The Struggle of the Original iPhone - The Untold Story


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    Today it's just so easy to forget how much of a revolution the original iPhone was. In a world where tech reviews complain about bezels and small details in the new iPhone 12, it's important to look back and see where it all came from. In this episode we do just that. From the pain and sacrifice, to a revolutionary product. This is how it all began!
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    1. Richard Servello

      All of this is so ubiquitous now. Funny to think in 2007 this was all like magic!

    2. Ryan W

      Man , Steve jobs was an asshole.

    3. spooforbrains

      This was fantastic. Very well put together.

    4. lefthandedpolack

      Yeah you are loooking at this through apple goggles. "full web experience to boot" my ass.

    5. Stuart Clarke

      Created the modern smartphone LOL pretty sure smartphones existed before Apple came along and ones that had features Apple adopted many iterations down the line, like simple copy and paste from a message .

    6. harry ford

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      Mate, your vids are so well made

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    9. Las Mnk

      The App Store actually came out thanks to iNstaller and Cydia (I guess the devs were hired by Apple but can't confirm), i'm quite sure it would've never be the Appstore we know today if it weren't for those 2 (jailbreak was fantastic, I remember being simlocked on my iPhone with the 1.2.1 version, I was 13, what a time back then !)

    10. Rick Pontificates

      They were going to call it the “MePhone” but they decided that was grammatically incorrect

    11. lee jung

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    12. The Nado Nation

      I liked my ROKR phone! It was a beautiful phone in the day.

    13. The Nado Nation

      I do use my apple products to read on the toilet a lot? So i guess he was right.

    14. dylan carmel

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    15. Alexandre Racine

      Bas Ording made the best move by going to Tesla :)

    16. Lions Team

      All in the palm of their hands

    17. Matt Halpain

      I enjoy, appreciate, and value my iPhone's i've owned in my life time. Also, my 6th gen. iPad with Apple Pencil.

    18. Vomitur

      Touch screen has come a long way, but it STILL IS frustrating. Nothing will ever beat mouse and keyboard. That first section of this doc was a bit cringy. Also, humans are so good, heh? It's so good when we abuse one another if the end result is the iPhone. Right? It justifies abuse. Listen to all the people manifesting against this.

    19. magoma1 Kkak

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    20. jesse s

      Can you please do a video on General Magic!

    21. Som Guy

      Great men will make enemies. Once they're done with Steve Jobs they'll turn on Elon too. Simpering pussies unite against genious, success and maleness.

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    25. Peter Shinn

      It wasn't that "revolutionary." The Treo phone was much better than the iPhone. It took years for the iPhone to catch up to the Treo. What Apple did better was marketing.

    26. MintiesPoopin

      This story would make a great movie

    27. jemps20

      What a great video! Thank you @ColdFusion for this as well! I can't find this version of the music at 06:50, can you erase upload it into your music playlist? I've found an other version on your SoundCloud but this one is much better! Thanks and continue to make great contents!!

    28. YouWatchers

      One thing we can learn here. Put your family above all else. Company doesn't care about you or your family no matter how many past successes you have brought to them. They will discard you in a blink or in Steve Job's way 'delete contact' ....public execution style. As an employee just do your very best in your job but never idol the company. Family first.

    29. ata turk

      The 1354 person who gave dislike to this video is probably haven't watched the video :D

    30. Nicholas Petrock

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    35. Dani The fag

      What happened to all those billion original iPhones

    36. Lama

      Making a revolution requires great sacrifices! Clearly it was Apple employees who made them, certainly not CEO Steve Jobs. Some people will be key to this revolution, but they won't get recognition. While others will contribute little (steve jobs), but they will look like real revolutionaries! People believe that Steve Jobs was a revolutionary, because he knows nothing about the work behind the first iphone, or ipod, or ipad etc. The truth is that Steve had the ability to grasp good ideas, and to develop such projects. He was not a genius who thought crazy products overnight! He was a great CEO, albeit too mean to employees, but as a person he probably wasn't that great!

    37. Graham R Gibbs

      Great video. It's good to see some real research going into telling the story - especially about the UI development. On that issue, I was surprised you didn't mention the gesture interface that appeared for a short time in MacOS in the late 90s/early noughties, I think. I tried this out for a while on my Mac, but it wasn't any great advance on the mouse and keyboard combination. Then, a few years later, when I watched Steve Jobs demo the iPhone, I thought "That's what it was for". P.S. get yourself a spell checker, it's 'feud' not 'fued'.

    38. Jack Ford

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    39. Mohammed Adel

      The ios word Was never used till end of 2010 It was called iphone os

    40. Innensicht

      Jobs war einfach ein übler Zeitgenosse...

    41. Giuliano Mango

      Watch this followed by: The Social Dilemma.

    42. Logan Mannke

      Steve jobs was a hack

    43. MST

      Intro song: Dido & A.R Rahman - If I Rise (ENiGMA Dubz Remix)

    44. Jens Christian Gammelby Jensen

      The big thing is probably that the first iPhone wasn't the revolution people think. Not only did LG manage to produce and launch a mobile phone with a lot of the same features, including capacitive touch that worked with many of the same interactions, but the sales were mediocre for an Apple product(although better than those of the LG KE850 Prada and the Motorola Apple Phone). The iPhone revolution and success instead started with the iPhone 3G and the option to install apps from an app store, instead of being stuck with the ones the developer decided to add or having to find and install it the way Nokia used to do with the phones running Symbian. This could not have been done without the development of the first iPhone. Perhaps a new story of the iPhone 3G and the struggle of developers to convince Steve Jobs that an app store was a good idea could be a future story?

    45. Felix F

      Go I wish I was 18 in 2010. I would have bought apple stock with every penny I earned.

    46. Dee Dee

      Tesla started this.

    47. Travis

      .....?? u do kno android was before the iphone right??? both in software and hardware and always in quality OF software apple charges u a million dollars doesnt give u as much computing power, highly limits ur upgrade or repair paths, then highly limits the software u can even use on them because of their ego

    48. Bahamut Dragons

      Zooming in as done with the mousewheel well before pinching on a screen was a thing, this is comparing apples to oranges.

    49. Charles Edwards


    50. Kicks Essentials

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    51. neil johnson

      The best day was when the first phone with android launched

    52. Behere Now

      Do Your homework Man! Everything started in General Magic, where Tony Fadel was an important employee. All those ideas were first made in General Magic by Marc Porat, B Atkinson, and Andy Hertzfeld. Check this . This is the best-untold story of the iPhone.

    53. Angel Nixxa

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    54. Marcus MIDI

      Brilliant video :) Loved every second 💪👍😀

    55. zeke cheng

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    56. Sherry Khan

      Technology mattered more than relationships, marriages and health.

    57. Sherry Khan

      Steve Jobs was cruel!

    58. Huỳnh Lợi Nguyễn

      40 hours work week is fine. But it wouldn’t change the world.

    59. Somona Aktar

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    60. Julia Bernard

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    61. Kyle Reddy

      This is actually sad it sounds like they used their employees pushed them to the brink of insanity and gave them no thanks, acknowledgement or even cash just gradually fired them. To all those people hopefully one day who read this who created not only the iPhone but contibute to everyday things that improve everyone's lives and are never acknowledged, thank you, the world thanks you and we appreciate you.

    62. Stasis Field

      Interestingly I have been saying this for a fair while to people. As a ‘upcoming’ learning game developer, I have single handedly rewrote my own mind on what’s good and bad when it comes to technology, As so recently someone in a group I attend, that’s full of NON technical people, on zoom, someone asked me what has changed for programming in C / sharp in the last 20 years. And I hesitated and yes I didn’t get past the first sentence or two before someone went that’s over my head, but my analogy I was about to say (but never got the chance to) was this. I’m learning C-Sharp. I don’t know Straight C, or C++, I’m using Unity which is ‘love it or hate it’ by developers. I like Unity in some respects but dislike how it’s teaching some bad habits (For those who don’t know in programming you have to be very literal. I want THIS heading, within this page, the first letter, to be bold or whatever. In Unity, you just make an object and drag that script or code onto the object and be like. Text = bold. It’s not useful if you wanna go anywhere else… but to rapid develop stuff? Oh yeah… it’s friggin epic!) My analogy was this. You want to build a house, great, how do you do that? If you have the plot, you have the equipment. You make your plans, you get your materials, but if your an actual fully fledged developer developer, your at binary, your the foundation that everything else sits on. You go up, well… you need walls, that’s your application specifics, like what does it run on? The size, the box everything else is contained within. That’s a developer too, by the way, Unity, is you have the foundation, and the walls, you can scale those walls if you want but it’s not required. It’s your project. You can always add more walls, and create the inside of the house, and even go as deep as you want with it. But past those main original outside walls? You have to work to move them. Then you have something like Scratch, construct 2, RPG maker, where, you came to make levels right? Not nitty gritty code. So we deal with that code you deal with painting the walls and we will be ready when you wanna talk about the inside walls for example. I like to think developers and regardless of what language you use. The difference between 20 years ago and now. Is if you wanna go paint walls you can. The option to go build foundations hasn’t been lost, it’s just… Not the requirement, someone else has done it if you want to use it, The reason I mention this, is just that OS, and from both hardware and the size and just what apple did with the IPhone as a END PRODUCT. From just a end user experience, fixed and set up the next version to improve. If you ask me, that task was not just unfounded, they didn’t just change the plethora of next ‘smart’ phones. Because back when, they were more self sustained devices. Which had those smart features* But didn’t have the OS integration. You take a photo, good luck moving it from it, as all the phones I ever had that were ‘smart’ had proprietary connectors, and whilst they had email, Good luck getting that sent for the what? 15p it costed to send anything over LTE, If you asked me what the 3 things the Iphone did that was the right thing. 1. User interface, whilst I never had the original, my girlfriend back when, had I believe the 3G, then the 4, I maybe mistaken. Whilst I was impressed back when, just considering how small the screen was, made me go… I don’t need a touch screen, Like I heard people knock the PSP for not having a touch screen, I was confused why would you want to touch the screen and make it finger printy 2. Treating it as a computer. I can’t confirm for the original. But just having that ability to keep photos and videos, and respecting the internet, calendar etc. Has definitely enhanced my life. 3. Critically. It might sound daft to some but hear me out. It put it in everyone’s hands. All the tools and all the features the original IPhone had? Came to every other phone. And was made to put for example, Everyone now has a camera. If they have a smart phone. When cameras were previously specialised equipment you handle that with respect. A digital calendar, email access wherever, No longer limited to just businessmen and women. At work today, there was an IT issue with our work scheduling. Well, it’s been down most the week… I just got an email about 4 hours ago, whilst I’m AWAY from a computer, at a job where I didn’t get a break, for 6 -7 hours. (I left early so… draw your own opinion of whether I had a break or not) About 6 years ago, I ended up at the job Center and I’d have to WAIT till I get home for that email reply, and I’d be forced to wait in case I got any message from friends or from any job apps. I feel like I wasted so much time ‘at the computer’ and here’s to it, Not the first smart phone, but the first one the world really fully listened to. And to what it became, I have full respect for everyone who worked on the original device, we have definitely reaped the rewards now - But the cost for everyone involved I hope one day that has already happened, you got your full reward for the effort

    63. Dan Smoke

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    64. Christopher Marrero

      You should do a video on how the iPhone has now changed the ability for small film budget movies to be able to be made now digitally with no film needed anymore and how that has totally changed and revolutionized filmmaking all over the world forever.

    65. Vadly Pangow

      Then why only Steve Job that being recognised??? Hmmm,

    66. Infinite Journey

      I love your vids. About to buy your book on Apple books store as a thank and support to your great work 👌👏 Thanks again. Greetings from Slovakia🤗🙏

    67. Fabio

      I would suggest you to make a story about Federico Faggin

    68. TridentToe

      Does anyone know the name of the opening song?

    69. thewilythylacine

      Fantastic video!

    70. Richard

      The tech is great but it is not worth anyone losing a marriage over. Family always trumps material possessions, everything actually.

    71. Anthony Phung

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    73. SprigFan23

      It’s still mind blowing to think how a technology that we take for granted today had such a rocky development. Every person who helped make the original iPhone should be recognized by everyone in the history books.

    74. Surya Bhardwaj

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    75. charles smith

      No discussion how the first demo was for iPad? They decided to make a smaller iPad, that could make phone calls

    76. b b

      Just imagine how much technology will progress in the next 10 years

    77. Michael Pupko

      And DEcameras Premium (used to be called DEcameras Red) is SO worth it! For like $16 a month.. no advertisements! And you can turn your screen off and still listen to your video.

    78. ce eh

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    79. That One Swedish Aviator

      got a samsung ad on this vid

    80. All_in_tech

      This was an amazing video omg... I appreciate the hard work you have put into this, I 🥫 only imagine how hard it was.

    81. manu de hanoi

      the revolution is zooming with 2 fingers, and lists bouncing when you reach the end. This video is ridiculous. Compare with existing products on the market at the release of the iPhone, you'll realise there's nothing exceptional about it.

    82. Naahdude

      Thanks to the App Store this device will be alive until something with holograms will appear!

    83. Vu Hoang Phat

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    84. Jason Scherer

      How great was that documentary? Apparently one of the original iPhone 1's still wrapped in plastic, are worth over $10,000.

    85. Cjon wickham

      Idea came from PDA BlackBerry Google IBM DOS Xerox Motorola..Steve Jobs businessman a cheater a thief steals or borrow tech.

    86. Vu Hoang Phat

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    87. forandon behalfof

      Errr.... iPhones suck. Over-priced, linux-software-stealing WE'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT AND HOW WE WANT YOU TO THINK pieces-of-shit. Years ago, I bought a ZTE that looked like it was an iPhone knock-off. Except for 15% of the price; it was WELL-OVER 100% better specced in every way. "It would only be good for dropping down the toilet." (To paraphrase Steve Jobs)........

    88. jeronimo196

      Big, little, big, little - GET ON IT!!!

    89. Rohit Dhiman

      I have always been fascinated with these people who give their life for something and don't get the fame others get for the same thing.

    90. Rafyq Roslan

      I wonder how much money were the team making during the time of the project. It better be able to compensate the stress that they unfortunately had to endure.

    91. Mark Lee

      i have tried to use phone as a pc for a decade. it never worked. i gave up. now i use it as youtube and podcast device and make occasional phones and send and see messages.

    92. Troy Atkinson

      please music starting 33:17 what is it, not She Shines Burn Water

    93. Sunil Yadav

      Huge respect for each person who worked on iphone and changed the world 🙏🙏🙏

    94. Stellarheim

      This is basically a prepaid advertisement video inside of monetised youtube channel.

    95. Michel Perreault

      Thanks for the video it was very instructive!

    96. Ajay Sampat

    97. Mr. Dark Heart

      I hate him

    98. David Estadilla

      change your music

    99. CLAssicMan250

      It was iPhone OS before it was iOS. Let’s not forget that.

    100. Kelvin Chan

      Thanks for making this doc, fully appreciate all the ppl behind this. I still have my original iphone, and it is still as beautiful as ever, and still working! The only regret as some knew, i have jailbroken it with pineapple and probably drastically reduce its resale value as an antique. Sigh....