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    FC Barcelona have made it three wins out of three this preseason with a convincing victory over VfB Stuttgart at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Memphis, Demir and Riqui Puig score the goals in Germany as the preseason continues in fabulous style.

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    1. FC Barcelona

      Follow all Barça’s pre-season games live on BarçaTV+ 👉 barca.link/wT1w30qMyQO

      1. Muan Hangshing 🇮🇳

        no messi no party

      2. Rapheal Awuah


      3. The7crystals

        Will Messi be starting soon?

      4. Lazar Todorovic

        @Ángel øll

      5. nesguillen

        Que horror de uniforme, daña la vista, me da hasta pena como cule ver esa payasada de Nike

    2. Carl Creeper

      Damn we could've kept Grizi it would've been 🔥 seeing Depay and Grizi duo😢

    3. stranger69


    4. jean dondon

      Golazo de RP6

    5. Sinan İbak

      Yusuf demir

    6. RAW NGC highlights

      Good bye Barca 💔 now iam psg fan😁

      1. RAW NGC highlights

        @Jay Gill but he not did what messi did for Barca😁

      2. Jay Gill

        Barca will find another Messi soon

    7. Amit Orko

      who needs messi

    8. prince Mike

      Listen fellow fans Laporta won the election because he promised us that he's going to retained Messi in Barca; maybe he purposely used that to deceived us to win the election! We should go rally right now against Laporta for false promises during the last election!

    9. ramon santana perez

      Riqui Puig mete un gol y se creía que estaba jugando la final de la champoin y el marcaba jajajaj

    10. Rodrigo Romauldo

      Pija de gool

    11. Rodrigo Romauldo

      Que goloza el primer gol

    12. Charming nowhere to hide

      for this season let’s go win!! 💙❤️💛💙💛❤️

    13. Ask to seduce Miss

      The Memphis - Griezmann combination is fire, I trust this team

    14. kenan erol

      Number 17 is Yusuf Demir

      1. kenan erol


      2. Charming nowhere to hide

        Memphis Depay's goal was legendary

    15. Eduardo Rivera Meza

      Vamos con todo Barca ... Claro que se puede y la vida sigue

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        Lenglet defending is always a problem

    16. Eduardo Rivera Meza

      Lets go my Barcą

    17. Rithvik Parasker

      Who’s here after Messi left

    18. bofooit gojo

      Memphis is an amazing player.. that goal he scored is something else..super classic 🤗

    19. Cronomail Rossi

      LAPORTA ha ingannato i tifosi del Barcellona...sapevano tutto su Messi e non hanno detto nulla. Mi fa male dirlo ma Anche Messi ha ingannato tutti i suoi tifosi, si ècomportato da MERCENARIO, le regole della Liga e il problema stipendi non può essere nato in un pomeriggio di Agosto. Propongo a tutti i tifosi del barcellona di SABOTARE l'economia di una squadra che ci ha ingannato e della Liga. Non andare allo stadio, non guardare le partite in TV , non comprare merchandising del Barcellona. Bugiardi maledetti.

    20. JOKOKO

      Lionel depay 😹

      1. bofooit gojo

        Messi IMU!!!!!!!!

    21. Michi Müller

      Stuttgart ist schon immer Scheisse gewesen 😁😁😁

      1. Michi Müller

        @Kira auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn 🙋‍♂️

      2. Kira

        Deshalb haben sie 5:1 gegen Dortmund gewonnen

    22. zuygj bnsv

      people enjoy stuff without getting salty about it. Smh

    23. And


    24. 星人ザンダー

      Racist griz

    25. Sara Ali

      The worst team ever in the world

    26. Burak ozer

      Yusuf Demir 💙

    27. Kaaw Kane


    28. Emir Kağan Esen

      Yusuf Demir Fifa Potential 88🤨

    29. Karima Ben Cheikh

      Memphis Depay's goal was legendary

    30. Tyron Jacinto

      Lenglet defending is always a problem

    31. Konadu Bennet

      Depay is an awesome player

    32. Million Maths

      Depay in pre-season for Barça= Dutch Ronaldinho Depay when the season starts= it’s time to go G.O.A.T mode 🥵🥵🥵

    33. Bryant Ng

      Messi IMU!!!!!!!!

    34. yuitr loing

      Lets go people we are about to witness a great barca again , thank you laporta 🔥❤️

    35. Abuzer Kadayıf


    36. Raul Rubio

      I see a very confident Memphis but also very calm with incredible dribbling and speed. He was meant for Barca

    37. Thomas M

      We love Rique Puig ♥️

    38. Israel Yiredaw  soccer

      i hope messi play the match againts Juventus because he can show penaldo who is the real GOAT!

    39. Eden Basnet

      the kits...

    40. Abhimanyu Thrissur


    41. Yavuz Selim GÜLEÇ

      Yusuf Demir ❤

    42. Erry Aprianto Bayuaji

      Please let Messi go. Trust the new youngstar. Begin the new era

    43. Nebi Savaş


    44. Abdulmelik Polat

      Yusuf demir 💚

    45. cqvio doli

      Memphis is an amazing player.. that goal he scored is something else..super classic 🤗

    46. Arthur Alves

      Depay ta jogando demais👏

    47. Reza Junianto

      Gue heran waktu Barca kostumnya bagus susah banget main bagus, sekarang kostumnya caur, mainnya bagus bagus dah, selalu gitu, dulu kostum 2013 juga bagus banget tapi permainan ga bagus 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. cqvio doli

        Danny arrons wouldn’t be proud😞

    48. Mortal Vine

      Compared to last season,Grizzy's game has improved a lot.They need to give him another final season to see how he performs

    49. S a

      YUSUF DEMIR🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    50. Subatomar

      Fun fact: there was a girl with a sign asking for Puig's jersey and he actually gave it to her after the game. Hate him all you want but he's a qualitiy player on and off the pitch (coming from a VfB fan)

    51. LUKYPUKY

      Memphis esta juguetón

    52. Miwell

      Siempre muy bien contra los peques luego nos mandan a casa el primer grande de la champions

    53. Aaron D

      Love these new kits!

    54. Pakize Arslan

      Yusuf demir tr 🇹🇷🇹🇷

    55. Mashudu Madzhie

      Interesting to see more than one attacking options without Messi on the pitch. Interesting team attacking dynamics.

    56. topeqsama

      Griezman totally playmaker

    57. Rodan MC

      memphis esta on fireee

    58. The Cultural Vampire

      Bro i think Grizzi and Depay and Frankie and Messi would make Barca AMAZING again. I SAID IT .

    59. Nik Baren

      No Messi No Pressure For Mephis and Griez

    60. Md Altafur

      Nice game

    61. LM

      que hermoso seria que luis enrique vuelva.

    62. Bo3abed-137

      Danny arrons wouldn’t be proud😞

    63. Xabibillo Erkinjonov

      Depay 💪👍

    64. Sal Tra

      Messi finally has a number 9 he can count on since Suarez left .

    65. jahe segar

      Unique Jersey FC Barcelona 😁

    66. 6C(12) 梁睿行 Leung Yui Hang

      Memphis is incredible

    67. barbarbaris

      01:34 yürü be aslan yusuf

    68. あら


    69. Felipe Santos

      Quando o Messi. Não está o 7 jogo ate bem

    70. İbrahim Cavad

      The historical football matches are on my page. Let's watch!

    71. RakraKuq

      Ilusión, mucha ILUSIÖN, me hace la paliza que les toca la temporada de Champions que viene!!

    72. Hajrudin Osmanovic

      Messi make grill

    73. moja sho

      Antoine for captain new Barca squad the rest is history

    74. Basuro 10

      Sergi Roberto es veneno!!! Al carrer!!!

    75. جزائري حر


    76. Chairman 001

      Depay will score more than Messi this season.

    77. Jacob Doe


    78. Victor da Massa

      Depay Yes good

    79. leew11k

      Puig is the future

    80. lige doji

      Let Griezmann play in his natural position

    81. The Cussin' Cousin

      Football in my

    82. Lil Nemen ぁ

      que bien lo esta haciendo memphis

    83. Joah Bosch

      So happy to see more Dutch players are joining Barca. (Kom op Nederland!)

    84. Luciano ebang Bibang nchama

      Depay nos dará muchas alegrias

    85. Thành Huynhf

      Grizzi performance is also good

    86. Şaban Mert Özdemir


    87. Sky Putra

      Barca is the best!!! 🔥👍👍👍

    88. Brayan Music

      Es bueno que el Barcelona comience su etapa sin Messi, se sabe que es la leyenda del club pero... Dentro de poco se retirara

    89. Rashid.N Nattingal

      These videos could really use some commentary.

    90. Salih Güven

      Yusuf Demir 🇹🇷❤️

    91. Zarrina Pochoeva

      Варса курутой каманда 💪💪👍👍👍👍

    92. Jose Gomez

      Griezmann OUT

    93. WatThomKraBok2

      Memphis still getting use to the way Barca play.

    94. solar115

      Más minutos para riqui

    95. Steve Emser

      VfB Played Not that bad, they had 20+ missing players, they played just with U21. Against Barca. Not to bad, really not to bad

    96. OCTAVIO


    97. ARYA bagas oktavian


    98. Eduss13, 13Eduss

      EL VARSa no es un club es un puticlub, hacen fichajes y ni si quiera pueden inscribirlos, no pueden inscribir a mesi, no tienen un solo euro, y todavia quieren mejorar el contrato de un jugador que esta acabado

    99. Mario Coronel

      Memphis Agüero, and Messi in the forward line up, can’t wait.

    100. marchionni principe

      we look like a bunch of clowns in those kits