Doctor explains why you taste blood when running


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    1. Linnaea Borealis

      "It's actually your own" Well thank god it's not someone else's blood I'm tasting 😂

      1. Naim Hakimi

        I was gonna comment that

      2. Money please be up

        My thoughts exactly 🤣

      3. Salome Siruno

        Tight lmaoo like who tf else’s would it be 😂😂

      4. 370gt Alej

        When you wake up from the shiz episode and instead of being in the gym you’re out in the wilderness eating a live buck

      5. william joyner


    2. Claven Scales

      It’s gotta be true! He’s wearing scrubs

    3. メキシコ人

      I ran for five years. Never tasted blood 🤔

    4. chooch `

      Probably from running with a mask. What idiot does that

    5. computingsupport Llc

      That’s explain it, I was wondering why I tasted iron in my mouth. See kids that’s why you should consult your doctor for everything.

    6. Bunsenn

      I don’t taste blood, I just taste a coins, and now that I think about it coins taste like metal, and blood also tastes like metal, soooo…

    7. Lynn Reese

      I think that is incorrect. I think the capillaries in the nose transfer blood into the tissue at a faster rate. And the blood is close to the olfactory sensors.

    8. arnaldonyc

      He explained that’s it normal without actually telling you it’s normal but the dummies……

    9. Jan Blackman

      Why is that stupid woman wearing a mask while running

    10. Juliana Lane

      I’d rather be fat thanks

    11. Matt Mckain

      imagine being so stupid that you wear a mask while running outside

    12. Restoring Light Church of Christ Pastor April Shine

      Very educational as I have been getting a blood taste into my mouth sometimes and the Dr said my bp was high so might be something to keep track of.

    13. Nathan De Souza

      Why run with a mask?

    14. Greekpower Greekpower

      If you run with your mask . You are going to harm yourself

    15. Lissa Z.

      Yet another reason why I run 🏃‍♀️

    16. mikoy huio

      “It’s actually your own” really? No shit Sherlock.

    17. ShalahMehala

      Running into in a area that rinks like somebody took a shit and let their guts out you might need one on just saying

    18. Michelle Simpsons

      Maybe take the mask when you. Blood pressure will definitely go up when you can’t breathe.

    19. 21eesa 21

      Shit doctor

      1. mikoy huio

        Running in mask . Twat

    20. D Park

      Vampires taking notes.

    21. Siddarth Salaria

      Just tell this is fine or have to tell thd doctors

    22. FatherWolfbeard

      Is it really necessary for her to be wearing a damn mask when she's running in the vast outside. Fucking hell

    23. Meagan


    24. Truth Hurts Everybody

      Running with a diaper on your face doesn't help neither. You're actually suffocating yourself, you idiot.

    25. Maurizio Provvisionato

      remove your mask when you running.....fucking idiot

    26. Tashara May

      And this is why I don’t workout! It’s unhealthy!

    27. Dr Elite III

      Scrubs don't make you smart...

    28. Christina Jones

      I always taste blood

    29. 370gt Alej

      Also, why would you wear a mask outside

    30. 370gt Alej

      Actually I smell it and taste it after I work out when I’m showering

    31. Val W

      Plus it doesn't help exercising with a mask over your mouth and nose. I never knew folks were so ignorant until I saw them jogging with masks on.

    32. chinadoll

      I have never heard of that

    33. Sebastian Specter

      Running in mask . Twat

    34. Sjhdjf Dhfhfj

      Tell me is this good or bad

    35. KDub


    36. Bryce Bell

      Maybe you shouldn’t wear a mask while running alone you fucking moron🙄

    37. average league enjoyer

      Bro who tf thought they were tasting someone else's blood lmao

    38. James Provost

      Lmao OK why

    39. Addrota Khan

      I also taste blood. Even when I'm laying down. I'm scared

    40. Elizabeth Claudio

      Bro, you one upped one on Dr Mike.

    41. Ashley Thaxton

      Oh shit, i have never experienced that!! I’ll just stay a sedentary fat fk, thanks doc

    42. Water Under The Bridge

      Weird, I always assumed some blood from the lady next-door somehow quantum tunnelled into my mouth 🤔

    43. Samuel

      Why are u running with a mask

    44. Shara Mae Lopez

      Is it dangerous?

    45. California Cobra

      Ew! Makes it sound like you could drown in your own blood while running if you're REALLY unfit. I hate running!

    46. A Herrns

      Great... now, am I dying or should I keep on running?

    47. Hanji Zoe

      Man wonder why it always happens to me on cross country day ;-;

    48. Craig Joyner

      This is why we shouldn’t exercise boys. Just eat bacon and watch Netflix.

    49. FAE Music

      This happens to me every time I run and my heart rate shoots up to about 200bpm within a few minutes of running. I’ve had to stop because of it but I still don’t know if it’s harmless or what to do to solve it

    50. MadiiAlwaiisPhycho

      So like...should I keep running?? Tf

    51. skullhart

      Its actually because you're running with a mask on

    52. M F

      No shit!

    53. BrimstoneTheEntryFragger

      Imagine running outside with a mask

    54. Precious Jewel

      Ummmm whats the girl name I want to find out if she OK

    55. ꗃ. °estrella ⛓️

      Solo entendí lo de la chica pero no entendí la explicación del doctor, alguien me lo traduce por favor

    56. Ann Boykin

      Running with a mask on can't be good either

    57. Kyle Lebrocq

      Oh my fuck I thought it was just me

    58. VVOUX

      So is this something that happens regularly to people? Because this is the first time I hear about this

    59. Crypto Trailers

      Its because she is running with a mask on hahaha

    60. Fernanda Hernández

      Thank god is my own blood and not that I had idk canibilized someone without realizing it

    61. Cesar Augustus

      This has happened to me before. Usually after a full on sustained sprint. Perfectly normal. Your lungs adapt. Next time you won't taste as much blood (if you survive).

    62. Captain Teeko

      I never knew this…. Probably cuz I never run cuz I’m an unfit fatass

    63. Yoel Icon

      Imagine running where coronavirus is.....

    64. Ambrose-adventure

      Could this happen when a person is scared?

      1. Ambrose-adventure

        @Jamie Brown thank you very much. knew a church girl who was very innocent who went through her first haunted house maze and was so scared she said that she could taste blood

      2. Jamie Brown

        Possibly. When you’re scared your stress levels are skyrocketing and adrenaline is causing your heart rate to increase, so the combination could possibly make you taste blood

    65. Ronald Harris

      Running with a mask isn’t intelligent

    66. Ryan Shapiro

      “You’re actually tasting Steve’s blood from down the block.”

    67. katietang50

      Wow! I remember in elementary we did a PACE run. I don't if they still did this but I was the only girl on the girl side that run for a long time. I had to stop because my mouth taste like blood that I was scared.

    68. Marjorie Freeman

      So should I stop running when I taste the blood then ? 😂

      1. Jamie Brown

        No lol it’s fine, it happens to many people. The Human body can’t adapt without stress forcing it to grow stronger. Your lungs bleed a little and you taste blood because you aren’t quite at full strength yet. A few more times though of running consistently, and you’ll start to get stronger and thus you will taste less, because your lungs have now adapted and grown. If you think about it, it’s the same concept as lifting weights. When you weight train and lift until your arms are burning and they’re getting sore, technically, what is happening is your muscles are literally micro-tearing under the stress of life heavy weights. However, instead of your body healing back to the the old level, it will put more effort into these new Muscular Foundation so that next time, when you lift the same weight, your muscles are now actually rebuilt to be able to handle it.

    69. Eireee17

      I appreciate the knowledge

    70. astral dragon

      Take the god damn mask off holy shit 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    71. moepizl

      This is y im a couch potato watchn DEcameras

    72. P83

      This is the time that you need to go harder

    73. ghanta kha

      Das normal

    74. Bme Productions

      Omg I had no idea

    75. Theresa Marie

      Dr... You didn't mention if this was a bad thing or not

    76. BigR

      So what your saying is fitness might kill you??

    77. Ronald Rice

      It would better if he said it was the “Blood of your enemies”!

    78. Violent Geeks

      What about if you smell a chemical sensation while you do heavy cardio

    79. Louis Maynard

      This shit happened to me last week and I’ve been coughing for a week now. Am I about to die or no

    80. hasan kharfan

      Calm your tits mate..... WHAT!?!? how bad is it?

    81. Just Karen

      Btw take the mask off while running that may be a contributing factor as well

    82. livingdadream

      Oh your one of those mask people that wear them jogging and walking down a unbusy street 🤣next level is driving on your own car with no passengers 🤣🤣

    83. Ophelia Maples

      I've never experienced the taste of blood/metallic when exercising, but I do start smelling strong chlorine and sometimes get actual salt crystals forming on my face from sweating.

    84. ScoobyDui

      The amount of people that think this is bad amazes me… it isn’t good or bad it doesn’t do anything to harm you or benefit you, but it is a good sign that you’re getting a good workout that’s about it.

    85. Ivan ortiz

      So it’s bad for me to run and exercise?!?

    86. Kemet King

      No shit lol Is there a fix or nah?!

    87. D. Suarez

      Well maybe stop wearing a mask when running. I can’t think of anything more dangerous.

    88. The- potato-warrior

      Take off your mask idiot

    89. Erica Sheppard

      I taste blood before I have a seizure, which thankfully doesn’t happen as often as it used to.

    90. lil snowflake Hannah

      Oh that sounds dangerous haha 😆

      1. ScoobyDui

        No it’s completely safe it happens a lot especially when you’re doing sprints or some sort of high intensity cardio.

    91. Professor DoNut

      is any one gonna talk about how pretty that girl is 🥰

    92. Niyaah Sherelle

      Me thinking i was going to pass out😭☠️

    93. A. W.

      Stop running with a shit mask

    94. Turtle Hermit Collectibles

      Dumb fuck has a mask on while running

    95. Felicia Sam

      Imagine telling your parents as a child and they ignore you saying you are making excuses to participate in track at school. This has been happening since I was a child. It was only when I climb the CN tower the paramedics explained this to me. I finished the climb though.

    96. Charlie B

      Take mask off idiot when alone jogging

    97. Ghareeb Gamer

      How am I gonna know that it's the blood that I'm tasting?

    98. Catalina J


    99. Brittany Rearick

      but like. is that bad? does it mean your out of shape?

      1. ScoobyDui

        No you could be really healthy and still get it. It can happen to anyone that pushes themself when doing some sort of high intensity cardio like sprints or a long fast paced run. I take it as a good sign when it happens