This Smart Home Isn’t Stupid

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    I show the ultimate smart house-one that does everything I want and nothing I don’t.
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    Snazzy Labs gives you a tour of his smart house built on three distinct principles: (1) all smart devices must be controllable non-smartly-either via a remote or on-device button, (2) all devices must integrate into a singular, centralized app with a singular voice assistant, and, (3) automation must never get in the way. This is a smart home that’s not stupid.
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    1. hyperspace36

      Honestly, I like Alexa more than Siri, mainly because there are MUCH more smart speakers that support it and its generally smarter. Personally I use Homebridge with Alexa. Most IoT devices support Alexa, way more than HomeKit. So all of them are connected with Alexa and they communicate via HomeBridge to HomeKit. Thats my go to.

    2. David Thaw

      Ok, I didn’t realize that Snazzy was a GIANT. Seriously, how tall is he?!

    3. Brianna Williams

      4:03 "hey 'shithead,' turn on the lights" That's what you bleeped out, right? 😆

    4. Aleksander Biegalski

      Well google has all of the features presented in this video. Also they always had more accessories than apple did.

    5. Steve Torrence

      At 17:10 what is the multi sensor you are using. Didn't find it in your links.

    6. Vítor Flaibam

      how are u getting more handsome by the day

    7. Macho Sancho

      "hey shithead turn on the lights"

    8. Adam White

      In 2021 what are guest

    9. Fang-Pen Lin

      Siri must sounds like a swear in the video 😂

    10. Gaur8n

      My unpopular opinion is that all smartphones are dumb because all the voice assistants run from a server and not offline on the device itself.

    11. Pierre-Jean De Villiers

      How will samsung's automation work as opposed to the home kit? You have great knowledge, but I am not up for all that tinkering?

    12. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

      Way way way too many headaches still.

    13. s h a d ø w b a n n e d

      Automated blinds should not be $500-3000. It's absurdly expensive.

      1. Snazzy Labs

        You ever buy nice blinds that aren’t automated? They’re absurdly expensive as-is.

    14. Chike Onyeoguzoro

      This video was absolutely well done, enjoyed watching it!

    15. o_o


    16. George Caplin

      He got a thumbs up and a comment just for bleeping out “hey Siri”.

    17. pokefan pixel


    18. Commander ™

      Deja vu, the kid in the retro video is dressed just like the presenter in that infamous Konami E3 press conference. One million troopz.

    19. Hunter Birtciel

      post link to HomeKit wallpapers pls

    20. emmgeevideo

      Bidet? TMI 😂

    21. Dan Johnson

      That's a lot of D cell batteries per window.

    22. Matt Nowak

      Awesome video. I share a lot of what you've got set up here, Lutron, Serena, Abode w/Dhome via zwave, etc. You have to start working those Picos to control other things! I have a four scene pico that lets me activate four difference scenes - in my case a Morning, Evening, Shower Time and Kids Shower time scene. via HASS but I also port things into HomeKit

    23. uploader755

      Your desire for homekit over the other offerings is that it works without an internet connection? Zigbee. You need Zigbee.

    24. sunnyrogue27

      This was great. Thank you for sharing. Very useful for designing my home.

    25. James Foster

      Your opening made me feel so old. LOL

    26. ackly14

      i'm not trying to start an apple vs android war with this comment. BUT i did want to clarify something. Google home is also capable of multi-hub location awareness. in that i mean, if i'm in a room with lights, i can tell that room's google home to turn on the lights and they know what room i'm in. it's a default feature of the network and is something you're asked to set up when you add devices. (as in, it will ask "what room is this device located in", both for the light when that's added, and the google home as well). Just wanted to clarify because it felt like you were implying google didn't have this feature and i just didn't want there to be confusion.

    27. Mo Hamza

      I love your house! I feel like I jumped on hues and Google products way too early, smart switches have gotten so much better and I could've had blinds too!! I got some shitty IKEA ones that are REAL JANK CITY!

    28. Michael Illingby

      Personally I find it funny when people say such and such did like ten videos and failed and should have done it this way first. I am speaking of Linus for one, but I am pretty certain the only regret Linus had was he couldn't find a way to squeeze another video out of it. These videos showing how to and how not to do things all generate the same revenue if people watch them, and there is nothing people enjoy watching more than someone failing over and over again. So I say keep putting those comments up, the feed the algorithm and make the guy more money. upvote/downvote, makes no difference as it is all engagement. Personally I enjoy these videos, excellent production value. Keep it up Q.

    29. TreyAllDay901

      Would love to see that VLAN video

    30. Sarp Tekbaş

      11:55 Snazzy: "Old *2018* Mac Mini" Me: watches this video using PC from 2010 with intel pentium

    31. Brian Van Peski

      Great reasoning to go with the Lutron Caseta! I've looked at them in the past but boy, I just don't like the aesthetic of those switches.

    32. Stefano Trando

      1:30 the blurred background text is a bad choice design wise

    33. Jason McMurry films

      Dude... nice video. I have quite the smarthome set up going on as well. I'd love the shades...but a bit rich for my blood at the moment. lol... Anyway...I was wondering... I like the images you made to use in the rooms for the home app. Willing to share them by chance? Thanks! BTW.. this was the first video of yours I've seen. Planning to check out much more!

    34. Andrei Neagu

      After seeing this video I feel like I need smart things in my home that I don’t need.

    35. Andre Martin Espinosa

      ¡Vamos a la casa! 🏡 🤣 Loooved the video, specially this segment as I started to get obsessed with the Philips hue line ever since I bought the first kit for my home, I want every light bulb to be controlled by HomeKit but there are some limitations! Ps. If I could give this vid a double thumbs up I’d do it immediately!

    36. Ralph

      I am in love with you

    37. Patanjali Biswas

      Please shift to google nest eco-system. It'll save you a lot of effort

    38. Marques Oliveira

      Sooo… hear me out. Instead of spending a ton of cash on super expensive smart devices that work with the worst possible smart home “hub” you could just use one that has hundreds of thousands of supported smart things, is cheap, and works flawlessly….. like Amazon. Oh also, just in case you decide to jump out of the Apple walled garden someday, all your stuff can go with it…. This video if anything is a great expose on why to never use Apple’s smart home service

    39. michaeltechroom

      dude i like shrink wrap on you toilet seat

    40. Edward Allen

      13:44 "Hey Siri, wash my butt."

    41. Edward Allen

      Can I pretend that you hacked "Siri" to respond to "$hity?"

    42. how r U

      cool video

    43. Seema Pandey

      Good setup 👌

    44. Seema Pandey

      Smart-things hub setups are better because you don't HAVE to have an apple device for to use it. Look up technology connections video about smart home. It can easily also be supplemented by Google services.

    45. Samy Abbas


    46. Erik Redfield

      Please make a tutorial on how to setup any ip camera with homebridge

    47. Juan Pablo Munoz

      The main issue is that there isn’t one unifying protocol for smart homes. In an office building you have options for controlling an entire building but it is very expensive and very hard to put together. sometime this year apple, Amazon and google are supposed to release a protocol they have been working on.

    48. skiman24

      Be nice if you share those wallpapers 😬

    49. ps

      Great video! Most of the tech pretty cool; but I prefer simplicity. Just fast wireless internet, everything else can be a real switch/button, etc. The tech is getting there, but it's not really there yet. Also looks like an ongoing time and money investment to maintain it. Hopefully that super complex setup on your phone is easy to backup and restore if something happened. Usually guys are into the tech, but the wife is usually not so thrilled if/and/or when things don't work as anticipated. Very informative, I do like the light switch tech though...

    50. high def

      Why are you all using these fking beeps? I have fking headphones man, just cut out the fking part like a normal person. ffs

    51. ahale1987

      This is a great video. Quinn, thank you for not just making a shake-y vlog tour of you changing the lights in a couple of rooms to different colors. It's nice to see that even in your older home, it doesn't look like a Best Buy forgot to pull out. Also, you dropped a bunch of smart-home knowledge that more people need to know (like how smart devices should be able to be used manually, and not EVERYTHING needs to be in the system, that it's ok to have an island or two in your setup). My only critique is that I don't think HomeBridge and Home Assistant are the same, though I believe they CAN be used to achieve the same thing. You nailed Homebridge being, well, a bridge and being a part of a HomeKit setup, but HASS is it's own automation platform, so it's more of an alternative to HomeKit for people who know what YAML is. I've heard of folks using HASS with HomeKit by putting devices into HASS and then exposing everything to HomeKit and using that as the front-end while HASS has all of your devices and automations.

    52. Todd Pedersen

      I've done a little looking around regarding having multiple HomeKit Home Hubs and I haven't found anything saying that it's desired or helpful. All I've seen is that it helps extend the range to bluetooth devices. Some people say they have trouble with more than one hub, some say it's fine. Cant find anything from Apple about using more than one in a single home.

    53. Sinxn

      Could we have these wallpapers ?

    54. Austin Otto

      That hey Siri Beep is significantly louder than your talking. You also talk louder and quieter in different scenes and need to balance audio before releasing the videos to public’s it hurts

    55. karlhalla

      You would rock a awesome buzz cut

    56. Vahid Massahi

      great job but you need better lighting and a better video title.

    57. jcadlol olols

      I hope you remembered to remove the plastic wrap 😂

    58. Za Rand

      Would anyone know how to force TP-Link kasa smart cameras to trigger 4 Kasa smart light bulbs? At the moment they only support three quick actions. One of which is being used in the basement. Only able to use 2 for my bedroom lights.

    59. M arrizon

      The Lack of M1 chips on your gadgets is killing your game. If you had M1 chips on your TV, apple TV, iphone, lights, toaster, microwave, stove, keurig coffee maler, and even something as lame as your server needs then you would have smart house. If apple don’t make it, is it smart then? Think about Snazzy Good video overall. M1 for life

    60. Emma Bailey

      This is a really great video bringing all your smart home stuff together, thank you for sharing such a detailed run down and tour! 😍 And I wish we could get Lutron stuff properly in the UK. I'm just dipping my toe into home automation, and right now I only have a couple of smart plugs with lamps attached that I control with Alexa and have automatically come on around sunset, but it would be better to have them be HomeKit. Also, the main one is an uplighter with two separate lights on it, which are dimmable using the controls on the light itself... not so when they're still just dumb bulbs in a smart plug. I also have three dimmable lights in my flat and four non-dimmable (I *really* want the bathroom to be dimmable, though it would involve replacing the mirror light for that... a separate nightlight type solution with motion detectors to operate only at night seems like it might be easier!), and smartening all of those up would be great. I'm on the brink of getting Luxaflex Duette blinds for my flat's two massive windows (3 actual windows and blinds in each one, both west-facing and on the 4th floor, with nothing in between me and the sun for a lot of the time... I live in a greenhouse), but apparently I can't add PowerView automation, for... reasons? I could choose two massive blinds covering the whole window recess and get automation possibilities, but by then the blinds would be about 5 inches away from the glass, meaning they're not going to be anywhere near as effective at blocking solar heat, which is one of their primary goals. But if I ever need to actually get up and out of the house in the mornings again, it would be *really* nice to have my blinds open automatically for me. No good options! I'm starting to wonder if I actually need day blinds and night blinds in my bedroom... automation-friendly ones to use at night, and solar control ones to close in the sunny days... 🤔 I'm saving this video to revisit anyway :) P.S. pester Stephen to have you on Mac Power Users, and/or MacSparky & Rose to have you on Automators! [insert relevant emojis from the Relay Discord here] 👍🏻

    61. Nicolas Braun

      This was awesome.

    62. nagasai purvaz

      My uncle works in it so he made him self a smart assistant which activate everything from his water to charges his car

    63. Steadfast Whiplash

      Hey have you thought of making the custom wallpapers you put together public for others who faced the same issues with the app that you did?

    64. Balaji Vivekanandan

      Beep sucks , in my headset

    65. Toomany Francis

      I wear headphones but I still commend you for bleeping the word siri.

    66. PRIZ ;]

      and then you realize that samsung has like one app per smart thing they sell

    67. Scarlet A Gatinha

      1:13 Log in toilet

    68. Johny Houle

      Hello, I'm a big fan! Probably misted it, but I would like to know the brand of your automated valve. Thanks in advance for your answer!

      1. Johny Houle

        Sorry, I just saw the link in description.

    69. Jeff Kelley

      All I want is a three-speed paddle switch fan control that supports HomeKit…

    70. DirectorWD40

      If only Ring and Nest were supported by home kit out of the box.

    71. Unknowniti

      5:49 Damn Buddy, you lost your hand there for a second.

    72. alezanott

      How are called the last 2 apps mentioned in the video?

    73. Ari Vardanean

      Why there is a pip when you say Siri?

    74. Dhruve Mital

      I just had a question with regards to this...what if you have an outage or something. In that case, is it still easy to open the garage door?

    75. Imperfect Xennial

      Once CHIP comes out late this year hopefully the non-HomeKit items will work without all of the work arounds

    76. Clay McGranahan

      its so funny that you bleeped the word "siri" very thoughtful sir.

    77. Matthew Guthrie

      I want to get the shades. But my problem is that i have 56 windows. That adds up quickly!

    78. Scott Hardy

      I can't imagine a use for a smart home toilet other than pranking.

    79. He-Man

      He says “an old 2018 mac mini”. Meanwhile, I’m still rocking my late 2012 mac mini as my main computer.

    80. Peter Wan

      Smoke detectors are supported by HomeKit

    81. Andres Ayala

      Serena sounded like a good option for me... but wanted $500 for one window... so instead I went with the IKEA Fyrtur blinds that were only $180. They work with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google.

    82. Dawar Ahmad

      So the lights are manual and can also be controlled by Siri even if the switch is off?

      1. Snazzy Labs


    83. Sam Hammond

      Hey, have you seen the (slightly expensive) LightwaveRF ?

    84. Von Kittenshausz

      I like the little touch of adding a beep to you saying "Hey Siri" so it doesn't trigger anyone's Apple devices.

      1. ahale1987

        If you watch other smart-home videos, a lot of DEcamerasrs do this. The ones that don't get a bunch of comments how their Echo devices went off.

    85. quito787

      I think I'll just stick to manually flipping my light switches.... still the simplest and most elegant solution.

    86. No light, no water, no late night snacking.

      bruh, that smart stove is more advanced than my car.

    87. Akabe Animations

      i would rather install them wirhout any batteries or so, but i get that point if you f.e. live where something like that is not allowed or may even be prohibited by law

    88. akschu1

      What's with the tail number change? You fly?

    89. Aaron Binner

      Can we get those custom wallpapers!!

    90. Daniel

      I was expecting a broken spelling of "caseta" but when you said it with neutral spanish accent so right I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂

    91. Zeevs

      hey remember when you turned your comments off 0_o y tho?

    92. Too Hung

      I like how you beep hey s*** so she doesn’t do what you say

    93. RGB_Flames

      Thank you for censoring "Hey Siri" so my video doesn't get paused!

    94. Hacked


    95. Michael Hafner

      To be honest, it's very nice. I'm impressed, and it's hard to squeeze a compliment ouf of me, i'm more the complaints guy :D

    96. Abdulrahman Alanezi

      Regulators should put interoperability standards for smart homes.

    97. David Mead

      I tell Siri to eat shit all the time. I do not have a smart home.

    98. Steve

      So basically this was an advertisement for Apple HomeKit. TIHI.

      1. Snazzy Labs

        Uh, no. It’s a demonstration of how I’ve chosen to build out my smart home based on lots of research.

    99. JernauGurgeh

      I think I'll give this sort of thing a miss. I can't even get my iPhone to stream to my AirPlay-enabled 4KTV properly.