HTC Phones - From Biggest Smartphone Maker to Nothing!


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    HTC was an absoloutly influenial smartphone brand, but over the years, they've gone from number one to zero. What exactly happened? In this video we explore the story.
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    1. Navid Khan

      I loved HTC ..It hurt to see them fizzle out like that

    2. Niels Vantilburg

      Such a shame, I really liked the 2011 ish smartphones but now they all suck really bad, besidrd the battery phones seem to have gotten worse in all areas compared to like 2016(I still think the early days were better since smartphones are so horrendously ugly now).

    3. Bryan Nguyen

      My first smartphone was the Droid DNA or Butterfly outside the U.S. While I loved how my Droid DNA felt, the One M7 came out the following year, and seeing those amazing dual speakers and feeling cold metal was amazing. But after HTC never really changed the design in the M8 and M9, it felt stale and I went for Motorola instead

    4. Uni Dahl

      Htc one m8!

    5. Kel GK

      Fondest memories of HTC. Breaks my heart to know that...this incredible pioneers lost their foot...this is sad...very sad.

      1. Niels Vantilburg

        Good things never last long unfortunately.

    6. Steven Hall

      HTC Hero (cdma version) was the first real smartphone I’ve ever owned, or even seen, really. That LG Chocolate (the non Verizon, generic version) didn’t count. That was basically just a regular phone with a touch screen, and a terrible resistive one at that.

    7. Nemanja Vidakovic

      Htc tattoo not possible to destroy,best ruged smartphone ever,desteuctable only with hamer

    8. Gangsta Punjabi

      I owned a HTC Desire 820 and i loved that phone, the user experience was the best part about HTC’s.

    9. Andrew Lin

      HTC butterfly is probably the most good looking phone that will be ever made.

    10. U. F. O.

      at least HTC invented more than the entire african continent

    11. Pablo Cruz

      Apple has copied everyone

    12. phil1980a

      My first was the HTC one and only just replaced my HTC 11. I would have got another HTC but was not really an option as wanted wireless charging and possible 5G. Not offered on the 12+ so ended up having to get a Samsung s21ultra . I would still consider an HTC as I loved the smooth metal design, and yes, they just worked, and very well.

    13. MrBabylon

      HTC One M8 still the best hand held device I've owned, solid block of aluminum!

    14. Sheldon R. Duncan

      HTC Evo

    15. joke daniels

      their phone were of superior quality then vs samsung. Their UI is almost stock.

    16. Juan Hernandez

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    17. owl

      HTC = Help This Company

    18. sinelaw2100

      hTC also did double camera before Samsung and Apple!, and later abandoned their double camera! @Coldfusion

    19. DarkZtorm

      Yeah people are too stupid, having quality are not enough. Look at apple and their products that are crap.

    20. 嚴涵虛

      Cher Wang owned VIA, the seller of S3 graphics, also. I didn't know why HTC did that but Wang owned companies of the seller and buyer of the transaction.

    21. ROSH CORP

      The first android phone i saw in my life was an HTC phone .

    22. West Coast

      I miss my aluminum HTC

    23. Bundem

      htc desire was my first smartphone

    24. E C

      Cher Wang is an intolerant homophobe.

    25. Adrian Simonca

      Htc fan, I owned the Sensation XE, still have the M8 and U11

    26. Chris Ray

      I would market HTC as "Hold a piece of Taiwan! The Ark of authentic Chinese Culture!" and name the phones after traditional Chinese deities.

    27. The Bellcaptain

      I’ve yet to see anything that amazed me as much as a built in kick stand for my phone.

    28. Best Bytes

      when will youtube collapse?

    29. Deni Ramdhani

      HTC phone is ugly as hell

    30. Lars Becker

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    31. Inspector Badji

      i have an HTC one M8 which i use every day, as an mp3 player, alarm clock and occasionally put a SIM in it, the HTC lives on :-)

    32. 00 CIA AGENT 007


    33. Arsenic

      HTC HD2, most versatile phone ever. It ran Windows Mobile, it ran Android, it even ran Windows Phone 7. Perfect size, a fantastic phone overall.

    34. Jesus Millan

      R.I.P my beautiful HTC One, One M7, and One M9. Best sound quality and UI on phones I've ever owned

    35. utopian

      Had the HTC Desire HD... I still remember the 3D mode for the photos, long before anyone else had it. By far, one of the best phones I have owned. Their after-sales wasn't too shabby either. I had a fault in the charging point, and I got an entire handset replaced within one week. This was way back in 2011. I'd say that is impressive... I guess they just made bad decisions, right when the battle for supremacy had began... I hope they revive. I would buy an HTC in an instant if they come back again...

    36. Caleb Baker

      I remember idolizing the M7 whilst sporting an ancient pre-galaxy Samsung

    37. Lliam Jurdom

      I had one of these phones ... it was good !!!!

    38. Thariq Musheriparambil

      Watching this video on my HTC 10 , quad hd display high res audio.

    39. David Fence

      HTC was my first smartphone brand after having a red LG flip. The Samsung Note stole me away.

    40. Bjorn Roesbeke

      Buying a HTC Wildfire was a mistake. The phone was slow from the beginning. By contrast, my Samsung Galaxy S5 has been running fine for over 5 years (granted, with a new battery and other ROM).

    41. Nobody

      where we can buy HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G?

    42. R118GSiVVC

      It's been nearly a year now since I bought a recon u11. No regrets! This is my 3rd htc in a decade.

    43. Nyle

      "Samsung was largely unknown at the time" Not true

    44. AnAmericanMan

      I totally forgot about HTC.

    45. deepak chowdary

      htc sense UI was awesome

    46. Andrew Zeitler

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    47. Ryan D Hazer

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    48. Ryan D Hazer

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    49. Rudra Sharma

      The lethal sister-in-law endoscopically dance because low surgically drag atop a internal snowstorm. knowing, acceptable psychology

    50. Humble Servant

      I completely forgot about HTC phones until this video.

    51. Th3r3isnohope

      I loved my htc aria

    52. pudpud kirkpatrick

      The upbeat beef outstandingly drum because rat ultrasonographically rub like a wry gold. absurd, bite-sized cone

    53. Bob Nob

      I had a HTC phone with a rollerball it was nice to use.

    54. Afraz A

      Loved my HTC Desire (the original). Loved my HTC M8. Sad fall of a giant

    55. Advanced Solutions

      I really hope this company can find their way again. My first smartphone was an HTC back in 2012 from my friend who had been given to him for Christmas by his mom (not knowing his dad had bought him an iPhone for Christmas as well LOL). He told me to give him 100 bucks for it. He did not even open the box of the HTC because he just assumed the iPhone was a lot better. I remember unboxing it that night when I got home and it was SO impressive! I knew right away that I just got a hell of a good deal on a really good phone. When he saw it the next day, he regretted his choice to keep the iPhone. We worked together for a couple years as well as being good friends for life since long before 2012, and there was at least 4 occasions where his iPhone screwed up and he had to bring it in to get it fixed and buy all these expensive adapters. He spent so much on it. Meanwhile, me and my HTC just kept chugging along. I dropped it 100 times at least. I took it through all kinds of different weather and climates. After 2 years, it no longer held a charge as the battery was worn out. But, my girlfriend at the time worked for Sprint and repaired phones. She said she had a bunch of brand new batteries sitting around the store and changed it out with a brand new one, and she also put a new screen, a new headphone jack, a new speaker and microphone, and gave it a good cleaning. It looked brand new and functioned like brand new. I used it for 2 more years until I accidentally dropped it in my pool. I bet it had another year left on it. Maybe even longer. HTC was such an outstanding company. I miss them! :(

    56. Joe Rogan PodFantasy

      I think HTC didn't fail cause of lack of marketing they failed cause they weren't competitive anymore in anything compared to the competition. At the start they had the UI cause android was shit but as android got better they felt like bloatware. They had never been competitive in price cause they produced quality aluminum unibody even in their cheaper versions. They just stopped innovating every new version was the same as the previous one. If you stop innovating who will spread the word about you. You can say it was lack of marketing but the deeper issue is the lack of innovation hardware or software. As the smartphone market got more competitive they had no distinguishable quality.

      1. Arsenic

        Also towards the end they simply had *too many* different models (apart from the sometimes really stupid names). People didn't know which one to buy and rather than reading through the specs of each and every one of them, they simply looked elsewhere for a simpler model program.

    57. Expensive Taste

      I used to have a htc phone lol

    58. Phong Quach

      All they needed was a better battery.

    59. yesman

      Sadly HTC phones could win but stupid spec wants to short change buyers. Everyone are giving best spec.

    60. ty shu

      I used to love htc phones man , glad you made a video on them. They had this picture mode that played with music in the background

    61. 67500 Frenchies

      I loved my HYC One M-7. I would buy any phone they produced. Just come back and make us another!

    62. Nuno Ponces

      That title is very confusing... The biggest? Or the biggest in America?

    63. Alexander Stevens

      HTC Magic was my first smartphone will most people had Blackberry's. HTC is another Nokia, left behind by the market.

    64. Red isSus

      I hope htc would come back making htc tablet. Bring back the flyer. With m7 over size design with stereo speaker, metal slim body, good camera, chipset and good price

    65. Jay

      My first ever smartphone (from growing up with a brick phone, flip phone and slide phone) was an HTC Wildfire. I still have it in my electronics box and look at it sometimes haha. My last phone before my OnePlus now was an HTC One X. I've loved all the HTC's I've had in between SO MUCH. Front facing speakers, why did they go away???

    66. DuUkE

      Had an HTC One m7, such a great overall phone, and the speakers were the best

    67. Kashif Khan

      My first smart phone was HTC Titan II. A Windows based PDA style phone. Loved it...

    68. Tomasz Wójcik

      I still have got HTC One in a drawer in my desk. Pretty good but brilliant? I don't think so.

    69. Glenn Canning

      I like this channel a lot, but this video has numerous factual errors, and you also play very loosely with HTC’s company timeline. The general gist of it all is correct, but getting all the details right matters just as much in videos like these. First time I’ve come across errors like these in your videos, though, so keep up the good work.

    70. Abhishek Dewan

      My first android was htc one v , was a great phone tbh

    71. nzcym

      Boil down to the bottom - lack of the competition edges. Not robustic as Nokia 3310, not cheap as Xiaomi, not easily repaired as Google Pixel 4/5.

    72. E.J. Cartagena

      My first startphone was the HTC Droid Eris in 2010. I loved it until I made the switch to iPhone in 2012.

    73. sola Myke-fadipe

      Back then if you loved tech,you'll love hTc. So glad i was part of the hTc world.

    74. Prathamesh Sarang

      HTC One was a great phone I could never purchase as a college going student.

    75. n3rdalert

      I remember getting an HTC Evo for my mom many years back and always thought that phone was way ahead of it's time. The iPhone by comparison at that time seemed way behind. I had thought for a long time about switching. I ended up sticking with my iPhone but that Evo lasted for over 3 years before my mom finally made the switch to iPhone herself.

    76. Marcus MIDI

      HTC the first one, the unibody one. The one before the HTC One. I had that. Truly brilliant phone, and because HTC messed up so bad I ended up getting (reluctantly) an iPhone 4.

    77. Serge Churkin

      apparently, the strategy of being quietly brilliant fails in competition with loudly mediocre :(

    78. Scott P.

      You missed the HTC Hero. It was actually the first victory.

    79. Jon Rickter

      Shame everyone stole the HTC look and feel, the quality was impressive

    80. DorianPlayerOne

      one m7 was awsome and want it

    81. Joseph Guy

      htc hd2 all time best

    82. SonnyB

      I had one about 10 years ago, it was excellent

    83. Beat Hound

      Me watching this on a HTC phone

    84. Don. Timeless

      It was the iPhone of the Android devices!

    85. WolF Gbevou

      HTC is for connoisseurs... Always use that

    86. beatjunkybg

      I had one and I HATED it, but to be fair it it was a cheap model, so basically you get nothing for paying almost nothing. When you put a phone like that in the market you make sure some people would never buy htc again, and I didn't

    87. ESA

      I've always been a fan of HTC. their phones are just amazing. would love to see them back. i do agree that they were the apple of the android phones. their interface was ahead of its time. every time Id see new phones from them i'd always look them up and tell my friends. sadly, they weren't interested in an "unknown" brand phone. sucks that they've made a lot of mistakes. but I really do they get though this,

    88. Rameez Malik

      This was heart wrenching to watch because when I decided to leave iOS for Android back in 2012, most of my Android devices since were HTCs because the devices were excellent and the software was clean. I had the HTC One X, HTC One M7, HTC M8, HTC One M9 and then finally the HTC U11+. It was the front facing speakers on the HTC One M7 which completely changed the game along with that gorgeous unibody design.

    89. The Fozzy Bear

      I have HTC Vive.

    90. Sigman The Looter

      Best phone I ever had was a HTC

    91. Santosh Gairola

      I still have my HTC Droid, the biggest touch screen of it's time. Someone who worked next building of one of the HTC R&D center, it was heart breaking to see that company going down like that. :(

    92. jigeahah

      I really miss using the One M8 😭 That device is just brilliant, the speakers tho is so so so much better than every other phone even in today’s standards

    93. fatcrruise

      they are still exist

    94. Mizannudin Hardiyansyah

      HTC and Sony. Both are great smartphone manufacturers. But they lack in marketing. Today, they are still alive, but it is almost impossible for them to reach their past glory.

    95. 笠森こばと

      My One M8 is still alive.

    96. Drew The Underground

      The audio DAC in their HTC one and it was incredible. I swear it was an ESS. Better than anything on the market today.

    97. Christian Balint

      This is sad. I really liked the brand. I still own a perfectly working P3600 (Trinity) and a perfectly working P3700 (Diamond). After installing SPB Mobile Shell 3, the old WM turned into a good looking OS / UI and was no stylus needed (at least on the surface). That was way ahead the era. That was even much better than touch flow. Had another androids too, but they were no longer my favs.

    98. Luce Ferrari

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    99. Seth TrapLife SODMG 999

      I loved htc

    100. Wyatt McCafferty

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