Starting the worlds first V8 powered Tesla

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    Today for the first time in history, we start the worlds first LS V8 Swapped Tesla Model S.

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    1. Tugboat

      That's an amazing engineering feat

    2. yaldram muqadis

      Same color matte!!! Make it into a Travis Scott Cocoa Puff car

    3. Wendy Grant


    4. Mike Hiler

      This is a good video to, I might have to subscribe

    5. Saber Cruiser.

      hold down is this filthy frank comedy

    6. Saber Cruiser.

      ooh fuck yeeeeeaaaaaahh. yes yes yes

    7. Hexality

      You a monster

    8. Dylan Foster

      This is the first video I watched on your channel and my favorite DEcameras jimmy is in it!!!!

    9. Reginald Cox

      Keep the color it would be a sleeper

    10. MrCrispyNips

      Flooded with sewage?? Yeah would not touch that with a 50 foot pole. Gross.

    11. Almighty jaymo

      Can i get a Tesla

    12. Nabil Anaqi

      the first tesla with a gas tank

    13. Lazy watchsmith

      Next. Tesla motor Harley.

    14. Mark Witkop

      The color is fine.

    15. Tawana Makotsi

      This is a milestone

    16. Tawana Makotsi

      Look at all this hard work.. Hey u wanna get ice cream 😂😂😂😂

    17. Cody B

      All that work just to make it slower

    18. mythius lopez

      It’s gonna be slower than a charger

    19. Attila rabbit81

      1 dislike from Elon😁

    20. Rooster's World

      If only the Launch Box was a Lunch Box, maybe a Speed Racer one...

    21. Yippee Skippy

      35:07 - This is the kindest "stfu" to naysayers I've ever heard :-)

    22. United RC Bros

      Nothing like a Tesla that roars 😂

    23. Jason Schaeffer

      Keep the color. 👍💯

    24. Bassjunkie

      Keep old man tin!

    25. Da_Aloha _Z

      All Tesla purists fear him. 🤣

    26. Kyle Willett

      You think that Tesla would have donated you guys a free battery just for the publicity.

    27. Carl -The OG Milfhunter- Wheezer

      Finally a Tesla i would own!

    28. I Comment

      Now you won’t feel gay when driving this around.

    29. TimberWolf429

      Safer running a gasoline engine too fat, than too lean, less likely to cause fatal issues, oh, and this car needs to go to SEMA, once it's done.

    30. rick dick

      Yo who’s rocking a b4 passat wagon????

      1. custom creations

        It is mine. It was a VR6 I converted to a TDI

    31. Kyle Krause

      The ending commentary has got to be the best I’ve ever heard from a DEcamerasr. Much respect for telling it as it is.

    32. Pedro Duran

      You got Tesla guys into shame zone i Like it.

    33. De'Asia Parchment

      I liked the video cause i like the color.

    34. Ed Walker

      This is great!! As many realistic people have said, the future really belongs to all, gassers,diesel,hybrids,electrics,fuel cells..etc..

    35. Envy Bryan

      Basic LS

    36. gapi koki

      SIDEPIPED TESLA?!?!?!?!

    37. Samniss Arandeen

      This is as if Louis Rossmann were to put PC parts in a Mac body. As in, awesome :D

    38. Leo Lopez

      I've watched your videos before in the past but thos makes me love you and also subscribe to your channel lmao

    39. Nathan saderstrom

      Wrap it in tiny Elon musk faces

    40. Gary Killington

      I've always said that you could stick a v8 or v6 in a tesla its great to be experimental and having fun and being creative instead of posting selfies on sm lol

    41. Ung Simneng

      I've been wanting for this video for so long. Now I can proof my friend that there is an engine tesla😹😹

    42. Steve Hotston

      Once again bloody hilarious 😂😂😂

    43. Chevy sucks

      Gave thumbs down for the annoying slow mo sound

    44. JakeVFX

      Keep the color! It kind of acts as a reverse sleeper car.

    45. Rafi12345678910

      The first sencefull electric car i see in my life 😂

    46. Anton Thomsen

      ”What Would you do this” the real question is why don’t more people do this 😂

    47. Bjørn Vabo

      You ruined the worlds best car. Just sad👍🇳🇴

      1. luna66

        Nah he made it better

    48. riley coish


    49. Jimmy Dean

      lmao i dig the v8 tesla idea but, i would have liked to see you use a different engine, everyone on youtube has Ls swaped the whole automotive industry, never the less its still super cool

    50. Carraig Butler

      I got sent out to the wilderness for 3 months and this is the first thing I get back to. HYPE!

    51. Richard York

      Keep the color and add twin turbos

    52. j w

      It's good to see somebody's made the effort in making one of these awful plug-in electric cars more practical.

    53. Ryan L

      THIS is what a car is supposed to be- pure enjoyment driven by a living, breathing engine. None of that soulless electric BS.

    54. Magnus


    55. Dale D.D. Honest

      I wish i could visit your shop

    56. sean iam

      Finally a tesla with a real powerplant

    57. Keeven Minecraft

      Ol man tan = omn = only men nation

    58. Tyler Patterson

      What’s your plans with all them mk4 Jettas ?

      1. custom creations

        Those are mine they are left over from off working on TDI's for years. Recently traded the black one so it is gone. Two of them are parts cars and the B4 Passat was a VR6 converted to TDI

    59. Avnish Raj

      keep it up

    60. ebike rider

      Put black and yellow

    61. ebike rider

      What wrong with you destroy Tesla and crush it . just pay for it and pull out the motor and put new one

    62. Ryan’s Views

      Lets see what kind of 1/4 times you can hit with their chassis!! Maybe engine swaps in Tesla’s will become more of a common scenario

    63. thebubba1

      I have so much NON gay love for this guy.

    64. Larry Temen

      Not the worlds first. Someone already LS swapped a Tesla. It’s a black one and it’s also cammed. Head work. Fast intake. Long tubes and makes probably 650 rwhp

      1. custom creations

        Post a link

    65. Mike Kuschka

      Keep tan.

    66. AJ's

      Tesla right now: 🤯😱😡

    67. Aric Pearson

      What's up with the B4 wagon in the background?

      1. custom creations

        @Aric Pearson Cool project. I would not bother with getting a corvette differential.

      2. Aric Pearson

        @custom creations yes, I have a 350z diff so far, but that can change if I come across a Corvette donor.

      3. custom creations

        @Aric Pearson You making a rear wheel drive B4?

      4. Aric Pearson

        @custom creations I have a B4 vr6 sedan I want to swap cd009 in

      5. custom creations

        Was a VR6 with a automatic transmission that I swapped to a TDI with a manual transmission

    68. Triacontagon

      Please! Atleast for a wheel keep it as stock as possible from the outside. Dish wheels full package ! Would be dope! Love the color

    69. Jule Rulez

      Why do you go backwards with the technology ? We should preserve the planet and you use V8??? OMG !!! (Karen sounds...)

    70. Ieat Ass

      Whitest black guy ever. IM noT usEd tO bEinG a MiNoRiTy????!!!!

    71. Niclas Horn

      Tesla Fanboys must be so mad now, so damn funny xD

    72. ARG Performance

      Finally someone to show them that they were going the wrong way putting bandsaw motors in a car. Internal combustion FTW!

    73. Gavin Swan

      Matt asteroid silver

    74. Motolympics


    75. Joe Patenaude

      I like the old man tan color

    76. Charles Torruella

      If I had the money I would buy a brand new Tesla and put a twin turbo LS7 with a holly dominator that would make elon proud

    77. cb’s outdoor vlog’s

      That thing is awesome!!keep up the good work man

    78. Urban Pendu

      Love the color👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    79. BigBwoyTing

      Can't wait for all the idiots at the gas station calling you an idiot.

    80. Harold Hessig

      This is fantastically blasphemous

    81. The Scottish Sprayer.

      Already subscribed. So to help you Rich, I’ve unsubscribed to Sam. 🤣😂

    82. jay r

      LS powered tesla🤔😅😅😅! Elon musk be scratching his head ha what?

    83. vince m

      I love paying for youtube to avoid ads, and then assholes put their own ad as part of the video.

    84. Tolitz E

      Fun team. Can't get any better.

    85. shebby's noCopyrights

      how do you register this car?

    86. A. Rizqi Abdillah


    87. B Ventura

      Have you considered making it a 2seater rear engine mount ?

    88. The ADHD Garage

      Sooooo, how long is it taking to ship out those Tesla V8 T-shirts? I'm getting antsy for it. Lol

    89. Alligator With internet access

      Mfs really be ls swapping everything

    90. Johnny Rocketa

      This is not a Tesla anymore... Now it's an Otto hahahahaha

    91. Bob Jacobs

      Old man tan for sure!!!

    92. Goose man

      You guys are truly talented engineers! I wish you the best.

    93. Lachlan Brittain

      You should try making a tesla powered by a rotary engine or even better a "liquid piston" rotary engine

    94. Gervais Kewley

      Its funny that a guy like Elon that so believes in " research and innovation" try to dog out persons that are gifted probably more than him. It's like a little child ketching a tantrum " don't touch my Toys!!!"

    95. Shep

      I see you @jimmyoaks 👍🏻👍🏻

    96. Jos OL

      Awesome 🤙



    98. Lil Keke

      Who made the drive shaft? Need one made for my truck!

    99. RealRaw Productions

      This is disrespectful 😂😂😂😂

    100. tom wynn

      I mean could'nt you just swap a Tesla shell onto the car and swap electronics