gkotsis

      Please don't forget the Empire faction And Bretonia in TWWH3 please

      1. Morathi

        @Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs I think he means dlc wise

      2. Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs

        Why would they?

    56. AEsir2021

      Music at the end?

    57. KyzarKon


    58. DarkWarp

      You really need to add an alternative to the main ost music like that for battles. Its magnificent!

    59. MC


    60. Ghost

      в конце видео мелодия до дрожи

    61. 原来你是这种薯片


    62. bocoy noiu

      Fluffy Bear: Uyyyggghhh! Youth: WTF Fluffy?! You leaded me to The Skull Throne? To Khorne himself?!

    63. Toirneachgames

      The chaos champion ex-kislevite is probably Pforza (don't remember the exact spelling...), the man who betrayed and killed Tzar Boris, whose daughter is Tzarina Katarina, the Ice Queen (legendary lord in this total war). Nice lore touch :).

      1. bocoy noiu

        I love the fact they used the oficial shadow of Khorne art in the trailer above the tower in 2:32

    64. Barno'

      2:11 chills for my chilly spine XD

    65. jack todd


    66. Beckvitt

      Blood for the $2.99 God! *[Censored in China]* for the *[Censored in China]* Throne!

    67. LiLac :P


    68. Dejawolfs

      can't wait to shoot everything with dirt cheap archers/gunners.

    69. Nicolás Bonache


    70. Michał PETERMAN

      Five years of production is a joke the game is similar to dlc

    71. Kamen Kamenov


    72. Леви Ойтенберг

      and i'm still waiting for Medieval 3: Total War (:

    73. Warlight


    74. Christopher Satkowski


    75. Zayne Van Day

      In a land of constant war Kislev is the bulwark against which the Chaos Gods throw their armies at the civilisation of Man

    76. Alix Bull

      I can’t wait to by my favourite dlc, the blood dlc for an additional £2.99 ish, said no one ever. Looks sick tho

    77. Tommy Smalls

      fake hype for a game that will be released half done and we will have to pay 100 bucks for the dlcs over 4 years,the high seas await!

    78. Dominic Van der Merwe

      Naval Battles??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    79. Marcos Lima Filho

      I love the fact they used the oficial shadow of Khorne art in the trailer above the tower in 2:32

    80. Night Fang

      I will send expeditionary forces to kislev

    81. oiuet souiu

      Following the Kislevite ideals led the commander to Khorne, defending his homeland, driven by rage, did not notice how rage became his only feeling.

    82. Murakumogiri 45

      Always love to hear a booming voice of a chaos warrior lmao

      1. oiuet souiu

        I love how the narrator's voice gets more demonic throughout the trailer.

    83. Tuff

      The spanish translation is wrong at 0:38. It says: Is it only? instead of: is it just? it should say: "Sera justo?" instead.

    84. hoiy vinosa

      Fluffy Bear: Uyyyggghhh! Youth: WTF Fluffy?! You leaded me to The Skull Throne? To Khorne himself?!

    85. Ahzek Ahriman

      blood for blood god!!

      1. hoiy vinosa

        OK, warhammer 3 is fine but what about a medieval 3 for real? Come oooon its been years....

    86. Midnight Shepherd

      If only these were playable on Xbox

    87. Carrington Oliver

      All i want to do i give them all my money for their overpriced DLC...please, please take my money now..

    88. Rosi E. León B.


    89. Ghoulish420

      shut up and take my money

    90. Cyclops' Eye Lost Legion


    91. Joshua Jacob

      I'm waiting from Attila for an Historical game. When? When?!!

    92. DragonEye

      Can't wait for iconic main theme to not be in the actual game!

    93. Saru the Man

      Nobody: This guy: 0:07 "Kisleif"

    94. Norodim

      "Yes Mr witch hunter, this video here!"

    95. BlazzeR

      2:08 He said the thing. HE SAID THE THING!

    96. S Arico

      Woof looks great my wallet 😂

    97. James Donalds

      @Total War: South African accent ruined it... you should have used a Real Slavic accent (Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Czech) ... but the voice acting over the years by using South Africans for a handfull of the undead Pirates in TW 2, and now god forbid, the beloved Kislev... was a Creative Mistake

    98. Tundra Runner

      I love how the narrator's voice gets more demonic throughout the trailer.

    99. Alessandro Corsi

      We need Dlc for see the blood in the trailer

    100. Lord Voldemort

      Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! Kislev.