Big E cashes in to become WWE Champion: Raw, Sept. 13, 2021


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    After Bobby Lashley retains against Randy Orton, Big E cashes in his Money in the Bank contract against The All Mighty to capture the WWE Championship. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

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    1. Joshua Deutsch

      Lol... The name is just as bad as Lil' Poopy.

    2. Not Dasha


    3. Mr. Whisper

      Having so many wrestlers use it, I have come to despise the spear.

    4. Geo Bismarji

      congrats big e you deserve it

    5. bluemymind

      Props to Big E. Even tough I want Rey Mysterio to win it for once

    6. Matthew Strode

      Can see the moment Lashley remembers he's meant to be selling a leg injury lmao

    7. PKFILMS

      wtf i didnt even see this

    8. alireza

      why they cut the match?????pls anwser

    9. Naveen Vignesh

      RKO is so fake.

    10. levi singleton

      This almost makes me sad I stopped watching WWE awhile back......almost....

    11. Super Slavonac

      Finally Bobby Lashley is not Champ

    12. ToysUnboxer Soham

      2013- Big E is the bodyguard of Dolph Ziggler and a jobber 2021- Big E is the WWE champion Meanwhile Dolph Ziggler- It should have been me !

    13. Chris Miller

      Congrats Big E

    14. Bad Hombre

      Goddamn, who still watches this shiiii

    15. Wrestling content

      Give it another week and all you smarks will move onto someone else

    16. Mikey Lucas

      Just didn’t wanna show the clip no

    17. Angel Jason

      why im i so happy watching this lol maybe is time to start watching wwe again

    18. Nemesis Prime

      good for him!

    19. Priyotom 444

      Please Finn balor win ...😭😭😭🙏🙏wwe Championship

    20. Mexico Great

      Big E is such a GREAT GREAT Champion its been so many many years and he fully deserves this, and before i stopped watching Raw for years but now i will see bits of raw again because of this.

    21. Abeid Abdullwarith

      The MVP got Fake R.K.O

    22. game play zone

      This is a rk.bro

    23. Amit V

      Another useless champion

    24. Aadarsh Choudhary

      Congrats Big E, You deserve it.

    25. Lucasdm99

      New day sucks.

    26. niddg viiut

      Good to see the new day ascending to the next level. Big.E is an awesome champion. Dat boy can Rastle!

    27. Dinooka Chamikara

      We need cena

    28. Kippolifa Lvf

      Congrats to Big E Bobby Your Days are over just got to kiss it good bye

    29. ABCmarketing

      Пиздец сколько тупых

    30. NiZzy

      From the French Polynésia

      1. niddg viiut

        update anyone just watch raw,,,Big E made lashly very angry who thinks he has a chance of hanging onto the title for even two more weeks

    31. Rock Fresh

      What happened to the characters in wrestling, now it's a bunch of people in draws and spandex shorts and regular looking clothes

    32. Rock Fresh

      Dude was gooked out wit the belts on the ground😂😂😂😂

    33. balls


    34. Defranco Harris

      Should of left it on lashley so stupid

    35. Jay Greenfield

      This has to be one of the coolest cash ins ever.

    36. Miguel Rivera

      I feel so happy for Big E he totally deserve it

    37. inuyasha

      Bobby Lashley does not age.

    38. Joshua Amaro Rodriguez

      unforgivable and unforgettable

    39. Chris Balgobin

      So ammm how do u find this entertaining knowing its a skit....?

      1. truth seeker

        dont you watch movies knowing its acting and still find it entertaining?. get over yourself. at least this doesnt have cgi.

    40. Insignificant Aftermath Benji Dotan PROJECTS

      Why did they skip the cash in match?


      E the goat no cap

    42. seth terwilliger

      Thank goodness cause new day is a bunch of idiots

    43. seth terwilliger

      Lashly is positvly going to beat the positivity out of Big E

    44. seth terwilliger

      update anyone just watch raw,,,Big E made lashly very angry who thinks he has a chance of hanging onto the title for even two more weeks

    45. Creative Innovative

      Makes me wanna cry man. I remember when these guys just came into the game. Congrats Big E!!

    46. Kong Chanley

      Best science ever

    47. DC

      That finisher is awful....

    48. Hugo Rodrigues

      Brock Will defeat big e in 10 secs 😂

    49. Richard Yocum

      Just how i love my wwe champions......straight clowns.

    50. Narender Kumar

      Fakest finisher ever WWE 0:11

    51. ALI RAF

      And won

    52. ALI RAF

      Bro Bobby got randy with a spear

    53. ALI RAF

      Bro Brandon callins in the house replying ok I see u

    54. JimmyUso은정

      빅E오빵 추석을 맞이하여 건강과 행복을 기원하며 인사드립니다. 그동안 심혈을 기울이신 모든 일들이 풍성한 열매를 맺는 행복한 한가위 되시길 기원합니다~^^

    55. Connor Staggs

      Now the only new day member without the wwe championship is woods...

    56. Haresh Buch

      Yeeeeeeeees sirrrrrrrrrrrr

    57. Rakan Islam Mohamed Hosny

      New day up

    58. Gareth Hunter

      They didn't even show Big E vs Lashley, just the celebration. What?

    59. Blake Shepherd


    60. Paul Daciuk

      Finally WWE getting it right again

    61. Ok Boss

      I would love to see a triple threat match between the New Day members for the title at a PPV. Would be the perfect way to end a legendary team

    62. World Wrestling With Kirk

      Amazing moment!!! So happy for Big E!!!

    63. Jacob Aveyard

      Bobby Lashley should have the raw tag champs, Smackdown tag champs due to the brand split and afterwards Lashley should go for the universal champion and be a grandslam champion.

    64. jd wii


    65. djkn1ght

      That big E won't last with that championship belt wrestling became garbage this never happened back then pay for o win a belt smh

    66. Endiosao

      I love E but I know he’s going to lose the title quick.

      1. Jordan Letrey Jones

        Stop smoking that bad ish it's killing your braincells

    67. Alvin Choo

      Now this is what you call a booking decision and build up done right, congrats big e

    68. Prateek Guru

      Congratulations big e

    69. technical gurujiii


    70. Last Bayblade

      Next xavier woods

    71. S U D H I

      Thus , I became a subscriber here 🙂

    72. King Murese

      He really deserve that. After all those years. He deserves it

    73. Om Singh

      Wow, this is also the 5000th video of the Raw playlist of the WWE channel!

    74. Fahd Wilsh10

      It's giving me The miz's vibe when he did it against Randy Orton

    75. Jacob Kozhipatt

      Wow it’s almost like when WWE promotes its own, loyal talent or pushes new young WWE superstars instead of always giving the title to some veteran the fans become appreciative

    76. RickzRoll

      lmao bobby lashley deserved to lose his title lol

    77. James Brooker III

      Finally...Getting it right...

    78. Luke Strzalkowski

      Big E right now is having himself a great time and a great year after he won the Money in the Bank contract and then winning the World Title. You deserve it Big E.

    79. iZnoGouD

      imagine someone watching wwe in 2021 xDDDDD

    80. Charlie T

      I remember Big E debuting as Ziegler‘s bodyguard in 2013 and JBL said “This guy is a future WWE champion” I remember thinking yeah right. 😂

      1. Sridhar sulata chanal


    81. Trxustz8


    82. となりのペドロ

      Why do I smell a heel turn around the corner? 👃

    83. Javier Ortegon


    84. Gabriel Camargo

      Why they cut the part when he fight Lashley? 😠

    85. Gerald Curk

      Nobody cares about WWE!

    86. Pearl

      *_If I could change the alphabet, I would put U and I together._*

    87. Lewis Alberto Arenas Araya Aino

      It is truly a New Day.

    88. Travis WayofTh3Dragon

      To only then and lose it next week or something knowing wwe 🤦🏽‍♂️😆

    89. Da Phenomenalz

      New day rocks!!

    90. TheAnewz

      CM PUNK!!!

    91. Lou Pinkracelink

      Now is time for rko to take that belt from big what ever 😆

    92. The Wrestling Stick Creator!


    93. Santosh  rajbhar

      यह गलत है

    94. Tony Angellilli

      And the crowd goes mild

    95. Robert Willams

      This show is wack Bobby lasley should still be champion

    96. Goddess Makayla

      They cut the match out? Lol k

    97. Ray D

      Big E!!!!!! My man. Its about time!!

    98. Afzal Nasib

      Bobby's overconfidence and extra-crushing activities costed him his WWE title . (19-09-2021).

    99. Tristan Bellamy

      They did this because of the competition with AEW.