Nissan 200SX on slippy Nürburgring Nordschleife S13 CA18DET 17.08.2019 日産 ニュルブルク 4K


11 Mio. aufrufe5 000

    Light drizzle all afternoon, causing some sketchy little slides.
    -Touristenfahrten Saturday, August 17th 2019-

    1991 Nissan 200SX S13
    Federal 595 RSR 235/40R17
    CA18DET stock internals, modified intake camshaft
    GT2860RS@1.1 bar
    stock transmission and shifter, EP3 shift knob
    S15 helical LSD
    Aftermarket intercooler, radiator and oil cooler
    custom 3" exhaust and downpipe, xs manifold
    Ksport coilovers with custom spring rates
    Energy Suspension bushings
    Modified front knuckles, DW Geomaster2 rear knuckles
    deleted power steering
    Skyline R33 GTST Brakes front \u0026 rear with CL RC5+ pads


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    1. أحمد شمر

      كفوا ياشنب

    2. Alvaro Paulo Santos Garcia

      É esse aí sabe. Tem que só melhorar a estabilidade do carro e aerodinâmica

    3. Alvaro Paulo Santos Garcia

      Aerofólio maior

    4. Truong St Viet

      13:24 red car

    5. Neo Geo

      What a noisy car at 50 km/h 😂

    6. Степан Филипас

      Weri good !!!!

    7. Lestat

      5:28 сейчас бы на гоночной трассе повороты включать

    8. Smurphy

      5:41 oh u know a bit of poo came out

    9. Camilo B

      Que cohete 🤯

    10. MrMacacson

      Fantastic driving!

    11. Mr. boo

      is that stock??? :)

    12. Swayda

      This is why you shouldn't energy drink and drive... What a car and driver!

    13. Radu Gheorghe

      Nobody with newer cars pass him today...

    14. Дмитрий Шаплыко

      Я подумал что справа ноги пассажира и несколько минут не мог понять как он сидит.

    15. RobanNezt

      like a forza horizon 5

    16. IZZI 12-2

      this lad is crazy

    17. Ziya Yılmaz

      what is ur best time at nordschleife?

    18. Vinicius Martins

      the guy in last lancer is so stupid

    19. ericIIDX

      5K people said "this guy passes SO fast and SO close! It's RUDE!!!"

    20. Bayardo Gonzalez

      Absolute insanity.. top notch skillz... had me on the edge..🔥🔥🔥🔥

    21. RagerDT

      Alright Takumi deliver this tofu as fast as possible WITHOUT spilling this Rockstar can

    22. RagerDT

      8:35 that was such a clean downshift

    23. HeavenCanWait7

      1:00 I thought my country had some pathetic traffic rule ideas, but that right there!!! What in the flying fukin dogs balls is going on here!?!

    24. haris bubalo

      Das naechste Mal Handschuhe ich weiss ich mag die auch nicht die bringen aber was

    25. Geronimo

      in case you still alive, let me notice you one thing, you must be crazy.

    26. haris bubalo

      Sehr Gut

    27. haris bubalo

      .................und genauso fahre ich jeden Tag, die Schaltung

    28. Ilya Zubarev

      В играх эта трасса как-то быстро проезжается

    29. O K

      I was like what is that fourth pedal?? moved the handbrake there?

    30. Megajay 111

      Best place to drive 🔥

    31. ToastyZooker

      1:10 what is the purpose of that part of the road?

    32. Sibz Plays

      His heel toe downshifting is in point

    33. Jin Kim

      Where is your helmet

    34. imVaryn

      Wait so when he was braking and touching the gas pedal at the same time, was he doing that to keep the rpms high?? Sorry I’m still trying to learn about cars and what not.

      1. Jakub Sitkowski

    35. BB BB


    36. Иван Бабий


    37. Sandeep Joshua

      What a beautiful place to live.

    38. Anthony Nicholls

      Awesome job man truly!

    39. Zach Lagrandeur

      Can of Rockstar + Rockstar radio faceplate + Ricemobile = Douchenugget Supreme.

    40. Mick Cameron

      I thought the passenger did an excellent job braking only thing missing is the noise of a 6.2 litre v8 chev yelling out more pedal. Job well done man. Bravo from Victoria Australia

    41. Fakhir Fahmi

      this was oddly calming

    42. toan phan

      the road look like in need for speed shift

    43. J A R V A R T

      I fart in the face of death 5:43

    44. Wild LoneWolf

      ACTUAL SPEED DEAMON. ONLY A CAR GUY CAN UNDERSTAND 13:26 That's how you greet your SX friends .

    45. Matej Skerjanc

      the forces on the wheel...damn

    46. shazu familia

      The Evo driver feel like to sell his Evo after this moment..he start to playing guitar at home..

    47. sfdgdfg fgdgdf

      disgusting with pedals!!!!

    48. Michael Henzen

      Gut Gefahren ⚠️

    49. Никварт Синед

      Местным вход на трассу по жетону. Остальные играйте в Real Racing!!!

    50. Unkn0wn

      How come he lets off the clutch so fast

    51. LVMike Dee

      so many things to say that i’m speechless.

    52. S Willams

      I can't believe he made it to the end of the course.

    53. Fedor Gyry


    54. RrAaSsZz RS

      Not sponsored lmao

    55. Vitor Henrique

      I uke bo ngm w

    56. Richard Baum

      Ballsy. Didn't back off after a few slides. Love it.

    57. WOT play

      Ух и злой Ниссан.

    58. Hadouken Hadouken

      WTF? God dam epic! I might of pee a little at the end.

    59. Starkregen

      I love how everyone is respectful to each others race lines and how they let the faster car pass without turning it into an ego race

      1. laos85

        Just wish the people on the road is as respectful.

    60. Kevin Dörler

      I feel this soooo Hard !!! 😜

    61. R.fsdsg E.sfdfg

      неплохо, только не понятно чё он в начале так дрочиться с перегазовкой....

    62. Kyle Gravel

      I felt that tap. You really do sometimes have that relationship with your car. When you push it to the limits and together you get yourselves through it can feel really special. Miss my 8th gen Honda si and my rx8 a lot.

    63. Kyle Gravel

      I’d be too afraid to do this cuz what if some stupid clapped out vw starts leaking oil

    64. Kyle Gravel

      No cage in a 200 ? That’s really scary cuz if he crashed at some of those speeds that thing would of collapsed in on him like tinfoil

    65. SNK Drone

      this guy's training, GTA... I love it! Man, are those vans racing shoes!

    66. other guys

      Best rockstar advertise i've ever seen

    67. Alec Jones

      I just love a 5 speed

    68. a citizen

      I love reciprocating engine.....and manual transmission..... fuck EV

    69. Wes Nicholson

      That was absolutely insane

    70. Alex 24

      why so many NPC in the ride omg xD !!!

    71. Daniel Pierce

      The 195km/h drift at 10:40 was wild

    72. matronefb


    73. Syker Vang

      The roads tho! 😆

    74. Steven Hinkle

      Whew ! A little sketchy at times but mostly bang on.

    75. Ako ci Ehmong


    76. Мoto Auto Techno

      Dude, you are very cool...

    77. Navy Blue

      How did you mount the camera?

    78. Алексей Дру


    79. Takumi Fujiwara

      It looks so much fun in real life... but in games it’s boring :/

    80. Takumi Fujiwara

      No helmet or anything... psychopath!

    81. uno2754

      Great driving !

    82. ちょこのパパ


    83. Apenya Alpen

      Sentul indonesia😁

    84. gage McQueen

      that evo has never heard of a second apex?

    85. Eric Melto

      Some people just dream of being you for 14 minutes and 15 seconds.

    86. Jose Bohigas

      Espectacular el coche y espectacular el manejo de el... mis 10!!

    87. Ezequiel

      O cara secou o arroz numa pista cheia de curvas, outros veículos e desníveis. Lendário.

    88. Bcob


    89. G Money

      That man can drive.

    90. Steven judd

      I wish I can heel and toe at his level. Thats some real talent

    91. laos85

      Random dude completed a Nordschleife lap in 12min. Average joe viewers: Wow his the best driver and no helmet!! Sim racer viewers: His pretty darn slow. Did he take some time doing picnic there?

    92. Marlboro

      10:20 чуваки на этой хуйне 130 км/ч в поворот 🤣 Это им нужно должное отдать, потому что 130 на той х, это как 300 на этом Ниссане 🤣🤣

    93. Rainer Zufall

      Nobody: Me in Gran Tourismo:

    94. miguel berzosa alvarez

      why he puss 2 pedals with same foot?

    95. Christer

      Slippy Nürbur or slippy tires?

    96. Алим Хапов

      5:42 👏👏👏 ..как же хорошо он знает трассу, и как хорошо чувствует скорость ещё бы не помешала камера заднего вида

      1. Санька Потешный

        @Алим Хапов мне и так видно, но было бы лучше конечно

      2. Алим Хапов

        @Санька Потешный ..нет, я хотел сказать что бы отдельное окно на экране показывало что творится позади него

      3. Санька Потешный

        зеркала видно же

    97. Jorgito Aguero

      Jajaja "ya vengo voy a buscar una inyección de adrenalina"

    98. Eon Reeves

      those are some clean shifts tho

    99. Guillologa Garc

      He almost died 10 times