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    1. Michael Goodwin

      ALT Tittle: Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna crash when you do anything when it's rela-

    2. Kaden Hoffman 2

      Can we just acknowledge that Twitter claimed to be the best socal media platform

      1. Kaden Hoffman 2

        And then came 2021

    3. stargost

      5:22 meanwhile, me who have intel integrated graphics: ._. ,_,

    4. Cumunist

      i forgot google plus existed

    5. Axeman

      Robin: I am still waiting for dead island 2 Half Life fans: first time ?

    6. Cooper Laybutt

      Asbestos not only a dangerous Carcinogen it’s the way I live my life asbestos I can

    7. Fritz Feuerdorn

      9:30 the whole German police fires at a human about 10 times a year xD

    8. Near fr

      im from the city of asbestos lol

    9. Tibbiekat

      I wonder how the people who made those comments predicting how stuff would be llike in the long run feel today knowing how wrong they were. Its like the universe pull on uno reverse card on them. Als I kinda want flying houses to be a thing in like maybe 10 years from now and if it isn't and someone finds this in 2031 you are free to laugh at this comment.

    10. Someone Someone

      Dragon ball z abridged did not return, and might never

    11. Alex

      I feel like the one about Brexit actually aged well, It seems to paint the narrative of them expecting Brexit to be good for them and it not panning out the way they wanted

    12. Myles S

      9:24 Why is there a post about something that never happened?

    13. The Magnificent Bird

      4:56 In my school we still do that salute everytime a special event happens

    14. Madeleine Heath

      Ok so Tom Scott made a video a couple years (or longer idk) ago about Asbestos, and he made some interesting points about how everyone sensationalizes this random town in. Quebec, when there is actually a good reason for it being called Asbestos (for the time). It was built when asbestos was a common ingredient in insulation, and the town mined it (I think; I don't know how you get asbestos and would have to watch the vid again), so it named itself after the industry that became really big there. I actually didn't know they'd changed the name, but good on them in this modern age where we actually know the bad affects of the town's original namesake.

    15. Datachu

      10:52 This agedlikemilk may well age like milk itself, depending on how the trial goes.

    16. Blackout Lol

      1:04 I love how this is the polar opposite of real life lmao 🤣

    17. Max Levine

      King dice has to be the most appropriate background music for these videos physically possible

    18. Itz Dragon_ Universe

      “Still waiting for dead island 2” oh boy have I got news for you

    19. Not Me

      5:25 Me who just bought a GT 1030 last week:

    20. First Name

      Robin has almost no chill. Like that

    21. medexamtoolsdotcom

      1. Blockbuster always sucked. Don't be sentimental about it. Back in the long ago days in the before times, when people rented movies from stores in VHS format, you had 2 choices. You could go to any grocery store, which would rent movies, and spend 99 cents for a new release for one night, or 39 cents for an older movie. Or, you could go to blockbuster, and pay 3 dollars to rent either one. So no, don't lament the loss of blockbuster. Don't pine for days past with that. They deserved to die the whole time. 2. Disney's stock will eventually slide. Just because it hasn't yet, doesn't mean it won't. All companies eventually go bankrupt. Just ask the biggest most powerful corporation to ever exist, the dutch east India company, which at its height had a market cap in today's dollars of 8 trillion dollars, in a time when it's hard to believe that kind of money even existed. Oh that's right. You can't. It's dead.

      1. medexamtoolsdotcom

        Also, disney's earnings have been negative since before the coronavirus outbreak, and they have suspended its dividend. Its stock is only supported by the fact that the investors are a bunch of suckers that have watched too many disney movies, and believe it when disney apologizes for their poor financial performance and promises to do better.

    22. YourSnowBud'

      I imagine google pushing google plus Off a cliff and saying: "sorry, little one."

    23. Alexander Chavez

      The imposter behind him at 1:00 : Hey

    24. English Animations

      I remember some people who I met from mixer, I did like mixer alot

    25. President Shrek

      Robin you kinda sound like Timmy’s dad in Fairly Oddparents.

    26. atomturtle28

      Goodbye all good shows on Netflix... Hello everything that nobody wants...

    27. Shepherd The Scrub

      "No one is getting censored!" but... you made a joke about DEcameras taking down videos critical of the platform like 2 minutes earlier?

    28. DaRealGrey

      5:27 yeah, Robin? well I have a 370 series that can hardly hold 30 fps so there

    29. John S

      Fun fact Milk never becomes harmful to drink it just tastes bad when you leave it out on the counter

    30. Zarkkill

      *Says it became really really good* *shows a high score from IGN* "What exactly are you trying to convince me of here?"

    31. Flopsicle

      If dani’s here, *this* video is gonna be on r/agedlikemilk...

    32. Toni Parker

      M&s 2020 is real

    33. Emerald Rain


    34. Kayleigh Brown

      Christ, what happened to cyber punk?

    35. Miles Rogers

      I will never get put in jaill

    36. Jimmy Shadd

      Black widow: see you in a minute Me: r/agedlikemilk

    37. RICE

      2:59 Joseph Joestar

    38. inferno YT

      this is painful

    39. Undernerd Cosplays

      I remember when Netflix mailed people movies too 😳

    40. VirgoIn VR

      Comment 2333

    41. VirgoIn VR

      Comment 2332

    42. David Alvaro

      I mean, milk makes curds(edible) which become cheese(edible and tasty) which becomes better when it ages, if everything was done right.


      some of these aged like fine wine

    44. Ghosty Ghost

      10:59 when your name is Brandon 😔

    45. Louie Satterwhite

      7:22 isnt that an aged like wine? Since people actually did enjoy it?

    46. Louie Satterwhite

      0:57 oh I've seen that guy's comments before. Yeah, hes a certified douche bag

    47. Zane1919 nine

      Imagine complaining about having a 980 ti

    48. Arjun Jani

      In India we still have to do the old pledge off allegiance

    49. H. Dagger

      this is hilarious to watch can we get a part 2

    50. AnonymousUser

      So I'm late to the vid and probably won't be seen, but the Jordan Peterson one at 4:58 pisses me off. The man got put through hell. He was targeted by a massive hate mob online (whether you think it's justified or not, it still happened), his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he was perscribed Benzodiazepine for his anxiety, which he developed an addiction to. Benzo addiction is one of the hardest to beat, so he checked himself into rehab to help. That second photo was taken just after the lowest, most harrowing point in his life. Regardless of what you think of his politics, it isn't fair to judge him for that. Especially considering he's already back on track.

    51. REZ- Reviews and More!

      The Cyberpunk ones had me laughing

    52. Games n Memes

      You that I think about it what food ages well except bananas

    53. Shadow Cube

      I wonder cyberpunk will be like-

    54. Dragon Warrior949

      That PS4 crash sounds is giving me PTSD please stop Also can we get rid of Twitter next?

    55. Christopher Fleetwood

      11:15 Sokka: Well the Effects were good...

    56. Thatone Legend

      Disney is down alot

    57. Charles Pwnage

      Hey im from quebec lol

    58. Dead of Night’s Greed

      Just realized John McAfee has the second best JoJo in his profile picture. Chad move right there

    59. Adrian Gralczyk

      imagine playing starfox on an NES

    60. Deconverted Man

      fun fact, the last airbender trailer looked good, and had no scenes that made it to the actual crap movie. .... ha.

    61. Archbishop

      Well, the george floyd thing wasn't too far off. Dude literally pointed a gun at a pregnant woman's stomach. Dick move man, dick move.

      1. hitohito tadano

        @Platypus The 3rd tf

      2. Platypus The 3rd

        Indeed. No matter who you are. Whenever you decide to do something like THAT. You lost your rights to life. In my opinion. Kek

    62. I am X

      This video will be on that hashtag.

    63. University of Mars

      copy of cyberpunk 2077 for the PlayStation 4 has never crashed on me I've only experienced two major glitches one was the floor not being there and two was I couldn't continue the parade mission but my game never stopped

    64. Mazao G

      Hey man, at least you got the Ti. I run a plain old 980.

    65. Strider Ace

      9:59 made me die inside

    66. Manas Pradhan

      In case no one actually noticed the date on the iPhone comment, it was made 3 years after the launch of the original iPhone; it was a joke

    67. Cool ScreenName

      I know reddit made people some money but get outta my reccomends

    68. Rock Paper Scissors Everyday

      "No one is being censored" ... right you just can't say [CENSORED] or [CENSORED] or call people [CENSORED], [CENSORED] or [CENSORED]. Also don't mention that [CENSORED] are secretly running things or that the [CENSORED] actually planned [CENSORED] before it happened.

      1. JustAnAverageBoi

        Dont forget that [removed] is being payed by the [deleted] and clearly [removed] [deleted] opinions

    69. Fallout Vault

      Man roblox is gonna get better updates

    70. Aquas999

      4:45 The pledge of allegiance always gave off a "I pledge allegiance to the one world shadow government" vibes

    71. rose boba


    72. Henry Jekyll

      Can we appreciate how consistant he was with Cyberpunk's crash?

    73. Khal

      5:20 I mean... after modding for a good amount of bits. I can run it at 45-50 fps and doesn't really mind much about everything looks like it's from mobile games.

    74. Anprim Gang

      why is this guy so unfunny

    75. Type_44

      4:14 you think that’s bad? i’m still waiting for pyrocynical to make petscop 2...

    76. Sapphire Gaming

      Obviouslythis particular comment didn't age too well

    77. 21savige210

      8:56 yo I honestly thought that was taken down right in the middle of me watching it

    78. Rustoprimus

      I always thought Ellen degeneres was Ellen degenerate

    79. Mr. Cub Fan 415

      10:01 Still hurts, man. ;-;

    80. Mr. Cub Fan 415

      7:01 Dr. Dre: “Am I a joke to you?”

    81. Mr. Cub Fan 415

      3:22 If Blockbuster had bought Netflix, I bet “Cuties” would never have been put on Netflix.

    82. Gavin Merasty

      9:55 *lay down in floor* *try not to cry* *cry*

    83. Ryan Scott

      imagine reading British as Uk as if they are the same thing smh

    84. Super Sonic Cajun

      11:55 it sure is real, I own a copy

    85. Trevguy Likes To Party

      12:18 Twitter: You see that guy with the blonde hair? Yeah him. Trump. Hold my beer.

    86. Wokearc

      Funny thing is I actually used G+ for years and it was my favorite social media out there...sucks that they had to take it down. I didn't find anything since that did G+ justice

    87. Esteban Video’s

      0:24 oh a self burn Those are rare he called himself ugly

    88. Jayden Barros • 13 years ago

      The original pledge of allegiance...

    89. NEO ET

      dbz abridged ended because boujack is bouring

    90. PhoenixDaBeast1

      "Nobody's being censored holy God" Think again...

      1. Platypus The 3rd

        He has to keep his money somehow. Yakno...

    91. cometical

      I read the title as ragedasmilk

    92. 『 G o r n o 』

      the title of this video reminds me of a funny story... one day a few years ago, i was drinking chocolate milk outside on my playset. I put it in a safe spot and came back to it the next day. long story short, i forgot that milk gets chunky

    93. Grim The Reaper

      The People Who Correctly Predicted The Future Are Secretly Time Travelers

    94. Grim The Reaper

      Ah Yes The Mythical *_Dead Island 2_*

    95. MR. 1000

      remove the / and you got raged like milk

    96. Sara Fontanini

      you see, the deal with the DBZ abridged will return thing was not only did they not, they basically publicly said they were done with DBZ abridged, they were burnt out and said they wanted to stop making it.

    97. Jzon P

      Dream's take on stan made me fully sure that he doesn't give a fuck about the fans and only gives a fuck about the money

    98. doom slayer

      0:05 by downloading on my f_cking phone so I can't delete it

    99. Aden Smith

      To be fair, the leaning tower is pisa probably would've fallen if not for the government intervening and correcting the center of gravity. Which the probably plan on doing for the rest of time. So it'll more than likely never fall, or at least not from it simply leaning.

    100. Aden Smith

      Ha you got that founders 980? Well I got that 750 ti! It even has 2 whole gigs.