Can I Eat $14,000 of A5 Wagyu in 5 Minutes?? (ft. Guga Foods)

Matt Stonie

4,1 Mio. aufrufe3 700

    Check out Guga Food's Video!! -

    One of the MOST EPIC Challenges I've ever done!!! I teamed up with the one and only Guga Foods to attempt to set 3 Wagyu Beef records. He did the preparing, I did the eating!

    Full disclosure, I couldn't find a 100% reliable source on the calorie count, but they say it's 677 per 4oz, so thats crazy!!


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    1. Guga Foods

      Matt that was EPIC! You are a Beast my friend! Can't wait to do it again soon.

      1. boifend(imagine replying to me)

        @Ruslan Toychibaev stop promoting ur channel PS its asmr channel not gaming and other bruh

      2. boifend(imagine replying to me)

        @Babi Salmon yup

      3. Totally Check This

        Who paid for the meat?!

      4. Henry Canizares

        Beast Friend

      5. MrGibbs


    2. Josh Russell

      To the person reading this, you’re absolutely amazing and wonderful! God is SO great! God is SO real!! God bless you!!! God bless everyone!!!❤️❤️❤️


      Can’t stop thinking of how many hungry people you could feed… this guy disgust me

    4. Xyphy

      You should do a GoldFish challenge

    5. Robert

      I’m waiting for the Red Vine bucket challenge although I’m sure you’ll up the anger to the 5 Red Vine bucket challenge

    6. Arion Wang

      how do you eat so much, but you dont need braces? i hate braces

    7. Kaizo Kanami


    8. ACHREF FF

      do you live bitain or United States?

    9. Scott Blanchette

      Have you ever had gastritis?

    10. Florian Dijkhuizen


    11. Alein FromEarth

      I'm concerned for his health... I'm serious, I don't like meddling meddling others life, even with plus sized women, but this guy really takes near death situations from movies to to real life, we need a doctors analysis over his health.

    12. DaBaby Convertible


    13. theduder301

      we finally know one of the reasons why wagyu so expensive

    14. Francis Reeves

      matt eyes looks like hes on sometin

    15. Stitch gaming

      Hot pocket challenge or is that little to dumb

    16. Rinzil Raihan

      Immortal human being😂❤

    17. Zephyr - Draco

      That’s gonna hurt, he was in pain lol

    18. Junos Hussain

      Did he just put his hand on his pants and shirt after finishing?

    19. Didi Ozsayin

      Bro share some with me please ill text you my location pls i want food toooooo

    20. Max9460

      Imagine Nikocado Avocado in this shape... I know you fell for it stop plz bye

    21. xRCz Webzeii

      Love to see Matt doing collabs

    22. eioshen boboi

      That was insane Matt congrats on the collaboration with him his cooking skill are insane this vid was epic

    23. MoesHonestReviews

      I would never pay that much for food lmaoo

    24. FN montages

      hey matt this is just a request so u dont have to do it but it could be reaaly cool if u did could u do a whole brisket like a large one for a speed eating challenge????

      1. FN montages

        @eioshen boboi at what

      2. eioshen boboi

        at this point i just feel defeated

    25. Bonilla Pavidla

      Wow, collab with Dana White

    26. Henri Chester

      How are you not fat


      Me: Wow, this is my very first time eating an A5 Wagyu, let me spend much time enjoying its tast- Matt Stonie: Hold my taste buds

    28. zulham putra

      Mati karna daging ga keren bray

    29. PeaceGTV

      He has 4M already from this lengthy video with ads and sponsors. He’s paid!

    30. Danny Moore

      First of all,I love meat,I love steak,but I got sick to my stomach watching you eat all those steaks Second,DAAAAAAMMMM DAWG,DID YOU JUST EAT 14K$? SHIET

    31. Thắng Nguyễn Đức

      Your stomach made by titan.

    32. Xerix Gamez

      fuck mat stome

    33. Changala Mouli Dwarak


    34. TheJokerHAHAHA01

      Matt I have a quick question. Do you speak Japanese?

    35. Nichole Santiago

      How many fat, any hony many days will you burn those meats

    36. BellCross Wolfstein

      5 minutes and all those meat. Damn matt is a beast

    37. Huy Leangheng

      If bongill tried this he will eat the steak one bite no cap

    38. Some Random Weeb

      After watching I'm 100% convinced that i should never buy an expensive Wagyu because my pallette won't be able to tell the difference between cheap one and expensive one.

    39. Yasar

      at this point i just feel defeated

    40. Alex Jr

      expensive poop in the world

    41. Totally Check This

      Who paid for the meat?!!

    42. Lewis Chippewa-meza

      I love the world we live in a steak can cost $14,000 and a virtual coin can be worth over $30,000

    43. x Gnaco

      Is this meat made of diamonds? No way I’ll paid $40 for that

    44. Afiq Azmi

      If there will be a zombie apocalypse, there will be one varians called "matt varians" which is the most dangerous one😂

    45. Herberthishful


    46. Simply Siamang

      Matt, i saw you had trouble eating the sour patch kids and i wanted to challenge you to eat a whole bag of shockers candies (10 servings)

    47. Osbaldo Hernandez

      The finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

    48. Nathan Davidz

      Sorry I’m new here, but have you ever thought of doing a behind-the-scenes video. Like what goes into these eating challenges, how you burn off all the calories, challenges gone wrong etc. But Keep Up the entertaining videos :)

    49. Jamal Perrier

      Where does all his weight go ?

    50. justonexone

      Can somebody explain what animal is wagyu lol

      1. justonexone

        @sinverguenza oh thanks, i think it’s a Japanese cow

      2. justonexone

        @:D hahaha have a good day too :D

      3. justonexone

        @Wheezy lol

      4. sinverguenza


      5. :D

        it's yo mom bro nah fr idk have a nice day

    51. trav v

      Wait was this place all owned by Guga?

    52. Need Help

      If you know astrology, then you know why this guy has this kinda power.

      1. Wheezy


    53. Aaron-Prime 117

      Do a massive Cinnamon Toast Crunch challenge like the Reesie’s cup cereal

    54. johnny hernandez

      Omg guga!! When a collaboration whit la capital? X/

    55. Ro

      What an enormous waste of food. Imagine what you could do with all the money you waste here. Ridiculous...

      1. :D

        lmao he do whatever the f he wants

    56. PrashASMR

      maat just subd you...zach is taking his time but he is god too,,,

    57. LazyFree

      10:01 he’s like dam I should’ve eaten that more slowly😭

    58. Ship clips

      Great video 👍👍👍


      Hello lami

    60. Iryous Lee

      Been waiting for this collab😩

    61. RiTTeRYT

      Next time Tic Tac challenge 👌🏻👌🏻

    62. Pithuahua13

      Can I just get a break from guga

    63. Kobe Bryant best of all time

      Do Cheez-Its

    64. Mamuti Arianit

      Eat your vegetables hahahaha

    65. Val J.

      Why do you want to kill yourself eating all this?

    66. Kp Vw

      This is a crazy video

    67. coolest cat😎

      Ever thought about a balanced diet

    68. Tina Marie

      What a colossal waste! I love you Matt, but damn...

    69. Peyton Walters

      Redo the happy meal challenge

    70. 般若之光Prajna of Light

      man what are you doing with your life....

    71. New D

      Can you do a mukbang with your husky

    72. HowBout Dat

      Gunna be dope

    73. Kids Akmal

      sussy impostor amogus🤣🤣🤣😱😱😱😱🤪🤪👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    74. bratrovasestra

      Now wrap your poop in epoxy a save it, because it is going to be probably your most expensive sh$it ever.

    75. Grey gibus

      This guy is insane he was going crazy

    76. Abhishek Raj

      That dude look like dana white

    77. Muhammad Aidil


    78. Luka Papelishvili

      Bruh, your stomach

    79. nandyajoearmstrong

      3:20 it gave me anxious when his finger was so close with the flame 👁👄👁

    80. Dayne C

      People are dying around the world for lack of food, and your doing stupid shit like this . Really is insulting, to show this.. think about it.......

    81. &-Draken-&

      Used to eat 14,000 kcal, now eats $14,000

    82. Jake Leese

      If this guy worked out he would be the biggest body builder to ever live

    83. Ziap Choppy

      This is not a human

    84. Nenita Dagandan

      this colab was epic!!

    85. ᴀᴜʙʀᴇʏ ɢ.

      Try to mukbang the Lechon❤️

    86. Team

      Me (just me) and my boyfriend lost our shit when we watched this!!! GREAT! Stuff!!! ♥️♥️♥️

    87. Sunborn Arizonan

      This is my dream. Screw hot dog contests. Real men eat whole fucking steaks.

    88. Dante Johnson

      This hurts my jaw just watching it.

    89. Megan W

      From $4,000 to $14,000….😧 this world is just pure greed and price gouging. I’ll stick to fruit loops

    90. Naz

      I felt like he disrespected this food.

    91. xRsvh

      Big guy has eaten the most expensive meal of his life, Matt is insane

      1. Ricky

        it’s not even a meal bruh. man just ate 15k in meat.

    92. Cheapy Frogz

      for what am I even doing meatless days?

    93. Mihir Kalal

      Where did it go 😐

    94. Jef L

      what a waste of good steak, eaten like that without savoring.

    95. Suli

      Ok but why u wear a mask ?

    96. Theodore Patenaude

      my teeth having a weird feeling like there is meat stuck in between them while watching.

    97. King Eris

      After Stonie finished. He shit out a full cow

      1. Incredibly Stupid

        My guess is he's a professional binge and purger and just made a career out of it lol