VW Caddy 2k DIY Restoration Full Timelapse - 4 Months in 18 Mins - Volkswagen

Dan Chambers

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    Am Vor 3 Monate


    1. Łapek Garage


    2. Rs500ybd

      Respect .

    3. tomscotland

      Nice mate, you grafted on that.

    4. Jeremy Van Briesies

      This guy is goooooooood

    5. stuart taylor

      Lots of positive comments on the bumper, and fair play it does look great. But I would be forever worried about someone else bumping it in a car park. Thats why I like my bumpers stock, but my interior custom 🙂.

    6. clive roulstone


    7. Даниил Петров

      Great job!

    8. v dub

      WOW !! That man is a genius !!👏👏

    9. Ken Ji Ogyvara

      Fair enough, but did it pay off economicly?

    10. EG77

      Amazing work and video! Best video and transformation I have seen, muc respect!

    11. Meher Kanzari

      الحرفية و الإتقان في العمل بارك الله في كل من عمل عملا و أتقنه إحسان👍👏💪

    12. unsub

      too bad its a VW

    13. kingafendi kingafendi

      I don't like this type of vehicle But not the video

    14. The dark Stik

      Du hast vergessen das Lenkrad auf die richtige Seite zu bauen ;-)

    15. Sattar Mohsen


    16. Зураб Асланов


    17. Zohen RDM

      I like the VW caddy, you have made an awesome job m8 ! It looks so great.

    18. chris styles

      Amazing transformation buddy exceptional work & quality finish

    19. Mike Phillips

      Well done.. dope af

    20. Tony curran

      That's the bollocks that! Nice

    21. ANT79

      Любой гробовоз на заниженных тапках будет смотреться!)))

    22. Radius

      All that for a hearse

    23. Ro Davids

      is that definetly a 2000 van? Those revised front ends didnt come in til round 2010?

    24. MarocHardware

      can you do dacia Logan Old One 2005 that would be Sick , keep it up bro you are amazing ️‍🔥️‍🔥👍

    25. Abdulla Sabil


    26. M SD

      Hello great job i from france Just what name song 7:00?

    27. Snake Sokol

      Paint code please

    28. neskomen80

      Whats here not to like?!..ooooo, BMW and Merc fans...right... Awesome job,man..question..where did you get those lights inside of workshop?..😊👍

    29. Thomas Shelby


    30. Issam Khalfaoui

      Sei un maestro

    31. We He

      Hi , its an amazing caddy - i drive the same but not in this shape 😭 what kind of bumper is it - from a golf gti ?

    32. Ilyass Karouach

      2k hours

    33. Fliese

      Mit welchem Programm hast du dein Video geschnitten? Wie macht man das schnelle abspielen?

    34. Саша Городской


    35. 1881Gordon

      Well... This is simply Awesome! Hats off to you for the untold effort & the brilliant footage - You are one skilful Brother😎

    36. Merab Zoidze

      go gop bro

    37. Merab Zoidze

      so qool qar

    38. Turbo Grey

      Amazing !! :D

    39. Xsara Break Duarte


    40. Mike Clifton

      I gave up after a few minutes as it was obviously at least two different vehicles, disappointing.

      1. Stanningley Television Digital

        What a f@€king wally!

      2. Dan Chambers

        😂😂😂 you having a laugh? I took the whole interior from a car and fitted it into the van 🤦🏼‍♂️

    41. Вячеслав Бурдуков

      Он снимал торпеду, чтобы сзади ковёр расстелить O_o

    42. Toyenn SupSuper


    43. shaty lee

      damn yow from raag to showroom standed good job

    44. Ümit Çoşan

      Tebrikler olsun her biji

    45. Chat LutMots

      Cool, et cette "métamorphose" a coûté 💶 combien ???

    46. yao

      Looks so good

    47. Ашот Залупян


    48. Martin Cloutman

      That is sick

    49. مستر طركع


    50. Dehf1

      U have to paint it in grey... as the fukin sky of ur cloudy country

    51. Ride

      Great!! Well done!

    52. elconcret tv

      Deaamm nice

    53. Lord Chaos

      WoW nice car

    54. NorthernMountainLife

      Incredible work! Well done, looks great!

    55. Ted


    56. Rob Ert

      I've just binge watched the whole caddy series..... great job Dan !!! I've been looking for a caddy for quite a while, and I bumped into your channel, and now I'm addicted. Where do you get your energy from ? Keep up the great work, best wishes from Germany.

    57. Martin Zadega

      И на продажу

    58. Hector lambies

      How do you lower the rear axle leaf?

    59. Tomáš Spálenka

      hah VW :DD waste of time... Kangoo is better.

    60. Mark Watters

      Top job mate.

    61. BJ

      Beautiful work there, Mate!

    62. ً ً

      hey dan may I ask what glue and material you used to do the headliner? Wanting to do mine but heard shit glue sags over time and shit material doesn't stretch nicely and all sorts. cheers

    63. cazals alexandre

      🙌 respect d'un français

    64. Phone Geekster

      Lovely restoration, but before you start working on the bumper you could protect the headlamps with covering.

    65. Joost Beukens

      they deliverd good work i am kinda inmpressed i was like nah they aint gonna make it but they did

    66. Stefan Bojić


    67. Francisco Manríquez


    68. Gas Junky Garage

      Amazing 😳👌👌👌

    69. Offical Canavar

      Nice work bro

    70. Andyszlapol

      Yes :) Amazing job :)

    71. Sefa Doğan

      Adamlardaki işçiliğe bak ne güzel valla

    72. Pubgm Borz

      Mensory jala

    73. Lee Shelton

      Hamster 🐹 music lol

    74. BOWSER92220

      Awsome !!! Great front bumper and rear interior 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    75. Best Brandon

      Heavy Weight 💪

    76. Ali Khan

      Me after watching chris fix once:

    77. Pete van

      Very impressive, fantastic job

    78. mohammed yacine bekkoucha

      Its not the same vehicule the first caddy has 2 doors and the images inside we can see 4 doors ? !

    79. chru cas

      This is definitely not a restoration, it is a huge modification done with enormous effort.

    80. Kon Rad

      Wonderful job!

    81. N. N.

      Schones wagen und so viele Arbeit...

    82. Jamal Jamal


    83. Sorin Strat

      Best work/ great work

    84. Luu Kiên


    85. Soufke Soufke

      Nice work bro 😎 🏆

    86. Tzy

      Dude that cool

    87. mike Fuso 51

      Very very professional.. Super job.. My car please next object

    88. Drombus RC

      That Looks really good. Respect 👌

    89. Mariusz P.

      Caddy-luck :)

    90. Антон 55


    91. marko jovanovic

      Very, very good job my dear friend

    92. esmail Student


    93. за новый социализм!!!

      Молоток!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊

    94. Coastwise Trading Limited

      Great job dude. I wished I could have this van for myself. 😂😂😂😂

    95. Ryan Collier


    96. LA Media

      U need facelift taillights😍

    97. zulys 000r


    98. VLAD LifeVlog