Project Binky - Episode 34 - Austin Mini GT-Four - Turbocharged 4WD Mini

Bad Obsession Motorsport

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    In episode 34 of Project Binky we start the reassembly. But before it gets too exciting, we need some sound deadening, heat management and rust proofing. The painted shell begins to take shape as a car and not just a selection of parts.

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    1. Bad Obsession Motorsport

      Lots of people asking for the carpet so this is what we're using in this episode:

      1. Justin

        So felt? Lol

      2. Bayan Fadi

        جفاف ظ$ *تذملت

      3. Harun Yildirim

        @Yama Fanboy I was asking myself the same question 😬

      4. Sander Vercammen

        What type and brand of how hollow section wax was that?

      5. Kas b

        Wow! the price honestly isn't that bad for how flexible the stuff is.

    2. jimdotcom

      How long does it take to reassemble an engine? ;)

    3. j draper

      Shouldn't it be about time for a new video...

    4. Pla Awa

      don't ever become drug dealers, guys

    5. Nate 8

      How many different tools can you use to cut sound insulation on one job?

    6. Little Octavio

      The sedate laborer effectively multiply because search possibly saw without a ablaze bronze. bouncy, rich poultry

    7. Del Swanson

      You guys okay?

      1. Sarikas Panayiotis

        they might have tried to start binky and got fire , now new bracketing episodes are comming !!!!!!!!

    8. Rob Hutchinson

      You know that scene in Interstellar where 1 hour on the planet is equivalent to seven years on earth. Well yeah, I’m going there to wait for the next few episodes of PB ... my kids will be old, my dog long gone, but there’ll be a newly released episode to keep me company.

    9. Joe Campbell

      Overkill is my second favouite kind of kill.

    10. Barnett Reuben

      Elon musk will have people on Mars before this is finished

    11. Gary Chenery

      @bad obsession motorsport This is an awesome series. One thing I am wondering is, will you be going through the process of getting this actually on the road. Any Sva testing etc and road registration. Lots of people are inspired by this series and would be good to see the other side of building your own car.

    12. mark H

      Can you get those new shells in a Left Hand drive?

    13. mark H

      Not in Arizona it wont.🙂

    14. Wallaby Finnigan Will be completed before Binky. LOL I am not giving up. I have invested the better part of a decade. I hope I do not die before Binky is finalized.

    15. jahan shaikh

      Why you guys are making so long waiting for us .....

      1. 1BigBen

        project done in person free time never go fast

    16. Gary J.

      Nearly there guys. Most of your 395K subscribers will want a spin.

    17. TheMcspreader

      If something is worth doing, it's worth overdoing.

    18. Capt_Beefheart

      This thing's going to have the specific gravity of a tame black hole when it's finished. Will Nik make a bracket for the driver?

    19. Kevin Thornton

      Was the escargot put on hold?

    20. MrBusDrivr

      More Binky! More, more MOOOOORRE!!! And more Escargot, as well!!

    21. Newcomer Jason

      I've only recently became aware of this channel and this build and all I can say is..... HOLY SHIT THIS IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!! The attention to detail and all the fabrication.....its Much respect guys this is an incredible car, and I can't wait to see it finished

    22. papapetad

      Hey guys. I just had a brilliant idea. When this one is finished, you can do a gr yaris-driven mini! Ok, I'm out.

    23. I Paddle My Own Canoe.

      Nice car.👍👍😀🇨🇦

    24. muttbone01

      Am I wrong in thinking with the HVAC system, that the reduction in the piping might actually INCREASE the airspeed? Seems forward thinkin!

    25. muttbone01

      Can't wait to see this front-heavy (not really) monster mini with 4,000 car parts an almost as many custom brackets go for a spin....straight into a blind corner an upside-down. (Not really, I've FAR too much respect for the builders to wish that).


      Amazing Build! When is the next episode? My wife hates u guys, coz she ain't seeing me much.. i wished U added the followings; Sunroof, Electric Mirrors, Gp2 style small Wing, mud flaps, Radio with screen (so u can connect to the OBD for engine read outs & maps & Carplay), front small round fog lights since u already have the OEM switch in dash. A middle twin exhaust pipe would be great, with an F1 themed rain light over it as ur rear fog light. Lastly on my dream list, wish u incorporated built in roll cage pipes around the body, no need FIA, only goes around the pillars be-spoke, wrapped in black Suede with ur logo color stitching, and suede over the dash and the door trims... Love u guys best OCD therapeutic rewarding to watch series ever.. can't wait to hear the damp valve wishing..❤️ TC

    27. bkrjayce

      Great work and very entertaining. Subscribed.

    28. Brian Maldonado

      I hope you two will have some brain cells left when this is done.

    29. Fraser Thomson

      I look forward to 2023 for the final episode. :D

      1. MoonEyes2k

        2023 according to the NEW calendar, maybe....

    30. joe kelly (Joe the Geezer)

      When we getting Episode 35 etc

    31. michel roovers

      Looking forward to the next episode :-D

    32. GazJenno

      What is the chemical you sprayed in the chassis? I need to do the same thing!

    33. martin teo

      "Binky" crossing the finishing line yet? Or is a "38" matches League?

    34. Bill Weeks

      Ridler Award

    35. Tracy Johnson

      Are there going to be anymore mini videos?

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        Yes, but they're usually 1 to 3 months apart.

    36. Nicholas Chriss

      Episode 35 please

    37. Louis Edwards

      That tank just squeaked in

    38. Dee Plato

      *Richard* Your First Favorite? MOOD KILL? heh heh

    39. Wallaby Finnigan

      Along this journey of watching these guys build a car, this guy has built a few airplanes. highly recommended.

    40. Gary Weston

      Was just watching episode 2 again, and Rich said, on a trip to Goodwood, "we'll certainly be bringing Binky to the track next year", that should have been 2014., haha. Thanks for the last 8years guys.

    41. Sir CoCoNUT

      Bloody fucking hell, this has almost come to a close. Well done, lads. I've watched you screw, fabricate, apply and fasten down to every little piece of this thing. It's been quite the ride!

    42. Александр Иорданов

      Е...нуться, болгаркой шумку режут, обленились!

    43. Sir CoCoNUT

      This is amazing

    44. brian gilbert

      I'm sure some doofus has offered you money for Binky... what's the maximum so far?

    45. David Earnest

      Sistine Mini Episode 245. Nick proceeds with the Frescoed Headliner and Birdbath. Next episode we visit Richard in the Asylum.........

    46. Dean Lonagan

      28:20..Bad Boy Boogie by AC/DC..

    47. Grab Thar

      Just finishing a series rewatch, great to see my mum's pickled onion getter outerer used to pull wires through difficult terrain.

    48. JP's Trim

      I have just watched all of the binky episodes over the last few days.... now I feel my own project is going to take some time longer to be finished haha

    49. Wicked Snake

      What type of protective spray did you use

    50. My monkey friends and their daily life

      Just a few brackets and replacement panels indeed. A cracking paint job guys. I'm so looking forward to the road test and finished product.

    51. Auto Absolute

      Mini flexing a Liberty Walk kit before Liberty Walk was a thing 🤣

    52. Uber Bizmeister

      The carpet ... is there a brand name? I'm not in the UK

    53. Kar Guy

      Soundproofing is a waste of effort. I did a frame-off restoration of my '71 Mini. Complete sound-deadening treatment, carefully sealed every possible location, installed a binnacle seal panel. Even with the original 1000 cc engine, the car is MONSTROUSLY noisy, even at the relatively low speed of 50 MPH. The Mini was designed in 1959, when the UK national speed limit was 35 MPH.

    54. Kev Barry

      My OCD kicked in at 29:56........the rubber trim. I'm sure it was just temporary to hold the paint protection in place. Did you get your DEcameras email today....changing conditions and taxes. Whaaat?

    55. Sag

      181 DISLIKES????? WHATTTT??

      1. 1BigBen

        mini and celica purest

    56. nat r

      Next episode please.

    57. Sarikas Panayiotis

      Next video is taking so long to come out :( maybe the engine didnt start or maybe it did start and the flexi shaft broke , who knows maybe a big re engeenering of the engine bay. Hope to see you soon Guys

    58. Bjoern Altmann

      Will it have AC? And: will it get undercoating?

    59. 10p6

      Need more input :-)

    60. Bjoern Altmann

      You are working to the standards of Jonathan Ward’s Icon. They rebuilt a Landrover Defender the way it should have been built. Ie without plastic.

      1. Dee Plato

        retail price: Euro 350,000 :-)

    61. John Martin

      ✋ Binky deserves SEMA 👍

    62. Crusty

      Me: cheering long and loud when they got that tank through the boot hole. Him, tiny little cheer.

    63. C M

      Anybody else grimace as he installed the fuel tank?

    64. FitShacedElwell509

      in the time of enjoying this series ive got married moved to three different states and numerous job all while tuning into you guys

    65. Russell Ikin

      I'm so pleased that I've only recently come across this channel. I'm afraid that if I'd found it, 7 YEARS AGO, by now I would have had to get a shotgun and blow my own brains out waiting for them to finish it. It's magnificent and the attention to detail is second to none. I have some understanding of how long these things take; not so long ago I rebuilt a yacht (an ambitious 3 month plan that turned into 6 months and ended up almost full time 18 months later) and I'm currently rebuilding two motorcycles. It's quite astounding how long some of the tiniest jobs can take to get the result you want. Very much looking forward to seeing all the bits bolted back together in (hopefully) the very near future. Well, "near", as in Binky standards.

    66. dandare1001

      Ou est l'escargot?

    67. Fluffy Bunny

      I am surprised nick did not align all that sticky, sound proofers logo's correctly. If a jobs worth doing.....

    68. tasmedic

      NEWSFLASH Archaeologists have unearthed a possible relic of the 21st Century. A spokesperson for the University of Cambridge, which made the discovery, stated "it appears to be some bizarre, partially completed, 300 years old transportation device". A senior metallurgist from the same institution was amazed:- "ferrous finds from this era are relatively rare. We can't understand why, but this particular find seems to have been made of much heavier gauge metal than is usually incorporated into transportation devices of the period, which might account for it's survival. It's a mystery". A cryptic, and partially legible inscription was found attached to the find, which reads "Bin**". Linguists suspect that this represents the word "Binge" from ancient English, which relates to the consumption of fluids. A large teapot was also part of the cache, so it seems likely that the tribe associated with this relic consumed large quantities of tea. Why this device was never completed remains unclear.....

    69. John Hall

      I miss my mini wish this was mine!

    70. The Short Session Angler

      Cant wait until next time, although at the current rate that could be quite some time away.

    71. Malia McBeth Sr

      waiting 4 episode 35

    72. Alex Ogle

      I must say that it was courageous of you to cut the sound-deadening material with the chop saw, band saw, and angle grinder. It must have made a hell of a mess of the blades.

    73. steve johnson

      Total respect for the quality and detailed work performed. I didn't see the hint for any improvements. A+

    74. Alex Trotman

      Hrrmm i thought i,d watched 34 about 2 years ago

    75. james nightingale

      Episode 2, 2013 - 7.26 "We will certainly bring binky to the track next year"

    76. Pat Farrell

      Does your HVAC system include reheat? I would think that since you plan to drive mostly in Jolly Ol' England, which can be a bit damp, the reheat ability would be nice. I remember my Triumph TR7 would fog the windshield in a flash if I wasn't careful.

    77. Steven Rogerson

      come on guys wheres the next video

    78. Robert Thomas

      so, you can still purchase body shells for these cars?

    79. Troels Andersen

      What on earth happened to "L' escargot" ? Did it die an untimely death? Squished while crossing the road? or did it just go "in the bin" Mighty Car Mods style?

    80. Rob Shearing

      do you know bunky ??? i am quite pally with him so i thoght you might know him

    81. Flair4Air

      There are only two grades of everything in life, the BEST and all the rest. I'm fresh out of adjectives to describe how magnificent this project truly is, thank you for sharing it guys, much appreciated.

    82. rcracer55o

      We will see ya in about 6 months.. lol

    83. Backyard Projects

      Not sure if this has being covered already, since all brake components are new will you consider using silicone brake fluid? Great project and vid.

    84. jason burly

      Been a mechanic so long I'm a little blue about it. You guys help restore my ready fix can do attitude, Thanks for that.

    85. Broken_Yugo

      "9503 oz", I see what you did there.

    86. melonbobful

      Success is measured in the no. of hours spent avoiding the wife.

    87. melonbobful

      A straight 8 mini.

    88. ironman12328

      Ehm: 4:08 - 4:10 the sound that this Clear Stuf makes, is like: Another one bites the dust...(can you hear it, or is it just me) that can´t be accidentally happend...

    89. Harun Yildirim

      Guys ! I discover you with your C1 project, and didn’t understand why you are called BOM. After watching this series, now I know ! You’re obsessed with details. The work you did is phenomenal. BRAVO !!! And thank you for the share.

    90. nill nill

      I needed a cigarette after this video. I don't even smoke.

    91. OldSkool 55F100

      Keep up the good work!!!

    92. OldSkool 55F100

      Howard Jones @31:47 ???? Do you think it's really him?????

    93. Matt Black.

      Fantom bollock mini and you fit gay rubber pedals, shame on you, use the rally steel like a

    94. Ross Isaacs

      How very bloody british love it. Ross from Australia

    95. Seemore Butts

      Let's see, a kilo is 2.2 pounds so 270 times two is 540 plus 54 is 42.5 stone.

    96. George Montana Harkin

      So clean. Great build.

    97. james dalton

      see you next year Binky 😉

    98. Cody

      this car is never going to be finished


      When you think they are getting close but you realize they still have to do the interior and dash. 😭

    100. eg1885

      I would love to have any car done with this level of detail and precision