View from the Top: Craig Federighi

Berkeley Engineering

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    Craig Federighi (B.S. '91, M.S. '93 CS), the senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, Inc., delivers some "Questionable Advice from One Very Lucky Berkeley Engineer."
    This View from the Top conversation with Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu was delivered Nov. 21, 2019, in Banatao Auditorium at UC Berkeley. It was co-hosted by the College of Engineering and the Berkeley chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).

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    3. Asteris Bampos

      Half of apple's design lessons can be found just by studying the packaging of your iPhone *change my mind*

    4. Luke Missirian-Parise

      8:38 “The computer for the rest of us” - Apple 19something. Hmmm, No matter how many times I say “I’m going to work for Apple”, it just doesn’t happen! Forget the computer for the rest of us, I want the life for the rest of us!

    5. Daniel Santos

      did he mention silicon technology a year ago

    6. TechVlogger

      15:44, million dollar advice right there! It feels like cheating for sure, coz I love coding hehe. :D

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      Craig : *Explaining 13.8 billion years history about how he reached there* Me knowing he came from the big round building

    9. Metallus

      BOI is the absolute boss in presentation!

    10. CaptainPrice01

      10:07 Holy Moly, no wonder he calls himself Hair Force One

    11. cheapbounds

      The still image representing this video makes me think about this guy checking his bank account in the phone and saying: “Isn’t this amazing?! I got so much fuckin money!!!”

    12. Calum Tosh

      He is like Howard wolowitz

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      holy cow, guy could've been a comedian

    20. Antonio Banks

      this was great.

    21. Nick Curi

      Can we talk about how good of a presentation this is? Holy shit. Clean, precise, entertaining. I’m amazed.

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      I still feel like he’s announcing some new  product

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    37. sowell fan

      Mr Craig, this is a stellar performance, funny and witty, a complete departure from your regimental delivery at those product introductions. You sound so yourself to me now! If you adopt a similar style in those occasions you’ll help apple sell a whole a lot of stuff 😀 I know I know, apple will never let you do that!

    38. Emmanuel

      I'm glad they really brought out the good cameras at Berkley for Craig Federighi's talk. That quality is just outstanding.

    39. Ravi M

      He is damn funny.

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      Hello from Ukraine 🇺🇦

    42. Luke From Texas

      He actually seems cool. The rest of Apple’s team is unbearable.

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    44. Kartz K

      He seems to be of the type diametrically opposite to what you hear about Steve jobs. It would be fun to work under Craig. His enthusiasm is infectious, he is so humble and he does not seem to have the ability to denigrate anybody.

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    46. bashful228

      those armchairs!

    47. Abhishek Vaid

      The woman who introduced him, her voice is just like that of Lisa Su

      1. R H

        exactly what i was thinking!

    48. Shahar Rozenbloom

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    52. sam bam

      I respect Craig the most in Apple, I hope he becomes CEO one day, things could get really interesting.

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    59. Debajyoti Majumder

      love his humour.....I wish to meet him in person someday....damn

    60. God

      Loved it. What a likeable guy!

    61. sebastian lopez

      Diverse advice, amazing presentation.

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        Wtf? What do you mean

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    65. Мохаммед Сулеіман

      I have nothing but respect for this guy.

    66. sara hutch

      > who’s surviving 2020?

    67. SJ

      I remember being at the computer club in San Mateo High School playing on the Bell and Howell Apple II's and next to me was this geek named Peter Thiel... little did I know what would become of him.

    68. mido gamal

      "When you do what you love, it's like cheating." That's how my college life feels like.

    69. Rabid Leroy Channel Salad

      5:04 you know when someone’s life story gets interesting when it goes wayyy back

    70. Doug Thomson

      It is the story that engages a public.

    71. Torrriate

      Most advice is questionable.

    72. Detail Forward

      This guy should be CEO

    73. aviralmittal89

      I really wish the US politics doesn't turn America in to a waste land a has been tech brilliance. The countries winning today are ones who have been attracting best minds from all over the globe - and making brilliant products which can be sold all over the world. It will be a waste of this brilliance if the US were to let go of this advantage that they have built over the decades.

    74. The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

      Was there vasoline on the lens or is this recorded at 360i? ;)

    75. The Deviant Developer IDW Podcast

      I can see what they're trying to do with those chairs and table etc, nice effort. But it just doesn't work.

    76. Lazysnorlax Cooks

      "When you do what you love, it's like cheating." That's how my college life feels like.

    77. Женя Пеня

      I love Craig so much. Apple events would not be successful without him 🤘🏻

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    80. desmond

      She sounds like Lisa Su, looks a bit like her too

    81. mao hadad

      I absolutely adore this guy. He’s the most charismatic and likable Apple exec.

    82. BBBZ123

      I've learnt a lot from this, thank you

    83. Henriko Magnifico

      The answer to that final question is probably Craig's undeniable charisma. It can take you far, faaaar up in a company.

    84. Henriko Magnifico

      I just realized it must be quite difficult to not focus on work all the time when you're reponsible for the software on your and your family's phones, tablets and watches. Every time you look at your phone you'd think about it.

    85. Henriko Magnifico

      Craig is so awesome. Reminds me of Steve Jobs a bit!

    86. 黃國鈞

      Just wonderful

    87. Tom Kennedy

      One word. Shallow.

      1. Azrah :D

        Having good hair, and money, doesn’t make somebody shallow. Probably you who are salty. Btw, is that you in the pfp? I won’t insult you or shit, I’m just asking.

      2. Azrah :D


    88. fyrtree

      This guy should be the next ceo after cook.

    89. Sam LG

      He is a good person

    90. José Reino

      Very nice! Down to earth but wise advise. Like being given advice by a good friend. Loved it!

    91. Wade Combs

      This guy is so charismatic and likable! I love how he's a lead software engineer at the biggest company on the planet but his presentation here is just a black background with single words like "MYSTERY" to remind him what to say lol

    92. Vedant Chaudhari

      Really helpful video! Especially since he’s my role model!

    93. daniel heang

      This alone got me a mac. And I would not have any other way knowing and seeing the truths in front of own eyes.

    94. daniel heang

      The gift girl should have not rushed out and shook hand to Craig offering. Overall This is so great by all involved.

    95. AndersonJackies RandallFernando

      I absolutely adore this guy. He’s the most charismatic and likable Apple exec.

    96. Adelaide Elliot •

      It’s cute that he uses Keynote build transitions like your one boomer professor with a 2007 MacBook Pro uses them.

      1. no lol

        He’s 51, and if I didn’t understand, you can r/wooosh me

      2. no lol

        Yeah but Craig isn’t a boomer

    97. Marcus

      "Society for Women Engineers presents, a male engineer speaker!"

      1. Mandy W.

        I think that's okay, I mean he's at Berkeley, he studied there, and he's not there to debate how women shouldn't get rights

    98. Rahman Jailani

      Important part : 14:43 - 22:44

    99. NotNot Jake

      Craig’s gonna give some great interviews in like 30 or 40 years when he’s retired

      1. Mandy W.

        When he's 80-90? I'd like to see how he would look like ofc. But yeah.

    100. Dennis aaa

      Craig can I find u in this world!

      1. Mandy W.

        no offense