Highlights: Liverpool 3-4 Hertha BSC | Van Dijk & Gomez return to action!

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    Watch key highlights from Innsbruck where defensive duo Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez returned from long-term injuries, as well as a return to action for Andy Robertson & Diogo Jota following their summer break.

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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Lucas

      As a Bayern fan: how tf do you lose to heartha??? Jk I know they didn’t play seriously and had many injuries last season.

    2. Wowo

      Proof that there is no farmers league among the top 5 leagues

    3. BeastgameR

      Damn looserpool got destroyed 😂

    4. Eli Dunne

      Hahaha liverpool are rubbish

    5. Angga Shinoda

      Oliver Sykes in Herta bsc?


      Liverpool why no buy new player

    7. Excellence Gaming

      Good to see VVD BACK ! From a manu fan 🤝🏻❤

    8. doire aintu

      Tsimikas, Ox, Naby, Elliott, Minamino are looking dangerous for this season

    9. sokin jon

      I can't be the only one that is scared everytime Van Dijk makes a sprint or falls with fear he gonna do his knee in again

    10. gioyu comi

      You wouldn't need to remind me of O.Chambalerin's goal, he does what he does best❤️💯

    11. james roche

      City signs Grealish will make our year a tough one to be shore. But if we can keep our defence strong and keep them fit. We are well able to beat City Virgil getting injured last season was a huge blow. So hoping he can stay in the squad and we can give City a run

      1. doire aintu

        Prem AJ t ready for mane and keita

    12. 本田圭佑

      Welcome back Minamino, Vandijk

      1. sokin jon

        Prem AJ t ready for mane and keita

    13. Willow Wayne Auto trading

      Great performance by the team. Still a preseason game

      1. gioyu comi

        🌟🇬🇳Keita &🌟🇪🇸Thiago.🙏

    14. Tobias Bedau


    15. Charlie Tamas

      Nice to see vvd getting dribbled past 🤣🤣

    16. xd shady

      What the fk van dijk

      1. Mewtwo_Official~

        he just came from injury chill

      2. laskin riubn

        Boy, good! I'm your fan! Congratulations! Success! Love to see your friend photos and videos from afar!

    17. senni bgon

      the start of the season.

    18. chilaka ikechukwu

      We go Again lads💪🏾❤️💯

    19. liouy cnny

      Go easy on vvd. Lad's just come back after 9 months.

    20. za 2828

      Vvd came back after an injury. Give him some time. This is from a city fan. Even tho VVD did cause city problems, I can't ignore top talent when I see it. Messi, CR7, neymar, aguero, KDB, Salah, Mane, Lewandowski, Mbappe, vvd, dias, haaland, fernandes and etc are the reason why today's world of football is widely watched and why ppl arent mourning football when Pele use to play or Maradona (RIP).

    21. cnmmd qiuoo

      Let them talk, we know how much we’ve missed him and everyone is worried, we’re coming for everything this season

    22. RedPanda

      🚩Liverpool next season 🥴 ▪️Salah-30 years old ▪️Mane-30 years old ▪️Firmino-31 years old ▪️Vandijk-31 years old ▪️Henderson-32 years old ▪️Fabinho -30 years old ▪️Matip-30 years old ▪️Thiago Alcantara -31 years old ▪️Alisson Becker -30 years old ▪️Milner-36 years old ▪️Adrian-36 years old ▪️Xhaqiri-31 years old 😂😂 Council of elders🤭🤭

      1. Mewtwo_Official~

        i thought fabinho is 25 or something now guess not

    23. Bo walid95

      hhhhhh vrgil

    24. adriel wo

      🙏Sorry Mr Klopp🙏 🙏Please give chances for🌟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Ben Woodburn to play as⚡LW/CF⚡. He can play Diogo Jota's role.🙏 👏💪COME ON🌟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿WOODBURN✊👍!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always remember🌟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Woodburn's⚡⚽👀stunning goal against Athletic Bilbao's Kepa Arrizabalaga 2017.🔥

      1. Иван Майоров


      2. cnmmd qiuoo

        Jovetic has always been a class player.

    25. adriel wo

      🙏Sorry Mr Klopp🙏 🙏Please give chances to play the🔥Best & Great Former Bundesliga Midfielders that had 🌟close & tight🌟statistics🔥together on midfield several years ago. 🌟🇬🇳Keita &🌟🇪🇸Thiago.🙏


      Prem AJ t ready for mane and keita

    27. Demar comedies

      Good to see VVD playing for Liverpool again 👍

    28. Troy Jansen

      people seem to forget we lost all but I think one pre season game when we won the epl

    29. cqvio doli

      I was at the stadium, especially in the 2nd half Liverpool dominated. Berlin barely made it past the half way line. They were just very clinical with their chances.

    30. Rubenn Dean Paul Alws

      Boy, good! I'm your fan! Congratulations! Success! Love to see your friend photos and videos from afar!

    31. ⚽ Palaye De Bruyne ⚽

      Van djik is back 😂

    32. Volker Putt

      Super Spiel gewesen von uns 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 HA HO HE ✊🏻

      1. cqvio doli

        Jovetic tormenting liverpool again 🤭

    33. Alexander Artunduaga

      Glad to see VVD back, also glad to see fans being humbled for thinking he’s impossible to get through. Jovetic violated, granted he is just coming off a serious injury so it doesnt mean much.

    34. karolina chudek

      Van dijk i love

    35. Della Marcis


    36. Manu Shalom

      Van dijk💀💀🤣🤣

    37. Football News

      with that dribble

    38. Football News

      VVD was disrespected

    39. shellsbignumber2

      Jovetic has always been a class player.

    40. Callum Moloney

      How is that even a mistake by Van Dijk

    41. Hayakawa Aki

      We are still waiting for our lord comeback, LORD KARIUSSS !!!

    42. Crabmeat0155

      Lol VVD is doneeeeee

    43. Lady Mindkoff

      🎍🎋🎄💮💗🎋🎄🧩😆✨🎋🎄🌙🌠 *Gott zeigte seine Liebe zu uns durch seinen Sohn Jesus Christus zu senden, der von den Toten gestorben und auferstanden ist uns das ewige Leben zu geben.* *Er versprach auch, um Ihren Körper zu heilen.* *Wenn Sie mit Ihrem Mund den Herrn Jesus bekennen und an Ihr Herz glauben, dass Gott ihn von den Toten auferweckt hat* * r wird Ihnen ewiges Leben geben* *(Schau zum Himmel und frag Gott)*

    44. Antalyali ANTALYALI07

      Hertha zieht Liverpool ab und keine deutschen Kommentare hier 🤣🤣🤣

    45. Zainal Arifin

      Virgil Lawak

    46. Mummahid Thariq Akbar

      Jovetic tormenting liverpool again 🤭

    47. Dexter

      Salah's pass was a peach of a pass

      1. princey tv

        Regular pass

    48. Vedant Pagare

      GLORY GLORY MAN UTD 🔴♥️ Loserpool could never be Manchester United.

    49. aysha ky

      Salah and Naby 🔥🔥🔴❤️

    50. Tom Thorpe

      Sit down VVD 🤣

    51. Anas Adi

      van dijk and gomez liverpool

    52. Anas Adi

      bangkit liverpool

    53. Late 80's Kid

      1:03 was to slow to tackle the defender. Lost his prime

    54. Дмитрий Давидчук

      EPL is farmers league. Hertha 👍

      1. Mewtwo_Official~

        bundesliga=EPL=La liga=Ligue 1=Serie A

      2. Mewtwo_Official~

        nah no such thing as farmers league mate

    55. Brookes Vlogs

      lol van got drooped to the floor by stefan lol

    56. S H


      1. Mewtwo_Official~

        why gotta be salty lmfao we lost cause vvd came back from injury

    57. 2mal

      VVD getting rinsed😂😂😂

    58. Calvin J L


    59. Parikshit Bhardwaj

      Welcome back Van Dijk

    60. Ujjwal Garg

      What a performance by vvd 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Mewtwo_Official~

        he forgot how to defend after 9 months unfortunately😭

      2. Late 80's Kid

        Yeah specially at 1:02

      3. princey tv


    61. Kanakeshdaran Nair

      Why are Liverpool players wearing a black arm band?

    62. Mugume Darren

      I'm very excited for Tsimikas ahead of the season. I know it's just pre season but he is showing he'll be absolutely good cover for Robbo.

    63. David James

      Cash in on Van Dijk now, He wont be the same

    64. Emir Yurttaş

      Suat scored a terrific goal and scored the best goal of the match

    65. AhnafLFC 369

      Sort by new for hate comments

    66. チップス

      I love minamino

    67. Faas Vredenburg

      I know there are no hate comments but after 9 months VVD is back , he needs to get used to it

    68. Der Andere Dude

      Gegen herta... Ohje xDDD

    69. E125_Sahil Sifat

      Vvd paying tribute to Gerrard

    70. Emily Girl

      Can’t believe they were thinking off selling salah 😅😅 stupid idiots he’s a legend who scores or provides goals

    71. Uncle Boobs

      What a player jovetic is

    72. Ewan Alfram

      It's time to fire the club owners LFC stay FHG gets out

    73. Martez Daw

      this the van dijk yall wanted to give a ballan d'or to?


      1:04 usually this works for VVD Aha Still I’m glad he’s back, iv honestly missed him.

    75. Big Lebowski

      That 2nd goal by berlin was unstoppable

    76. Flying Chicken

      Joe Gomez is underrated bro he and virgil are the heart of the team

    77. BRNZY

      Ox needs a place in the starting 11.

    78. Nkosana Roy

      only epl team that doesnt really need new signings

    79. Ejup Nezovic

      In german we say gef!ckt

    80. Mo_games

      It’s the refs fault

      1. David

        @Mo_games Why have you delete all of your comments???

      2. Mo_games

        @David clam down?

      3. David

        @Mo_games You clam down plastic fan to think it was the referee fault. No wonder you are a delusional boy making excuses.

      4. David

        @Mo_games what kind of drugs have you being taking plastic fan that doesn't live in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Clearly you are a delusional boy to think it's referee fault.

      5. David

        @Mo_games Clearly you are an 12 years old foreigner that makes excuse like a plastic fan.

    81. Matthew du Sart

      The main team is back

    82. Daniel Díaz

      I Love Liverpool 🇲🇽

    83. Ben Green

      How did we lose

      1. Mewtwo_Official~

        and jovetic

      2. Mewtwo_Official~


    84. Taagere shujac gemer

      Vandig is back

    85. football KING

      Nul liverpool om c mieux

    86. LakiX

      Jovetic Destroyed Van Dijk

    87. Delaney X

      lol van djik got humbled

    88. Yumxko

      Sorry But How?

    89. Mark Power

      VVD needs games....he will be back to win the title again....

    90. Jarub

      If anyone had a great comeback in this game it’s jovetic

    91. Felix F

      Marlon ein Weltspieler

    92. Christopher Koo Chin Fong

      Loved the Van Dirk slip Ü

    93. Waleed A.Yossry

      VDD needs time and he will back

    94. Leverage Merek

      Ox with his classical bullet from that spot

    95. たくぞう

      I am back from Titanic town

    96. dIGIMURDER

      Every other teams buying players... we are here selling and not replacing them... another bad year incoming..fck these owners

    97. DavidBeckham Fanclub

      Y Diego jota is playing

    98. wayne wayo aveyard


    99. Teklom Gebray

      We Want Minamino